The Reality of the Search Engine in 2020 – The Impact on Your Website’s Ability to Rank

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53% believe that gathering their information online — via sellers’ and third-party websites, social media, ratings, and reviews, etc. — Shifts in the Search Engine Result Page. The related search query concerning buyer enablement is known as a commercial investigation.

Law Firm SEO Guide 2018: Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Blueprint for Attorneys

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The basic premise of search engine optimization (SEO) is simple: Maximize your law firm’s visibility online by taking advantage of proven techniques to rise higher in search results. Your website is the foundation of successful SEO. Part 2: Website Optimization.

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How To Optimize For Non-Traditional Search Engines Like Amazon And YouTube


When we talk about optimizing brand presence, it has historically been limited to search engines like Google and Bing. However, consumers search – and discover – on many other platforms, including Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

SEO beyond Search Engine Optimization: Convergence with Content Strategy & Towards a Holistic Strengthening of Digital Capability


The best practices in Search Engine Optimization have evolved over the years to coalesce the ever-evolving research methodologies of the B2B prospects. Back in the early 2000s, SEO used to be more technical & it was paramount for website developers & SEO strategists alike, to ensure that the code of a website was crawlable as well as indexable. The Average Time Spent by the audiences on the website. Care should be taken that website is clutter-free.

Tracking Your Website’s SEO Metrics


Search engine optimization (SEO) describes a method for increasing website visibility and delivering leads. Successful SEO allows for easier website navigation, increases conversions and helps form part of your long-term marketing strategy.

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It’s a bad sign if no one uses your website search


I’ve been working with several clients recently to improve their website search, and have been noticing something new. A rule of thumb is that between one and ten percent of website visitors use website search to find something within your website.

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New Study Pinpoints Top Factors in Search Engine Rankings

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User signals when interacting with a search query result have a positive correlation with that listing’s search ranking, according to a new report from Searchmetrics.

8 Key Google Changes B2B Marketers Need To Know In The New Year

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This is also just one of hundreds of changes Google made in the past year when you take into account search updates, product announcements, and organizational changes. Google’s Complete Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines.

How Much of Your Traffic “Should” Come from Search?


In other situations, however—such as when looking at what percentage of total website traffic should be driven by organic search—the answer is a clear but not helpful “it depends.” When it comes to share of traffic driven by search, few websites are “average.”

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Why does your website need SEO?

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Before you begin with the cultural and strategic “buy-in” of Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to start at the beginning and understand how you got here and why you need it. It’s likely that your website was created by designers. Designers (I’m generalizing here) know how to make a great looking website but don’t always know the most efficient way to code the website. looking website.

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Holistic SEO Content Works in the Age of Smarter Search Engines

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New evidence shows that higher-quality content may have more to do with stronger search rankings than previously thought, according to a white paper from SearchMetrics. That’s just one of several ways search-engine algorithms are identifying better SEO content online.

Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)


If your website traffic from organic search has fallen over the past year, take some small solace in knowing you’re not alone—in fact, you’re in good (if not happy) company. So in order to maintain and grow website traffic, online marketing practices have to change as well.

Survey: Social Media Marketing Prioritized in SEO Efforts

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Clutch and Ignite Visibility recently conducted the “How Organic and Paid Search Inform SEO Strategy” survey to gauge how marketers are targeting their SEO efforts. This was followed by on-site optimization (16 percent), creating content to earn links (15 percent), and mobile search optimization (14 percent). Website (95 percent) and email marketing (80 percent) were also named top channels among marketers.

How Westworld and Google Algorithm Updates Are Alike

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As I was binge watching the first 8-episodes this past weekend (for the second time), I realized how much the show correlates with Google and their numerous algorithm updates. It just means that competing sites optimized for mobile will be given a slight preference in mobile searches.

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How to Target Generation Z in B2B Marketing

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For your business, it might not make sense to have an app, but for others, it can provide valuable and useful features that go beyond a mobile website. They use product recognition technology to search for a product using the smartphone camera. b2b marketing for generation z.

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Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

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We’ve known for several years now that Google prioritizes branded websites when it comes to choosing what to display in its SERPs: Although, to be fair, as Moz puts it: “Google doesn't try and go out and say, ‘How well known is Coca-Cola versus Pepsi versus 7 Up versus Sprite versus Jones Cola?

Great White SEO Content Marketing: Understanding Parent & Child Keywords


This shark’s evolving search algorithms lurk beneath the warm waters of the web, devouring websites and content programs that can’t keep up with algorithmic shifts. Many content marketers are already well-aware of the importance of search visibility. In Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 research, a full 63% of B2C organizations cited changes to SEO and search algorithms of top importance.

How To Turn Video Marketing Into a Successful SEO Strategy


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, yet the SEO aspect is often overlooked. The simple truth is that a majority of search marketing specialists do not invest the necessary resources into the largest video-sharing website in the world.

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10 Valuable SEO Resources: Keyword Research, Tools, and Local SEO


As noted here last week , ranking highly in search requires writing great content, making smart use of Google Webmaster Tools, and building or earning high-authority backlinks. But there’s more involved in generating high, and highly relevant, organic search traffic.

5 Key Steps to Consider When Guest Blogging

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Earlier this year, a Backlinko study analyzed one million Google search results and uncovered that “the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor.”. Take time to identify 3-5 competitor websites and plug each into OSE.

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Best of 2009: SEO Tips and Tactics, Part 2


Is it really impossible to optimize a Flash website? Is your website optimized for the way search engines work now, or are your SEO efforts still focused on yesterday’s ranking factors? Jonathan Hochman writes that “Flash gets a bad rap&# for optimization, and explains in detail how to SEO a Flash website. 10 Ways to Be a Great SEO by Search Engine Journal. 10 Things You Can Do To Optimize for Image Search by Search Engine Journal.

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A 5-Point Checklist for Writing SEO Content

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Effective content marketing in today’s digital space should appease your audience as well as search engines. The themes you write about on your website should be closely related to the products or services that you offer, as more relevant content will show both the search engines and users that you and your organization are experts on the topic. Search engines are always making tweaks to their algorithms and updating the search experience.

Interesting Infographics: SEO Rank Correlations and Google Ranking Factors 2014


As Google continues to roll out updates to its algorithm, this interesting infographic from SearchMetrics lays out the SEO rank correlations and 2014 ranking factors. Even if you are not doing the search engine optimization (SEO) work yourself, it is still useful to know.

The Difference Between Direct and Organic Website Traffic Sources

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To most, organic traffic consists of visits from search engines, while direct traffic is made up of visits from people entering your company URL into their browser. Organic: Traffic from search engine results that is earned, not paid. Originally written on June 10, 2016.

How Long Does It Really Take to Rank on Google?

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You just added your main keywords to the title, URL and content body and boom – you got to the top 10 in the search results within a few weeks or even days. The competition was less intense and the search engine algorithms only relied on keywords and links on a 50-50 basis to rank a webpage.

24 reasons SEO and social media are inextricably linked


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is is the process of getting website traffic from “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine (source: Search Engine Journal ).

Why content marketing complements (but doesn’t replace) link building


Link acquisition strives to: Signal authority to search engines and humans alike. Create more inroads and access points to your website. Across our total sample of 1m posts there was NO overall correlation of shares and links, implying people share and link for different reasons.

37 Fantastic SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics


Considering that the average b2b website gets about 40% of traffic from organic search , with some sites getting as much as two-thirds of all visits via search engines, effective search engine optimization (SEO) remains a vital strategy.

Building a B2B Mobile SEO Strategy? 5 Key Points To Consider

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Similarly to purchasing new software or building a new website, you’ll need to outline how you plan to calculate ROI as it tends to dictate the plan for mobile SEO. Each of these approaches will affect how you deliver mobile-friendly content and can help to enhance your presence in Google search, but they all also differing levels of expertise in SEO and web development. These optimization elements all correlate with one another and are needed to enhance overall mobile SEO.

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Making Links a Priority within Online Marketing


Links of course have tremendous value in regards to search and SEO. Links have always signaled authority and trust online (long before Google even existed), serving as endorsements from one website to another. Links are ingrained in the very fabric of the web.

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The benefits of links for enterprise businesses


Links are online endorsements and signals of trust, which is why search engines give them so much weight in their algorithms. When one website links to another, that website is telling its audience the other site is trustworthy.

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SEO ageism: Does Google prefer old Web sites?


It’s an oft-repeated theory within the SEO community: Google (and other search engines) provide higher search rankings to older sites. The truth is that no one knows what the ranking factors are for Google, Bing, or any search engine, except the engineers themselves–and they ain’t telling. Organic Search Bing Google Google Panda Ranking Search engine optimization social media Web search engine Website

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8 Essential SEO Reports to Create for Your Client in 2020

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Reporting has always been an integral part of search engine optimization. The growth of voice search, the inclusion of featured snippets, the rise of zero-click searches and the importance of a better UX all contribute to how you present your SEO report to your clients.

30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017

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Here are 30 essential best practices and tips to help improve your search engine optimization strategy in 2017. According to the 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey conducted by Demand Gen Report, 69 percent of B2B buyers say the most influential aspect of a company’s website is content that speaks directly to their needs. In theory, the more landing pages you create, the more opportunities you have to pick up organic search traffic.

How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO, Part 2: Do the Analysis

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We discussed some of the ways to conduct SEO data research, such as using crawlers that crawl your site, reviewing search provider webmaster tools (WMT) data, pulling backlink data, and gathering keyword data. If your site is linked to Adwords, how does traffic perform from search ads?

Oops! 17 SEO Misfires to Avoid With Website Content Marketing

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But SEO misfires abound for B2B and B2C websites and they can be avoided or at least minimized. Settle for low-hanging fruit and you might fall asleep while waiting for a rare visitor to make his or her way to your website. No one can do much with that in search.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 1 – Intro & the Why, Where and How

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Fundamentally speaking, PPC advertising is a form of online advertising where an advertiser is charged when their ad receives a click after appearing in search engine results pages, rather than paying for an ad impression, or when the ad is shown or seen.

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