How To Optimize For Non-Traditional Search Engines Like Amazon And YouTube


When we talk about optimizing brand presence, it has historically been limited to search engines like Google and Bing. However, consumers search – and discover – on many other platforms, including Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

Using a New Correlation Model to Predict Future Rankings with Page Authority


Correlation studies have been a staple of the search engine optimization community for many years. We collect a search result. Finally, we compare the orders of the original search results with those produced by the different metrics. We collect a search result.

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B2B Marketing: Guide to Success in the Digital Era

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This will lower the price of your SQLs and help improve visibility in relevant searches.”. With these numbers you will be able to demonstrate improvements and declinations and ultimately be able to correlate your efforts with these results.”.

21 Spectacular SEO and Search Marketing Stats and Facts


Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills. As reported below, organic search drives 51% of all visitors to both B2B and and B2C Web sites, while paid-search drives 10% (and social 5%, on average). 89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine.

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Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)


If your website traffic from organic search has fallen over the past year, take some small solace in knowing you’re not alone—in fact, you’re in good (if not happy) company. Here are a few concrete steps for using WPO principles to adapt to and counteract declining search traffic.

How to Target Generation Z in B2B Marketing

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They use product recognition technology to search for a product using the smartphone camera. Simply placing the phone’s camera on an object (say, a new hardback book cover) and running the proper search in the Amazon app will bring up its best guess at products.

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10 Valuable SEO Resources: Keyword Research, Tools, and Local SEO


As noted here last week , ranking highly in search requires writing great content, making smart use of Google Webmaster Tools, and building or earning high-authority backlinks. But there’s more involved in generating high, and highly relevant, organic search traffic.

32 B2B Marketers to Add to Your Google Plus Circles

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Building a network in Google+ could be the next critical tactic when it relates to B2B search engine optimization and broader social media initiatives. Recent data analysis from Moz illustrates a positive correlation between Google+ activity and search visibility.

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Interesting Infographics: SEO Rank Correlations and Google Ranking Factors 2014


As Google continues to roll out updates to its algorithm, this interesting infographic from SearchMetrics lays out the SEO rank correlations and 2014 ranking factors. Even if you are not doing the search engine optimization (SEO) work yourself, it is still useful to know.

37 Fantastic SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics


Considering that the average b2b website gets about 40% of traffic from organic search , with some sites getting as much as two-thirds of all visits via search engines, effective search engine optimization (SEO) remains a vital strategy.

Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

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However… many things that are in Google's ranking algorithm correlate very well with brands.”. So if you want better rankings and higher conversions, owning your branded keywords and/or generating searches for your brand is crucial. How to Optimize Your Brand for Search Engines.

8 Essential SEO Reports to Create for Your Client in 2020

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Reporting has always been an integral part of search engine optimization. The growth of voice search, the inclusion of featured snippets, the rise of zero-click searches and the importance of a better UX all contribute to how you present your SEO report to your clients.

30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017

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Here are 30 essential best practices and tips to help improve your search engine optimization strategy in 2017. In theory, the more landing pages you create, the more opportunities you have to pick up organic search traffic. If your existing pages aren’t acquiring links or social shares, take a look at competitive search results around the terms that your pages are ranking for. What competitive websites are currently ranking in search results?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 1 – Intro & the Why, Where and How

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Fundamentally speaking, PPC advertising is a form of online advertising where an advertiser is charged when their ad receives a click after appearing in search engine results pages, rather than paying for an ad impression, or when the ad is shown or seen.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 1 – Intro & the Why, Where and How

Go Beyond SEO

Fundamentally speaking, PPC advertising is a form of online advertising where an advertiser is charged when their ad receives a click after appearing in search engine results pages, rather than paying for an ad impression, or when the ad is shown or seen.

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Integrated Marketing is back–it’s the new SEO


Let’s unpack that list a little bit here and see how it correlates to integrated marketing. A good way to ease into social media if you’re not already using it is by posting your articles on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and especially Google+. Photo credit: michperu.

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Search Ranking Factors: 2015 and Beyond

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How do search engines rank web pages ? And more confusing yet is that search engines like Google tell us there are over 200 ranking factors ( each factor may have up to 50 variations )! It’s here: Moz Search Ranking Factors.

Why Content Strategists Take Social Shares Seriously (And You Should Too)


With all of this progress, counting Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn shares may seem like a thing of the past. The way your content performs on social media is a great indicator of its overall effectiveness, including its search performance.

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The Top 3 SEM Takeaways from SMX Advanced 2017 – Social/Mobile, Audience Targeting and Shopping


What were the top search engine marketing takeways from the paid search experts at SMX Advanced 2017? Review the top PPC insights for social/mobile vs. search, audience targeting and Google Shopping here, and get new martech insights and a free digital copy of the acclaimed martech book “Digital Insights” in our webinar. SMX Advanced 2017 has come and gone, leaving paid search professionals with a wealth of new insights and best practices.

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How to Discover Your Competitors’ SEM Strategies and Tactics


As a search engine marketer, you don’t have to be the best marketer on the internet in order to be successful. What if I told you that learning exactly what your competitors are up to and what tricks they have up their sleeves in search engine marketing can be accomplished painlessly by executing a few bullet-proof tactics? First, perform a quick search to see what sites are showing up in search engine results. Check Out Search Results.

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Links Shared on Facebook Lead to Higher Search Rankings


Yesterday, the folks at SEOMoz released a study that shows a correlation between the amount of action your website gets on Facebook (shares), Twitter (tweets), and Google Buzz (shares) and how websites in the top 30 search results rank on Google’s SERP (search engine results page).

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Best SEO Link Building Guides, Techniques and Tools of 2010


18 Examples of Awesome Viral Linkbait by Acquisition Engine. by Search Engine Watch. Pointing out that “The link architecture/structure of a website is extremely important for the SEO because it affects the search engine crawling, the indexation and the PageRank distribution. 4 Ways to Build Links Without Anchor Text by Search Engine Watch. Share this on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Targeting: What Recent Changes to Facebook’s Ad Platform Mean for Your Ad and SEM Strategy


Facebook has been popping up a lot in the news lately with regard to its data collection and distribution methods. The recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal has called into question the way Facebook uses its customers’ personal data to help advertisers with precision marketing on the platform. In light of these recent events, Facebook is making some adjustments to the way it collects and uses customer data. Why Facebook Is Changing Ad Targeting.

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SMX East 2017 Day 1 – Online-to-Offline, Shopping, Display


QuanticMind is covering the latest trends and tactics in paid search and digital marketing at SMX East 2017 from search publishers and expert practitioners. Reporting & Analytics: “Effective Data Storytelling: The Key to Search Reporting” by Michael Barthalow. Reporting & Analytics: “Must-Have Reports for Search Advertisers” by Bradley Giddens. Product ads in Bing Image Search – This feature was recently released in the US only.

15 Actionable Takeaways from #MozCon 2019

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Marketers of all stripes gathered at The Conference Center at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington this week to discuss the emerging search landscape, exchange successes and challenges, strategize how to invest for the future and more. Facebook groups!


Six SEM Trends You Need to Know in 2019


Voice Search. As we’ve mentioned before, voice search is a red hot technology , and when it comes to SEM trends this year, it only promises to get hotter. Currently, more than 20 percent of mobile searches on Google are voice searches, while Comscore predicts that more than 50 percent of all search will be voice-related by 2020. Search Engine Marketing / SEM AI Artificial Intelligence SEM trends Voice Search

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6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway


It’s why a search for “social media sucks&# on Google yields almost 12 million results (so much for my SEO on this post, oh well). Facebook can be a wonderful platform for sharing information, but also a playground for narcissists.

How to Analyze Facebook Insights to Improve Your Content Strategy [With Video!]


Your Facebook business page is a haven for well-crafted status updates, photos, and links -- it's the ultimate content-sharing platform. Trouble is, if you’ve ever exported data from Facebook Insights, you understand the overwhelming nature of what you receive.

The Difference Between Direct and Organic Website Traffic Sources

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To most, organic traffic consists of visits from search engines, while direct traffic is made up of visits from people entering your company URL into their browser. Organic: Traffic from search engine results that is earned, not paid. Originally written on June 10, 2016.

Is Your B2B Firm REALLY Marketing…Or Simply Making Tactical Soup?

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Be ruthless in your tactical assessment and focus on marketing initiatives that demonstrate a direct correlation between activity and a measurable business outcomes. Website effectiveness requires ongoing attention to visitor traffic analytics and search engine optimization.

50+ Powerful SEO Statistics That Will Help You Boost Traffic to Your Site


Voice Search and SEO Statistics. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by boosting the visibility of your website on search engines like Google.

Reviews and press coverage still matter for movies

Earlier this year, we proved that high page views to online articles about movies correlates to box office success. Social media platforms that were influential in driving traffic included Facebook (40% of views), Twitter (3% of views), and Instagram (1% of views).

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How to Use Digital Marketing in 2020

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Search Engine Optimization. During the process, you need to optimize the website and its content to make it rank higher in search engine results. Content marketing directly correlates with SEO.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data


The key is a balanced strategy of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, syndication and guest posting. Direct and referral traffic are highly correlated. Search is the top source of traffic for most blogs over time. Every blogger wants more traffic.

Best Practices for Creating SEO Friendly Content

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It will walk through the importance of creating SEO friendly content for humans and search engines, it will discuss the process of creating SEO focused content, and then it will wrap up with a checklist for on-page optimization efforts. Consider Search Intent.

8 of the Best WordPress Automation Plugins for Advertising That You Need to Know

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Search engine optimization takes time before you can see the results. Second, this plugin comes with a snippet preview, which lets you show how your title tags and meta descriptions will look on search engine results.

What Makes Effective B2B Content Marketing? [Research]

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94% of B2B marketers say they use LinkedIn to distribute content, followed by Twitter (84%), Facebook (84%), and YouTube (74%). There is a correlation between effectiveness and the amount of budget allocated to content marketing.