Business video trends worth noting in 2018


This is interesting, and might be worth considering in scheduling email campaigns that link to a video, or planning live-streamed video. There doesn’t appear to be much correlation between a company’s size and its commitment to engaging customers with video.

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What Email Subject Line Length Works Best?

Modern B2B Marketing

Subject lines can be one of the most frustrating components of email marketing. There is a common misconception that the right question to ask would be: which subject line length correlates to the higher open rate ? The post What Email Subject Line Length Works Best?

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72 Definitive Reasons Why Your Emails are Going to SPAM (Reason 27 Will Blow Your Mind)


If you are reading this it is highly likely that a portion of your email traffic is landing in SPAM. Or “ Is it the new Email Marketing Provider which we moved to recently? ”. The tragedy is: You don’t have to be a spammer for your emails to land in SPAM.

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Marketo Data Tells Us: What’s the Truth Behind the Two Biggest Email Volume Myths?

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Author: Johnny Cheng I hear this question from email marketers all the time: Does the size of my email send affect the performance? Email Myth #1. “The larger your email sends, the higher your unsubscribe rate” Hypothesis: This one seems reasonable.

10 Questions to ask in a B2B Content Marketing Questionnaire

KoMarketing Associates

Content can be used to make an immediate call to action (whitepapers, email campaigns, etc.) Any time we bring on a new team member here at KoMarketing, one of the first things we do is get them up to speed on our clients, their products/services, industries, and much more.

Why Testing the Rendering of Every Email You Send Increases Your ROI


Email design is a moving target. Whether marketers like it or not, it’s impossible for them to create a single email design, because the rendering of any individual email changes depending on the email client used to view it, the screen size used to view it, and many other factors.

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Marketo Data Tells Us: Which Type of Emails Have the Highest Conversion Rates?

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Our last email campaign had a 5% click rate! You go back to your desk and begin to fumble around random marketing websites containing “best practice” campaign performance stats. Well, it’s email performance! Let’s get started… Types of Emails.

9 Top Holiday Marketing Campaigns (For Every Season)


Sadly, when executed, many holiday marketing campaigns simply fall flat. To show you what I mean, I rounded up 9 holiday marketing campaigns that hit the mark. Don’t forget the most important part of any holiday marketing campaign: the audience!

10 Digital Marketing Trends That Should Influence Your 2016 Content Strategy

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It’s the content marketer’s job to identify the avenues that should be traveled down (social media, email, gated content, etc.) However, based on the analysis, it appeared that the number of domains linked to a page correlates with higher rankings more than any other factor.

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Road Map to Success: Monitoring and Measuring Your Content’s Performance

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Another way to approach performance data tracking is to consider the most common KPIs for each type of content you create – email newsletters, website articles, social media content , etc.

3 Steps for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns in a “Post-Email” World

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Author: Cassidy Milder It’s been an interesting past few years for email marketing. From those who (loudly) declared email dead , to those who were ready to defend it with their dying breath, email has certainly opened up divisions between marketers. Email Marketing b2b Consume

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7 Reasons to Use Content Marketing for the B2B Lead Generation


Content marketing is also associated with the on & off-page optimization of a business’ website , with diverse Email Marketing Campaigns for reputation building & enhancing brand resonance. All these factors have a direct correlation with healthier Click-Through Rates (CTRs).


Isaac Newton’s 3 Laws of Marketing Data for Revenue-Focused B2B Marketers


First, we had changed our data-processing methods halfways through the year, so the data we pulled across the entire year-span didn’t correlate. This media campaign’s CTR is high, so it’s likely driving revenue.”. Open rates and clicks for email. Opportunities by ad campaign.

4 High-Impact Account-Based Marketing Strategies for B2B Teams


In these organizations, marketing strategies include generic email campaigns, cold calling, and mass mailings. When you choose account-based marketing, generic emails should go to the same place as typewriters and VHS tapes.

What should a B2B sales funnel look like, and how can you convert leads to opportunities faster?


When we look at a B2B sales funnel there tends to be a correlation in that the further through the funnel a lead progresses, the quicker the conversion process between stages. Of course, how effective a particular conversion channel (such as email, social, organic, paid, referral) is, will vary from business to business. Other successful conversion channels at this stage are social at 8.5%, and email nurture campaigns at 7.8%.

How to Stand Out at a Trade Show: A Guide for Marketers


Take the time to cultivate a multi-channel campaign to let your customers and prospects know where you’ll be and what to expect. Leverage social media: Social media can give your pre-show campaigns a much-needed boost. Then, try to correlate that with a fun, unique theme.

Personalized Video Helps Businesses Drive Event Attendance, Recruit Students, Increase Email Open Rates by 1000%


For example: Influitive saw a click-through rate on its outbound email campaign that was 8 times higher than similar campaigns. Reltio experienced an open rate on its awareness-building email campaign that was 10 times higher than the company’s average. The University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences more than tripled its click-to-open rate for emails to prospective students – and even brought tears to the eyes of one new student’s father.

How to Create a Successful Performance-Based MDF Program

Computer Market Research

However, the amount you spend should be in direct correlation with a given partner’s performance. This program takes into consideration how well partners perform finically due to demand generation campaigns and strategies. Computer Market Research.

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11 Practices for B2B Landing Page Optimization (LPO)


No matter how targeted the campaigns are, it is always absolutely essential for the B2B marketers to have clutter-free, well designed & tactically split-tested landing page designs. Prelude. The landscape of B2B has changed a lot particularly after the dawn of digitization.

Strike Gold: How to Find Leads with External Intent Data

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Often, demand for your product or service already exists, but it’s all about finding the right behaviors that indicate this and using it to inform your marketing campaigns. Take for example a recent VM Turbo campaign promoting an ebook download on their hybrid cloud.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Marketing Content — By Making it Snack-Sized


That’s because all content — infographic, video, whitepaper, blog post, email, slideshow, you name it — can be broken down and repurposed to fit the voice and intent of different channels. You’ll do an email campaign of course, to drive prospects to a newly created landing page.

Interview with Infer on Predictive and ABM

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What’s different about ABM+predictive vs. statistically correlated lead scoring? From there, many companies layer on account-based behavior scoring, which uses MAP data to show reps which of their accounts are most engaged with the account-based campaigns that marketing is running. pipeline generated by events, email campaigns, virtual events, etc.).

Create More Personalized Publishing Newsletters


It’s tempting to send content that appeals to the masses, as you can email a larger group of people with one piece of content. By using data gathered from site behavior, demographics or previous content views , you can create custom lists and then custom emails for those specific lists.

What Is Buyer Intent Data? (and How Can I Operationalize It in 2019?)


For instance, let’s say you sell social media tools like social media management software and you’re generating business leads with email-gated ebooks. . When there are spikes in frequency or intensity of these trends, Intent signals will correlate that to increased intent.

Personalized Video Helps Businesses Drive Event Attendance, Recruit Students, Increase Email Open Rates by 1000%


For example: Influitive saw a click-through rate on its outbound email campaign that was 8 times higher than similar campaigns. Reltio experienced an open rate on its awareness-building email campaign that was 10 times higher than the company’s average.

Don’t Start ABM Without Knowing your Total Addressable Market (TAM)


Beyond helping to scope your ABM budget and right-size your ABM programs, working with Sales to define your ideal customer profile (ICP), calculate TAM, and jointly plan for ABM campaign execution — this is the formula we’re seen really helps drive alignment between Marketing & Sales.

5 B2B Marketing Strategies to Show Up on the First Page of Google without Ranking Organically

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For example, look at the types of businesses that rank for “best email marketing software”: You will notice there are over 37 million hits for that search alone. The first instance you get of a real email marketing company is near the bottom of the first page.

3 Steps to Better Ecommerce Targeting and Remarketing


Second, it's utilizing that in an effective lead nurturing campaign to create recurring purchase behavior. The reason is that generic email campaigns fail to capture the interest of readers in the precious few seconds that customers glance at your email while clearing out their inbox.

87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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Email Marketing. B2C marketers who take advantage of automation – which includes everything from cart abandonment programs to birthday emails – have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. eMarketer, Email Marketing Benchmarks , Feb 2013). Email (65%). EMAIL MARKETING.

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9 New Insights From the 2014 Science of Email Report


Published this week, the 2014 Science of Email Report details data from a survey of 1,000+ English-speaking email users, 150,000+ email campaigns sent by marketers, more than 6.4 million individual one-to-one email exchanges, and 300+ million opened marketing emails.

Let’s Celebrate the 2017 Markie Awards Finalists!

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They know their buyer profiles and have created targeted campaigns that drive engagement and ROI. Still focused on relationships, the campaigns about the Clube have an engagement 141% higher than the other campaigns. Best Email Marketing Campaign.

Email Marketing: How Much Is Too Much? #MKTGdebate


The email marketing landscape has changed. Most marketers are already on board with the importance of email marketing, and are working hard to refine the nuances of their strategy -- including figuring out what the heck the right sending frequency is for their email campaigns.

Plunging into the World of Cross-Channel Analytics

Measure Up Marketing

In today’s environment we must often pull data from a variety of marketing vehicles from an email campaign, physical event, and an online advertising campaign to better understand purchasing behavior and correlate marketing programs with purchases.

Embracing Cross-Channel Analytics to Create a Competitive Advantage

Measure Up Marketing

For example, in today’s environment, we may need to gather data from an email campaign, a physical event, and an online advertising campaign to better understand purchasing behavior and correlate marketing programs with purchases. For example, if a retail marketer implements a multichannel campaign, the marketer will want to analyze the relationship of the different marketing channels on shopping behavior.

Delivering Episode 9: An Interview with Dan Oshinsky on BuzzFeed, The New Yorker, and Email in Journalism


Dan and Jason dig into email’s role in journalism, how to vet newsletter ideas, what email professionals should stop doing, and embracing Google Docs. Litmus is the only platform that helps you send email with confidence, every time. I loved the back and forth of email.