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Why CEOs Say Yes to Marketing Automation

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Since then, it’s become ever more clear that acquiring marketing automation (and applying the expertise to make it hum) is a huge competitive differentiator. That’s because the customer is more proactive than ever before, and the landscape is practically littered with touchpoints.

Oracle Real-Time Decisions Empowers Business Users

Customer Experience Matrix

This is especially true in customer management, where new touchpoints – Web, mobile, social, etc. What this means in practical terms is that companies wishing to coordinate customer treatments across channels need to knit together their separate touchpoints. To some degree they also compete their ability to connect with data sources and touchpoint systems. One of the few dependable rules in the software industry is that Suites Win.

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The Design of Buyer Experience

Tony Zambito

   As products and services are subjected to increasing entry into the level playing field we call commodity, differentiation is made in designing innovative buyer experiences.  Cover via Amazon. The expression “monumental shift” is a powerful one. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment: 45 Experts Explain How To Connect The Dots


When transitioning from lead to account based, I've also set goals that link lead funnel metrics to account metrics like revenue / lead; leads in target account segments; engagement / account. . These levers are still important, but they are no more a differentiator. .