Open Rates Are Not As Telling As You Think

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Our open rate is 30%, which is above the industry average by 10 percentage points.” Not because the open rate isn’t important, but because using it as your key primary indicator (KPI) often misleads your email marketing campaigns. What’s wrong with the open rate metric? The open rate is counted when a small 1×1 pixel image is loaded by the subscriber’s email client. Open rate does not mean they read your email.

4 Factors That Drive Email Open Rates

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Before any email can be successful, it has to be opened. Marketers have come to expect piddly open rates as the norm, and that’s too bad, because a lot of marketing email is actually pretty good. DTO can be used to optimize for any number of KPIs, including open rate.

How to Improve Your Email Open Rates


If you’ve had any experience with email marketing at all, you should be quite familiar with open rate metrics. Open rate is a measurement of how many people viewed your email for a specific campaign. Open rates differ from one industry to another, but the consumer goods industry boasts the highest average open rate at 41.40%. Read on to find out how you can tweak your existing email marketing strategy to give open rates a much-needed boost.

What is business video content marketing and how to get started


If you have video on your landing page, leads will be converted at an 80% higher rate. Thus any money you spend will have a higher ROI because your SEO ranking and your conversion rate will improve.

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How to Increase Conversions With a Cart Recovery Email Strategy

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The post How to Increase Conversions With a Cart Recovery Email Strategy appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. If you have an e-commerce website, you inevitably deal with the issue of shopping cart abandonment.

A Guide to Email Subject Line Creation to Optimize Open Rate


The most important thing is to engage your audience and inform them they should open emails when they get them. You have to think what will make you open the email. You also have to keep the messages conversational like it’s you and your friend communicating.

Mobile marketing must-haves in 2017


Marketing automation has proved to be a productive approach to nurturing leads in email marketing campaigns (the #1 driver of conversions, online), and 2017 will continue to push sales forward. For every 1 second delay in page response, the average reduction in conversions is about 7%.

Case Study: Segmentation, New Creative Boosts Lead Conversion Rates by 75%

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In support of the company’s aggressive growth plans, the marketing team set out to focus energy on increasing the rate at which raw inquiries converted to qualified sales leads, opportunities and deals. Improve deliverability and overall email performance as measured by open and click rates.

Low Email Conversion? See How Influitive Increased Click-Through Rates by 800% with Video


When someone uses your name in conversation, you feel respected and important. open rate, 0.7% click-through rate and 4.5% click-to-open rate. The personalized video campaign crushed those numbers: 29% open rate. click-through rate.

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Marketo Data Tells Us: Which Type of Emails Have the Highest Conversion Rates?

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Our last email campaign had a 5% click rate! Some range of email “intelligence” is built in based on behavior (think of it as a two-way conversation of listening and speaking). Which Earned a Higher Click Rate and Click-to-Open Rate?

Best Email Marketing Tips, Tactics and Metrics of 2010


For example, Helen Leggatt reports that “the inclusion of social media sharing buttons in email generated click-through rates around 30% higher than email sent with no sharing options.&#. How to Increase Email Open Rates.

Businesses See 500% Lift in Email Conversion with Personalized Video


Email response rates are abysmal – just 18 percent of marketing emails get opened, and recipients only click through 2 percent of them. It’s called personalized video and it’s proving to make a big impact, increasing email conversion by 500% or more!

Success Story: Truity Credit Union Email Click Rate Nears 10%


In this conversation with Act-On, Kyle Dahlgren, Assistant Vice President of eCommerce and Roxy Duncan, Senior eCommerce Interactive Designer tell how they did it. This conversation has been edited for length. Let’s say somebody’s preapproved for a rate of 2.75

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How Do Your Email Engagement Rates Stack Up Against Your Competitors?


Of those 11, I opened about half, only clicking through on one. Considering the sheer volume of these emails, it’s harder than ever to entice customer engagement that goes beyond simply opening a message.

Email Marketing: How to maintain low opt-out rates

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Tweet I had the pleasure of attending MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2013 a couple of weeks ago, and while I was there, Jim Ducharme, Community Director, GetResponse, an email marketing vendor, asked me how to maintain low email-marketing opt-out rates.

19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates


And then, when someone actually opens your email, they don't actually click through. Here are eight little things you can start doing immediately to improve the open rates, clickthrough rates, and lead generation for your emails.

B2B Marketers still struggle with lead nurturing


I thought it was widely understood by now that staying in touch with a prospect who has shown some interest in your product or service can triple, even quadruple, lead-to-sales conversion rates.

How to Improve Your Email Clickthrough Rate [Video]


All of the things we''ve talked about up until this point are crucial to know ( growing your list , getting delivered to your contacts'' inboxes , and getting email opens ), but getting clicks on your emails is probably the most important step. So remember, your number one goal is conversions.

Lead Qualification: Webinar marketing strategy boosts conversion 500%

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The results of this transformation in webinar marketing led to a 75% increase in open rate and 120% clickthrough rate increase in emails promoting the webinars. Webinar Marketing: Adobe revamps strategy and achieves a 500% lift in conversion to sale.

CRO for Inbound Marketing: 6 Conversion Optimization Initiatives to Implement Today


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and inbound marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly. After all, nobody is more concerned with (and obsessed with) conversion rates than the inbound marketer. e.g. “Conversion Optimized Inbound Marketing Services”.

Email Tip - How to Improve Open Rates

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If you send out email regularly, getting a few extra opens is always a good thing. Typically, the "from" address and the email subject line are the biggest determinants in getting an email opened. The AutoPreview can also determine if an email will get opened. This may get some people (especially Canadians in the dead of winter) to open the email but most may see this as junk and delete it. Open this email and find out how.)

Without SaaS Lead Nurturing Your Free Trial User, Conversions to Paid Users will Wither


The close phase at the end is important to stay top of mind and encourage the conversion. You can see open rates and levels of engagement along with if/when the emails are converting to sales and revenue dollars. The post Without SaaS Lead Nurturing Your Free Trial User, Conversions to Paid Users will Wither appeared first on Fathom.

A/B Testing: Optimize Your Emails and Landing Pages and Improve Conversions

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But that headline you think is brilliant might not shine so brightly when your prospects open the email. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 68% of digital marketers rated the ability to test new campaigns as having the greatest impact on their email marketing efforts.

[Chart] How Dynamic Content Drives More Visits

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by Egan Cheung | Tweet this A few weeks ago, we looked at how the right type of personalization in your email subject line can lift open rates by up to 10%. Holding all other conversion rates equal, this would be a lift of 46% in closed deals.

5 Ways to Increase Your Email Conversion Rates: Key Takeaways from the Marketo Jumpstart Tour

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Compelling Subject Lines: While catchy subject lines can help, it misses the truth about email marketing: “earn your subscriber’s trust, or else they won’t open email regardless of subject line.”.

B2B Reads: Lessons of Leonardo, Cold Emails, and Leaving Things Undone

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How many salespeople manage to get a decent open rate from an actual cold email? Why Websites with Simple Designs Have Higher Conversion Rates. B2B Reads Sales Cold emails conversion rates creative genius databased integrity nuturing leads Productivity soft skillsIn addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week.

Use an Email Preference Center to Keep Your Email Subscribers Happy

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Here are just a few ideas that can help improve your email subscription rates — and send open and clickthrough rates sky-high as well. Deliverability Email Marketing email email marketing email preferences preference center subscription rates

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Businesses See 500% Lift in Email Conversion with Personalized Video from Vidyard


Cetera Financial Group saw a 600-percent increase in email click-through rates. Lenovo boosted click-through rates by 4.5 times and open rates by 400 percent while re-engaging cold, unresponsive leads within their funnel. In a recent holiday email campaign, PC maker Lenovo more than quadrupled click-through rates compared to previous campaigns. As much as marketers rely on email to reach their audiences, email campaigns don’t have a high success rate.

Do You Qualify?: The Leads Test You Must Pass


Naturally, a question such as this should turn your mind towards your prospecting machine and your capabilities when it comes to harvesting leads and creating conversions with cold emails. By better understanding this you can access more quality leads and increase lead conversions.

How Crew Clothing Used Relevance to Increase Conversion [Case Study]

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Lift in open rate: 75%. Lift in responder rate: 50% on Welcome / 30% on Abandonment. Back in January of this year I penned a piece for Forbes entitled The Nine Letter Word Every Marketer Needs To Remember At All Times. The word in question is in the title of this article.

Matrix of 31 Marketing Funnel Metrics [Infographic]


We’re constantly looking at conversion rates, cost data, social shares, open rates, and click-throughs -- just to name a few. These metrics measure conversions, costs, win rate, and overall results based on opportunity conversions and closed-won customers.

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The Only Analytics That Matter Are Your Own


However, I can’t help but wonder if these companies are studying their own data and have noticed that I have not opened an email that has been sent to me at that day and time in months? Without looking at a calendar, I always know when it is Tuesday. Every Tuesday at 11 a.m.

5 Email Metrics to Help Diagnose Your Mistakes


These are usually items like opens, calls to action or conversions, and website traffic. Delivery rate = Deliveries / Sent. Generally speaking, a delivery rate to all senders should be above 90%. Delivery rate with a near 20% Open rate – Wowza!

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Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Is Better? [New Data]


In the world of email marketing, opens and clicks are everything, which means email marketers are always testing ways to improve these metrics. HTML emails reduce open rates. So if they were getting delivered at the same rate, how were HTML emails underperforming?

HTML or Text Emails: Which is Better?

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How’d you like to pour your heart and soul into email copy, send it to 500,000 people and then see that nobody opened or clicked it? They share a common goal: a conversion. Reduce distractions, increase conversions. 11% higher click to open rates (95% statistical significance).

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Email Marketing: Going Beyond a Unique Open and Click

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Is 20% a good open rate? What about a click-through rate of 5%? There’s one thing I can tell you without knowing anything about you, you want these rates to be higher. Each week you send out a newsletter and each week you might get a 20% open rate.

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When It Comes To Cross Channel Marketing, Mobile Is Not A Channel

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Cross Channel Orchestration Helps Increase Open Rates. Watch this brief video to see how Adidas uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to orchestrate cross-channel marketing to increase email open rates by 2X and boost conversions by 50% with a new customer experience.

5 Smart Metrics To Measure B2B Content Marketing Success


Email Open Rate. So why email open rate? Essentially, the email open rate is the same thing as the headline open rate. We know we have written a good headline when it gets people to open up the email. Exit Rate.

Social Media Audiences Are Great, But Email Audiences Are Better


You know that while social media represents a vast potential audience, the engagement rates are awful. Compare that to email’s version of “organic reach”: deliverability rate. Email marketers would be committing hari-kari if deliverability rates were in the low single digits.

How to Measure Email Success in 2015: A Call to ROI

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News Flash: opens and clicks do not measure the success of an email campaign. A campaign can generate a phenomenal open rate, an astonishing click rate, and even hundreds of leads, and yet contribute virtually nothing to the business. Opens/Open Rate.