Conversational Marketing, Social Media & Words That Work


Those two big ideas need to be communicated in conversational marketing using words that resonate with your audience. In this post, we will look at the power of conversation and the words that audiences love to read. Conversational Marketing: The Antidote To Declining Reach.

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Why Interactive Sales and Marketing Applications are Not Enough for B2B Enterprise


Recently, Kaon Interactive was named one of MarTech Series’ Top 250 B2B Technology Companies You Should Follow. The Kaon Interactive High Velocity Marketing Platform ® is what sets us apart from other 3D, AR, VR and hardware vendors in the crowded martech space.

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Conversational AI: Simplifying Customer Experience in the Digital Age


Powered by conversational AI, this component of digital transformation technology is creating breathtaking changes and redefining the customer interaction journey. Why opt for Conversational AI? How does it work? Nodes: caters to the flow of the conversation.

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How to Use Interactive Content Marketing Platforms to Drive Business


Then, you’ll love discovering the potential of interactive content and how easy it can be to create. What Is Interactive Content? Interactive content is content that engages website visitors by inviting them to make decisions about their experience.

Why Marketers Must Shift Conversations from Replacing Customers to Retaining Customers

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO, Marketing Interactions

As marketers shift from mostly focusing on acquisition, it means working to align with product on retention and upsell - key drivers into today’s B2B business models. We'll cover: 5 changes to shift the conversation from replacing churned customers to retaining more customers.

Amazing Interactive Content Examples From 2019


Amazing Interactive Content Examples From 2019. And that reason just happens to be interactive content. Interactive content like quizzes and calculators help companies build curiosity and increase brand awareness by increasing curiosity. Interactive Quiz By Inventrom.

Oops! 5 Common Interactive Content Mistakes to Avoid


B2B marketers across industries are diving head-first into the interactive content pond. I say this out of experience. We’ve been refining our interactive content approach for about five years now. We didn’t validate that the audience wanted interactive content.

Website Hosting, Coding and Conversion Best Practices for Small Business


To increase overall website conversion rate, analyze your landing pages and the conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools and best practices being used on the site. Perhaps a lesser known way to optimize your website conversion rates with better speeds is to edit code on your website.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Education Sector


Interactive Content Ideas For The Education Sector. Interactive content has found its way into our lives. Whether we realize this or not, we use interactive content every day; left, right and centre. Everybody loves interactive calculators. But interactive calculators?

How to Boost Conversions with Your Article’s Featured Image

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As the web is becoming more visual and interactive, standing out and being remembered is getting even tougher. Here are four way to boost conversions with each article's featured image: 1) Use to Help Images Show Up in Google SERPs.

30 Tips for Work-at-Home Marketers

The Point

This month there are, very suddenly, thousands, if not millions of marketing professionals working from home, every day, for the first time. If you’re one of those marketers, your company may or may not have the ready infrastructure or culture that supports remote work.

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Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Outgrow Helped Conversion Formula Increase Client Conversion Rates


Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study: How Outgrow Helped Conversion Formula Increase Client Conversion Rates. This blog is an interactive content case study about how Outgrow helped Conversion Formula increase their client conversion rates by 11%. Conversion Formula is a company that offers lead generation solutions for senior living and care communities. Their goal is to maximize the conversion rate of your website traffic into usable leads.

ATAK Interactive Named HubSpot Gold Agency

ATAK Interactive

In the summer of 2018, I made a decision I did not think I would ever make – I decided that ATAK Interactive needed to become a HubSpot agency. The post ATAK Interactive Named HubSpot Gold Agency appeared first on ATAK Interactive.

Periscope Up: Is Live Interactive TV (Finally) Here?


Almost since the moment the Internet was commercialized, we’ve been talking about the promise of live interactive TV. Google+ Hangouts on Air and Twitch TV are probably the closest we’ve gotten to real-time interactive TV. How It Works.

Reinventing the Fathom Website with Creative Conversion


As the Fathom marketing team began digging into the analytics of the website, we were incredibly disappointed in the conversion rate, audience engagement, and overall user interaction. Issues with the problematic homepage included wasted real estate and a lack of conversion elements.

How HubSpot Built a World-Class Conversational Marketing Program


Above all else, our goal was to create a remarkable customer experience with conversational marketing. The hardest part of conversational marketing isn’t the technology — it's the empathy and alignment that takes lots of time and energy to get right. But there's more work to do in 2020.

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Brain Games: Discover the Psychology Behind Interactive Content

Marketing Insider Group

Ever wondered what makes interactive content so effective? You’ve probably heard that it improves engagement rates, click-throughs, and conversions by as much as 40%, but maybe you’re wondering, “Why?”

Chatbots: The future of conversational commerce and marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

One of the most intriguing developments in app development is in the area of chatbots that not only can send communications to customers but also respond “intelligently” to conversations. Creating conversations, not messaging. “We

Interactive Content Marketing 101

Marketing Action

As a result, if you want your content to stand out and have an impact, you have got to find ways to make it as engaging and interactive as possible. Have you been reading about interactive content everywhere you look? What is Interactive Content?

Are Your Lead Conversion Rates Above Average?

Marketing Insider Group

It is every company’s goal to get a good conversion on their leads, which is why companies employ metrics to monitor the effectiveness of their lead generation strategies. The important thing to monitor is if your lead conversions are keeping up with industry standards.

Interactive Content Ideas For Your SaaS Business


Interactive Content Ideas For Your SaaS Business. Sometimes we feel that interactive content is like a type-A extrovert. You can take interactive content to any party, and you won’t have to worry about them lurking in the corner.

Putting the Human Back in Sales Conversations


Yet, making these conversations meaningful is difficult to learn and master. They’re the first interaction, impression, and ultimately, the steward of your business for your buyer’s experience. Storytelling, Trust, and Persistence Work in Harmony.

How Remarketing Can Help Increase Conversions

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How can you leverage that knowledge to increase our retargeting conversion rates? One online retailer increased their conversation rate by a 161% (compared to their previous campaigns) as a result of a remarketing campaign. How Does Remarketing Work? NOW UPDATED!

9 Types of Interactive Content for Innovative Lead Gen


Interactive content can help with that. A study from Demand Metric found that 88% of marketers who use interactive content say their content was somewhat effective or very effective in differentiating it from competitors. Interactive content is also tailor-made for engagement.

Your Secret Weapon to Improved Conversions: Content Analytics


Content analytics allow you to distinguish which content is working and which is not, through several approaches: Interaction. The post Your Secret Weapon to Improved Conversions: Content Analytics appeared first on Biznology.

Blog: 2019 Predictions – 10 Ways Conversational AI Will Change The Way We Work


A couple of predictions I have for 2019 is that you’ll see more powerful implementations of conversational AI, and more companies adopt AI in multiple departments,” said Terry. While there are many applications of AI, one that is gaining a lot of traction is conversational AI. What is conversational AI? Conversational AI is the technology that enables people and computers to communicate with each other in a natural, two-way conversation.

5 Reasons Your Marketing Can Benefit From Attending Interact 2014

Modern Marketing

See what your marketing peers have to say about Interact! Meet us at Interact 2014: A Modern Marketing Experience from Eloqua. Learn how to truly interact with audiences in the most meaningful ways! Find out which marketing formulas are working…or not! “At

8 commonly overlooked ways to make social media work for you


Discover the following eight commonly overlooked ways to make social media work for you. As an individual, you can get away with sharing the same post or comment on all of your social media sites, but as a business owner, this practice won’t work.

Should you stop (organic) social media activity?


million likes) had a conversion rate of.00011%. ” But is this technique working the way we’d like? I’m working with a smart yet stressed-out client. Think about it: all of that work (and all of that money spent for content creation and editing) for a few likes.

Announcing Vidyard’s New Interactive Video Player


Last week I snuck into our R&D lab on the second floor of our awesome new office and saw a few TOP SECRET things that I probably shouldn’t have, one of which was something labeled “ New Vidyard Interactive Player ”. The New Interactive Player: The Evolution of Engagement.

Interaction Analysis as a Leading Indicator of Funnel Conversions


Let’s say you take a look at your conversions for the quarter and the results are not good. Conversions to marketing qualified leads are 10% below where they were last quarter. How does interaction analysis work?

4-step lead generation analysis to optimize sales conversion

B2B Lead Blog

We’ll provide a few back-to-the-basics tactics that you can consider as you work on planning your campaigns and budgets. Step #1: Review closed deals The best way to determine what will work is to look at what has worked.

Customer Retention Through Interactive Content: A Guide 


Customer Retention Through Interactive Content: A Guide. It ensures that the customer that you worked so hard to get, stays with you. Furthermore, we will tell you all about managing your customer retention through interactive content, our weapon in the sack!

How to Improve Full Funnel Conversion Rates


This post will walk marketers through multiple steps they can take to improve full funnel conversion rates. If Sales says that the leads they are receiving are low quality, work with them to define parameters that would make them “high quality.”

How to Use Trust Signals to Boost Online Conversions


You’ll want people to regard your brand with confidence because of the way you operate your business, interact with clients, protect their data, and promote your products and services. Ultimately, this trust will help boost online conversions. Blog Conversion Optimization trust

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The 4Ps of Interactive Content Marketing

The ROI Guy

A new go-to-market guide was needed to help content marketers meet the needs of these evolved buyers, and direct the shift from old static content to a new set of interactive marketing. Recommending a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. What does work with today’s evolved buyer?

Digital maturity — ideal state


Company leaders have demonstrated their full support for the transformation — even acknowledging that the transformation itself may have a short term detrimental effect on quarterly results as people learn new ways of working.