How to Fine-tune Your Target ROAS


Many bidding platforms offer some form of Target ROAS bid policies. These strategies will typically try to maximize the volume of a revenue metric, at a designated ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) value. How do you know what ROAS target will actually result in the highest profit?


The Ultimate Guide to PPC


As a marketer, PPC is a skill that you should have in your toolbelt — or at least have a basic understanding of. When done right, PPC can earn you quality leads. Benefits of PPC. In other words, PPC is your shortcut to getting to the top within your niche. PPC Ad Copy.

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Why Your PPC Agency Needs to Focus on the Full Funnel


Pay per Click (PPC) advertising has been around for almost 20 years and PPC Agencies have been managing client’s accounts since before Google AdWords launched in October of 2000. What Defines Success for a Traditional B2B PPC Agency?

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The Ultimate Guide to Accurate PPC Forecasting


But what they might not realize is how much PPC budget they need to succeed, or the value of their ad spend. Whether you’re an independent marketing agency pitching to clients or an in-house SEM manager, you need accurate PPC forecasting to succeed in your role.

SMX Advanced Day 1 – Google + Bing Keynotes, Conversion Optimization, Audience Targeting and Social + PPC


Day 1 of #SMX Advanced includes keynote addresses from Google and Bing, conversion optimization best practices, audience targeting tips and social + PPC discussion. Here’s our list of the quick hits: Day 1 Keynote – Welcome & SEM Keynote Conversation: Google & SEM.

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The ‘3 R’s of PPC’ — AKA The Last PPC Audit Guide You’ll Ever Need

DAGMAR Marketing

Unless it’s your job to understand PPC, that’s certainly what it looks like at a glance. In this guide, I’ll share how you can use this approach to tame the wild paid search beast and give you specific to-dos for an audit process that will result in better performance from your PPC budget.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 3 – Everything Else You Need to Know

Go Beyond SEO

If you’ve made it through Parts 1 and 2 of this series and you’re here, chances are you’re definitely convinced how PPC can be a valuable marketing tool for your business. Below is an example of a PPC account structure and its content. PPC Keywords: Research & Match Types.

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8 Ways to Improve PPC Campaign Management


You might often hear marketers tell you to take the time to carefully execute PPC campaign management for optimal performance, then you can simply “set it and forget it.” But experienced marketing managers know that PPC campaign management and optimization aren’t static disciplines. Reviewing how your audience reacts to and interacts with your PPC ads can also provide you with new insights that make your campaigns even more effective.

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Why is My PPC Performance Bad? Part II: How to Identify Poorly Performing Dimensions


Maybe it’s possible conversion rates for red shirts are higher on desktop than mobile. Let’s say from September to October 2018, your ROAS dropped from 200% to 150%: You strongly suspect the drop is coming from a specific device. The post Why is My PPC Performance Bad?

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5 Simple Steps to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy


In fact, while you may know a lot about PPC, you’ve never actually sat down and documented how you make magic happen with PPC. Especially given the fact that developing a competitive PPC strategy isn’t as easy as it used to be. Your PPC Strategy Checklist.

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A Detailed Guide to Building a B2B PPC Report

Directive Agency

With so many different metrics and data points to analyze, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what needs to be included in a PPC report, and why. PPC Reporting Software and Tools. Higher Conversion Rate. Check for conversions and optimize keywords and landing pages.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 3 – Everything Else You Need to Know

Go Beyond SEO

If you’ve made it through Parts 1 and 2 of this series and you’re here, chances are you’re definitely convinced how PPC can be a valuable marketing tool for your business. Below is an example of a PPC account structure and its content. The Search Campaign Structure is one of the most important elements to the success of a PPC campaign. PPC Keywords: Research & Match Types. PPC Description: The description can be up to 80 characters long. PPC Bid simulators.

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Simplify Your PPC Campaigns: How to Focus on Efficiency in SEM Account Maintenance


Thanks to automation, you can easily set and forget your PPC campaigns, letting Google Ads do the heavy lifting for everything from optimization to simplifying campaigns to targeting the right prospects. However, as your PPC campaign initiatives expand and evolve, so do the corresponding maintenance obligations. Conversions (for Search and Display ads). Clicks and conversions are the relevant bidding options for SEM. clicks, conversions, etc.).

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Manual Bidding is Inefficient: Why You Need Automation for Paid Search Optimization


Advertisers have managed PPC optimization manually since the beginning of Google Adwords. There are lots of ways to use automation technology for PPC management. Here are some of the many benefits of automated bidding for PPC optimization: Fully Leverage Market Data.

SMX East 2017 Day 1 – Online-to-Offline, Shopping, Display


8 Hidden PPC Reports to Find Out” by Aaron Levy. Google’s Director of Online-to-Offline Solutions Kishore Kanakamedala opened SMX East 2017 by discussing some of the changing trends in online-to-offline (o2o) conversions for retailers, then highlighted some of the new and upcoming tools that will be available for local search marketing. Some statistics about online-to-offline conversions: 90% of retail sales take place at physical storefronts.

How to Tell if You’re Wasting Money on Google Ads


But before you dive into the exercise, here’s a checklist of basic bid optimization questions you’ll need to answer in order to get started: Do I understand the impact each keyword has on my deep funnel conversions? What about keywords with infrequent, high-value conversions?


Improving Attribution with View-Through Conversions

Directive Agency

It’s important to look at the different subsets of your marketing campaigns (from SEO, to PPC, to local advertising, the list continues…) both individually and holistically – analyzing both the conversions you are generating, and from which campaigns you are collecting them.

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Google Ads: The Definitive Guide (2018 Update)


Google Search Ads are the purest form of PPC advertising. It takes the following things into account: Clickthrough Rate (CTR). And you can DRASTICALLY reduce your CPC and boost your conversions at the same time by keeping the other 4 factors into account.

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Key Digital Branding Tips to Dominate Your Online Presence

Navigate the Channel

In a competitive marketplace where analytics and conversion rates rank high among digital marketing tools, many businesses put the idea of branding on the back burner. Concentrate your efforts on branding over conversion rates.


5 ½ FAQs for More Effective Ecommerce Pay-Per-Click Spending


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an excellent way for ecommerce companies to stimulate their competitiveness for traffic from specific keywords moving through search engines. Many companies, especially in the ecommerce space, fight very hard to win that top ad slot in PPC.

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SMX West 2017 Day 2 – AdWords Attribution, Drafts & Experiments, and More Attribution


pictured: Bart Heideman, Global Product Lead, Conversions for @google ). The minimum threshold for using DDA is running campaigns that pull in a minimum of 20,000 clicks and 800 conversions within a 30-day time limit. SMX West 2017 Wrap-Up – Top 3 PPC Takeaways. .

How to Solve the Biggest New Problem in Search Engine Marketing


In fact, if you’re a paid search professional who works on PPC campaigns for a living, you’re probably already tracking a huge amount of mission-critical information: your cost-per-click (CPC) bid levels, your click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CVR) on various ad campaigns you’re running. Your revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Enterprise Bid Management Solutions – Is Automation a Threat to Marketers?


Let’s step back from automation, PPC bid management software and all those question marks and discuss digital marketing as a whole. It’s data, from your stats on clickthrough rates, conversion rates and bid levels (among other things).

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41 Execs Discuss Key B2B Marketing Metrics to Watch in 2018


The faster the follow-up with an SQL, the higher the close rate. . The goal is to generate a campaign that has a low CPL, and high MQL-SQL conversion rate. . Conversion rate, before and after. Overall conversion rates are not very meaningful. .

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The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping in 2019


Google Shopping allows you to show up multiple times in Google SERPs — as a website result, a text-only PPC result, and a Shopping result. Google Shopping is proven to have 30% higher conversion rates than text ads. Online shopping — we all do it.

Why Improving Failed AdWords Campaigns Creates the Best B2B Advertising Campaigns

Directive Agency

Improving your ad, rather than creating a new one every time, will usually result in a higher click-through rate, lower cost-per-click, and increased revenue generation. In just four months, the Wizards won a 277% ROAS. Not all AdWords campaigns are created equal.