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11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages


There's no question that landing pages -- and the lead-capture forms that come with them -- are two of the most important elements of lead generation. Visitors are on a landing page for just one single purpose: to obtain an offer by completing a lead-capture form.

Disproving Best Practices: The One- vs. Two-Column Form Test


A few months ago, I took the stage at Digital Summit Dallas to talk about blog conversion rate optimization (CRO). In discussing best practices for conversion forms, he talked about how two-column forms weren't ideal.

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9 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Need to Stop Making


For many businesses, the key to making sales is to first generate leads. But leads don't grow on trees. Some marketers have trouble generating enough leads to feed their sales team. Others just have no idea where their leads are coming from.

How to Generate Leads From the Most Popular Pages on Your Website


And because so many people are landing on those four or five pages, it's very important that you take special care to optimizing those pages for conversions. Otherwise, you're leaving potentially massive lead and sales numbers on the table. What tips can you add to this list?

The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


B2B lead generation and lead management is a complicated process that can’t be detailed all in one book. It’s easier said than done which is why firms like mine exist, to implement proper lead generation tactics that build revenue. General B2B Marketing & Lead Generation.

My Campaign Sucks…Now What?


A multi-touch digital ecosystem , aligned with the buyer’s journey , that helps marketers capture lead information , nurture and qualify leads , and finally empowers both the lead and the salesperson for a sales conversation. 4) Capture lead information.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing. It's kind of like a phone for applications to have conversations -- an API literally "calls" one application and gets information to bring to you to use in your software.

What Is a Landing Page and Why Should You Care


A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead form. When you know a stream of targeted traffic will be coming to your website, you can increase the likelihood of converting that traffic into leads by using a targeted landing page.

9 Must-Haves for the Perfect Landing Page


The following article is an excerpt from our newest ebook, 25 Website 'Must Haves' for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales. Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation, yet most companies don’t use them enough -- or at all. Connect with HubSpot

11 Great Ways to 'Get Personal' in Your Email Marketing


Now armed with an understanding of your buyer personas, you can start asking questions on your landing page forms that will help you begin gathering the information you need to help you segment your leads. At HubSpot, we like to use the phrase "segment of one" to describe ideal targeting.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: 45 Experts Explain How To Connect The Dots


Until recent years, the traditional selling process looked something like this: Marketing would hand leads off to the sales team. The sales team would attempt to close those leads. . List your top 1-3 tips for B2B companies struggling to align their sales and marketing teams? .

9 Chances for Website Conversion Optimization You Don't Want to Miss


While your website is definitely no one-trick pony, when it comes to its role as an inbound marketing tool, its ability to drive conversions -- both in terms of net new lead generation and reconversions -- is definitely one of its bragging rights.

5 Hidden Tricks for Better B2B Lead Generation


Many marketers who have discovered tips or tricks about succeeding in their industry keep those secrets close to their chest. Increasing your social media reach is a great way to get more eyes on the lead generating content you share on Twitter. More leads! Connect with HubSpot

10 Homepage Items for eCommerce Website Conversions


One thing we stressed during the webinar was that you should not only be concerned with improving your visitors purchasing conversion rate, but lead capture conversion rate as well. Tip: You should consider measuring these 5 eCommerce blogging strategies.

7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing in 60 Seconds or Less


Here are 7 things you can do in 60 seconds or less to drive more traffic to your site, convert visitors into leads at a higher rate, and increase your ROI: 7 Ways to Improve Your Inbound Marketing in 60 Seconds or Less. Have more time for better lead gen? Follow these tips.

When Lead Scoring Is a Waste of Marketers' Time


There are times in a marketer's life when lead scoring can seem like the Holy Grail. According to the MarketingSherpa B2B Banchmarking Report , only 21% of B2B marketers have established lead scoring, but many more are thinking about adding it. Your Sales Team Doesn't Have Enough Leads.