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Contingent Workforce Costs: The Unforeseen Spend


Opentopic blog >> Contingent labor spend is an estimated $270 billion worldwide. This begs the question: Are your contingent workforce costs higher than they should be? Contingent. And according to a recent Accenture report, that figure will explode over the next decade to a nearly trillion-dollar market as more businesses realize the benefits of leveraging this flexible, on-demand workforce.

Contingent Workforce Costs: The Unforeseen Spend – Opentopic


Opentopic blog >> Contingent labor spend is an estimated $270 billion worldwide. This begs the question: Are your contingent workforce costs higher than they should be? Contingent. The post Contingent Workforce Costs: The Unforeseen Spend – Opentopic appeared first on Opentopic.

15 Powerful Social Media Questions for B2B Sales

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“In this world of crazy busy buyers, the road to relevancy is often the road to success. Having your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your buyer’s world and then incorporating it into your messaging is a key component of success.

Sales Management Thought Leadership:  efficient effectiveness

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HINT: this is a great idea for your next management meeting, simply begin by asking each of the departmental managers about their problems or contingency issues that arise on a day to day basis or what might occur if a disaster of any kind happens-then ask them for their plan.

Presenting a Webinar? Build an Emotional Connection with Your Audience


The success of the webinar is largely contingent on how articulate and trustworthy the presenter is, and how well the presentation addresses genuine audience concerns. With marketing departments running quicker (and leaner) than ever, we know that the list of “to-dos” is long and triaged.

How to Harness the Power of a Referral Marketing Business


Successful referral programs almost always offer a reward to those willing to give referrals, most often contingent on whether the referral successfully converts into a paying customer.

Efficient Effectiveness: Sales Leadership

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HINT: this is a great idea for your next management meeting, simply begin by asking each of the departmental managers about their problems or contingency issues that arise on a day to day basis or what might occur if a disaster of any kind happens-then ask them for their plan.

4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017


This approach ensures that your traffic numbers aren’t entirely contingent on people directly searching for your brand name. Over the past few years, Google has made a lot of changes that can be challenging for modern marketers and SEO experts to keep up with.

How to Create an Engaging and Effective Presentation


She’d done her contingency planning, and you should too. I used to think presentation decks were an afterthought. They’re meant to be an accompaniment to a speaker, I thought. Just pictures on a screen to give the eye something to rest on while the talker talks. How wrong I have been.

How to Host a Marketing Conference That Doesn’t Tank

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It might seem tiresome and overly picky to think through every contingency before an event, but in nailing down questions in advance, you ensure that your event runs smoothly. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist.

5 ways corporate culture determines social media success

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If your boss is making your employment contingent on Facebook Likes or the number of blog comments you get next month, it might be time to consider another position! A while back I was working with a new client in New York.

13 Must-Attend B2B Marketing Sessions at Dreamforce 2016


Geoffrey Kahler and Wendy White of CenturyLink, and Peter Isaacson of Demandbase talk about successful execution of an ABM strategy, contingent upon sales and marketing alignment around the accounts that matter most. The official Dreamforce Agenda Builder is live!

The Impact of the Internet of Things on Marketing Attribution

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Yet, this capacity is contingent on a robust marketing attribution strategy lightyears ahead of where most businesses are today.

3 Creative Highlights From Cannes Lions

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Based on feedback from two of the Oracle contingent who were attended the festival, one of the themes that emerged can be summed up in word: MadTech.

3 Things a CMO Can Learn From a Championship Team

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As a leader you need to know that your ultimate success is contingent on you putting your teams in the best possible position for success. Being a marketer as well as a journalist I am always looking for story lines.

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How to Build Your Marketing Technology Stack: Your Due Diligence Guide


Allow for Contingencies. Account for these contingencies to ensure a smooth transition in the future. . As your marketing programs begin to grow, you’ll recognize a need for new tools and technologies to manage your processes.

Digital casualties: digital diversity at the workplace


This is the third “digital casualties” post. You can read the first two here and here.

Inequality of pay undermining trust in CEOs and corporate brands


There has been widespread resistance to greater transparency and suggestions for making CEO pay more credibly contingent on company performance. Inequality of pay in business has become a crisis, fueled mainly by the excessive pay of CEOs.

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5 Myths About Copywriting


The level of your writing is contingent on your target audience’s education, but generally you would want someone with a 7th to 8th grade reading level to be able to fully understand everything in your copy. Image source.

7 Myths You Believe About Freelance Copywriters


As a recent analysis of the “contingent workforce” by Dr. Michael Woody found, large and medium-sized companies are actually hiring freelancers in droves.

Why Your Inbound Marketing Strategy May Not Be Working


Remember, goals and objectives — when contingent upon user data — will change and take turns. Although most companies now recognize that inbound marketing is an effective promotional tactic, it’s been viewed more often as the icing on the cake rather than a must-have. But even in 2013, 92.7

THE HACKIES: How leading marketing executives tackle martech


Putting a contingency plan in place will help companies remain agile and shift as the tides of change accelerate. This article is a guest post by Liam O’Connor of Lenati. It was entered into The Hackies essay contest for the upcoming MarTech conference. Like it?

More Marketing Will Be Outsourced in 2013

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A secondary benefit of outsourcing , according to the Randstad study, is that contingent or temporary workers are happier than full-time workers – primarily due to increased compensation, career ownership and schedule flexibility.

How Experiential Marketing Works: 7 Enlightening Tips


When you begin to plan your experience, do so with a partner in mind -- with a contingency plan, of course. What makes a good story? Is it the happy ending? Maybe it's the valuable lessons, or the hilarious, unexpected plot twists.

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Digital learning and the invisible Digital Divide


As organizations embrace mobile, social, big data, and cloud solutions, and as digital literacy becomes a prerequisite for the workplace, a very large contingent of people is silently left behind without many people noticing them.

Starting to Think About Purchasing B2B Marketing Services? (Part 2)


But remember, the return on marketing investment will be contingent upon the budget, market dynamics and the quality of the marketing plan and program. Here are the Most Frequently Asked Questions for the Mid-Stage Buyer. Part Two of Three.

5 Legal Mistakes Your Agency is Making in the Pursuit of New Business (And How to Fix Them)


5) You're insufficiently protected from contingencies like late payments, non-payment, or legal liability for claims such as false advertising, IP infringement, or ad regulation compliance. New business is simultaneously exciting and stressful for agencies.

Redefining Success as Social


In these situations, success at work is contingent on how social and networked individuals are. Photo credit: Wikipedia. How important is it to one’s career to be involved in social networks and to keep a high profile? For brands, it is key and there are metrics to prove it.

Let’s Celebrate the 2017 Markie Awards Finalists!

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We had the largest contingent of internal employees and experts to help us select the finalists. The announcement of the Markie Award Finalists for 2017 marks the 11th Anniversary of this prestigious award that highlights the success of the best Modern Marketers in the industry.

The Future of Advertising Is Native Social Commerce


Continued success will be contingent on native social ads that offer value without tarnishing the user experience. Remember when ecommerce was the go-to tactic for increasing brand awareness, finding new customers, and boosting sales?

Marketing for leads and sales: What’s working for technology companies today

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Another 5% should be set aside for contingencies… to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities as they crop up. This post is based on a transcript of an interview I did with Karl Hourigan , Digital Marketing Strategist for Mediative , immediately following one of the half-day workshops I presented in three cities across British Columbia for the BCTIA entitled, Marketing for Leads and Sales: What's working for technology companies today. Karl asked the questions. The answers are mine.

11 Examples of Instagram Ads We Love


The video promotes a sweepstakes Method Home is currently sponsoring that is contingent on user engagement with the ad. What makes you click on ads? Is it the cute picture of a puppy, the funny caption, or are you only motivated by a great deal?

4 Skills for Marketing Professionals Every Firm Needs to Grow

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But the extent to which professionals can even secure those speaking engagements is largely contingent upon how effectively they demonstrate their expertise through digital means – blogs, social media and e-books, to name just a few. In professional services, business growth is closely correlated to the composition of marketing skills within a firm.

How to Build Your Influencers in Social Media


In Latin, it’s called quid pro quo (“something for something” in Latin) It means an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other.

Can Marketing Be Your Unfair Advantage?


Imagine no longer being entirely contingent on your products and services for marketing (and, accordingly, business) success. I’ve been writing a lot over the past few weeks on the idea of unfair advantages. How to discover yours, how to leverage it, etc.

Defining Lead Status: A Simple Yet Necessary Element of B2B Sales & Marketing Alignment


While each of these strategies is as true today as it was a year ago, there’s one simple contingency that will make or break your ability to align – and that’s lead statuses. In a post published a year ago, titled “ 6 Reports, Alerts & Strategies for Increasing Sales & Marketing Productivity “, I talked a lot about the need for sales and marketing to align in order to increase the efficiency of prospecting efforts.

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5 Tips to Writing More Effective Cold Emails

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If their response is contingent upon the perception that you can help them, it’s probably a good idea to make that apparent early, no? Many of the best things that have happened to me in the last 2 years started with a cold email.