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5 Contingent Workforce Advantages for B2B Marketing

Ledger Bennett

With enterprise businesses facing mounting challenges in recruiting and sustaining the top digital marketing talent required for optimal performance, many are turning to a contingent workforce model as an effective staff augmentation pathway to bring the necessary skills into their businesses. What is a Contingent Workforce?

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How A Content Contingency Plan Can Help You Stay Calm in a Crisis

Or a contingency plan, as it’s officially known. This is where a content contingency plan comes in handy. Having a content contingency plan means that when things go wrong, your online reputation doesn’t suffer. What is a content contingency plan? How to create a content contingency plan. Answer: not many.

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Crisis Management and Recovery: How to Prepare a Content Strategy for Business Continuity and Contingencies [Ebook]


An effective plan incorporates an emergency response, who to communicate directly to, outward and inward reputation management plan, disaster recovery, contingency communications, business continuity, and a clear delineation of key personnel and their list(s) of responsibilities. Click To Tweet.

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5 Important Steps for Growing Your Business in the Sea of Uncertainty

Vision Edge Marketing

Use scenario analysis or outlook planning to consider all the potential options and create contingency plans for each. Use your contingency plans to identify where to expand the potential list of approved suppliers to support all of your options. Step back and review your market landscape, especially your ecosystem map.

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Scaling a Business: How to Climb to the Summit of Success

Vision Edge Marketing

Climbers consider various scenarios they might encounter and develop contingency plans in case of one of these emerges. Be sure you have a detailed plan that outlines each step of the scaling process, including contingency plans in case of unexpected obstacles.

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Which Organizational Structure is Better for Your Business?

Benchmark Email

The key to effective business collaboration isn’t contingent on the type of personality that your team exhibits. It doesn’t depend on what your company does or what it’s selling. While all those areas may contribute in some way, they aren’t solely responsible for achieving effective collaboration.

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Working From the Inside Out: 3 Ways to Improve Your Talent Pipeline with Technology


Adding to this complexity, disparate datasets are multiplying, recruiting channels are expanding, contingent workforces are on the rise, and skill requirements are often too specific when compared to competitor positions – companies today are looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.