Seven Types of Videos You Need to Power up Your Marketing


Video is becoming a must for content marketing across industries. Online video offers numerous established benefits: increased brand awareness, site traffic, time spent on the site, conversions, and social media engagement, to name a few. Explainer Videos. How-To Videos.

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How Video Marketing Strategies Can Elevate Sales Efforts


While basic philosophies still stand the test of time, social media tools and video-based platforms have turned sales into a totally new ballgame. For many modern sales professionals and digital marketers, that efficiency is enhanced by employing a video-based strategy.

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How to Start Using Video for Business


Video marketing started getting big back in 2009 and had really taken off by 2017. Online video is huge and is projected to account for more than 80% of the overall Internet traffic by 2022. Video product is now easier and less costly than ever. Two videos!

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Working with a Video Production Company: 9 Steps to Success


There are many ways to produce a video. You can do it yourself, you can hire an in-house video team, and sometimes, you call in the big guns. Video production companies (a.k.a. video production agencies) exist to make videos for companies like yours.

B2B Content Marketing: Will Video Kill eBooks?

B2B Lead Generation

“With the rise of content marketing, a lot of businesses get stuck in the eBook rut,” saysLinda West ( @ misslindawest ), Director of Digital Marketing at Act-On Software , a rapidly growing company that makes a marketing automation Software as a Service (SaaS). But I watch video all the time.

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Marketers Continue to See Benefits In Video Content Marketing [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

The “ Video Marketing Strategy ” report released by Ascend2 showed that marketers are beginning to see an increase in the effectiveness in video content. I was very encouraged by the level of success that marketers are having with video. HOW IS VIDEO MARKETING EVOLVING?

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Video Marketing: The Savvy Strategy for 2017


Marketers are giving video a lot of attention — and for good reason. A single, short video is said to be worth 1.8 But what’s on the horizon for video marketing? Video marketing will only continue to grow. In fact, some say that 2017 will be the year of video marketing.

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Create Easy, Festive, Holiday Videos In Minutes


That’s why we are making it easy than ever to create easy, festive holiday videos to get your marketing messages across in minutes. You have some fresh new marketing videos to upload to social media in minutes. Make this video your own here. We’ve got videos.

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Does Live Video Make Sense for Your Content Marketing Strategy?


You can find a ton of stats about the rise of live video. We spend hours upon hours thumbing through Snapchat Stories every week, and Facebook Live is great at distracting hard-working, focused employees during business hours. Live streams and vanishing videos tap into our collective need to feel part of something – even if that “something” is an exploding watermelon. Enter live video. Their recipe videos are every food lover’s dream.

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Video Marketing: Video Killed the Content Star?


Once upon a time on August 1, 1981, a video music channel called MTV was born. Ironically, the first music video ever played was “Video Killed the Radio Star.” When this first video was broadcasted, it marked a significant turn in the consumption of content.

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B2B Video Marketing Done Right

KoMarketing Associates

The word these days is content. Video content in particular is an increasingly compelling tactic for business marketers to deploy throughout the funnel, with numbers to support its use. Marketers are seeing positive results when they include video in the marketing mix.

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3 innovative ways to structure video content to support sales engagement


Add video to non-video assets. That’s why most online “content” is text. You can skim video too, if it’s interactive or offered in bite-size chunks. (I But most video content for sales engagement (or any other purpose) is not skim-able.

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Report: 89% of Marketers Now Using Video as a Part of their Content Strategy

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers look for new ways to reach out to their target audience, new research shows that video is growing in popularity as a form of content. On average, marketers publish between one and two videos per month. Video Marketing Budgets on the Rise.

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How to effectively integrate video content onto your website


According to Syndacast , 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video-based. This is a figure that continues to grow as mobile usage skyrockets and customers are looking for faster, more entertaining content to consume. Video + Blogging = Vlogging. Create a video gallery.

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2019 Video Trends Watch


This is the time of year when content creators mull over the year’s “trends” and opine about what we should be doing during the coming year. Get more out of the videos you’ve already made. This my favorite, from a Vidyard blog post titled “ Three exciting B2B video trends for 2019.”

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Your Video Content Should Work As Hard As You Do!


A video with an event should be the norm, never the exception. So why do so many videos just fade to black after they end? Fading to black is a wasted opportunity to drive leads to engage with more content, interact with a call to action (CTA), or explore your organization further.

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How to Use Video Content to Generate Leads and Drive Sales


” YouTube series, which shows that any brand, no matter how sexy the product, can use video to drive sales. The series, which debuted over a decade ago, was one of the first majorly successful examples of video content marketing. How video content can help drive leads.

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The technologies set to transform video content


Within a video platform system, AI can be used to unlock unstructured data sets, making it easy for companies to inscribe the data. CMOs should look for cloud-based solutions that have video management systems built in. Tim Jobling is CTO of specialist video management company Imagen.

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Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

Marketing Insider Group

If your content marketing strategy is more New Coke than the moneymaker it should be, read on. How does it work?” “How Learn what it takes to make content marketing work. Identify where your content strategy got off track. Rebuild customer trust with better content.

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Which tech marketing video trends will prevail in 2020?


None of my predictions are on that scale, but each trend will influence the video technology solution providers will need to make. More chatbots, more explanatory videos. Since video is often the best way to explain technology, expect to see more short videos.

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Video marketing’s multi-use versatility makes it a great investment


What does content versatility mean to you? Whatever your subjective understanding is, video marketing content will blow your mind more than you may expect. Let’s explore why the sky isn’t the limit with video content – the universe is. Extract stills from the video.

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Video for differentiation, stick to one differentiator


Why not use video for differentiation? A new way to develop your video content strategy. Of course, there’s no “differentiator video” in the vocabulary of most marketers or the portfolios of video producers. Why differentiator videos work.

How to Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy


You got the necessary approvals, budget, and executive buy-in to start with video marketing for your brand. Video is going to be the game-changing tactic you use to capture the attention of your target audience, become more visible in search, and convert prospects throughout the funnel.

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Tips To Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content

Modern Marketing

He’s passionate about helping companies get the most out of their video marketing investments. When a prospective buyer starts searching for a solution and lands on your website, there’s nothing more engaging to present them with than a quality video. Late-Stage Content.

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Exploring the Potential of Video Content Marketing [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

In June 2017, data from the “ State of Social Video: Marketing in a Video-First World ” report from Animoto suggested that more customers were being influenced by the video content on social media. About 84 percent of consumers said they now watch video on mobile devices, and 81 percent of marketers are optimizing their social videos for mobile. But how is this shift in content consumption and formatting impacting marketers’ overall strategies?

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Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy


You’re confident this great video will get people talking. You wait a few days to check the data and… your video got a whopping 12 views. Unfortunately, hoping to go viral is not a video strategy. The online video space is a deeply crowded market.

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The 4 Types of Content That Work Best, According to the UK’s Leading Content Researcher


What makes GE’s content a hit while other brands fall flat? ” But according to Brian Millar, founder of the Emotional Intelligence Agency (EIA) and one of the UK’s top content research firms, there’s a deeper science to branded content.

Use your video content to work smarter, not harder


With all the other amazing content you’re creating, it can be difficult to squeeze video into your content plan. Video can be more labor-intensive than other kinds of content: it might require additional planning, involve members of a variety of teams, or even require external resources. However, you know as well as we do that video content is taking over—and it’s not an option to simply forgo this medium. We get it.

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The 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Product Video (Learned the Hard Way)


Let’s move on to why we’re here: the biggest mistakes to avoid when making a product video. I can say that without a doubt, I am the utmost “mistake making” expert in the art of product videos. Click Here to See My Latest Product Video, for ScribbleLive, for Context.

Video: How to Set Content Marketing Goals Your CMO Will Love


What are your content marketing goals? As the director of content strategy for Contently, this is a question I ask marketers every week. Once they start working backward from their company’s main business objectives , that process is usually less daunting than they think.

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Why Personalized Videos Are Dominating Content Marketing [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

Earlier this year, Vidyard published research that showed how customers respond to personalized marketing videos vs. non-personalized videos. The “ 2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report ” showed that customized videos were viewed 35 percent more frequently than their counterparts. For more insight into the results and how marketers are personalizing their content, we spoke to Vidyard content marketing manager Kimbe MacMaster on the report.

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How to Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content

Modern Marketing

He’s passionate about helping companies get the most out of their video marketing investment. When a prospective buyer starts searching for a solution and lands on your website, there’s nothing more engaging to present them with than a quality video. Top Of Funnel Video Content.

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Interactive video for sales just got a big boost from Apple


In a wide-ranging report, The Future of Video , Feng Li of London’s Cass Business School writes that “video is not simply an important part of the online experience. Increasingly, video is the internet.” And it could be a game-changer for marketing videos.

Just the Stats: Why Should You Leverage Video Marketing

Single Grain

This post on video marketing tips, tricks and lots of juicy stats has been updated for 2019. You probably scrolled down the page, looked at some pictures, liked a few things and maybe, just maybe, paused at a video or two. 83% of marketers claimed to have gotten a good ROI from video.

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Content Effectiveness: Understanding Whether Your Content Works

Content Science Review

Does your content work for your users? This video recording from a presentation explores the dimensions of content effectiveness and practical applications.

Socializing Videos for IT Decision-makers


Since video plays such a big role in social media, using video more effectively than your competition can pay big dividends. YouTube is now attracting two-thirds of IT execs to watch videos — up from 46% in 2018. 42% of executive IT managers post content on LinkedIn.

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PR Strategy Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

B2B PR Sense

Unfortunately, PR doesn't work like that. Poor Pitch Work. Show how newsworthy this story is, perhaps with facts and figures, an attention-grabbing quote, or a video. Successful PR takes work. Handpicked Related Content. "Get me some PR".

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Why Marketers Are Embracing Live Videos


Nowadays, a great variety of brands are trying to gain the upper hand over their competitors by using a new marketing platform – live online videos. What is the reason for the popularity of these online videos in various industries? What are the benefits of using live videos?

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Business video trends worth noting in 2018


If you’re calculating, or recalculating, this year’s video content marketing strategy, Vidyard ’s 2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report suggests some practical business video trends worth your attention. Video libraries are doubling in size every 16 months.

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How Brands and Publishers Can Empower Their Video Creators


Some of my favorite content creators haven’t written a blog post in years. PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman at Gimlet Media work exclusively in podcasts, and Matt Lubchansky makes political comics for The Nib. This isn’t inspiring stuff for video producers or your audience.