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The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


Despite some misleading chatter to the contrary, SEO is not dead , and keywords still matter. And of course, keyword stuffing, as an SEO tactic, is long dead. Sample review: “Make sure you take the time to optimise your curated content.

The Difference Between SEO & SEM

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For those of you just starting to dabble in online marketing, we wanted to provide a quick explanation as to the difference between SEO and SEM. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the process of increasing your website’s search engine ranking for a specific keyword or set of keywords. So then what is SEM? Search engine marketing includes the tactic SEO and the tactic Paid Search. Originally posted here on USSCO Speaks blog.

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3 Tips for Hospitals To Fuel Content Marketing with SEM Data


As many of us know, SEM/PPC is an established source of patient acquisition for health systems and hospitals. Fathom has certainly seen great results with structured campaigns promoting specific service lines that send users to relevant landing pages with prominent calls-to-action.

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The Right SEM Strategy for Schools


Search engine marketing (SEM) is comprised of both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Where SEO and PPC Differ. SEO is about building a strong content foundation that earns you more attention as time goes on. How and When to Use SEO.

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17 (of the) Best AdWords and SEM Guides of 2011


That’s just one entire category of searches that should, rightfully, be removed from any relevant analysis. pages with a conversion form and limited content). The best approach is to use organic SEO and paid search (e.g.,

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Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Basic Steps Marketers Need To Know (Pt. 1)

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SEO and SEM is one of those specializations that many of you think requires an expert to manage. When a reader does a web search for a query, they’re scanning links provided by the search engine, clicking on the ones appearing to have the most relevant and desired information.

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Avoid These 5 SEO Faux Pas

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You may have read our posts praising the virtues of creating engaging content , and heard us extol the importance of responding to reader or customer feedback and making appropriate adjustments. Research SEO best practices , and make sure your expert is accountable.

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5 Ways to Use Paid Search & SEO Together

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Paid search and SEO work in different ways to get visitors to your website. Conversely, SEO is relatively cost free, but optimization efforts can take a long time to impact organic rankings. Since paid search and SEO are dependent on keywords, it makes sense that both disciplines should be looked at through a similar lens. Odds are, those keywords are very relevant to your business and may have a good chance at converting organically as well. Get Content Ideas.

About SEO Shortcuts, SEO Tools, and Productive SEO Campaign Development

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SEO is filled with the notion that there are shortcuts. When I first started SEO consulting it felt like the reason a large percentage of companies were interested in SEO was because they believed it was a shortcut to online marketing success ( it was free, right? ).

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4 SEO Link-Building Changes You Need to Know

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving, and unless you work in the industry, it can be hard to keep track of all of the changes. If you’re trying to figure out how to keep abreast of – and navigate – SEO changes , read on.

6 Ways to Keep SEO and Content Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

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Well, in the bathroom stall of Small Biz High School, you will surely find SEO <3′s Content. SEO has always had the hots for content, but never had the courage to make it known to the world. The same goes for your relationship between SEO and content.


The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


Although content marking is now a nearly universal practice—with 93% of B2B marketers using content marketing— half of all marketers still rank “producing enough content” as one of their top five challenges. Store and repurpose content for later reposting.

22 Tantalizing Content Marketing Stats and Facts


With the near-universal embrace of content marketing— 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing , and B2C marketers are close behind—the amount of brand content being produced has exploded. Already widespread, content marketing will continue to grow.

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Your online reputation on Google is the direct result of the content you write on your website, your blogs, and on social media, over time


Google relies on global online content to come up with its search results. Google isn’t content in, search out. The more quality content that you generate across all of your online platforms, the more in control you are of your online reputation.

4 Simple Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your SEO Game

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We know you’ve been busting your hump pinning away, and you’ve been hitting the search engine optimization (SEO) work hardcore. Putting a solid effort into Pinterest can pay off in more ways than one, and we’re talking about some nice SEO boosting!


What You Need to Know About Using Google AdWords Content Campaigns

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If you’re new to Search Engine Marketing and/or using Pay-Per-Click ads, you may not be familiar with Google’s Content Search Network also known as the Google Display Network. What is Google’s Content Network?

Why don’t more marketers use keyword research?


The main point of the talk was about building brands using the methods Mike and I promote in our book: Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide Your Content Marketing. When they inevitably find your content, condition the conversation towards your brand.

31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


This is not to say “SEO is dead” or that it no longer has value, only that it can no longer stand on its own. The original WPO model focused on content-sharing to maximize organic brand visibility; as the WPO framework evolved , it incorporated paid and industry (e.g.,

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The Secret to Content Optimization for People and Search

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Working as a content marketing director, my team and I are responsible for the creation, editing, publishing and optimization of dozens of pieces of content each week. We strive to create relevant, meaningful and ultimately useful information for our readers. Content Rules .

12 SEO Experts Weigh In on SEO 2014 Predictions

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SEO is a particularly dynamic field, and those of us working in these trenches like to share our thoughts about this ever-changing environment. What big changes to the SEO industry do you predict will take place this year? How are your own SEO priorities changing? Non-SEO Focus.

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The Death of SEO? The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing

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The Death of SEO. That is the title of the Forbes article forwarded to me this weekend proclaiming SEO will be dead in the near distant future. I tend to ignore articles writing the epitaph of SEO but this one struck a chord with me. The Definition of SEO.

Backlinks: Why They Still Matter and How to Build Them

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Here’s a brief history of links: Wild West Times (pre 2012): This was a wild time for SEO, when nearly any tactic was fair game and Google didn’t enforce many of their regulations. A natural link isn’t something you ask for, especially for SEO purposes.

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Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds, Oh My! How to Keep Up With the Latest SEO Trends


Doesn''t it seem like every time you turn around there''s a new SEO update? It can be very confusing to stay up to date with everything going on in the world of SEO. It may be even harder if you''re not an SEO expert who understands the terminology of these updates. SEO Book.

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What Google’s Latest Panda Update Means for Your SEO

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When Google’s so-called Panda update dropped in 2011, it turned the world of search on its head: quality, not keywords, would dominate from here on out and content would be king. We chatted with search experts to find out what you can do to make sure your company’s content and search strategies are firing on all cylinders. If whatever you’re doing isn’t the best content, you’re going against what they have a $300 billion interest in maintaining.”.

SEO is the Top Skill for Digital Marketers


In case you didn’t know, I am IBM’s representative to the Google Tech Council, a consortium of B2B tech search engine marketing (SEM) leaders. We meet quarterly at Google’s offices to share best practices and new innovations in SEM. Image via CrunchBase.

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Google Retires Google Authorship

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” This isn’t shocking because majority of Authorship implementation was done by SEOs and marketers who were trying to get a leg up on the competition. Breaking News Content Marketing and Copywriting SEO/SEM Authorship content marketing Google authorship SEO

The 10 New Rules for SEO

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First, a quick overview: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making a site and its content highly relevant for search engines and searchers. When successful, it helps a site gain ranking for relevant words and phrases. Writing for SEO.

The Top Skills In-Demand for Today’s Hybrid Content Marketer

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Fueled by the internet boom, content marketing especially has seen explosive growth over the past five years. Last year, job listings for content marketers grew nearly 350% on between 2011 and 2015. Content Marketing b2b Consumer

A Beginner’s Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

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Google Webmaster Tools is a free resource that gives you a ton of useful information,” says Chipper Nicodemus, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager. One of the best ways is to keep your site updated regularly with high quality content. Content Keywords.

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Content and Pay Per Click – Using them Together for Success

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With the rise of social media and Google’s search algorithm favoring new and unique content, there’s been a lot of buzz these days around producing content. All this great content provides businesses with a unique opportunity to gain new customers. If your business isn’t currently producing content for your prospects and customers, you should definitely start now. Bidding on Relevant Keywords Around Your Content .


25 of the Best Web Presence Optimization Guides of 2012


PR, social media, and the production of fresh, high-quality content are vital for maximizing search engine visibility. Online advertising doesn’t directly affect organic search, but it is a vital component of online visibility and can support social and content marketing efforts.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012


Content Marketing Findings. The most popular forms of content marketing for B2B companies are social media excluding blogs (79%) and article posting (78%). Just 11% use mobile content and only 9% create eBooks. Relevance is critical is content marketing.

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Anyone with a New Idea is a Crank Until the Idea Succeeds


While “search plus social plus content” is inarguably inelegant, it was suggested that other terms such as “online marketing” or “inbound marketing” already covered the concept of web presence optimization (WPO). Content Marketing.

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B2B Marketing & Pinterest: 5 Tips for Becoming the Ultimate Pinner

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Content—Do you have some interesting content that has done well on other social channels? Get followed: Ironically SEO is more important than the images. Fresh content creates the most waves. Follow her “Work” board to just see what’s relevant to you and your firm.

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


WordPress is far and away the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites. Showcase reviews: Blogging Wizard (Analytics), Blogging Wizard (Content), Entrepreneur, Hunter & Bard, Marketing Insider Group (Startup), Robbie Richards, SnapApp, Social Media Examiner.

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The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools


Creating awesome content won’t do your business any good if no one sees it. So how much time should you spend on content promotion versus content production? Content Publishing Tools. ” Standing out from the mass of other content there is a different matter.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1


” Nearly a quarter prefer video content to text. Content Sharing Trends in 2010 [Infographic] by Pamorama Pam Dyer reports on data from AddThis showing the top methods for sharing information from more than 300 options. just 4% contains links to non-blog corporate website content.

4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging

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Real-Time Activity Stream 4 Content Strategies for B2B Corporate Blogging Derek Edmond | Apr 1, 2011 | 0 Comments No matter how much planning and goal setting goes into a B2B corporate blog, the writing and content ultimately is what will make a blog successful.

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20 Tremendous Digital Marketing Stats and Facts


But digital marketers must continue to evolve practices as they strive to make their content an asset, rather than an annoyance, to prospective buyers. Relevate ). Digital marketing budgets continue to rise, often at the expense of offline advertising spend.

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RIP Google Keyword Tool – What to Use Instead

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The Google Keyword Tool has long been the standard for anyone in the SEO, SEM or content spaces, but early this week we received news that Google pulled the plug on the Keyword Tool. Plug in a few relevant words (for your business) and Ubersuggest will give you hundreds of results. They provide competitive results and even CPC data for the SEM folks out there.