[Content, Newsletter] How to Write a Brief and Get the Most Out of Your Writers
    You need content, you’ve found a writer , and everything is going swimmingly. You have no idea how to write a brief. ” Yet a good brief is the secret formula to a harmonious creative–client relationship; it’s the way to get you better content in the first iteration, and a way to mitigate the risk of endless (and expensive) back and forth. How to Write a Brief. So think about your content; you’re not just creating it for no reason. (If
    [Content, Newsletter] 6 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes That Inhibit Success
    It’s a fundamental factor when it comes to improving at anything we do and B2B content marketing is no exception. Being a member of the content marketing team here at KoMarketing for more than five years, I’ve had a chance to work with organizations across industries, and while the products and services may differ, the mistakes organizations make are oftentimes fairly similar when it comes to developing a content strategy. and craft content that will support those goals.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 10 Commandments of Email Marketing
    Before you start writing your email ask yourself a few questions: Why are you sending out this email? This is where marketing automation features like dynamic content play in, which let you use one email to appeal to the individual needs of a variety of recipients. The body of your email should feature copy and content that add value to the reader’s life. Thou Shalt Use Creative Content. Always remember, content is king.
    [Content, Newsletter] Interview with Ann Handley
    Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. Key Topics: Digital Marketing, Strategy, Content, Social, Demand Gen. Bio: As the world’s first Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley speaks and writes about how you can rethink the way your business markets. HOW DID YOU GET TO BECOME AN EXPERT IN CONTENT MARKETING? So I created a neighborhood newsletter, which I delivered on my bike to my neighbor’s mailboxes. It was content.
    [Content, Newsletter] Considering a Change of Brand Story? Here’s What Geek Culture Can Teach You
    There is so much we, as content marketers and brand storytellers, can learn from Doctor Who and from geek culture as a whole. On Star Trek , for example, if they were going to change the captain of one of the ships—which they’ve never done—you would have to write a new story line, think about the emotion, who would come in their stead, and so on, whereas with Doctor Who it’s just there as a very easy thing to do.” Content Strategy Marketing
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Improve Email Newsletter Performance? Here’s the Engagement Opportunity You’re Missing
    You can send the best-designed campaign and hire the top copywriter to write the smartest subject line – but all that means nothing if your emails don’t engage readers. . Including interactive content experiences like polls, quizzes, and interactive video takes you beyond the open and click rates. . Including content calls to action to interactive experience is part of the equation. Integrating Interactive Content and Newsletter Email. Content loading
    [Content, Newsletter] What Is Ghostwriting on the Web?
    You may have noticed a change in our title banner… Yes, drum roll, please: Writing on the Web is now Ghostwriting on the Web. This renaming reflects my career shift from Blog Squad and Content Marketing Specialist to Professional Ghostwriter. As the demand for quality content for professionals has skyrocketed and shows no signs of letting up, so has the demand for professionally trained ghostwriters. I really must stay in touch with my newsletter subscribers.
    [Content, Newsletter] What Interrupt Advertising Does: Marketing Lessons From a Recovering Loud Mouth
    Your relationship suffers,” she writes. “By listening rather than talking, you are giving something valuable to the person who’s speaking,” she writes. Get into a content marketing forum full of curious listeners. Subscribe to publications dedicated to quality brand storytelling like the Content Standard for a steady stream of reminders when tempted to rely on old habits. For more stories like this, subscribe to the Content Standard newsletter.
    [Content, Newsletter] Did Millennials “Kill” Brand Loyalty? Not Really
    As a senior in college, I was tasked with writing a case study about Zappos’ corporate culture , and I immediately fell in love with the company even more. For more stories like this, subscribe to the Content Standard newsletter. Not Really appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword. Content Strategy MarketingMillennials stand accused of “killing” many things: avocados, alcohol sales, and—my personal favorite—napkins.
    [Content, Newsletter] What the History of Copywriting Teaches Us About Content Marketing Today
    But there is perhaps no rivalry more heated than that between advertising and content marketing. Though they use many of the same tools—copywriting, design, creativity—and have largely the same ends, content marketers and advertisers might have the greatest difference in opinion of any related professionals. Maybe there’s something for content marketers to learn from the long tradition of advertising that’s laid the foundation of the marketplace we operate in today.
    [Content, Newsletter] Run It Like a Newsroom: Turning Content Strategy Into a Slick Operation
    It’s no coincidence that the J-word has been creeping into marketing in recent years: Your content strategy can and should learn from traditional journalism and newsroom processes, such as the use of an editorial board, if you want to truly differentiate your brand with great quality content. Newsrooms have got creating quality content en masse down to a fine art because it’s their raison d’être. You need to set common goals; this is Content Marketing 101.
    [Content, Newsletter] What Content Creators Can Learn from Agile Teams
    Agile for Content Creators. NPR’s example could be applied to any team of content producers. Imagine the head of content as the product owner, directing priorities by selecting what content to produce, while a scrum master enables her editors, writers, and designers to work autonomously by addressing obstacles as they appear, then allowing them to deliver the content through whatever process works best for them.
    [Content, Newsletter] Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses
    Within six months, they had thousands of designers using Campaign Monitor to send newsletters to their clients. For example, use photos of real people when you communicate with your target audience online—whether it is on your website, newsletters, or even case studies. Create your own online platform such as a blog or customer community , and use it to consistently produce high-quality content that is interesting and useful for your target audience.
    [Content, Newsletter] Are Authentic Stories the Key to Experience Marketing?
    “The rise of the ‘experience economy’ is currently one of the most important global trends in marketing,” writes Zoe Lazarus in Campaign. ” Lazarus was writing about the rise of experiential marketing, that discipline that teaches brands to create a unique experience to increase sales of their product. Those all-important millennials want personal experiences, writes Sue Duris for CMO.com. appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Why the "Pivot to Video" Is Misguided
    When I read that the average American spends five-and-a-half hours per day watching video content, I scoffed -- because between video explainers on Facebook, Game of Thrones , and Netflix, that average is closer to my daily minimum time spent watching videos. No, it's not changing seats on the couch to get a better view -- it's the latest example of marketers and content creators being so eager to adopt a new platform or medium that they ruin it.
    [Content, Newsletter] An Introduction to Google Posts for B2B Marketers
    Google Posts appear alongside your business listing in search results and can be used to promote special events and offers, particular content and products, and encourage people to sign up to your newsletter. A Google Post is a short piece of content published directly through Google My Business (GMB). Ensure that your Google Post content is fit for this audience: Promote an Upcoming Event. Promote Important Content Such as Newsletters.
    [Content, Newsletter] #salesfail: 3 Gripes Buyers Have with B2B Sales & Marketing
    Just because I downloaded one piece of content does not mean I'm in a buying process.”. . The classic B2B playbook – write a white paper, gate it, call relentlessly – isn’t working. The lesson: Don’t assume that your audience is ready to buy because they’ve downloaded your content. Content loading. . EMAIL NEWSLETTER! Content loading
    [Content, Newsletter] How We’ll Create Some Good Content Marketing Workflows Together
    It’s not that new at all, despite its headline-grabbing ability in the content marketing world right now. Content creators have to go through unnecessary steps to get stories approved and systems are outdated. Consequently, we stick with publishing less-than-useful content because it’s easier to get approved and published. Content marketing can be as well, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it simpler. My pillars of efficient content marketing.
    [Content, Newsletter] Cards That Always Win in Content Marketing (That You Have No Business Playing)
    When I got into the game, I didn’t know anything about content marketing, though I was prepared for some amount of social media marketing. Curating outside content that will appeal to our audience to post on social via HootSuite. The last thing I’d do would be to start posting content that made no sense for the magazine or my readers, regardless of how many clicks I could rake in. These misalignments cause distrust, the enemy of a successful content strategy.
    [Content, Newsletter] Taking Control of Your Content Creation Process: How Setting Boundaries Creates Simplification
    Take a second out of your day, and imagine what the perfect content creation process would look like for your team. You’re never going to have an absolutely perfect content process (sorry). But our images of perfect content workflow can reveal where our current mix is falling short. To map out these common issues and the principles that help you address them, it’s good to think about your content workflow from start to finish in the context of one content cycle.
    [Content, Newsletter] The Best Content Marketing of July: The Marketing Machine Never Stops
    Google, for example, has had a number of outstanding pieces of content , but it covers so much that it’s hard to pin down what type of story works best for the brand. These profiles are a perfect fit, letting Etsy write about a variety of products and shops while revealing the stories of people who have helped the platform thrive. I’m not sure if homepage copy counts as content. July is usually the slow month.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] AI in Marketing: 10 Early Use Cases
    From content curation, to SEO, to email marketing, different tools are already being used by brands -- not only to make human marketers' lives easier, but to make them better at their jobs. Creators can input content into The Grid -- like images, text, and calls-to-action -- and Molly builds the site using the power of AI. Check out the demonstration below: 2) Content Creation. Just a short while ago, robots were the stuff of fiction.
    [Content, Newsletter] Finding your place on the web, when it seems so crowded out here
    ” The idea is that before you go headlong into any sort of content marketing strategy, you should assess the current competition to determine your best opportunities to maneuver. If an industry category is flooded with helpful content from competitors, it might be difficult, or impossible, to break through and get attention for your content. Could she own a niche by creating video content for customers in her region? Vary the content type. Content quality.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] 20 Signup Form Optimization Techniques for More Sales Leads
    There’s a lot of emphasis placed on crafting seamless email sequences, valuable content, and a great landing page. They enable you to gather information about your prospects that you can use to craft personalized content and offers for that prospect. You can eventually ask them to subscribe to your newsletter after establishing your credibility. Check out how travel site, Hipmunk , uses an opt-in box for their email newsletter: Pick the Right Fields.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Interview: Content Marketing Like a Journalist
    My first job was, in many respects, a content marketing dream. Our primary product was video content that could be repurposed and shared in a thousand ways, creativity was valued as a primary resource company-wide, and I had regular access to interesting and insightful figures from our industry. As the gap between content marketing and journalism continues to close , more and more content creators are finding themselves wearing a proverbial press pass to work.
    [Content, Newsletter] Content Marketing During a Crisis: Is There Ever an Appropriate Level?
    This is also there, shared by a bot on autopilot: “Seven steps to killing it with content.” Writing after the MH17 airline tragedy a few years back, Sarah Mitchell said : “As Twitter inches closer to a mainstream news outlet, and brand journalism becomes more commonplace, it’s essential for content marketers to understand how to react in a crisis to avoid brand damage.” Evaluate planned content. Every post or tweet is branded content.
    [Content, Newsletter] Influencer marketing grows up
    This was a new way to actually discover the passionate product advocates in the world, those who were gaining massive audiences through their independent content creation. Eventually my early interest in influence marketing helped me land a book contract to write Return On Influence , the first book on the subject of social influence marketing. Our content is free because of their generosity. BuzzSumo is the world’s best way to discover, analyze and amplify your content.
    [Content, Newsletter] The Art of Stroking the Ego: How to Get Your Subject Matter Experts Creating Content
    If there’s one thing a content marketer doesn’t need, it’s more stats about the importance of content marketing and content creation. This data is so ubiquitous that there’s now even content marketing rounding up content marketing stats. But here’s an important one : 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders and subject matter experts. Content Strategy Marketing
    [Content, Newsletter] The Evolution of Marketing: From Manual Through Automation To Predictive
    If you subscribe to MIT’s newsletter Technology Review , you will be amazed at the number of innovations, research, and ideas it regularly reports. “Likely to overhaul the way we do business and even the way we live, big data and AI [artificial intelligence] are two of the most sweeping revolutions of the 21st century,” Shama writes. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] 42 Experts Explain How to Get Better Qualified Leads with Interactive Content
    In a world where attention spans are getting shorter, and users are being bombarded with more static content and opt-in forms, it’s becoming harder for marketing teams to cut through the noise. Interactive content. We reached out 42 VPs, CMOs and Content Strategists and asked the following question: What interactive content types have you used to generate more "qualified" leads (and how)? However, the content types listed above were most popular. .
    [Content, Newsletter] What the Internet’s Best ‘About Us’ Pages Can Teach Brands
    I’ve been writing website copy since I started out at FCB in 1994. That’s a missed content opportunity for too many brands. As the content strategy leader at Prophet , I wanted to investigate what the biggest players were doing with their company pages to see if there were any patterns or tactics that could help marketers create value. For these brands, content gets evenly spread across topics such as leadership, corporate responsibility, and services.
    [Content, Newsletter] 5 ways every nonprofit can use Email Automation
    Provide them with a consistent stream of content about your organization throughout the year. Write a message that’s scheduled to be sent before the end of the fiscal year (for many nonprofits this is June 30th). This is your chance to remind donors, volunteers and newsletter subscribers that they can make a lasting impact. If your nonprofit organization isn’t sending automated email campaigns, now is the time to start.
    [Content, Newsletter] 5 Common Mistakes that Destroy a Drip Campaign
    Drip marketing is an automated communication strategy that delivers targeted content to prospective, current, and past customers over a period of time to nurture brand relationships and generate sales. A drip marketing campaign is usually triggered by an action the user takes—filling out a form, downloading content, making a purchase, etc. Write down the scenarios where you think a drip communication could offer value. Choosing Content for Drip Marketing Messages.
    [Content, Newsletter] Email Newsletters Are Experiencing a Renaissance
    These days, the rising star of audience engagement is an unlikely candidate: the humble e-newsletter. Despite the competition from apps and social platforms, email newsletters are experiencing a bona fide revival. Publishers including the New York Times and the Washington Post have doubled down on e-newsletters, hoping that curated content delivered to your inbox will help attract a content-hungry audience. The Curious Revival of E-Newsletters.
    [Content, Newsletter] Ask a Content Strategist: How Do You Use Articles to Influence B2B Leads?
    Welcome to a special Fourth of July edition of Ask a Content Strategist, where I finally answer the question: What’s the ROI of wearing an American Flag romper all weekend in the Hamptons? Sorry, I’m getting word from my team that that’s not what we’re doing with this column, and that if I really want to write 1,000 words on patriotic rompers, I should just suck it up and take that $20,000 per year editorial assistant job at GQ.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? A HubSpot Blog Experiment
    I also asked each influencer to commit to promoting the post on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as their email newsletter if they had one. What if I started with content that already existed, cutting out the creation process entirely? I started handpicking influencers based on their network size and asking to publish their original content and/or repurpose some of their existing content -- along with a social share, of course. Publishing great content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] The Best of B2B Marketing Content: 9 Examples
    Many B2B marketers have seen B2C content at least once and asked, "Why do they get to have all the fun?" No marketing, including content, is uninteresting if you look at it the right way. Done right, B2B content marketing can certainly match -- and sometimes, maybe even rival -- the creativity and appeal of the best B2C ones. And we want to recognize the brands that are breaking that mold and creating great content that grows fervent, dedicated audiences.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Make Your Marketing More Efficient with Repeatable Processes
    When you write regular newsletters, publish daily to your CMS, or pull data each month, you are repeating elements of work. I used to create a newsletter for my client team. And yet, the newsletter task still had to be done. First, I brainstormed with the client regarding what type of content we wanted to include each month. Then I determined a structure for the newsletter, including content buckets. People even asked how to submit content to it.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] 101 Ridiculously Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Your Marketing Today
    Interactive content has endless possibilities. But the results from interactive content are impossible to ignore: 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective than typical, passive content. . Marketing teams adopting an interactive content strategy are seeing higher conversion rates , increased engagement, better quality leads , and a huge impact on ROI. . Why aren’t we all using interactive content? . Content loading. .
    [Content, Newsletter] Technically Speaking: Tackling B2B Technology Marketing
    Sometimes, trying to develop effective content for an audience can feel a little bit like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands: You’re aware of how to reach your goal, but that doesn’t make the process any easier. Now enter the realm of B2B technology marketing: a realm of content that can be so nuanced, it can feel like searching for the content equivalent of the Holy Grail, accompanied by an audience even more elusive than a fish.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Pitch Marketing Automation to Your Boss
    You need to become an information hub for prospects, building relationships with them through your content before they even make a purchase. If you don’t have a marketing automation platform in place, you’re probably working with disparate systems: One system to send email newsletters and other updates. First and foremost, your strategy should be shaped around educating and nurturing leads through high-quality content. Change is hard for some companies.
  • CONTENTLY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Ask a Content Strategist: Does Thought Leadership Mean Anything to Regular People?
    Does it mean anything or resonate with people outside of content marketing, communications, and publishing? On Friday night, I was sitting on my roof with some friends when the subject of content marketing came up. Or more specifically, the subject of how I won’t ever stop talking about content marketing with two my friends, Contently co-founder Shane Snow and Jessica “Jess at Contently” Black. appeared first on The Content Strategist.
    [Content, Newsletter] Learn How to Create an Internal Communications Plan with Pam Didner
    Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, speaker, author, and a recognized thought leader on the subject of global content marketing. As she writes in her recently published guide How To Develop a World-Class Internal Communications Plan , such preparations are “extremely important for the long-term success of a business.” ” I asked her about the basic process to creating a communications plan for global content, and here are the five stages she suggested.
    [Content, Newsletter] Building an Audience Is Not a Chore: 5 Brands That Began with Content
    Or a great marketing and content strategy? Your content strategy may just need a fresh dose of inspiration. I didn’t just sign up for her newsletter; I stopped regularly to visit her site, checking whether she had posted. I’m struck by how marketers tend to approach their content marketing somewhat apologetically, as though at some point, their followers will feel betrayed when a favorite brand sneaks in that one stealthy product mention.
    [Content, Newsletter] Best Practices for Content Marketing Strategy
    Content marketing is a highly effective tactic for drawing in leads and keeping them engaged with your brand throughout the sales journey. Before you start blogging or creating videos, it is important to take the time to develop the content marketing strategy. You must operate your content marketing strategy like a publisher operates her magazine. When it comes to your content marketing strategy, you cannot “wing it.” Content Marketing
    [Content, Newsletter] 20 Extraordinary Content Marketing Insights
    Arguably, Steve Rayson analyzes more content than any other person in the world — billions of pieces in all. Here’s a sample: Content doesn’t go viral. Don’t bank on your content going viral. Content NEVER goes viral in the true sense of two people share and two of their friends share, then two of their friends share etc. To get content to “move,” you need multiple influential broadcasters at the same time. By Mark Schaefer.
    [Content, Newsletter] 5 Golden Rules for Your Next Content Marketing Hire
    There’s a lot of noise and uncertainty in content marketing, but one thing has remained constant: People are creating more and more content. According to CMI’s 2017 benchmark survey , over 70 percent of companies plan to create more content this year compared to last year—an upward trend that’s held steady over the past few years. In turn, content marketing hiring is on the rise. It’s much harder to teach someone how to write.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] 7 Steps to Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy That Works
    You saw the words content marketing and strategy together in the headline and thought, “Oh, cool, another article telling me how important it is to have and actually write down my strategy -- just what I need.”. But there’s a pretty big difference between knowing you should do something and knowing how to do it -- which might explain why 89 percent of B2B marketers use content, yet only 37 percent have documented strategies. How to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy.
    [Content, Newsletter] How Finance Brands Like Goldman Sachs Use Content to Build Trust and Win Customers
    A Contently survey from 2016 showed that 30 percent of millennials didn’t trust financial services companies, while 43 percent were unsure. Content, on the other hand, is proving to be a more customer-friendly option. In our survey, 47 percent of millennials indicated they’d be more likely to trust a financial services company if it created useful content. We run a lot of ads and we boost all our content because otherwise really no one will see it.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] 5 Simple Ways to Write Better Emails
    It might be a tough thing to consider, but, by some estimates, six percent of our total working time is wasted , simply because we have to wade through murky writing. We’ve written about how headlines can make or break a piece of content. Writing subject lines is, of course, an art. Unless you’re publishing a long-form e-zine-type of newsletter (something like The Hustle), keep your emails short. Want to get better at writing shorter emails?
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Social media employee advocacy is the heartbeat of your company
    You’ll notice a significant difference in your content, tone, and approach. They engage on social media, write articles, and are thought leaders in their space. You follow the 10:4:1 Rule on your social channels (For every 15 social shares: 10 links to third party content, four links to your own blog articles, and one link to an offer/landing page.). You are seen as a curator of good content in your industry. Employee advocacy is the heartbeat of your company.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Marketing Automation
    If you had, say, some dynamic content blocks in your email newsletter, then you could automatically select which articles to feature for them based on that past behavior. You could also use that past behavior to make a recommendation about which piece of content they should view next when they’re on your website. Or you could also send them a text message when you publish new content they might be interested in. We love interactive content.
  • EMEDIA  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Is It Time to Drop the Blog?
    Because Facebook makes writing online so easy. Social media has become the central place where content is created and shared. If you want your brand to go viral, your content needs to be easily accessible on social media. Short-form (that is, bite-sized ) content should go on social media first. Its content curation process is obscure to the point of absurdity. You know where else you can find blog-like content?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] The Facebook Ad Types: How to Choose the Best Ad Type for Your Goals
    But it's meant to be used for remarkable content that drives brand awareness by enticing Facebook users who are scrolling on their news feed. Instead, focus on creating remarkable content that makes users who view it want to know more about your brand. While a user might see the add and decide to sign up for Spotify immediately, Spotify used the brand awareness approach to create compelling content to draw the user's attention. 4) Write copy and create assets.
    [Content, Newsletter] Email Marketing Automation Gives Creative Writers Something to Be Excited About
    It’s already been a long week of working with your large B2B sales team to write some one-off emails to meet special requests or circumstances, and just as you’re about to clean up the last little pile of unread material in your inbox, another request comes in for some last-minute messages. Kurt Vonnegut once famously suggested that writers, “Write to please just one person. Perhaps your newsletter would benefit from the episodic nature of TV series.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Back to Basics: The ABCs of a Successful E-Newsletter
    Today we are going to tackle e-newsletters from A to Z, considering key the points, definitions, and strategies associated with these essential pieces of marketing content. Write your e-newsletter accordingly. This may mean selecting unique content or headlines for each audience; or, you may even create multiple newsletters, one per audience bucket. Also consider what you are trying to achieve with your newsletter. Example e-Newsletters.
    [Content, Newsletter] Simple steps to website marketing success
    Deciding whether you want visitors to sign up for your email newsletter, download a case study, or pick up the phone to call you, will be much more productive. If your content isn’t presented in a digestible manner, the relief your visitors will be reaching for won’t be an antacid. This means writing style, visual presentation, type size, and how well you’re breaking up content with white space, imagery, and other elements all have an impact.
  • KAPOST  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] 5 Ways to Use Your Blog to Test New Ideas
    Content managers rush to get posts out to announce upcoming webinars, maintain a deluge of articles for SEO’s sake, or worse: simply publish content to check something off the to-do list to “keep busy.” ” But we all know that more content isn’t synonymous with better content. Instead, it’s all about writing the right type of content that is delivered to the right customer at the right time. Consider content.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools
    Creating awesome content won’t do your business any good if no one sees it. So how much time should you spend on content promotion versus content production? ” What is clear however is that with two million blog posts written every day, you need more than great content to stand out. These 15 tools can help you distribute your content more broadly, share it socially, repurpose it for different audiences, and amplify it using paid channels.
  • PUREB2B  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Nurture Leads with Email Marketing
    Luckily for businesses, this interconnectedness allows them to deliver content in different ways: social media, blogging, video, audio, and a host of other interactive platforms. Email content is six times more likely to be clicked than tweeted content. If you want your prospects to take notice of your message, you need to do so much more than just push your content. Your next move should then be to provide relevant content that’s valuable to each persona group.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Incorporate Webinar Promotion into Your Multi-channel Marketing Mix
    In fact, according to recent research by the Content Marketing Institute , 58% of content marketers said they use webinars as one of their key marketing tactics. Other, more frequently used content marketing tactics include social media, email newsletters, blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers and infographics. If you run a successful blog with lots of followers, including potential clients, you should do a write up about your upcoming webinar.
    [Content, Newsletter] Ask a Content Strategist: How Many Stories Should I Publish Per Month?
    Welcome to the March edition of Ask a Content Guy, which we’re now renaming Ask a Content Strategist! It’s the same old column in which I answer your most pressing content marketing questions, except now with a name that makes a little more sense considering I’m not Bill Simmons. On top of all that, there’s a pretty good chance your CMO is about to stroll by and ask about your content calendar. How much content should I actually publish?
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Start Generating Leads for Your B2B Company
    To attract people’s attention, you need to build on your content, and you can do this in so many ways. Write blog posts. The kind of content you offer will depend on your product or service, but the main takeaway is to craft your content with keywords that match what customers are looking for in their online search, putting a good amount of research in the mix as well.
  • BUZZSUMO  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] 7 Effective Techniques for Better Email Marketing
    Two common mistakes that will hurt your email marketing efforts are to write too much and to opt for longer words when you’re doing it. Well, be that as it may, Boomerang’s research found that writing as a third-grader is best for response rates. If you’ve been doing your best to show readers how smart you are by writing like a valedictorian, you may want to rethink that. Oh, and if you’re sending out a regular newsletter, find another word.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Create the Three Parts for Any Sales Funnel
    The tools available for creating a sales funnel are almost unlimited, with a wide range of apps available for creating content , running campaigns and ads , and designing landing pages. Some funnels use a content blog to market to and nurture an audience. That’s done with great copy writing, whether by internal or external (agency or freelance) expert writers. Guest post by Katrina Manning. What is a Sales Funnel? Sales funnels are everywhere.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Create a Partnership Marketing Plan that Drives Growth
    Here’s one way you might approach such a plan: Downloadable Content/Email Marketing/Blogging: Email marketing and guest blog swaps are common in partnerships. You might agree to write (and host) guest blog posts a little more frequently than you exchange emails — say monthly. You can make the most of these golden opportunities in front of a new audience by adding educational content to the mix. End your blog posts with a link to download related content.
    [Content, Newsletter] Adjusting to the new sales strategies with Anthony Iannarino
    I saw Keith Richards on an interview say that he didn’t write the song “Satisfaction,” he was just the antenna that it came through. I started to write from that place and immediately people began to say “this is what I believed and you’re the person that says what I believe.” ” I suppose the difference is, I actually write about it, instead of just think it. So I started writing and sharing my best ideas. By Mark Schaefer.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 12 Best Landing Page and Form Builders for Conversion Rate Optimization
    Once you’ve attracted the right visitors to your site—by crafting compelling content and optimizing it for search—you need them to take action! Subscribe to your newsletter or blog, download a white paper or report, complete a brief survey, register for a webinar. 4 ) Thrive Content Builder. Create mobile-reponsive multi-column layouts and add styled lists, buttons, dynamic content, feature grids, countdown timers, and other elements.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 6 most popular email templates for small businesses
    While we may not be able to tell you exactly what to write , we have an arsenal of creative subject lines suggestions and email templates to help you get started. Newsletter. Perhaps the most popular type of email to send, a good newsletter template is as versatile as it is classic. You can pick and choose your content blocks in our template editor, adding as many sections as needed. You know the feeling.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools
    Social media has become a core element of marketing across businesses of all types and sizes: maintaining active, optimized profiles; sharing industry-related updates; amplifying their own content; and engaging with prospects, influencers, advocates, and customers. Includes functions for creating landing pages; curating content for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; amplifying social reach; and monitoring brand mentions and campaign results. 5: The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools. #6:
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 6, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] The Beginner's Guide to Small Business Marketing Online
    If you choose to do this, you can use a CMS (content management system) to do so. Once you've created your website, most CMS platforms offer plugins to help you optimize your content for search (look for SEO plugins). Backlinko reports some of Google's top factors, which include having relevant keywords (and their placement on your site), the length of your content, having high-quality content, how fast your page loads, how often you post content, and more.
    [Content, Newsletter] The Best Content Marketing of February: 7 Brands That Mean Business
    Most days, I sit at my desk writing and editing articles, working on Contently’s marketing collateral, and trying not to let our company Slack take over my life. But every so often, I get to go to sales meetings to talk about the nuances of content marketing. My purpose in these meetings is to talk about how we approach content marketing. Because as February’s best content marketing shows, good ideas and a little budget can go a long way.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Start a Business in 2017: A Complete Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs
    Downloadable case study templates that show you a sample case study structure from top to bottom, along with business case study examples, tips on finding the right candidates, advice on how to reach out to them, and sample interview questions to inform your case study content. 386+ Content Creation Templates. Free templates for all your visual content creation needs when you're first starting a business. How to Create Email Newsletters.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2017
    [Content, Newsletter] Back to Basics: How to Write an Effective Business Blog
    Today we are going to get back to one of the basic elements of digital content marketing: blog writing. What I mean by a “business blog” is any blog that you write for your job; not your personal hobby (though you can apply these tips to those, too). What should I write about? What should I … write about?” To help clients unravel what to write about, I ask a series of questions. For example, you may choose to treat your blog as an online newsletter.
    [Content, Newsletter] A strategy to stay relevant in a tumultuous marketing world
    Whether you just want more doors to open for you, you want to write a book someday, or speak before an important industry event, if you’re known, you’re going to have more success. Our content is free because of their generosity. Be sure to check out his amazing newsletter The Full Monty and his new podcast available here: fullmontyshow.com. BuzzSumo is the world’s best way to discover, analyze and amplify your content. By Mark Schaefer.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 21 Best Content Curation Tools
    Although content marking is now a nearly universal practice—with 93% of B2B marketers using content marketing— half of all marketers still rank “producing enough content” as one of their top five challenges. Fortunately, content marketers don’t have to do it all themselves. Content curation offers a way to repackage and repurpose the work of others to serve the needs of your brand’s audience. Automates sharing of curated content.
    [Content, Newsletter] Essential 5 Step BuzzSumo Process For Social Media Agencies
    We wanted to help our clients quickly and fully integrate BuzzSumo into a process that scales to meet the needs of agencies handling content marketing for multiple clients and brands. Create Content: Look to audience preferences (shares and links) for ideas. Curate Content: Look beyond sharing your clients’ content and give the audience what they want. Then take a deeper look at what’s working for your role models using the Content Analysis search feature.
    [Content, Newsletter] Design and send emails in minutes: VerticalResponse’s new editor makes it easy
    In this edition, we show you how to design and send emails with the app’s step-by-step campaign building process and content blocks. The time-saving, easy-to-follow steps guide you through the process of creating your own email campaign — helping you efficiently write a subject line, select a template, create a campaign, edit the email’s appearance, add your subscriber list, and schedule your campaign. Step three: Add content. Content blocks.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 24 Best Email Marketing Tools
    But the potential payoff for effective email marketing is substantial; email messages are more likely to be seen and acted upon by decision makers than online content, social media, or advertising. A full-featured email service provider with capabilities for building auto-responder sequences, campaigns, newsletters, customized sign-up forms, RSS to email, HTML templates with drag-and-drop editing, and email marketing tracking—all with high deliverability.
    [Content, Newsletter] For Email Marketing That Sticks, Story Matters
    From its very bland subject line (and the personalization error it clearly encountered) to its vague content, there’s nothing within the email that sticks with the reader. “Storytelling is the most natural form of communication,” said Robert McKee, a writing lecturer, in a 2015 interview. You get an immediate feel for the voice and personality of theSkimm as soon as you open the daily newsletter, which opens with a fun aside and a daily quote with a clever insight.
    [Content, Newsletter] Research Reveals 7 Keys to Lead Generation Success
    We’ve recently concluded a significant research effort across our different sites/newsletters that evaluated the effectiveness of different lead generation pieces. The title of your lead gen content marketing item accounts for 82% of the variance in performance. Certainly, you want good content, ideally on a topic that will perform well, but the reality is that the title is hugely important. I’m writing an eBook on OKRs and I don’t see OKRs anywhere on the page.
    [Content, Newsletter] 13 Gmail Plugins That Make Client Communication Easier
    SaneBox weeds out unimportant emails after examining your inbox content and history, surfacing only the communications you want to priortize. The tool also provides features for setting notifications for when people don't reply to a message, unsubscribing from unwanted newsletters, and snoozing emails you want to deal with later. With HubSpot Sales pro, you can create up to 1,000 templates and track the performance of your sent emails and content.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Advance from Licensed and Curated Content to an Original Content Strategy
    Many marketers today find themselves stuck in a cycle that relies on licensed and curated content. Some might work for a small division of a larger company that doesn’t believe it has the manpower to keep up with a rigorous content schedule. Some might be in an enterprise environment where the perception of switching to an original content strategy is that it is too expensive and time-consuming. Focus on One Content Medium to Start. Content Strategy Marketing
    [Content, Newsletter] Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2017
    Content marketing is a key component of business-to-business marketing. By maintaining a steady outbound stream of high-quality content, businesses improve the chances of the company website ranking high in search engine results as well as building the brand in the mind of the customer. If handled well, content marketing can build familiarity, increase affinity and deepen trust with both existing and future clients. Create a strategic content map. Content Marketing
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2016
    [Content, Newsletter] 10 Must-Read B2B Marketing Blog Posts of 2016
    With 2017 only 12 days away, consider this your New Year’s Resolution: Become a marketing pro by regularly reading cutting-edge content from B2B thought-leaders. 7 Steps to Building a Content Marketing Culture That Works”. Content Marketing Institute. Long gone are the days when content was only used for marketing. With the scale of content production across large teams (e.g., 12 Great Examples That Prove the Power of Repurposing Content”.
    [Content, Newsletter] How to (Quickly) Get Content Marketing Strategy Executive Buy-In
    There’s a major difference between creating content and embracing a full content marketing strategy. Let’s say you’re the VP of marketing at a division of a major financial institution, and you recognize the power of content. You’ve already got many of the biggest pieces of a content strategy in place: you’re regularly publishing on your blog, you’ve got a few active social media accounts, and you send an email newsletter once a week.
    [Content, Newsletter] Learn to create effective content by putting it through the RITE test
    Here’s a proven method to consistently create effective content: Put it to the RITE test. If you create content that hits at least three out of these four angles, you’ll be spinning gold my friend. Can you create content about everything you’re interested in? Now, that’s not to say you can’t bring your hobbies and interests into your content. Publishing your content isn’t a creative writing contest. Why do you share a piece of content?
    [Content, Newsletter] The Dark Power of Medium
    By posting good content frequently, an author can easily get 20,000 views per month. Medium allows its readers to subscribe to content. The benefit of owning a publication is that subscribers can also be reached via email newsletter. Owned media, that is content within your own control such as a blog or your own newsletter, is undoubtedly a safer route to travel. Their consistently solid content has been the draw.
    [Content, Newsletter] Ask a Content Guy: How Do I Scale My Content Marketing Program?
    After all, scaling your content marketing program is on a lot of people’s minds right now. And there’s never a more optimistic time in content than when you’re planning your ideal budget. Unfortunately, figuring out how to scale your content efforts is a much more measured activity, especially when your VP of finance doesn’t see how a hoverboard and 17 GoPros will help the company sell more software. Content marketing is about a lot more than content.
    [Content, Newsletter] 4 Ways to Humanize Marketing to Fit Your Buyer’s Journey
    In this post , Jon Westenberg writes: Treating people like leads instead of humans just doesn’t work. For example, email newsletters. Still, they want relevant content. They don’t expect that every single newsletter personalized to their interests. That said, if enough of the content is irrelevant, they’ll unsubscribe. We need to stop treating our customers like objects and treat them like people. So how do you humanize marketing to fit your buyer’s journey?
    [Content, Newsletter] 51 Essential Email Marketing Tips to Help Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation tools also allow us to better serve our customers by sending meaningful, targeted content that really makes a difference in their lives. Use segments to organize your subscribers so you can send them more targeted, relevant content. Keep Email Content Useful. Your marketing emails are not just “newsletters,” they’re messages. If you want to share a large piece of content, add a link so your subscribers can read it online.
    [Content, Newsletter] The Weird & Wonderful Odyssey Behind the Writing of an Ambitious Book
    Note: I’m making the ENTIRE conversation I had with Jonathan available to newsletter subscribers 1 week from now. The post The Weird & Wonderful Odyssey Behind the Writing of an Ambitious Book appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content MarketingSubscribe at unthinkable.fm before October 30, 2016. TODAY: Jonathan Fields has written several books, hosts a top podcast, and speaks all over the world. By most measures, he’s “made it.”
    [Content, Newsletter] 3 Tips for Better Aligning B2B Content Marketing & SEO in 2017
    As every search marketer knows, content is critical in driving SEO efforts. Whether you’re looking to improve traffic, drive conversions, or acquire links, you need quality content in place to help get you there. As noted by Neil Patel , content marketing and SEO are like peanut butter and jelly. In an ideal world, your content and SEO strategy would align perfectly and you’d start seeing your content ranking for your target keywords overnight.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Produce a Great Webinar
    Grab those or write three down now if you haven’t done that already. Once you have the webinar posted, can you embed the video in other media, like your e-newsletter? You can also re-use that text content to make a blog series or even an eBook. It’s even worse when the pitch is up front – before you get to the content. Content Marketing produce a webinar webinar
    [Content, Newsletter] How to Fix a Broken Lead-Nurturing Strategy
    When you’re a content marketer who writes about content marketing, you start to see marketing analogies everywhere. Conventional wisdom tells us to put new subscribers in a drip campaign, send some product-focused content, wait for them to click on a pricing page, then have a salesperson cold call them as they’re about to eat lunch. Content marketing allows you to remain engaged with prospects across long buying cycles.
    [Content, Newsletter] The 7 Marketing Skills Every Professional Services Leader Should Have on their Recruiting Radar
    Even the simplest, most practical and straightforward marketing strategy can require several skills to pull it off — from writing to design to technical skills. Uncertainty over what to write about. While research can take many different forms, let’s look at two important types that are essential to the success of your strategy: Keyword research : Keyword research is critical to any content-based marketing program. Writing Skills.
    [Content, Newsletter] Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading
    Content is everywhere these days. For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content). Source : B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report. After all, how do you make sense of all “noise” with the constant deluge of new content? Why should I read it: If there’s one thing Marketo does really well, it’s content.
    [Content, Newsletter] Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading
    Content is everywhere these days. For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content). Source : B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report. After all, how do you make sense of all “noise” with the constant deluge of new content? Why should I read it: If there’s one thing Marketo does really well, it’s content.
    [Content, Newsletter] Content On Steroids - Maximize the Value of Your B2B Content (Without Actually Writing More Content)
    With around 27 million pieces of content being published online each day, there is no doubt that pushing your content to your target audience has become an uphill task. One has to devise creative ways of making their content stand out so it can give them positive ROI. If you want your old content to continue giving you returns on investment, here are some of the ideas you can use to exploit its potential. Repurpose your old content. Keep promoting your content.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2016
    [Content, Newsletter] Need Content for Your Emails? Repurposing to the Rescue
    In fact, this is less of a problem than it appears to be, especially if you consider repurposing old content. The first thing to remember is you don’t need much content to have a nice email messag e. And one piece of content is fine, too. Some conversation rate experts prefer this limited content. Let’s repurpose old content that’s got a lot of life left in it. Promote some recently published content that didn’t get enough attention. Curate some content.
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