Three Advanced SEO Keyword Tactics


Some past content contributors may have approached SEO differently than you do today—or may not have considered it at all. Once you’ve taken care of those tasks, here are three more tactics you can use with target keywords to improve ranking and increase organic search traffic. (Or,

The Most Effective Guide to Keyword Research

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Keyword research! Keyword research is the foundation for your overall content strategy. In fact, lazy keyword stuffing will have a negative impact on your results. Good keyword research is rooted in buyer intent. What is keyword research and why is it important?


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The Content Marketer’s Guide to Keyword Targeting in 2022


If you've been involved in content marketing over the past decade, you understand the importance of researching and incorporating keywords into your website content. So, what’s new in 2022 related to the importance of keywords that your content team should know?

Contextual keyword library


Choozle’s Contextual Keyword Library makes the process of showing your ads on keyword-specific websites more flexible and more accessible than ever. Megan Dyer, Strategist: Thanks so much for joining our webinar today on our brand new platform feature, contextual keyword targeting.

The importance of accurate keyword difficulty scores


30-second summary: Keyword difficulty (KD) scores help digital marketers understand potential search engine performance. KD scores are useful in building SEO strategies, filtering out ineffective keywords. Low competition keywords give an advantage in attracting traffic.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner for Content Creation

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get keyword ideas for your content or your PPC campaigns without having to spend money on an expensive keyword tool? Get average monthly searches for keywords that interest you. See what keywords are related to particular pages online.

The Only 5 Keyword Research Tools You’ll Ever Need

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One of the most fundamental parts of effective content marketing is solid keyword research. Keyword research allows you to bring the voice of your customer into your content marketing strategy. All digital marketing starts and ends with keyword research.

Keyword Knowledge Graphs: Using AI to Create Outside-In Taxonomies


For our first one, Mike talked with James Mathewson, the program director of content marketing platforms at IBM. James writes frequently about keyword ontology–the powerful tool for understanding keywords you should be building content around to attract prospects, engage with them, and convert them into loyal clients. Your audience doesn’t always arrive at content that sells your product through a search. The answer is keyword ontology.

What Are Branded Keywords And Why They Are So Important for Content Marketing?


A Content Marketing strategy seeks consistent results and leads that are aligned with the business differentials, right? Therefore, the correct choice of branded keywords will make all the difference in more advanced stages of your sales funnel. What are branded keywords?

How Keyword Cannibalization is Killing Your SEO


To rank their content higher in search results, most digital marketing teams rely on keyword. The post How Keyword Cannibalization is Killing Your SEO appeared first on Spiralytics Inc. Search Engine Optimisation content marketing keywords SEO SEO tips

How to Do a Keyword Research for Your SEO Strategy


SEO is the key to the success of your Content Marketing strategy. If you want your content to be seen and found on the internet, you have to apply SEO techniques. One of the most crucial SEO tasks is keyword research. How to do keyword research? What is keyword research?

Keyword Research Tools: The Complete List


A look at 31 different tools you can use to find profitable keywords and formulate a winning SEO content strategy. Keyword Research SEO tools

Why keyword frequency matters in every content?

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Why keyword frequency matters in every content? Are looking forward to publishing your content online but just basic knowledge? You must know keyword but on what basis should it be used? We have made a note to Why keyword frequency matters in every content?

The Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for SEO


Ready to get serious about keyword research? Check out our in-depth guide to keyword research and get the insight you need to start planning irresistible content today. Keyword Research

Keyword Stuffing: The RIGHT Way to Keyword Stuff for SEO

99%+ of website shouldn’t even take stock in the idea that keyword stuffing will ever affect them. Because we have tested thousands of sites and found that even sites with a keyword density of up to 12% can still rank VERY well in SERPs. What Qualifies as Keyword Stuffing.

How To Adjust Your Keyword Research Strategy For The Google Helpful Content Update


Learn how to find keywords your website can easily rank for on Google due to specific problems and weaknesses in search results. Keyword Research webinar

How To Choose the Right Long-Tail Keywords


Long-tail keywords are a great way to reach a more targeted audience for less money & effort. Learn how they work & how to choose the right to create the best SEO content strategy. Keyword Research

3 Keyword Research Trends to Get Your Content Seen

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Keyword research is different from what it was even a couple of years ago. Search engines are becoming smarter and keyword research tools are getting more advanced. Here are three SEO trends reshaping the keyword research concept.

How to Choose Keywords That Rank #1 on Google


Are you interested in connecting your content with people who can benefit from your information? Choosing the right keywords that help you rank higher on Google’s search results is an excellent way to accomplish both goals. How Do You Choose Keywords for Google? Keyword Surfer.

7 Free Keyword Research Tools for Content Marketers

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Can we finally take it easy on keywords? Analyzing keywords offers ideas for content that’s relevant to searchers and shows gaps your content could fill. Not really.

Why Keyword Cannibalization Isn’t What You Think It Is


The one-page one-keyword approach is fundamentally wrong. Content AnalysisYou actually need many pages to thoroughly cover a topic.

The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


Despite some misleading chatter to the contrary, SEO is not dead , and keywords still matter. And of course, keyword stuffing, as an SEO tactic, is long dead. But keywords (more precisely, keyword phrases) still matter in the sense they reveal searcher intent. A nursery that understands the importance of content marketing and SEO may very well want to optimize content on its site for both types of queries—but they will be different pieces of content.

Keywords and Content – How They’re Frequently Misused #firesidecontent


The post Keywords and Content – How They’re Frequently Misused #firesidecontent appeared first on MarketMuse. Keyword ResearchThe first #firesidecontent Twitter chat with Nick Eubanks and Jeff Coyle.

Think Outside the Search Box for SEO Keyword Opportunities

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Don’t play the SEO game for popular keywords when your site is a little-known player. Instead, use these five tips to play a winning SERP game. Continue reading → Company News

Easily Detect Keyword Cannibalization and Learn How to Avoid It

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Keyword cannibalization happens when you cannibalize your own visibility by having multiple pages on your website targeting the same keyword. What Is Keyword Cannibalization? . Thus, the competing pages within your site are fighting for the same keyword.

Keyword Stemming: Optimizing Your Site For Proper Keyword Variations

Keyword stemming is a sub-strategy of keyword research. Keyword research remains one of the most fundamental SEO practices. But, what is keyword stemming? How does it relate to keyword research? A Guide To Keyword Stemming. What Is Keyword Stemming?

Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

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If you aren’t sold on the importance of branded keywords, check out a study that Tom Capper did on Moz’s blog about links (a huge factor in domain authority) versus brand awareness: Capper states: “Here’s the main story: branded search volume is better correlated with rankings than Domain Authority is.”. So if you want better rankings and higher conversions, owning your branded keywords and/or generating searches for your brand is crucial. Traditional SEO Keywords.

SEO For News: Complete Top Stories Keyword Research Guide via @sejournal, @dansmull

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This guide to news SEO will equip you with a quick keyword research framework to win in Google's top stories. The post SEO For News: Complete Top Stories Keyword Research Guide appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Content Strategy SEO

Why don’t more marketers use keyword research?


The main point of the talk was about building brands using the methods Mike and I promote in our book: Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide Your Content Marketing. When they inevitably find your content, condition the conversation towards your brand. Over the course of the podcast, David wondered out loud why more marketers don’t consult keyword data when writing and editing content. The system would be all less complicated without the keywords.

B2B SEO:  Topic Clusters, Not Keywords

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Once upon a time, B2B marketers would carefully select a list of individual keywords to target and write content on that would increase their chances of ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). For the next post, they’d choose a different keyword.

10 secrets to research the best SEO keywords


Researching the best SEO keywords is an essential part of your online strategy, that is, if you want to be seen. Before slapping content up on a website, be sure you’ve done your keyword research. As a content marketer, you easily find that search engine optimization (SEO) can kill your online sales and prospects if not executed properly. In order to determine the best SEO keywords for your online strategy, take a more in-depth look at what makes effective keywords.

Do Keywords Still Matter? What B2B Marketers Need to Know in 2020

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Nevertheless, it’s important for us all to start breaking the keyword-centric worldview now. It’s a sign of things to come: a world where keywords matter less than they once did. Keywords still matter – a lot actually – but not in the way most marketers use them.

Building A Keyword Strategy For Comparison Content via @sejournal, @TaylorDanRW

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Learn how to find the best keywords for comparison content with this step-by-step process designed to improve your organic product marketing strategy. The post Building A Keyword Strategy For Comparison Content appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Five Expert Guides to SEO Keyword Research


Though Google’s move to keyword (not provided) has changed analytics and eliminating the Keyword Planner tool has impacted SEO practices, keywords still matter. Indeed, as the volume of online verbiage explodes— 91% of b2b marketers have embraced content marketing ; the web now contains at least 1.65 Fortunately, tools and methods for keyword discovery and analysis have advanced as well. How can you use keyword research results more strategically?

Keyword-optimized-for-SEO domain names need either full commitment or registered and fully ignored


The moment a CMO truly discovers search they go on a domain name buying spree with the desire to buy every domain name available with the keywords they associate with their products and services. What Works with Domain Name Keyword SEO. You should do it with all those keyword-rich domains that your CMO–or you–have greedily registered for that small recurring annual fortune. The domain name has relevant keywords that are consistent with the content of this page!

Domain 126

Select the Right Keywords for SEO Success


An entire SEO campaign is based on the keywords that are chosen since they should be incorporated into every piece of content that is published as part of an online marketing campaign. Incorporating keywords naturally into the actual website content in order to improve rankings is really only one small part of the overall strategy. Keywords are the foundation of an SEO and online marketing campaign and they need to be relevant and attainable.

How to Do Effective YouTube Keyword Research


Whether you’re looking to improve your YouTube engagement or get started, keyword research is vital. Starting with high-engagement keywords will ensure your channel is set up for success. Why Bother with YouTube Keyword Research? Check Out Which Keywords Your Competitors Use.

13 Best Keyword Research Tools to Boost Your Organic Traffic


In this guide, we’re sharing our picks for the best keyword research tools to help you boost your traffic. One of the best ways to solve that problem and boost your traffic is with keyword research tools. Keywords are important for increasing organic traffic because searchers only find content if Google thinks it’s relevant to what they’re searching for. Google uses keywords as an important SEO ranking factor. SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Long-Tail Keywords: A Comprehensive Guide


Long-tail keywords account for over 90% of search queries. The good news is that identifying, targeting and ranking for long-tail keywords is a straightforward and cost-effective process. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? High-volume keywords comprise what is called the “head.”

How to Go From Keywords to Content (Webinar Highlights)


Listen in as Jeff Coyle and Nick Eubanks talk about common mistakes and misconceptions about keyword research. The post How to Go From Keywords to Content (Webinar Highlights) appeared first on MarketMuse.