Customer Intelligence: The Hidden Power of Interactive Content

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Interactive Content to Improve Customer Intelligence Interactive content can help overcome the engagement challenge – using value-added dynamic content to capture more intelligence from your prospects.

9 Types of Interactive Content for Innovative Lead Gen


The trouble is, it’s hard to create content that’s so enticing, so compelling, that it convinces your audience to share their information to get it. Even when we do create a great white paper, case study, or research report, it can be hard to make it stand out in a sea of similar content.

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The 24 Best Interactive Websites of 2015


Everyone’s been raving about the popularity of web video this year, but a less talked-about form of visual contentinteractive websites—can be way more engaging. Use interactivity to create a distinct experience for each viewer. Visual Content

The State of Interactive Content


If you read the Vidyard blog you’ve probably heard of interactive content. To understand where interactive content came from, you have to understand where content marketing came from. However, we are currently approaching content critical mass dangerously fast.

How to Use Interactive Quizzes to Make Your Sales Team Smarter


We like our pretty interactive content , don’t we? We know why we truly, madly, deeply love our interactive content (and it’s got nothing to do with ourselves – and everything to do with our customers). Interactive Quizzes Deliver the Goods.

Interactive Content Marketing 101

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“We live in an age where we are all being bombarded with more content than we can possibly consume. As a result, if you want your content to stand out and have an impact, you have got to find ways to make it as engaging and interactive as possible. What is Interactive Content?

45 Engaging Examples of Interactive Storytelling in Content Marketing


As inbound marketers, content plays an important role in attracting attention to our company and building trust with our prospects. Our content can come in many different formats, and the format we choose can speak volumes about the research and ideas within. Content Marketing Daily

Your Next Practice: Interactive Value-focused Content

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As B2B buyers leverage more content to help make better purchase decisions, buyer sentiment is clear: All content is not created equal. They don’t need more content. The ROI of Interactive Value-Focused Content?

Interactive + Content + Partner = Great Marketing Example

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We realize the importance of tapping into our own ecosystem, and often team up with our AppCloud partners on events, sponsorships, webinars, co-branded content, and much more. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s a special treat for you at the end of the interactive tool below.

Interactive Content Is Saving Financial Services Marketing

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After years of casually signing up for a newsletter here, an email list there, I’ve gotten to the point where I just become exhausted from reading marketing content. Some interactive content to engage my brain, a video that asks me to sit still for a couple minutes, anything.

Why Your Content Plan Must Include Interactive Content

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Author: Julie Wingerter From Demand Gen Report to Marketing Profs to Content Marketing Institute, leaders in the content marketing field are touting the benefits of incorporating interactive contentcontent that encourages prospects to engage and respond—into the modern marketing mix.

Announcing Vidyard’s New Interactive Video Player


Last week I snuck into our R&D lab on the second floor of our awesome new office and saw a few TOP SECRET things that I probably shouldn’t have, one of which was something labeled “ New Vidyard Interactive Player ”. The New Interactive Player: The Evolution of Engagement.

For 2017: Less is More with Interactive Value-Focused Content

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Examine a typical content strategy and it’s all too often about producing more and more content. You would think that marketers are being “paid by the pound” for their content. They don’t need more content.

5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Content

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Since then, I’ve consumed more B2B content than I’ve read articles about my favorite sports teams or TV shows. As Mark Schaefer rightfully notes, we live in an age of content shock. So how can you, your company, and your content marketing stand apart? Content Marketing

From Awareness to Advocacy: Interactive Content for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

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The post From Awareness to Advocacy: Interactive Content for the Entire Customer Lifecycle appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content MarketingAsk 10 different marketers what the customer lifecycle looks like and you’ll likely get 10 different answers.

Video Interactivity and Personalization for Effective Content Engagement

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In our last post on creating digital 1:1 conversations with video, I explained how combining video with marketing automation and interactivity helps you define the individual person at the other end of the conversation – both who that person is and what that person needs. Interactivity.

Brain Games: Discover the Psychology Behind Interactive Content

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Ever wondered what makes interactive content so effective? The best place to look for an explanation is by studying the psychology behind interactive content – why it works, how it […]. Content Marketing

10 Ways to Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

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Author: Katherine McAdoo As an interactive content designer, I like to compare myself to a baker. I am frequently handed pieces of static content in different stages of completion and asked to throw in something special to make it an interactive content experience.

10 Amazing Interactive Videos


Marketers continue to rank video as one of the most effective content types. Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming video content by 2019. Demand Metric reports that video now converts better than other content types. Content loading

Interactive Content for Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Selling (ABS)

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Unfortunately, sales and marketers are leveraging the same old one-size-fits-all traditional white papers / content in reach-out / nurturing campaigns, and stale company / product-centric pitches to power sales conversations. Why Interactive Content is the best Engagement Fuel?

Interactive video for sales just got a big boost from Apple


A type of video experience that is not like watching TV—and is new to most smart phone users— is “interactive” video. With interactive video, the viewer can take charge of the experience by clicking objects on the screen. Interactive video used to be hard.

Interactive Content: The Next Frontier for SEO


The role that content marketing plays in SEO has become more and more evident within the last five years. In order to be truly successful in SEO, you need a content marketing strategy in place. . But, not just any run-of-the-mill content marketing strategy will work. .

The Winner? Interactive Content Ignites Demand and Fuels Engagement

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Although 67% of your prospects rely on content to conduct research and guide purchasing decisions, 74% indicate they have less time to view content now than they did a year ago (DemandGen Report). Interactive Content delivers results like this when it focuses on value (vs.

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Improve Your Content: From Passive to Interactive

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Marketers are investing a substantial portion of their budget on content, consuming 28% of the average marketing budget, with 55% planning to increase this spending over the next year ( CMI / MarketingProfs). So, how can you improve your content mix to market better, stand out and sell more?

Using Interactive Content to Capture Attention Early in the Buyer’s Journey

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The post Using Interactive Content to Capture Attention Early in the Buyer’s Journey appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content MarketingIf you’ve been in marketing for more than a hot second, you’ve no doubt heard of the Buyer’s Journey.

How the New York Times Uses Interactive Content


It was an interactive assessment. . In 11 days, this piece of interactive content got more clicks than any other piece the publication put out all year long. . It certainly speaks to the engagement power of interactive content. Dialect Interactive Quiz. .

4 Simple Rules for Creating Interactive Content


Interactive content is an incredibly powerful tool for content marketing. Its visual, interactive form reaps high engagement rates and offers the two-way conversations audiences crave. Content loading. Content loading

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3 Interactive Content Hacks to Increase Webinar Attendance Every Time

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Interactive content gives you the incentives you need to convince your buyers to dial in at the appointed time and soak up all your brilliant content. Running a pre-webinar survey is one of the best ways to ensure your content hits the mark.

42 Experts Explain How to Get Better Qualified Leads with Interactive Content


In a world where attention spans are getting shorter, and users are being bombarded with more static content and opt-in forms, it’s becoming harder for marketing teams to cut through the noise. Interactive content. However, the content types listed above were most popular. .

John Legend Coming to Interact 2014

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About Interact 2014: Customers, regardless of industry, want orchestrated experiences across email, mobile, social, display, and the web. Will we see you at Interact in San Francisco? Content Marketing

Interactive Storytelling 101: User Experience & Information Architecture

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The fundamentals of long-form expository content have remained the same for decades, and they’re not likely to change anytime soon. Interactive storytelling, however, involves a whole new set of best practices. Applying UX Principles to Interactive Storytelling.

Four Ways to Beat Out the Competition With Interactive Content

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Only about 30 percent of content marketers feel like they’re getting it right, but that hasn’t stopped brands from churning out content at a rate that would have been unfathomable just ten years ago. Content Marketing

Interactive Content Is a Strategy, Not a Campaign


Interactive content is buzzing around more and more in marketing departments and B2B marketers are eager to learn more about this topic and begin to see if it makes sense for them. . The problem with these statements is that interactive content isn’t just a single piece content. .

7 Easy-to-Use Interactive Content Tools You Should Explore


To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Aware that the one-sided approach is less than desirable, why do marketers continue to pump out the content equivalent to this all-too-familiar bad date? 7 Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating More Interactive Content.

Fast Forward: Video Content Goes Interactive and Personal

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And for good reason: 74% of B2B marketers now say video content produces conversions better than other forms of content. On-demand video content primarily has been used for a one-way dialog with online audiences (much like other forms of content).

21 Interactive Marketing Examples to Inspire 2017


Is interactive content part of your 2017 marketing plans? We sure hope so, since 93% of marketers feel that interactive content is effective in educating buyers, and 88% feel it differentiated their businesses from competitors’. SnapApp – Content Land.

5 Ways To Create Interactive Content and Maximize Your Marketing Budget

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Author: Anna Talerico It’s no secret that content marketers are churning out more whitepapers, ebooks, and online content than ever before, devoting huge portions of their budgets and resources to circulating as much information about their brands as possible. Interactive Infographic.

Using Interactive Content to Build a Scalable Account Based Marketing Program


Instead, let’s focus on ways to dramatically improve your outcomes using interactive content. By better engaging , converting , and gathering information from your prospects, interactive content creates the foundation for your account nurturing. Content loading

Create. Captivate. Engage. The Art of Interactive Experiences


Businesses are ditching old school marketing and lead-generation strategies for experiential, interactive techniques. Customers have welcomed this change in methods as they are clearly not impressed by the bombardment of directionless, valueless content. Graphic Interactivity.

Chalk Talks: Driving Demand with Interactive Video


My name is Tyler Lessard, and in this Chalk Talk, we’ll explore how you can use interactive video capabilities to generate more leads, create more pipeline, and produce more sales-ready opportunities for your sales team. 3 Types of Interactive Video.