10 Ways to Kickstart Your Inbound Marketing Program

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You are creating great content and your website delivers a great experience with a strong conversion rate. Not only do you still need to create content to capture leads, nurture prospects and support sales, you need to create sharable and discoverable content also and then patiently wait before you see the return on this new investment. In contrast, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg indicate a listing is sponsored, but otherwise include it in the interface like other content.

Content Marketing in a Blink: The Content Grid v2 [Infographic]

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by Joe Chernov | Tweet this Last June, Eloqua published the first infographic on the then-nascent content marketing industry. We called it The Content Grid. Today, fewer people ask, “How can I get started in content marketing?&# Enjoy The Content Grid v2.

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The Nine Best Reputation Management, RSS, and Social Search Tools


But this proliferation of (often unfiltered and unvetted) content presents significant risks for brands as well. Organize content into collections, search within your feeds, and share selected posts to major social networks. 2) Digg. 5: The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools. #6:

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8 Steps To A More Effective B2B Content Marketing Program

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You are executing a content marketing initiative as part of your broader B2B marketing program in 2015. If you are a regular reader of this blog, SEO performance is likely part of the reason content marketing has become a priority as well. Swayy for personalized content discovery.

Content Rules: Secrets of Writing Compelling Content

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Marketing nowadays requires writing and publishing great content in multiple ways. That’s why there’s a tsunami of information online about content marketing. And the biggest challenge we have is publishing enough engaging content. Digg this!

Content Curation: How to Become a Thought Leader

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Here’s an important post from Joe Pulizzi’s Junta42 blog, Content Curation Grows Up, Original Content Still Key. I first heard the term content curation is this post by Rohit Bhargava back in 2009. To find the best and most relevant content and bring it forward.

Why Content Marketing with Video Is Key

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Content marketing using video is a key marketing tactic if you want to get found online, get known, and get clients. A Super Bonus: How to add duplicate video content to your channel without it being rejected (a tip YouTube doesn’t want you to know about!). Digg this! Related posts: Content Marketing with Videos: Free Webinar. Video Content Marketing: Learn how to create video.

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Content Marketing with Stories: Better than Facts

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So if you’re a professional with a blog, or writing content for your web pages or e-newsletter, what kinds of stories should you be writing? Your online content should be no different. Digg this! Related posts: Content Marketing Favorites: Telling Stories.

Content Marketing with Videos: Free Webinar

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Search engines are focusing on online video to deliver the content their customers are looking for and have even changed their search parameters to push video to the top of the search results. Digg this! Related posts: Content Marketing for Professionals: Time-Saving Tips Webinar.

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Content Marketing Videos: Speak to Problems First

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Content marketing with videos is a key marketing tool, and it’s getting easier to do. This is key for content marketing. I don’t really, but for content marketing to work you need as much content as you can, in all forms. Digg this!

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Get Over That Fear of Commitment—Your Content Marketing Program Depends on It

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Are you fully committed to your content marketing program? If so, you’re in the minority: according to the Content Marketing Institute, only 20 percent of marketers feel the same way. The idea of consistently using content is still novel. Content Strategy Marketing

Content Marketing: Connect the Dots and Drive Results

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How do you master the art of writing content for the Web so that you provide quality information on your web pages, blog, and newsletters that works to convert readers to clients? And then publish a lot of content in many different forms. Digg this!

Content Marketing Tips: Find Your Online Voice

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How do you get content marketing results? This and other key tips will be discussed Wednesday April 20, 2011 on an open webinar I’m giving: Time-Saving Tips for Content Marketing Results. “Before you can truly understand your customers, you have to understand yourself,&# says author and content-marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi. I think this is one of the hardest things for busy professionals to communicate in writing content for the Web. Digg this!

6 Writing Tips for SEO Friendly Content Marketing

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Do you know how to write SEO-friendly content your readers will love? This week’s guest post by Christian Arno of Lingo24 shares 6 writing tips for writing online content that works for both readers and search engines. It not only analyzes your blog writing for keywords and SEO-friendly content, but makes suggestions on how to maximize keyword usage. Lists (much like this one) are great for both SEO and content purposes. Digg this!

Content Rules: Insight and Originality Attracts Clients

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Content marketing works: you can publish online content – blog posts, videos, webinars and web pages – that attracts clients to you. Using content marketing , you don’t have to chase after them, spend money on advertising, direct mail, or printed newsletters. Or as the authors of Content Rules say, “Produce great stuff, and your customers will come to you. More than ever before, content is king! Content rules!&# ~ Ann Handley and C.C.

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Neuromarketing and How Content Marketing Works

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Besides sharing what neuromarketing is teaching us about the brain and marketing, there are tips here for most web-based content publications. Digg this! Emotional Attention + Memory = Content Marketing. Neuromarketing: This is your brain on advertising… Content Marketing that Speaks to the Old Brain. 7 Ways to Market to the Subconscious Brain: The Homer Simpson Guide to Content Marketing. What are 3 ways to frustrated your reader’s brains?

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Are Your Content Readers Thinkers or Feelers?

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If so, then you may be like me, a thought-processing person who wants facts and data when reading content online, an e-newsletter or blog post. You can appeal to their emotions, their sense of caring, and write content that is well-rounded and appeals to both the feelers and the thinkers.

7 Quick Ways to Curate Industry Content for Your Blog


But for marketers to pull back, assess current industry events, and provide a unique, helpful, practical take, it requires a certain amount of content curation. With that goal in mind, here are several quick ways to curate content for your industry blog. Digg: Search URL to add content.

4 Content Marketing Goals for a Coach Website

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How should content marketing be used on the home page of your website? No matter what business you’re in, your content must achieve 4 things. Here are 4 goals of your online content: Connect immediately (by speaking to your readers’ challenges or problems). Digg this!

Content Marketing Tip: Use Ready-to-Publish Articles

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Content marketing is easier when you can outsource some of the writing and researching to qualified writers. A great way to short-cut the time needed to research, write and publish quality online content is to find a good writer to supply articles. Digg this!

Engaging Content: 7 Tips to Get Readers to Think

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When it comes to content marketing , there are ways to write content so it actively markets you and your business without being “in-your-face” sales copy or boring product reviews or press releases. Digg this! Related posts: 3 Easy Tips to Target Readers with Your Content.

Content Marketing for Professionals: Time-Saving Tips Webinar

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Time Saving Tips Webinar" alt=" Content Marketing for Professionals: Time Saving Tips Webinar" />. Are you getting results from your content marketing? I’ve been working with some really great clients who understand good content marketing. Digg this!

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Best Content Marketing Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010


How many times have you heard the expression “content is king?&# Great content accomplishes at least two of the following objectives: • It helps get you “found&# online. • Great content fills a need for both the consumer and the producer. Digg this!

Content Marketing Tips: Get Your Stories Straight

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Good content marketing requires good storytelling. I’m interested in the stories we tell ourselves, and how that affects the online content we write for our businesses. My point is that if you’re going to learn to be a master content writer , you’ve got to learn how to tell stories that engage your readers and inspire action. Digg this! Related posts: Content Marketing with Stories: Better than Facts.

7 Ways to Market to the Subconscious Brain: The Homer Simpson Guide to Content Marketing

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The Homer Simpson Guide to Content Marketing" alt=" 7 Ways to Market to the Subconscious Brain: The Homer Simpson Guide to Content Marketing" />. The Take-Aways for Content Marketers : Address what’s-in-it-for-readers up front. Digg this!

High Quality Content Sites Is What Google Wants

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There’s been an important update to the way Google runs their search algorithms , designed to weed out the number of junk content farms. For professionals who use online content to market their services, you need to keep an eye on your analytics , and continue to follow good advice for content marketing. Be diligent about networking with like-minded content producers and work to get links – quality links, including those with keyword-rich anchor text. Digg this!

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Images are now mandatory in social media content


Now, illustrating your content is not just preferable, it’s mandatory. If your goal is to be shared or read and you’re participating in social media in order to further your personal or corporate brand, then blog, tweet, Facebook, Tumbl, and Posterous without illustrating that content with a photo, chart, illustration, pull-quote, logo, portrait, or infographic at your own peril.

What’s Missing in Content Marketing: Who and Why

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Storytelling and personalization is the biggest missing piece in content marketing as I see it. If you’re not writing real stories, your content – on your blog, in your newsletter, on your web pages – runs the risk of being boring. In the Content Marketing Webinar last week, I talked about communicating your back-story … the background about the why and who of your business. Digg this! Engaging Content: Start with Why.

A Tale of Two Websites: Good/Bad Content

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And how do you do that through your online content ? As I was reviewing two clients’ online content marketing this week, I was struck by how few professionals have well-written content that engages readers. Digg this! 4 Content Marketing Goals for a Coach Website.

Content Marketing Tips from Computer Games

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What can we learn from online computer games about content marketing for business? If you write content designed to trigger action in readers, pay attention to this. Digg this! Related posts: Content Marketing Tips: Seth Godin on Tim Burton.

Content Marketing with Stories: Why We Tell Lies…

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Telling stories is a fundamental part of good content marketing. Why doesn’t every piece of online content we write use narrative to give a specific example of real people using our products and services or whatever it is we want to influence? It inspires other independent professionals to ramp up their content marketing and in particular their blogging. It will greatly affect the kinds of stories you tell to your clients and prospects in your content marketing.

Content Marketing with Emotions: Write with Feeling

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Content marketing that doesn’t resonate emotionally can’t do a good job of building relationships, inspiring trust, and moving people into taking action. My background in psychology has been essential in learning how to write effective content for a business blog. Digg this!

Content Marketing from the Inside Out

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In your opinion, what’s the single biggest factor that builds credibility and trust in content marketing ? Online marketing today includes plenty of content in all forms, all of which communicate personality through stories: Web pages. Obviously, if you’re an independent professional such as a doctor, psychologist, any kind of health professional seeking clients, you’ve got to have your own personality in your content marketing to stand out from all the others.

4 Keys To Content Marketing Completion

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Content may be king, but content doesn’t rule without a court. Great content still needs its counterparts in context, a powerful distribution plan to put concepts into action and connection with the people. Having seen first-hand the importance of achieving an inter-relationship between content, context, distribution and connection, I’ve outlined four key points below to help you complete your content marketing strategy. Marry Content To Context.

Connect Your Blog to Facebook Automatically

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Digg this! Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing? Content Marketing Results: 18 Ways to NOT Get Blog Traffic. Are your blog posts fed automatically into Facebook?

Content Marketing Matters: What’s Your Brand Personality?

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What are two key elements to creating content that get results? I stumbled across an interesting quote on a site that gets to the heart of content marketing matters: “Evolution tends to favor action over thinking. Digg this! 10 Ways to Make Content More Engaging.

Writing Web Content: 5 Simple Steps for Results

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This week I wrote about how one of my clients hadn’t realized all the benefits of selling her original art-work cards online: A Simple Blueprint for Writing Web Content that Gets Results. Example: Imagine I’m writing copy designed to promote my ebook, Content Marketing with Blogs. Take just one benefit from reading this ebook as an example… Feature: This report teaches you how to write great blog content. Digg this!

Are You Crushing Your Customers with Content?

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That’s because proactive companies are constantly developing customer content that addresses customer challenges. But if your teams aren’t in constant communication, you can end up crushing your customers with redundant content. The same is true with customer content.

17 Realistic Ways to Get More Website Traffic


So it’s not too surprising that web traffic usually comes in at the top of the list for content marketing goals. It’s not uncommon to invest months of work in content marketing before you see any significant traffic. See our ebook, How to Make Any Content SEO-Friendly for more details.

Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel AND Buyer types

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You often hear about the concept of mapping content to the sales funnel (especially in B2B Marketing) but it’s not so common in practice. The other version of this is the mapping of content to your buyer types and this too is one I have ignored for a while … until now! Digg this!