7 Steps to Effective Brand Storytelling

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Storytelling is a human pastime, something we’ve been doing for thousands of years. Those same foundational elements of a moving story apply to content marketing. With brand storytelling, you can create an emotional connection with your audience. Content Marketing

Is Content Marketing Right for My Industry?

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Every year, I have tons of prospects who ask me, “Is content marketing right for my industry?”. Either they think they don’t need content marketing because everyone knows they’re there – or they don’t quite know how to explain what they do and why people need their product.


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Why Does Most B2B Content Marketing Suck?

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Let’s get real about B2B content marketing. The truth is, your content doesn’t have to boring or stuffy. In this post, we’ll review why B2B content marketing sucks and how to improve it so that it delivers a true ROI (return on investment). Content Marketing

Publish Or Perish – The Future Of Storytelling [Video]

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If you don’t get that we need to start publishing, things are going to get ugly for us. Earlier this I had the pleasure to kick off the 2015 NewsCred Content Marketing Summit with a presentation on the Future of Storytelling. I opened my talk with a video montage that took us back to the beginning of storytelling (watch the video below at 0:50 mark). The promise of content marketing is to earn your audience instead of buying it. Content Marketing

The Long-form Storytelling Originators: Journalism Examples for Content Marketing Inspiration


Previously on this blog, I’ve identified three brands that are excelling at long-form storytelling : Red Bull, Casper and American Express. Now, it’s time to identify the originators – the inspiration for this type of content. In fact, a lot of the long-form storytelling produced by the aforementioned brands are penned by hired journalists. “Snow Fall” was labeled ‘a new medium’ and ‘the future of web storytelling.’

3 Storytelling Techniques to Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

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Good storytelling is an art form. As a B2B content marketer, you may think that best practices for writing a fiction novel don’t exactly translate to your post about SaaS solutions. But, there are a few techniques we can apply to create content that engages our audience and leaves a lasting impression. So – let’s dig into how to refine your writing with classic storytelling techniques: 1.

How to Use Content Marketing for Customer Retention

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With content marketing. Fuel the momentum needed to retain your customers by offering your followers relevant and engaging content at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The Power of Customer Retention Marketing. 9 Customer Retention Strategies That Use Content Marketing.

Where Do Case Studies Fit into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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You can prove – through brand storytelling – that what you offer consumers works. Case studies are one of the most powerful forms of content to have in your marketing repertoire. You can incorporate case studies in content marketing in a myriad of ways.

How Exactly Does Content Marketing Help in Building Brand Awareness?

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Content marketing can be a highly effective way to build brand awareness. With every piece of branded content an individual sees, they become more familiar with your brand. Content can help to build your brand in several different ways. Source: Marketing Charts.

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Opinionated Content Marketing: Why You Should It?

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In today’s “cancel culture,” many businesses and other organizations are thinking it might be best to avoid opinionated content marketing. The hide in their vanilla content cave, their figurative tail tucked between their legs. We’re all about data-based storytelling.

Brand Storytelling Lessons from Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”

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It’s something that content marketers should keep front and center in their toolbox. It’s essential for compelling brand storytelling. Make your content conversational. Use the Element of Surprise to Make Your Content Sizzle. Let Empathy Guide Your Content Strategy.

Why Social Impact Storytelling Will Be 2021’s Hottest Content Trend


But one thing is clear: Gen Z and millennials are changing the way that brands tell their stories and position themselves in the market. Social impact storytelling needs to be a part of your content strategy in 2021. Storytelling CSR GE Reports Gen Z Millennials Patagonia

Think Like a Publisher: 5 Storytelling Rules for Marketers [DECK]


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Buyers are in control, and that’s a shift marketers have been challenged to roll with across all their initiatives. To fulfill the need for value-based communications and engagement, marketers are leveraging content marketing strategies to support their communities’ information needs and build a relationship as a trusted advisor. Here are 5 storytelling rules for the marketer.

Top Content Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Brands

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Content marketing is helping e-commerce brands like never before. In the past, you might have been able to get real ROI from lazily publishing 500-word articles on your blog week after week, but it’s not enough anymore. How Content Marketing is Changing.

10 Secrets To Help You Succeed In B2B Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a great way to do so: When you generate informative, useful, and interesting content for your audience, you can also directly or indirectly sell your products or services to them. Top Priorities & Unique Challenges for B2B Content Marketing.

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The 10 Best Examples of Thought Leadership Content Marketing

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As the volume of online content grows daily, it can be difficult to make sure your voice is heard over the noise. Thought leadership content marketing is one of the most effective ways of establishing your name and company as an authority in your industry. Content Marketing

Why Data Storytelling Is Essential for the Modern PR Strategy


” The truth about the marketing industry is that things are nuanced, and very rarely does a tenet apply 100% across the board for all brands in all industries. What I do hope to explain, though, is how we need to consider the different types of digital PR when crafting marketing strategies. Modern” digital PR was developed in order to start a more active, valuable and ongoing conversation between brands and the public , and to do that, you need compelling content.

How a Small Company with Little Budget Can Rank #1 Through Consistent Blog Publishing

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Consistent blog publishing is the heart of successful content marketing. With the right strategy in place, even companies with a limited marketing budget can produce high-value content that not only ranks #1 in search results but also converts visitors into leads.

4 Secrets of Great Storytellers

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You probably never hear anyone reply: “I studied content marketing as an undergraduate and earned a Ph.D. Great storytellers come from all sorts of places. Great storytellers come from all sorts of places, says @EditorStahl. storytelling Click To Tweet. Let’s take a look at the secrets to their storytelling success. Great storytellers collaborate. Great storytellers know who they want to enchant. Your Content Marketing Success Depends on It.

10 Best Content Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow


So, you’re a marketer. You work a lot every day to achieve the best results with Content Marketing. You can get some by following the best Content Marketing blogs on the internet. Content Marketing Institute. Contently strategist.

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12 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges in 2020

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Brands face multiple obstacles when organizing the content function. Great content takes a lot of hard work and time to create. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest challenges that are keeping marketers up at night. Determining Content Marketing ROI.

How to use long-form storytelling in your marketing strategy


The key to success in the world of Digital Marketing is offering qualified experiences to the consumer. By qualified, we refer to the authenticity, relevance, and customization of the content your brand publishes in different digital c hannels. What is long-form storytelling?

The 2019 Publishing Calendar


Through our work with over 400 of the world’s leading publishers (like The BBC, Red Bull, National Geographic, Forbes, and The New York Times), we’ve found that successful storytelling and distribution often comes down to proper planning. Fill out the form below to download the 2019 Publishing Calendar: * Did you know? Today, people aren’t coming to websites to search for content — stories find their audiences in feeds and apps. Content Marketing Publishers

Why You Need Long-form Storytelling to Become a Thought Leader


This is a preview/snippet from our piece: Without Long-form Storytelling, You Will Never be a Thought Leader. Thought leadership, within the context of content marketing, exists to change and influence perspective. The power of storytelling can be harnessed and applied to thought leadership content by incorporating narrative devices to: Articulate new paradigms and possibilities. How Storytelling Supercharges Content.

Healthcare Content Marketing: How to Do It Right (With Examples)

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Healthcare content marketers have a heavy burden. So, how can you do healthcare content marketing right? We’ve got some ideas and examples to help you strategize and optimize your content. Healthcare content marketing is complex because of the topics and buyers.

Don’t Publish a Press Release. Create a Product Story Instead


To this day, it’s arguably one of the best pieces of content marketing ever created. “88 SEMrush uses its own features to analyze its content on a regular basis. ” Marketers have this tendency to sugarcoat everything. Storytelling PR product story

How To Integrate Content Marketing With Email Marketing


Source : Vlada Karpovich Traditional marketing is far from your only option in the modern world. These days, if your company isn’t using content marketing as your main strategy, then you’re already behind the times. First Off, What is Content Marketing?

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The Tech Giant’s Guide to Effective Content Marketing

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Tech companies are in somewhat of a unique position in the world of marketing. These factors can make successful content marketing far from a simple task for many technology brands. So educational, non-sales focused content is a vital part of your overall marketing strategy.

Is Sales Experience an Advantage for Content Marketers?

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I’m a big advocate of collaboration when it comes to content marketing. When creatives partner with sales teams to create content, magic happens. That feedback can enable marketers to enrich content with the exact information people want to know.

Content Marketing Storytelling: Not Everything Has To Have A Marketing Lesson! Just Share Your Stories!


the Saleslion) that read: What do the solar eclipse and content marketing have in common? And that we should stop making marketing analogies for everything that’s happening in this world. He said: “This is the point where you expect me to tie this all together with some pithy observation about business and marketing. Tie them back to who we think our audiences are (most likely marketers). Whitepaper: 7 steps to optimize your content marketing.

How Healthcare Brands Can Publish Timely COVID Content That Audiences Need


” To gauge the immediate impact on content creation, we pulled the stories created by Contently clients across all industries and then tagged any that mentioned relevant terms like “pandemic,” “Covid,” and “quarantine.” Storytelling healthcare

How to Make the Case for Content Marketing in Uncertain Times


A number of people have reached out to me asking for advice on how to protect their budget and make the case for content. Like many other marketing leaders, I’ve mapped out potential budget cuts in case the economic fallout from COVID-19 is worse than expected.

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Content Marketing Examples: The Best Company Blogs from Lesser-known Brands

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But if you don’t put careful thought into the content of your company blog, it’s a waste of time and money. The creators behind the best company blogs take the time to understand the needs of their audience before crafting content to fit, as these content marketing examples show.

Struggling with Digital Stories? Follow These Storytelling Tips For Your Blog

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With the massive shift of marketing budgets to digital marketing, many brands are struggling with how to connect with today’s buyers demanding more authentic content, storytelling is becoming increasingly important. But many brands struggle with storytelling.

Content Marketing Analysis: How to Win The CRM SaaS Market

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It starts with defining product-market fit. Then we have to hire and scale sales and marketing pipeline to acquire new customers. Companies have embarked on a content-based B2B digital marketing strategy in order to find, win, and retain new clients. Create your content.

Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers

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I was recently interviewed by News 360 on Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers? This is a huge question on the minds of many marketing leaders and practitioners alike. So here are some excerpts of my views on why brands need to think and act like publishers. Why Content Marketing? The reason brands have begun to think and act like is publishers is reflected in the growing cost and increasing opt out rates for many types of marketing.

Data-Driven Storytelling – How and Why Publishers Use It


What is Data Storytelling (Dashboards, and Spreadsheets, and Graphs. If you have a habit of getting your news online or prefer to stay up to date professionally through digital outlets, you’ve likely noticed at least one piece recently that uses data storytelling.