6 online marketing strategies for small businesses


There is no denying: Digital Marketing completely changed how companies fight for the audience’s attention in the last years. Investing in online marketing for small businesses is democratic and brings a lot of benefits. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

17 Best Paid Media Tools for Marketers

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The power of paid media extends far beyond the scope of organic reach. With the right paid platforms, your brand gets the opportunity to be seen by a larger and broader audience who would otherwise be out of your reach. So what are the best paid media tools?


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B2B Digital Advertising Spend Growth Stays Steady in 2020 While Everything Else Changes

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B2B digital advertising spend may end up being the one thing that hasn’t changed much for marketers this year. Despite all the challenges of 2020, B2B digital advertising is doing great. This substantial increase in ad spend is good news for publishers and ad platforms.

B2B Content Marketing Metrics: Tracking What Matters

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One reason why content marketing continues to be so crucial to B2B success? When done well, content marketing allows prospects to guide their own journey by exploring topics and resources that matter to them. . What Is B2B Content Marketing?

Making Links a Priority within Online Marketing


If you’re marketing your business online, you must account for links. Not only are links enormously important, but link acquisition itself actually fits in quite naturally with other digital marketing strategies. Links of course have tremendous value in regards to search and SEO. Links have always signaled authority and trust online (long before Google even existed), serving as endorsements from one website to another. Content Marketing.

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Report: On-Site Content Marketing Yields Highest ROI for Online Marketers

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The 2017 “What Works in Online Marketing” report from AudienceBloom recently looked at ten different tactics online marketers are using, as well as the ROI they are presenting. According to the data, on-site content marketing (6.85), influencer marketing (6.77) and on-site SEO (6.77) showed the most value. Email marketing (6.60) and social media marketing (6.44) came in seventh and ninth place on the list, respectively.

The Secret Ingredient to Effective B2B Content Marketing Performance

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KoMarketing has been writing about the value of content marketing for years. In CMI/MarketingProf’s latest B2B Content Marketing Report , 89 percent of B2B marketers surveyed indicated that they are currently using content marketing tactics. Sixty-two percent believe that their current content marketing approach is more successful than one year ago. B2B Content Marketing & SEO. Content Marketing Distribution.

How to Utilize B2B Online Marketing to Promote New Solutions

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Oftentimes, B2B marketers need to focus on promoting what they already have to gain new customers and strengthen a loyal following. However, when the B2B organization is is rolling out new products or services, some of the most successful aspects of B2B marketing should be leveraged to aid in exposure and acquire new customers. Below are some of the channels and mechanisms B2B online marketers can promote a new product or service to target audiences. Content Marketing.

How B2B Marketers Can Connect Offline and Online Marketing

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As marketing strategies continue to progress, it’s becoming more important that B2B marketers connect their offline and online marketing programs. This statistic caught my attention – nearly 98 percent of CMOs claim that offline and online efforts are merging ( Gartner ). If the distinction between traditional and digital marketing efforts is fading, what does this mean for B2B marketers? Social Media Advertising. Online Publicity.

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How B2B Buyer Personas Influence Online Marketing Campaigns

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The most significant challenge B2B marketers face is in effectively communicating with target audiences and prospective buyers. Goals become more complicated to achieve as evolving marketing technology continues to promise an opportunity to target more specifically and create unique customer experiences buyers demand. In coordination with buyer journey mapping , personas help marketers conceptualize how target audiences may interact with an organization and associated solutions.

Top 30 Online Marketing Tools for 2021


Whether you’re a full-time internet marketing professional or a solopreneur, there are many online marketing tools that can dramatically improve your productivity and increase your ROI. This tool is truly an online marketer’s central hub. Google Search Console.

Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Online Campaigns

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As a content marketer, it’s very common to be pulled in many directions, having to wear multiple hats at once. While the ability to react to current trends and evolving buyer demands is just part of the job, reactionary behavior should not define your content strategy. If you don’t take a step back every now and then, you could spend weeks or months at a time creating content that’s simply meeting the demands of individual branches (sales, PR, social media, etc.)

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Paid Amplification Can Enhance Your Content Marketing Reach

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As content marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more content is competing for users’ attention, decreasing engagement. It’s not enough to publish content—even the highest-quality content—and hope that people will find it. The internet is becoming increasingly crowded with content, and users are getting more demanding and have shorter attention spans. Implement paid social media posts. searching for a job or planning a trip).

8 Essential Resources for Competitive Analysis in B2B Online Marketing

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Competitive analysis helps our teams understand a market, target audiences, and uncover various SEO and online marketing tactics being executed. We learn a lot by assessing a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in keyword strategy, site architecture, content marketing, link building and social media. I wrote a Search Engine Land column a while back that detailed how to tackle competitive analysis in a typical client engagement.

The Top 30 Online Marketing Tools for 2021


Whether you’re a full-time internet marketing professional or a solopreneur, there are many online marketing tools that can dramatically improve your productivity and increase your ROI. This tool is truly an online marketer’s central hub. Google Search Console.

20 Online Marketing Tools That Boost Campaign Results

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As online marketers, we are required to understand all corners of the internet and continually expand our knowledge of the industry. With this is mind, we recently hosted an internal team training event where each member of our team shared some of their favorite online marketing tools. Note: We have grouped the tools into different categories based on the best match, but many of these tools can be used across online marketing tactics. .

How to Get Started With Paid Performance Marketing

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In the past, we’ve written about affiliate marketing , as well as the various pitfalls and benefits that come along with it. As an affiliate marketer, you earn commissions by sending traffic to other companies’ promotions. What if you’re so confident in your marketing skills that you’re willing to front-load your own equity and assume more of the risk for the chance at a bigger return? That’s where performance marketing comes in. What Is Paid Performance Marketing?

How to plan the digital engagement of your content marketing strategy

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Having well designed content isn’t good enough. You need to have an excellent digital content distribution strategy and your marketing agency has the experts who can help. A generation ago, digital was a rounding error in marketing budgets, with success measured in hundreds of pageviews rather than millions of customers. But just as design isn’t art and content isn’t literature, digital isn’t mass advertising. Share your content marketing findings early.

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Top 10 Advantages of Online Marketing for Professional Services

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Online marketing is growing in popularity – and importance. As we explored in our recent book, Online Marketing for Professional Services , changes in the demographics of the professional services marketplace are leading to the adoption of new strategies for building reputations, networking, and generating leads. More and more of professional life is moving online – and the professional services world is no exception. Defining Online Marketing.

How to Use Data in B2B Content Marketing

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Data and content: often these two seem to butt heads, mostly because at their core, they are very different. Data without content makes the data not actionable and storytelling in content marketing without data makes it directionless. Data, while not necessarily creative, is a crucial part in how your B2B marketing creates the content and stories that it decides to tell its target audience. What pieces of content do they read the longest or most of?

9 Reasons Small Businesses Should Utilize Content Marketing


In the world of online marketing content is king. Any business that’s looking to attract a greater audience and grow its customer base needs to create a strong content marketing strategy first. . What is content marketing? . Content Marketing

A sustainable process for optimized content marketing and brand publishing


You spend a lot of time researching, planning, and creating all kinds of content online. But if you’re like a lot of brands, you probably don’t spend as much time as you’d like facilitating the spread of that content online – really maximizing its reach. We push brochureware, product copy, and editorial content left and right–and immediately its time to create more. Determine how to position your content and how it should be shared online.

10 Great Writing Books & Tools For B2B Content Marketers

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Content marketing is more than just a knack for putting words on paper or coming up with the right budget and platform. Being a great writer is a valued skill that now goes beyond teaching in a classroom or being an author in today’s market. Below are some great classes, books, and other resources for B2B content marketers who want to hone their writing skills. Content Marketing Books. Ogilvy on Advertising, by David Ogilvy.

Return on content: a review of how spending patterns on content marketing are changing

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Content marketing is a growing sector, but are increased budgets leading to better outcomes? This blog summarizes some recent research from the Content Marketing Institute. It’s designed to help you work out which of your products to cull, improve, or invest in — by plotting the rate of growth in a market against your share of that market, divided into quadrants labelled dead dogs, problem children, cash cows, and rising stars.

8 Steps To A More Effective B2B Content Marketing Program

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You are executing a content marketing initiative as part of your broader B2B marketing program in 2015. If you are a regular reader of this blog, SEO performance is likely part of the reason content marketing has become a priority as well. According to The Content Marketing Institute , at least 86% of B2B marketers are now engaged in content marketing as well. Swayy for personalized content discovery.

B2B Content Marketing 2018: A Year in Review

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As we head into the end of 2018, I thought I’d take a look back at some key content marketing trends and data points and address what we can do better in 2019. 93% of B2B content marketers report their organization is extremely/very committed to content marketing. . Source: CMI B2B Content Marketing 2019 . In 2017 , the number of B2B companies using content marketing was at 89%, so this is certainly a positive change.

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6 Content Marketing Lessons to Learn from Monopoly

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I moved my piece around the board, bought some properties, made some trades, and eventually paid all of my money to my opponents. While I lost the game and sat at the table watching it finish, I came to the realization that the strategies behind Monopoly and content marketing were very similar (yes, these are the types of things digital marketers do when we’ve been eliminated). Lesson for Content Marketers. Lesson for Content Marketers.

13 Suggestions for Content Marketing Inspiration

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One of the most rewarding parts of planning and writing content is landing on a new idea kernel. The newfound bounty can power content marketing efforts for a few weeks or even longer. So how can a content marketer keep a spark file of fresh ideas and stave off the boring, overdone, or stalled ones? Here are some suggestions for finding your content marketing inspiration. Social mediaSearch for active users with interest in your field.

How to Develop Fresh Ideas for Your B2B Content Marketing Program

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In B2B marketing, it can be difficult to think of content topics to write about on a monthly, or even weekly, basis, especially if you’re in an industry that has a lot of regulations or limits the type of information that can be shared (e.g. But having some challenges when it comes to creating effective and engaging content for B2B organizations doesn’t mean that your content should cover the same topics over and over. How to Find What Users are Searching For Online.

The “Marketing” Guide for Higher Education Content Marketing


Welcome back marketers. So far in the series, Content Marketing for Higher Education, we have covered just what can serve as effective content marketing when looking to promote the great things going on within your university. Getting the content together is only half the battle. The 2 nd half of this crucial marketing game involves serving said content across the limitless digital avenues to the students. 4) Social Media.

Best Content Marketing Agency: Top 8 Choices for 2022

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Content marketing remains the top activity for digital marketers: 91% of marketers use content marketing to reach their audience. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates up to 3X more leads. Marketers.

Documentation and Communication Lead To B2B Content Marketing Success

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As more B2B marketers embrace content marketing, they are learning what makes it a successful component of their overall strategies. About 44 percent of B2B marketers claim that they are gaining a better understanding of what content marketing effectiveness looks like. This was just one of many findings in the annual “B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report released by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs this week.

7 Google Ads Influencers to Follow


Google AdWords – now named Google Ads – is one of the most useful methods out there for getting traffic to your website. It’s also a great investment for researching the keywords you can use to enhance and inform your traditional content marketing efforts.

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Content Interviews: A Feather in the Content Marketer’s Cap

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Fast forward in time and here I am today still putting my journalism skills to good use as a content marketer. In recent years, there has been much talk of the intersection of traditional content marketing and traditional PR/journalism. Case in point: content interviews. Informal interview: Discussion with an SME or other thought leader that can be used to inform content discovery/tone of voice for a ghostwritten piece of content.

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Best Facebook Ads Agency: The Top 5 Choices for 2022

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This is a list of best Facebook Ads agencies. In this listicle, not only have we curated the top five choices for a Facebook Ad agency, but you’ll also learn: What a Facebook Ads agency does. The benefits of hiring a Facebook Ads agency. What Is a Facebook Ads Agency?

Online Marketing Strategies- A Starter’s Guide


Online Marketing Strategies- A Starter’s Guide. Your business may offer the best product or service, but for it to reach out to the right audience, you need some good online marketing strategies and techniques. Online Marketing is developing at the speed of light.

5 Reasons You Need a Partner for Your B2B Content Marketing Program

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For some companies, “outsourcing” a content marketing program carries a negative connotation. It brings up anxiety and visions of rogue freelancers writing content you can never use or blog posts that don’t fit your brand’s voice or style at all. However, when you use high quality partners who are good at what they do, your content marketing efforts can finally take off. B2B Online Marketing Blog Content Marketing

Online Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Business Online


Online Marketing Guide – Table of Contents. Introduction to Online Marketing & SEO. Content Marketing for Online Marketing. + Social Media Marketing. Local SEO for Enhanced Online Marketing. Content.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)

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With 92% of companies now incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, it’s no longer sufficient to just “be there” on social networks. Today’s most effective marketers are optimizing content across channels, coordinating search and social marketing activities with traditional PR, and measuring their web presence and performance with sophistication. What do buyers really want from social media marketers?

Budgeting Your Online Marketing? Stop Trying to Predict the Future


The very nature of old media marketing dictated this exercise as much as internal budgeting needs. Old media depends on predicting the future — and largely explains the limited lifespan of the modern CMO. The major broadcast TV networks sell huge blocks of advertising time for the current TV season (usually around 75%-80%), well in advance of the actual start of the TV season. What percentage of your bottom line comes from paid search?

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