Why ZoomInfo Acquired EverString


At ZoomInfo, we see a future where our software and intelligence power a closed-loop go-to-market cycle from data, to decision, to action. As shown below, Contact, Account, and Intent data sit at the foundational level of the technology and execution stack.

Inside ZoomInfo: What You Need to Know About Our New Recommended Contacts Algorithm in Intent


At ZoomInfo, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into providing top-notch buyer intent data. With our Intent product, we provide customers with a handful of contacts to target based on who the typical buyer is for that customer’s service or product. More Contacts Based on Intent Signals.


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Introducing ZoomInfo Recruiter


Throughout the process you probably use a number of tools, including social media platforms, email, an applicant tracking system (ATS), a candidate relationship manager, a contact information finder, and more. Figure 1 : Filter by keywords or years of experience in ZoomInfo Recruiter.

EMEA Outbound Sales: ZoomInfo CEO on Selling Overseas


That was the main message from Founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, Henry Shuck, for the audience at the 2020 SaaStock EMEA conference. I have to be targeted with my outreach, so that it’s relevant to the receiver of that information. I do have a reason to contact them.

How ZoomInfo Engage Helps Accelerate Sales through Automation


That’s why ZoomInfo created Engage , a sales engagement platform designed for smarter, more efficient prospecting and selling. It bundles contact data, account data, real-time alerts, activity capture, task management, and more. ZoomInfo Engage auto-dialer feature (below).

How to Conduct Effective Sales Cold Calls with ZoomInfo Insights


At ZoomInfo, we care about the sales numbers, but we know to get there we must: Always. The ZoomInfo Search function helps you discover companies and contacts fit to purchase from your organization. ZoomInfo Solutions Just for Sales. Always. Closing.

#ChatZoomInfo: 2019 ZoomInfo Twitter Chat Schedule


In 2019, ZoomInfo is taking to Twitter to host a series of 12 Q&A-type discussions. The ultimate goal of #ChatZoomInfo is to engage with the diverse group of professionals, customers, and partners who follow ZoomInfo on Twitter. These one hour sessions will consist of five questions— tweeted by the ZoomInfo Twitter account (@zoominfo). Each chat will be moderated by a different member of the ZoomInfo team.

3 Takeaways from ZoomInfo’s 2019 Technographic Data Report


Here at ZoomInfo, we’re big proponents of using technographics as part of the sales process. Although sales reps at ZoomInfo had figured out how to successfully leverage technographic data, we were curious to see if other organizations were using this type of B2B data effectively. Contact our sales team today to start your free trial of ZoomInfo, the leading business information company.

How ZoomInfo’s Dynamic Duo Thrived in Their SDR AE Relationship


When pulled off successfully, AE/SDR pairings lead to more closed deals, fuller pipelines, and more effective outreach. Our dynamic sales duo here at ZoomInfo not only crushes the sales cycle, but they have their own fun.

8 Ways to Use BASHO Emails in Cold Email Outreach – With Examples


But to crush cold email outreach, you have to do it right. Effective cold email outreach means to find something your prospect values—and something you have in common. Like many B2B companies, ZoomInfo has such a wide total addressable market.

ZoomInfo Acquires Chorus.ai to Deliver Conversation Intelligence through its Modern Go-To-Market Platform


We’ve had some big moments at ZoomInfo over the years. In just the last 12 months, we launched ZoomInfo Engage to automate sales outreach. We announced the acquisition of Insent last month (now called ZoomInfo Chat ). ZoomInfo); Sales Engagement Platform (e.g.

Improve Your B2B Sales Process with Company and Contact Data


Although many of these tips are valid, the key to improving your B2B sales process is far simpler than you might think– and it comes in the form of company and contact data. What do we mean by company and contact data? Before we explain how company and contact data can improve your sales process, let’s explore what we mean by “company and contact data.”. Then, that sales rep can tailor their outreach approach to prioritize high-quality leads.

A B2B Sales Rep’s Guide to Selling to the C-Suite


Have you ever tried to set up a meeting with a senior-level contact? With employees that are seemingly un-contactable, how do you get around all of the obstacles in order to get to the prize at the end of the game? ZoomInfo’s B2B contact database can make your job easier.

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ZoomInfo Goes Mobile to Amass B2B Data Intelligence


On the 21 st of January 2020, ZoomInfo announced the launch of two new mobile apps to amass information that will allow marketers to delve into the information regarding their prospects from anywhere, leveraging B2B data intelligence. About ZoomInfo.

4 Lessons ZoomInfo Learned From Their Own ABM Campaign


So, like many companies, ZoomInfo decided to give ABM a shot. Here’s a quick summary of our ABM campaign and methodology: ZoomInfo released a new product at the beginning of 2015, called FormComplete. This particular product is an integration between the ZoomInfo contact database and Marketo. Then, all we had to do next was input these criteria into the ZoomInfo database to secure a list of accounts within our total addressable market.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Outreach [Inforgraphic]


If we’ve worked in sales for any amount of time, you know how important sales outreach is. For those who aren’t as familiar, sales outreach is just what it sounds like: The process of reaching out to and engaging with prospects in a meaningful way. The appropriate sales outreach strategy can help your team close more deals and ultimately generate more revenue. . Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective sales outreach.

Automation: The Secret to Next-Level Go-To-Market Strategy


ZoomInfo’s recent webinar, Automation: The Secret to Next-Level Go-To-Market Strategy , highlighted why automation powered by data is a proven tactic to accelerate win rates and better enable go-to-market plays. ZoomInfo’s top five sales plays. This is a sweet spot for ZoomInfo.

How to Spend Less Time Leaving Voicemails


Access to direct dial phone numbers is a simple but huge way to improve your sales outreach. For access to accurate direct dials, partner with a reputable corporate contact database. If you’re tired of your calls going nowhere, consider taking your outreach to social media. Studies suggest that the average sales rep gives up too soon, and that by making more call attempts they can increase their contact rates by 70% ( source ).

How Buying Signals Rise from Layers of Data


Let’s take a quick look at how the ZoomInfo platform offers features to achieve this success. Three Kinds of Signals to Help You Prioritize Outreach. When you layer all these buying signals on top of each other, the results can help prioritize outreach efforts to prospects.

Buy 207

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: DiscoverOrg’s Acquisition of ZoomInfo

DiscoverOrg Sales

In February 2019, DiscoverOrg acquired data provider ZoomInfo. The recent ZoomInfo acquisition is business – but for Schuck, who co-founded DiscoverOrg just over a decade ago , it’s personal, too. We asked Schuck what the ZoomInfo acquisition means to him, for the company, and the broader implication of consolidation in the B2B data intelligence industry. “We How does the acquisition of ZoomInfo affect the market? ZoomInfo gave us that advantage.

6 Outdated Sales Techniques That Hurt Your Productivity


Research confirms this ( source ): 90% of business professionals agreed that sales outreach personalized to their industry is very important. 83% of business professionals agreed that sales outreach personalized to their specific business problem is very important. 70% of business professionals agreed that sales outreach personalized to their specific role within their company is very important. 3 Red Flags to Watch For When Purchasing Contact Data.

Level Up Your Candidate Search with Better Data


LinkedIn is a good starting point, but ZoomInfo Recruiter can enhance your searches with data that lets you narrow in on the best job candidates faster. Recruiters will hit a dead end unless they have direct contact information for candidates.

Salesforce Sync: What, Why & How?


ZoomInfo is here to change that with our latest release, Salesforce Sync. ZoomInfo Salesforce Sync for Territory Management. Do we have a history of reaching out to this contact?” “Has Every go-to-market motion begins with a targeted buyer based on company and contact criteria.

How successful account-based marketing starts with aligned, data-driven strategies — A Q&A


That’s why ZoomInfo’s Strategic Accounts team developed a data-driven ABM framework — resulting in a lift of over $7 million in just the past six months. I Zoom’ed with Hussam AlMukhat, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at ZoomInfo, for all the details.

Top 10 Sales Intelligence Tools to Use for Your 2021 Campaigns


ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo is a cloud-based suite of numerous solutions for sales and go-to market teams. It gets you to the right leads with an ever-growing contact database and tools to automate workflows. It provides users a contact and company database that’s verified for accuracy.

4 Ways To Optimize Your Sales Prospecting Workflow


It’s usually a high-volume workflow, consisting of many interactions with a large number of contacts. Therefore their workflows should be easily repeatable for every single person they contact, rather than applying to only a specific kind of customer.

Survey: How sales reps adapted to the pandemic


A recent ZoomInfo survey of about 600 sales and marketing professionals found that most sales reps said they relied on in-person events for prospecting before 2020. “A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.” Chinese proverb).

Survey 207

How to Use Sales Multi-Threading to Your Advantage


They said, ‘You need to reach out to our CEO directly,’” recalls Megan Hanisko, manager of sales development at ZoomInfo. “So And he would not give me any of his contact information.”. Who else in your organization would find value in taking a look at a tool like ZoomInfo?”

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How to Write Sales Cold Calling Scripts Using Data


To avoid monotony and disconnect, making your cold outreach data-driven puts more focus on customization and personalization. So unless you have your prospect’s direct contact info , you’re likely to have to deal with a gatekeeper receptionist.

Sales Productivity: Where Are You Wasting The Most Time?


And even before you can pick up the phone to contact decision-makers, you must conduct a significant amount of research. So, what are the things that stand in the way of a salesperson actually getting in contact with a prospect? Is your outreach resonating with target audiences?

Prospecting Insights: Boost Your Sales Strategy with High-Octane Data


Contact information: email, full name, and title. They personalize outreach emails with the contact’s name and get follow up calls on the calendar before they hang up. Company and contact information change. link] — ZoomInfo (@ZoomInfo) January 28, 2021.

The Difference Between Point-In-Time Data and Live Data


Live data is continuously updated to ensure you get the most accurate account and contact information to grow your business. link] — ZoomInfo (@ZoomInfo) February 9, 2021. Point-in-time data is static. Live data is up-to-date. Which type of data is fueling your business?

5 Ways to Use Buyer Intent Data Tools to Drive Sales


ZoomInfo’s Intent tool allows sales reps to narrow down ideal prospects with buying intent using filtered searching, notifications, and CRM integration. Using intent data in lead management and outreach helps remove some of these obstacles by digging into their product research activity.

Intent 164

15 Indispensable Company Research Tools for B2B Sales Reps


ZoomInfo. What kind of marketers would we be if we didn’t include ZoomInfo on this list? If you’re not familiar, ZoomInfo is a leading business database made up of more than seven million contact profiles and more than 18 million company profiles. With ZoomInfo you can search, filter, find, and contact companies using a wide range of criteria. The best sales reps are experts at using Google to find contact and company information.

An SDR’s Field Guide to Sales Territory Mapping


Segment your target audience: One-size-fits all methods to outreach will turn off your audience. Why Use ZoomInfo? As a complete sales intelligence solution, ZoomInfo offers features to aid the sales territory mapping process.

Field 219

How to Build a Sales and Marketing Database from Scratch


Do you have a small number of contacts in your target market, or are you looking to build a list with an extensive number of contacts? Option 1: Purchase Contact Database Access. At least 30% of all contact data decays every year. per contact for good B2B data.

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How To Improve Your Inbound Lead Qualification


“The perfect qualified lead is someone who fills out a form with a great decision-making title, who understands the pain points that their company is experiencing, and is doing some kind of outreach that we could help them with.” – Morgan Schuler, inbound sales development manager at ZoomInfo.