Must-Attend B2B Marketing Conferences for 2021


The conference and event business is slowly getting back its footing, with a lively combination of virtual, in-person and hybrid events ahead. Additional conferences include the ABM Forum coming up July 8, Melbourne Forum November 18, and New Zealand Forum February 24, 2022.

MarTech Conference: Some Random Impressions and Interesting New Vendors

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I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, where close to 1,000 marketing technologists heard sage advice, shared experiences, and otherwise frolicked with their peers. That said, the conference was still tremendously valuable, with a wide range of speakers covering the organizational, operational, and technical issues surrounding marketing technology management. There were about seventy vendors covering an extraordinary range of functions.


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Top 2021 B2B Sales Conferences

Pam Didner

We’re in the swing of the 2021 conference season, and we’ve been exploring virtual and in-person sales events and conferences taking place this year. Here’s my list of top B2B sales conferences we think will be helpful to your sales learning and networking. Facebook. Twitter.

ABM Vendor Guide: Differentiators for Result Analysis

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and we wrap up our review of sub-functions from the Raab Guide to ABM Vendors with a look at Result Analysis. Not surprisingly, most of vendors who do ABM Result Analysis also do some sort of Execution (12 out of 16, to be exact). It's important to recognize that many of the Execution vendors will report only results of their own messages.

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Guide to ABM Vendors: What's in a Complete ABM Stack?

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Yesterday’s post announced our new Guide to ABM Vendors , which helps marketers make sense of the confusing variety of ABM-related systems. I know you really want to learn which vendors do which functions, but, as I also explained yesterday, that's not a simple question to answer. Instead, let’s start with an overview of how the vendors as a group matched up against the sub-functions. The first obvious question is how many vendors deliver each sub-function.

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Pardot User Conference Proves They’re a Top Marketing Automation Vendor


The past two days I attended the Pardot User Conference , and also presented a session on Lead Nurturing. Learnings From The Conference. The conference had a nice balance of sessions. Marketing Automation User Conferences. To organize a user conference, a vendor needs critical mass. You need hundreds of customers, otherwise you won’t get a reasonable number of people to attend the conference.

B2B Conference Recap: SiriusDecisions Summit 2019


I’ve never been to a B2B Marketing Conference before. Whether you’re a conference newbie like me, or a seasoned pro, here’s a few key takeaways from ATX that you can use to make your next B2B conference a big win with a measurable ROI. Conference Takeaway: Even if you’re not a really big fan, or even familiar, with a keynote speaker, make an effort to attend anyway. There are myriad reasons why people attend conferences. Conference Takeaway: ABM is here to stay.

The top 3 things marketers want martech vendors to improve


Participants in the study reported which capabilities they would like martech vendors to improve in order to better optimize marketing. Are you listening, my fellow martech vendor friends? Okay, martech vendors: the market has spoken.

Top Marketing Conferences in 2018


That explains why industry movers and shakers are offering an increasing number of content marketing conferences aimed at helping them make the most of its possibilities. While the scope of such events has become difficult to track, here’s a list of some upcoming conferences that could help your organization with future strategies. Attend the conference to sea! Don’t miss the LeadsCon Conference in Las Vegas , March 4-6, 2019.

B2B Marketing: the end of traditional conferences and trade shows?

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The current pandemic has changed many things in human interactions, especially “distancing” and therefore, prompting many companies and organizations to rethink their habits in terms of traditional conferences and trade shows. No need for travel, the conference comes to you!

Pandemic UPDATE: Must-Attend B2B Marketing Conferences for the 2020 New Normal


The conference and event business has been turned upside down, so my annual post covering the must-attend events of 2020 is due for a refresh. UK’s B2B brings its successful annual conference to our shores. October 4-6, Scottsdale, ANA BMA Masters of Marketing Conference.

Creating an Inbound Strategy to Support Virtual Events and Conferences

SmartBug Media

There is no doubt, attending a conference in your industry can be thrilling and intense, energizing and exhausting, and without a doubt, chalk-full of learning opportunities and chances to connect with peers in your field. Phase two assets are the framework for your conference.

MarTech Conference: Chief Marketing Technology Officers Come Out and Play

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I got home late last night from the inaugural two-day MarTech conference in Boston, which was simply terrific. Conference chair Scott Brinker assembled an all-star cast of presenters and, more important, a finely balanced mix of topics from industry trends to practical issues of planning, hiring, organization, and technology choices. (I They had probably developed a secret handshake by the time the conference was over, although as a mere consultant I wasn’t told what it was.

3 marketing technology myths we’ll debunk at the vendor-agnostic MarTech conference


As the world’s largest, vendor-agnostic marketing technology conference, MarTech gives you real-world insights into the good, the bad, and even the ugly of procuring, implementing, and operating marketing technology solutions. And we’re not looking to sell you anything — well, other than a conference ticket. 100+ Martech Vendors on One Level Playing Field. Meet more than 100 amazing martech vendors in the Expo Hall.

Open Letter to Scott Brinker: Suggestions for Next MarTech Conference

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Dear Scott: Congratulations to you and Third Door Media on another great MarTech conference. And, as an aside, I’m astounded that you found time to write a blog post on the Stackies within a day of the conference ending. I think I’m still technically on the advisory board for this conference, so I thought I’d share some thoughts. Over-all, the conference went tremendously well. chiefmartec martech conference scott brinker

Growing Your Knowledge: eDataSource’s 2019 Client Conference


This is the concept behind eDataSource’s annual Client Conferences. Helping clients learn from one another, facilitated by expertise shared by industry leaders and a trusted email vendor. Our 6 th Annual Client Conference is on September 18 th , in Denver. eDataSource clients can find the conference agenda and registration details here. The post Growing Your Knowledge: eDataSource’s 2019 Client Conference appeared first on eDataSource.

Marketo Conference: Is Predictive Modeling The Future of Marketing Automation?

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As usual for me, I spent much of conference prowling the exhibit hall checking out old and new vendors. By far the most notable presence was predictive modeling vendors – Leadspace , Mintigo , Lattice Engines , Infer , Fliptop , SalesPredict , 6Sense , Everstring plus maybe some others I’m forgetting. It also prompted many interesting discussions with them vendors themselves, who, not surprisingly, are an especially analytical and thoughtful group.

2017 Conference Preview: Discover, SMX, Pubcon & More!

KoMarketing Associates

The nice thing is, conference organizers also know this so they hold conferences in warm places like Arizona and Florida. As we kick off 2017, several KoMarketing team members will be getting out of the cold and making their way across the US to attend a number of conferences, including Digital Olympus , Discover Global Markets , HIMSS , Pubcon SFIMA and SMX West. Digital Olympus is a one-day, online digital marketing conference.

Top 5 Customer Experience (CX) Conferences In 2020!

Martech Advisor

As creating great customer experience becomes every organization’s top priority, customer experience (CX) conferences are being sought after in the United States and the world over. These conferences offer marketers and CX enthusiasts a platform to learn, share knowledge, and network.

Marketo Conference: Small Changes, Big Picture

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Marketo wrapped up its three day Marketing Nation conference yesterday, having once more displayed its own marketing prowess by attracting national media attention (see here and here ) with an appearance by Hillary Clinton. I wasn’t at the conference but Marketo briefed me on their plans.) Every major marketing automation vendor has tried to do the same.

Getting the most out of conferences and events « The Effective.

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Getting the most out of conferences and events If you feel like you keep going to conferences and events but don’t have time to apply what you learned when you get back to the office, you’re not alone. And the best way is to use a systematic approach to attending conferences. Summary of Conference Note Taking 1.

We Took Our 500-Person User Conference Virtual in Just 5 Days: Here’s What We Learned

Martech Advisor

In this article, Dayana Orlan-Nevo, VP Product and Corporate Marketing of WalkMe discusses how a digital adoption platform company cancelled their first user conference scheduled to take place in San Francisco in early March, to take the conference virtual in just 7-day’s time.

Agency and Vendor Searches without Losing your Mind

Jackie Walts

The right vendors act as valued strategic partners and maximize the time of your marketing team. Here’s some hints on how to replace a critical vendor without losing your mind. Is it possible that if you had a frank discussion, you could work things out with your existing vendor? A vendor search is time consuming. Charging agencies and vendors to pay to be part of their database of recommended vendors.) Next, let your existing vendor know.

Influencers: the key to content marketing


I recently had the pleasure of participating in a B2B digital marketing forum hosted by The Conference Board and led by Mike Moran and Tim Peter. In one of my first jobs at IBM, I was the editor of a team of SMEs who wrote for a very narrow audience–the independent software vendors (ISVs) who built products for our hardware platforms. The Conference Board attendees should make particular note of that.

What Do B2B Buyers Really Want from Vendors?


They turn to their vendors for assistance. When we asked survey respondents if they would be more likely to work with a vendor who questioned their way of doing business by, for example, highlighting an organizational pain point or weakness they weren’t aware of, 65% replied, “Yes.”. said they had often changed their purchasing criteria in order to work with a vendor who could address a pain point they couldn’t solve before. . Vendors Are a Window.

Tech surrounds us, so use the best of it to succeed immediately


Even vendors with a billion users of their devices and operating systems could scale to more billions. It could also expand personalized services such as video-conference, journal subscriptions, textbooks, and research libraries. For vendors who see this as an opportunity, they can sell to much larger markets of consumers. Lesson for leaders. We are invisibly surrounded by the world’s best tech. Adding remote control makes it accessible.

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Future of Marketing Content: Reflections on the Content2Conversion Conference

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I spent the early part of this week at Demand Gen Report 's Content2Conversion conference. Vendors including Highspot , SnapApp , Ceros , Uberflip , and ion interactive all let marketers track customer behaviors within a piece of content – such as how much time is spent on each page or even regions within a page. This connects to another theme that I did actually hear articulated at the conference: the need to move beyond “quality” content to appropriate content.

9 Ways to Master the Art of the Conference Call


But conference calls, the meeting’s bastard brother, are on a whole other level. Typically, conference calls consist of groups of disembodied voices, all with questionable phone connections, speaking over one another to make a point nobody is listening to. For something meant to be productive, the conference call rarely is. Yet conference calls happen all the time, especially in marketing. Then you’ll know you’ve made it as a conference call master.

Top Conferences for Freelance Writers and Creatives in 2019


Yearly conferences are a wonderful way to up your writing, design, and tech skills while giving your creativity a boost. With so many conferences out there you can end up spending more than the value you get out of it if you do not choose carefully. That’s why we are bringing you this guide to help you decide what 2019 conferences will be most valuable to you throughout the new year as a writer, freelancer or creative entrepreneur. StartupGrind Global Conference.

Upcoming Marketing Conferences « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Upcoming Marketing Conferences It’s February already and you keep thinking “what the heck happened to January&# ? A few good events have come and gone, like the Digital Marketing Forum , MarketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Summit , and the Email Evolution Conference and I completely missed them. Did I forget a conference?

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Conference Attendance


With Inbound and CM World just completed, and the Sales Enablement Society Annual Conference and Dreamforce right around the corner, you know that we’re in the midst of marketing and sales event season! Conferences are also an excellent way to develop yourself personally, so here are some best practices to help you make the most of the upcoming industry conferences that you attend. Almost all conferences use hashtags. Follow Dan on Twitter @Vendor_Neutral.

The 22 Best Virtual Event Platforms


All types of events, including trade shows and industry conferences, can now be produced and attended remotely. Host virtual conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and more. Pricing: contact vendor. A tool to manage and produce conferences, workshops, and other virtual events.

The Pros and Cons of Attending Marketing Conferences


Professional conferences — especially marketing conferences — can be a great place to learn, connect with industry peers and get up to speed on the latest tech tools. With most marketing departments stretched thin, how can you decide if marketing conferences are a good idea for your team to attend? After all, even a high-energy conference may leave you with a sour feeling if it doesn’t result in any tangible ROI. A Few Drawbacks of Marketing Conferences.

The ugly side of digital transformation


BPR spawned conferences, books, and countless consulting engagements, but there’s little evidence that anyone benefited from it other than the authors and consultants. Interest in digital transformation has been spurred by the success of a few disruptive companies and egged on by technology vendors eager to find a way to sell more gear.

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MarTech, the vendor-agnostic conference for marketing technology and operations leaders, returns in October


This has become abundantly clear to me as I’m programming the next MarTech conference , which will take place in Boston, October 1-3. This is the context for the next MarTech conference : marketing technology and operations leaders coming together to learn the latest practices and new ideas for succeeding in today’s environment. Want more in-depth training before the conference begins?

The Ultimate List of Marketing Conferences Through 2019


Consider this scenario: You are super stoked to attend an upcoming marketing conference. You buy a plane ticket, spend $2,000 on a conference ticket, and another $1,000 on a hotel. But when you get there, the conference sucks. Your mood is deflated as you have to endure three days in a sub-zero conference room learning things you already mastered five years ago. Find the details you need for 20+ top conferences through 2019 all in one place.

CRM Evolution Conference: Mobile Really Does Change Everything About Marketing

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I snuck down to Washington DC yesterday for a few hours at the CRM Evolution conference, where a critical mass of industry experts triggered a chain reaction of interesting thoughts. Despite these issues, several practitioners and vendors at the conference said they were using the approach and had found it more practical than moving all customer data into a central repository.

Mobile 131

Has Content Marketing Killed the Traditional Industry Conference?


I used to attend a number of conferences year after year. For a while, no one really questioned whether or not to send staff to conferences, and attendees were likely not put to the fire about following up with prospects or accounting for the value of attendance.until the recession hit. With this outlook, coupled with recent surge of social media interaction and content marketing, is there still true value in attending traditional conferences or have they simply become a dinosaur?

The free MarTech Expo+ Pass: 40+ presentations and 70+ martech vendors


You’ve already read about the incredible line-up we have for paid all-access attendees at the upcoming MarTech conference , September 16-18 in Boston. (If Here’s what you get access to, at absolutely no cost, with this pass: The entire Expo Hall, with more than 70 innovative martech vendors. Full-length Solutions Track sessions led by market-defining vendors. Downloadable conference speaker presentations.

Top 10 B2B Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2021

Marketing Insider Group

In 2021, many top marketing agencies and tech companies are still hosting digital marketing conferences. Having virtual options allows us to attend more of the world’s top marketing conferences than we could ever fit into our schedules in the past.