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Executive Insights: A Marketing Technology (MarTech) Conversation with Scott Brinker

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I later saw him give the keynote address at the Boston MarTech Conference along with guest appearance on marketing-related webinars. How has this been received, and any updates to report between last fall and this spring’s MarTech conference?

Executive Insights: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Eric Martin of SAP Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

While participating in the fall 2019 ITSMA Marketing Vision conference, I attended some informative SAP sessions discussing their innovative use of ABM. What type of measurements do you have in place and how is that supported by regular governance and reviews with stakeholders?


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3 trends driving the Second Golden Age of Martech: ecosystems, experts, and (citizen) engineers


Experts — the lines between software vendors and professional services firms will blur: software companies will offer more expert services; services firms will automate and bottle their expertise in code. We’ll reveal that answer at the MarTech conference in San Jose this spring when we unveil the 2019 landscape. Anything more than 2,000 vendors qualifies as “a ship ton,” to use the French nautical term for it.

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Your Company Needs a MarTech Stack. Here’s How to Build One

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Conferences and networking events provide the opportunity for professionals to gain powerful insights into how other brands are pursuing innovation. So when one CMO hears from no fewer than six of his peers at the conference about the new martech stacks they’re working on, the CMO is intrigued—and also alarmed. “[The customers’] interactions with companies, they’re all happening because of these digital touchpoints,” Brinker says.

The CMO Council asked 8 good, hard questions about marketing technology management


” Or relinquish your decision-making responsibility to the IT department or a single, most-favored vendor. You can’t relinquish your decision-making responsibility to the IT department or a single, most-favored vendor. A “single source of truth” for customer data has become increasingly valuable, both to power more personalized customer experiences and have the data governance mechanisms necessary to comply with new privacy regulations.

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3 New Year’s resolutions for your martech stack in 2018


Most martech vendors should make it easy for you to do this. (If This person takes responsibility for governing your overall marketing stack, to make sure that all the pieces fit together coherently. You might be surprised how many “shadow touchpoints” there are lurking in different tools. Test your “alert” systems — if a customer-facing touchpoint goes down, or experiences performance degradation, or throws errors as a result of bad data, etc.,

5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 5: Artificial Intelligence


For instance, you can see in this slide from Salesforce some of the many ways that they intend to apply Einstein in specific products of theirs: But does this mean that smaller martech vendors are going to be shut out of this AI wave of the industry? These can and will be used by martech vendors, of course, to stay competitive in the AI era. These factors are likely to be the sources of disruption among martech vendors. The Machine Intelligence 3.0

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A preview of MarTech: over 50 in-depth sessions at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management


Presented with hundreds of nominated speakers and topics for an upcoming MarTech conference, I have to choose only a few dozen to fit into a two-day, three-track event. The easiest thing to do, from a conference positioning point of view, would be to narrow down to a specific martech category and a specific audience segment. In fact, there are a ton of great conferences that do just that. Marketing Track: Real-World, Vendor-Independent Case Studies.

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What to expect when you’re expecting #MarTech next month


We’re 6 weeks away from the next MarTech conference in San Francisco. MEMO TO MARKETING TECH VENDORS: The Stackies are a great opportunity for you to share your own stack and show off how your product fits into the broader marketing technology ecosystem. 100 Marketing Technology Vendors Exhibiting Their Innovations. In this fast moving session, Tony will uncover 10 key myths that vendors espouse and offer the accompanying reality for each one.

Want to thrive with martech and marketing operations? Check out these 75 amazing MarTech sessions


Next month in Boston, we’ll be hosting the latest and greatest MarTech conference , September 16-18 at the Hynes Convention Center. We reorganized the conference around the theme of martech is marketing , drawing upon over 300 proposed sessions from experienced practitioners and industry experts, to assemble a top-notch educational program that connects the dots between world-changing marketing technology and world-class marketing leadership.

B2B Digital Marketing is About Relationships and Trust

B2B Digital Marketer

And still, even though the customer is doing 75% of their research on their own, ultimately when they select you as a vendor or a partner or whatever, they’re ultimately taking a leap of faith, it is impossible for any buyer now to truly understand what many companies are providing.

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SMX East 2017 Day 2 – Paid search trends, Amazon and Automation


Additional developments such as cloud storage and sharing, free real-time chatting and conference communications and the increased feasibility of distributed teams across the world has made developing software exponentially easier than it was 10 years ago. “[Marketers] don’t run everything that touches everything,” says Brinker, “But we provide governance for how technology interacts with customers.” It can’t be influenced by vendors or advertisers.

Marketing + Technology + Management – Hype = MarTech


So in programming the MarTech conference series , I’ve selfishly tried to avoid my allergy and indulge my addiction. But my hope is that such a pragmatic, vendor-agnostic conference at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management will be valuable and appealing to you too. He’ll dive into the details of what works and what didn’t, from sales participation to sourcing the right vendors, to building the stack, to closing the loop on ROI.

Mastering modern marketing technology leadership over 2 intense days


We’re only 7 weeks away from the MarTech conference in San Francisco, May 9-11. You’ll also have the opportunity to mingle with over 100 marketing technology vendors and servivce providers — of course, over complimentary beer, wine, and other beverages. (I’m Her presentation is a tactical exposé of common analytics terrors and how to resolve them, as well as preventative measures and best practices in data governance to keep those disasters at bay.

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