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Dear Internet, I was disappointed but not wholly surprised that you didn’t find Wednesday's post with Personalized Mona Lisa as self-evidently hilarious as I did. But the notion of over-extending personalization is still important. So what are the problems with personalization?

How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Marketing Automation


If you want to stay competitive now, you need to talk to different types of customers … differently. Or you go all the way to personalizing them as best you can. But the returns on personalization are pretty darn good, too. Show personalized information in an app.

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Understanding The Difference Between a CRM and MAP


There are some things in life that look or sound alike, but are quite different. In actuality, the reptiles are different on many levels, each with their own unique place and purpose in the world. Similar But Different. CRM and MAP : Similar on the Surface Only.

The difference between “free speech” and politicizing your brand

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Undeniably, there’s a blurring between public and personal in the digital world today. Everybody has the right to post whatever they want as long as it is not “hate” or hurting another person. Let me use an example to answer this question. By Mark Schaefer.

10 Impressive Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns


What exactly is influencer marketing, and how does it differ from the traditional celebrity spokesperson advertising model? Celebrity product endorsements are less about engagement and more about attaching a person's fame and name recognition to a particular brand.

15 Inspiring Examples of Small Business Branding


While big businesses often have multiple decision makers with very specific ideas and guidelines to keep their existing brands consistent, smaller companies are usually more open to exploring new creative directions, and can move faster to implement them.

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Mastering Brand Loyalty: What Subscription Service Companies Do Differently

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Author: Chris Gillespie We can all learn something from the meteoric rise of personalized subscription services. So what are subscription services doing differently (and awesomely!), Personalize—everywhere. Imagine personalizing display ads with clothing-style preference.

7 Excellent Examples of Email Personalization in Action


Personalized email marketing : We have the technology! I mean, I think we've all received the email that seems to be relying on "Hi [$$FIRSTNAME$$]" to totally nail it with email personalization. So, what are some ways you could make your email marketing more personal?

How to Attract Talent With a Company Hashtag: 10 Inspiring Examples


It's getting harder and harder for companies to attract and retain the right people. Let's take a look at how 10 different companies are using hashtags and social media curation to attract talent. And moreover, many companies are already doing that.

A Special Message for You: The Power of Personalized Marketing

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The answer: relevance and personalization. There’s Power in Getting Personal. Personalized marketing involves targeting your messages, products or services to an individual customer based on data you’ve collected about them (or about a like-minded group of customers).

20 Examples of Social Proof in Action


And after asking the dog owner about it, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the same company also made regular beds. In fact, according to Buffer, there are actually five different types of social proof : 1) Expert Social Proof. 20 Examples of Social Proof in Action.

5 Key Differences Between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation


There are hundreds of different marketing software tools out there, most offering some variety of automation, email, and analytical functionality. To break it down further, here are five key differences between email marketing and marketing automation for your consideration: 1.

Three dazzling examples that turned online influence into offline results

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Today, I’m going to dazzle you with three examples of people who are setting an awesome example in this area. On the flip side, I will go out of my way to help friends who make an authentic attempt to relate to me as a person and build a relationship. The difference.

How to Build a Productive Company Culture


Every company has a culture, much like every individual has a personality. And like a personality , a company’s culture can develop organically over time. Fostering a Productive Company Culture. A club, for instance, or a company or a country.

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How to Blog for Your Business Using Personality

Writing on the Web

Do you know how to blog for your business using personality yet remaining professional? No, seriously – there’s an ongoing trend to be personal with blogs. If you’re writing for business, you want to connect with your readers by using personal stories.

11 Examples of Instagram Ads We Love


11 Examples of Instagram Ads We Love. Here’s a somewhat meta example from Instagram’s own Instagram for Business account, advertising the new capability to advertise on the platform. What makes you click on ads?

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18 Brilliant Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns


Great holiday marketing campaigns come in many different shapes and sizes. Check out our roundup of 18 examples of delightful holiday marketing campaigns, and use these ideas to fuel your own holiday marketing ideas. 18 Brilliant Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns.

9 Personality Quiz Examples For Content Marketing


Unlike the old-fashioned pop quiz, personality assessments teach us about ourselves. They refine our personal understanding, giving us an opportunity to share who we are with the world. Here are 10 examples of brand quizzes that help users learn something new about themselves.

These 7 Brands Take Personalized Marketing to a New Level


They’re my very own personal blogging habits. I figured that out from a 2012 New York Times article called, “ How Companies Learn Your Secrets. 7 Personalized Marketing Examples. The Example. Read more about how personalization tokens work here. The Example.

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How to Make Audience Segmentation Truly Personal


Companies that use content marketing already know that the more gated content you have, the more content conversions you will get. That can mean a huge difference for your business. So the big question is: How do you get the right content to the right person?

10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


billion daily active users -- from CEOs, to students, to companies. If you're looking for some great examples, you've come to the right place. But before we get to these examples, let's discuss the four components of a good Facebook Ad (or any ad, really) regardless of its type.

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Why (and How) Your Team Should Personalize the Customer Experience


The classic example of this is when you get put on hold by a company. Hopefully, this isn’t a common practice at your company. But some recent research suggests some companies, and their customers, are having exactly that kind of experience. But what about personalization?

The Personal Network Effect Makes Walled Gardens Stronger, But There's Still Hope

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I’m still chewing over the role of “walled garden” vendors including Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and in particular how most observers – especially in the general media – fail to grasp how those firms differ from traditional monopolists. Different vendors can share a piece of that pie.

Big blog posts that made a difference

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Why Facebook Will Be the Most Dangerous Company on Earth — I speculated why the Facebook IPO would signal disturbing changes at the world’s most popular social networking site. Don’t miss this example of Mars at his best.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing? 7 Examples to Inspire Your Brand


You’ll see what that looks like in some the examples below. Of course, at that time, marketing in general looked very different, and while guerrilla marketing is still used today, the ever-growing digital landscape is changing what it looks like.

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11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


billion daily active users -- from CEOs, to students, to companies. If you're looking for some great examples, you've come to the right place. But before we get to these examples, let's discuss the four components of a good Facebook Ad (or any ad, really) regardless of its type.

15 Examples of Great Mobile Website Design


To help inspire any mobile website design changes you''ll be making to prepare for the impending algorithm update, here''s a list of 15 companies who really nailed their mobile web experience. 15 Examples of Great Mobile Websites.

Using Link Targeting for Improved Inbox Personalization

Modern Marketing

Currently, the email industry is undergoing another boom with real-time email content - bringing live content and personalization to the inbox. Email marketing has become more contextual and now has the power to personalize messaging as emails open in the inbox.

15 Best Practices for Email Unsubscribes – With Examples


And still other tactics that could help you switch them from email over to a different channel. Examples not shown, to protect the guilty.). I had unsubscribed from nearly one hundred emails before I finally found an example of this.

Sailthru Offers End-to-End Omnichannel Personalization for B2C Marketers

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This means that solution statements sound pretty much alike, even when the actual products are different. Sailthru is a good example. The corporate home page says “Sailthru makes it easy to personalize every channel for every customer,” which is accurate enough. But plenty of other companies also help with omni-channel personalization. It can store several identifiers for the same customer, which is how it coordinates interactions in different channels.

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7 Must-Know Writing Tips [+Examples]


Naturally, if you are writing an in-depth technical article, your readers will have a different set of expectations. Write in the Second Person. This is my personal favorite of the writing tips I’ve mentioned. Company News Content Creation Copywriting Image source.

19 Lead Nurturing Email Examples You'll Want to Steal


To help you better understand how to pair the two concepts, check out the lead nurturing email examples below. 19 Lead Nurturing Email Examples to Inspire Your Strategy. Uncommon Goods shows their products in context and creates a Pinterest-inspired section for each different aesthetic.

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3 Amazing Examples of Ecommerce Companies Ensuring Customer Delight


There are those companies that do take customer delight very seriously. Here are some examples from real ecommerce companies. What if the customer remembered the experience differently and was reminded of a terrible experience?

15 Clever Examples of Interactive Print Ads


In 2013, Lexus released an ad that, when placed over an iPad, revealed the car in action with different backgrounds and music. The telecommunications company highlighted its 4G wireless speed with a print ad that served as the game board for an iPhone game.

A different way to think about social media ROI

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I have a different view of the ideal role of social media in the marketing mix that might be helpful to you, whether you are just starting out, or whether you have an established program. The more accurate comparison is not to how ads work, but to personal networking initiatives.

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Why C-Levels Need To Think Differently About Social Media Strategy

Modern Marketing

Whether you’re prepared for it or not, social media affects more areas of your company than marketing alone. Look no further than the most popular social media platforms themselves to see how they’re adapting to help companies leverage social across multiple departments.

5 Ways to Win with Web Personalization

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jessica Minasian Here’s a public service announcement for all of my fellow marketers: you should crave web personalization. Web personalization is gaining a lot of traction among marketers and for good reason. Take, for example, an online retail store.

How To Boost Conversions With Personalized Remarketing

Modern B2B Marketing

There are a variety of tools that you can use to do this, but recently we did a webinar that focused on how combining the power of Marketo’s Real-Time Personalization and Google’s Remarketing can help accomplish these tasks. We’ll use an ecommerce store as an example here.

How your personality aligns with social media content types

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I have always had this fantasy about trying to align Myers-Briggs personality types with people successful on the social web, but alas I have not had the time or resources to do so. I believe there is some alignment between where you choose to publish and your personality type.

Understanding brand personality through projective techniques

The B2B Research Blog

Most brands have a set of human traits associated with them – a brand personality. In B2B markets brand personality is an especially important concept as ‘corporate fit’ is often an important consideration for B2B buyers – “are these people on my wavelength and can I see myself working with them?”. You can shape your corporate brand personality through marketing communications and, most importantly, by developing an appropriate corporate culture.