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    [Companies] Which Customer Emotions Drive Business Results?
    Over the past several months, we’ve seen a rise in the number of companies pondering the connection between enjoyment and metrics like satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS). In fact, one global company statistically demonstrated that several emotional factors trump NPS in predicting customer loyalty, effectively dethroning ‘would you recommend?’ We like to think that we make decisions – and that our customers make decisions – for pragmatic reasons.
    [Companies] What Does Data Analytics Have to do with F1 Racing? —How 0.1 Seconds Can Be the Difference Between Success and Failure!
    What the C-Suite needs to think about instead, is how the data is processed and whether or not it can deliver the insights that are required to make the company’s overall business strategy more efficient, more effective and more profitable. Best-in-class companies consider big data and predictive analytics central to their marketing strategy. Is your B2B company struggling to achieve maximum return on your lead generation investment?
    [Companies] From 50 to 5,000 to 5 Million!
    B2B companies have been doing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for years. Their efforts, however, have
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    [Companies] 6 of the Best Ecommerce Apps for Apple Watch
    Savvy ecommerce companies know this is just one small step toward the future of mobile commerce. How could smaller ecommerce companies benefit from the immediacy of the watch? Some creative developers have already managed to provide some great apps that will keep you shopping on your Apple Watch. They've even made it easy to shop on such a small display! Here are a few that we love… so far. Well, now you’ll never have an excuse for missing out on the winning bid.
    [Companies] Top 10 B2B Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2015
    Tip: writing about someone or their company is a surefire way to ensure they will notice that content and want to share that mention. LinkedIn has been strongly focused on B2B marketers, and internal documents made public last summer revealed that the company has big plans for B2B, with a goal of expanding that area in a major way as a critical part of its vision of becoming a $1 billion business by 2017.
    [Companies] The dashboard has finally been perfected
    LinkedIn Company. One of the biggest problems I have as a small businessman is keeping track of everything: RSS feeds, competitors, backend performance data, social media mentions and trends, sales cycles, reputation warnings, revenue data, my inboxes, my calendar, key RSS feeds, search performance, tasks, and a million other sources of data.
    [Companies] B2B Appeals that Motivate Action
    They want information on how to do their jobs better, make their companies more profitable, and have a successful business and home life. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” ” These are indeed the two master motivators, and all others are subset of these behavioral drivers.
    [Companies] 5 Important Facts About Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (CASL)
    Hopefully, your company preparations for this change were finalized weeks ago. If you are an American company for example, you must comply with the rules of CASL on any mailings to Canadians. If you are a Canadian company mailing to the US for example, you must comply with the rules of the US, not CASL for American recipients.
    [Companies] Video Measurement Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It
    It always takes up your entire TV screen,” said Jonah Goodhart, co-founder and CEO of Moat, an analytics company aiming to help people evaluate digital video performance. We’ve connected our data with offline sales, as an example, for some of the CPG companies in the world so that we can understand what metrics are actually driving brand sales.”
    [Companies] Nail Your Holiday Email Sending Practices NOW
    It should go without saying (but unfortunately does not) that your company should be able to handle the extra demand. Happy customers equal happy companies. As for the database recipient list, this should first be sent to a list cleansing and validation company, such as ImpressionWise or LeadSpend. ‘Tis the season…to prepare for the Season.
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    [Companies] Let’s Chalk! All the Latest Video Marketing How-To’s in One Simple Place
    Yet most companies are still taking a reactive approach to video production instead of a proactive approach to a video strategy. Gone are the days of video being reserved for big-budget brand campaigns and social media programs. For many businesses, video is now playing an important role across their digital properties and throughout the entire buyer’s journey.
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    [Companies] What Marketers Can Learn from Thomas Friedman’s Advice for The Rest of Us
    As a marketer, think of ways you can see your job or how you market your company with a fresh set of eyes; challenge the “we did that before” sentiment to see if you can come up with different results and new approaches. Thomas Friedman, a renowned author and New York Times columnist, was recently interviewing the good folks over at Intel, trying to get a sense of the impact Moore’s Law has had on the world.
    [Companies] 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Content Editorial Process
    Think titles, industries, and company size. Simply create a new calendar and start filling in your content ideas and what marketing objectives or company goals they map to. Author: Daniel Tolliday If you ever find yourself banging your head on the keyboard wondering why there are so few hours in the day to produce content; don’t worry, you’re not the only one.
    [Companies] 7 Awesome New Mobile Marketing Infographics
    PDT , a product development technologies company created this awesome infographic which details the evolution of the mobile phone during the past four decades. As a follow up to the July blog post featuring 11 Mind-Blowing Mobile Marketing Infographics, we've kept our ear to the ground in order to bring more of the best to you. How Are Smartphones Being Used?
    [Companies] Negative SEO May Be a Trending Topic, But Is It Legit?
    Online marketing company Reboot recently found 79 percent of online companies are willing to sabotage another company’s website through negative search engine tactics. Contacting 100 small business owners in London and the South East, the study found a majority of companies either outright agreed to employ negative SEO practices against their top competitors, or they requested more information before making a decision.
    [Companies] Interesting Infographics: Marketers Want S’More Technology
    There are so many platforms and tools available for marketers right now that it can be hard to pinpoint which solutions your company should be investing in. Looking at what other companies are doing can be a big help when it comes to narrowing down which solutions look promising. Skyword and Researchscape International surveyed 190 US marketers at large organizations to find out how their companies are integrating new technologies into their marketing strategies.
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    [Companies] Time to Surf the Wave of the Personal Brand
    As Jeff Jarvis said in a tweet Ingram quoted, they need to be thinking of themselves as platforms for building individual brands—something I see few B2B publishing companies doing. Politico’s version of the negotiations describes how NYT executive editor Jill Abramson and Washington bureau chief David Leonhardt fought hard to keep Silver at the paper because they saw his “brand within a brand as a wave of the future,”.
    [Companies] White Papers: Refresh or Write Fresh?
    Promotes a major product or service that will continue to be sold by your company. The media company UBM Tech found in a survey that 63 percent of IT buyers will only consider information useful if it''s less than 18 months old.* Your marketing department may produce dozens of new white papers each year, but how often do you refresh an existing one? For many technology marketers, once a white paper is written and posted it''s instantly forgotten.
    [Companies] Murphy's Laws of High Tech Copywriting
    Your company president will suddenly become an expert copywriter, but only when the brochure is already at the printer or posted on the website. A document that you think will appeal only to a very limited audience will turn out to be the most requested material ever produced by your company. Although April Fool''s Day was last week, its mischievous spirit is active year-round in technology marketing projects.
    [Companies] Do You Want a Case Study or Just Feedback?
    It may be harder for the writer to get the big-picture, business-focused story during the interview if the questions continually prompt a customer to discuss details of the product implementation or your company's support activity. By remembering what delivers the highest value for your company, a case study interview call can produce both effective marketing content and useful information for improving your product. .
    [Companies] Paid Owned and Earned media – the benefits of owning them all
    It takes a certain size company to be able to take one individual and let them control all forms of media. If your company is too big then you get owners of each media and the silos they create – minimizing your chance to optimize across them all. Few marketers today have the luxury of being about to combine all forms of media under one umbrella.
    [Companies] Ranking B2B Marketing Automation Vendors: Part 3
    This reflects the fact that buyers really do want vendors who have experience with similar companies. Instead, I've color-coded the points (each representing one vendor) using the same categories as before: green for small business vendors, black for mixed vendors, violet for specialists, and blue for big company vendors. Summary: The first two posts in this series described my scoring for product fit. The third and final post describes scoring for vendor strength.
    [Companies] Great B2B Email Copywriters: Where Are You?
    What is your take: are B2B email copywriters a seriously scarce resource, or is it a coincidence that I know several companies that have trouble finding someone like that? I know several companies who are looking for someone with your skills. Lead Nurturing depends on great content. Not just eBooks, blog posts and webinars, but especially email content.
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    [Companies] 9 Best Tools to Help You Edit Blog Posts Better
    Often, a blog post will be the first impression a prospect has of your company. Blogging is an important part of your business strategy. Getting things just right can be overwhelming. In this post, I’ll outline some of the best tools to help you keep a solid editorial flow from idea to publish. You will discover tools for capturing ideas, proofreading content, and enhancing posts with images. Idea Capture. A forgotten idea bears no rewards.
    [Companies] 4 tips for generating more return business in any industry
    However, what many companies fail to realize is bonus programs don’t entail giving away your product for free. Providing related products and services as a bonus can keep your company’s services at a premium, while still providing immense value to your clients. Never fight back or argue on online outlets, which will only cast your company in a poor light. Does your company’s marketing include a customer retention strategy?
    [Companies] 9 brands prove vulnerability is good for business
    The company didn’t lose stride during a period when it was rapidly increasing sales and its stock price. Patrick Doyle, Domino’s president, expressed how important it was for their company to listen to their consumers – their most important asset. It teaches the lesson to carefully choose the people who post for your company. O2 : A European mobile service company, during a massive network outage, O2?s Photo credit: Wikipedia.
    [Companies] Marketing is so much more than advertising
    And both talked about how successful their respective companies performed, “without marketing.” But if you look at the most successful companies, their whole process revolves around such tight integration that the trees disappear into the forest. And, yes, the company ranks very well for many searches and has robust paid search, email and remarketing programs in its arsenal. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife).
    [Companies] A Marketer’s Guide to the New GDPR Regulations
    Hefty fines and legal action against companies that do not comply with regulations will be substantial. In early December, the EU agreed upon new regulations for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new Regulations will create a uniform and consistent set of rules across all 28 countries in the EU.
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    [Companies] Kale, Podcasts & Yoga Pants: The Secret Formula Behind Ideas That Take Off
    In search of a way to combine them, Dickson started his own blender company, Blendtec. E ven in today’s crowded marketplace, t hese principles have helped dozens of companies get their products and ideas to catch on," explains Berger. Some companies have collected millions of friends and followers, but if no one shares your content, it doesn’t matter.
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    [Companies] Slow August? Get a Head Start On Fall Holiday Planning
    B2C companies get to have all the fun, right? They’re marketing to consumers, so they can tug on heartstrings, celebrate holidays, and share puppy memes on social media. And B2C marketers are getting great returns on the “celebrating holidays” piece. Yesmail recently analyzed the holiday email campaigns of 30 B2C brands and found some pretty amazing stuff: During the week of Thanksgiving 2014, 75% of B2C marketers sent holiday-themed emails and average open rates were 0.5
    [Companies] 10 Innovative Social Media Newsjacks of the Super Bowl Power Outage
    Even though SEOmoz didn't need to publicly send out a clever remark, it's nice to see B2B digital companies finding ways to get in on the Super Bowl action, not to mention practicing what they preach! What other companies did you see successfully newsjacking the Super Bowl power outage As the lights went out at last night's Super Bowl, we were all bombarded with viewer reactions on our personal social networks.
    [Companies] Ask a Content Guy: Where Should I Distribute My Content Marketing?
    Those are the social networks where your company should be most active. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are requisites for most companies. Welcome to your monthly edition of “Ask a Content Guy,” in which I answer all of your most pressing content questions and try to incorporate as many GIFs as possible. Last month, I covered what content metrics really matter , and the month before that I decoded some game-changing marketing buzzwords.
    [Companies] Why Marketing Should Be Running ABM Campaigns
    In the ABM campaigns that we run, we focus only on B2B companies. Our marketing team would consider it a waste to spend money marketing to an audience that also includes B2C companies. ABM technology enables us to remove B2C companies from the mix and focus our budget on B2B companies. The shift in ABM should be from a company-centric approach to a customer-centric approach. Over the past year, ABM has been all the buzz for B2B marketing strategies.
    [Companies] How to Use Content Curation to Overcome the Top 5 Content Marketing Challenges
    A data center company based in Iceland, Verne Global, used content curation software to create their content hub Green Data Center News. Author: Pawan Deshpande Content marketers have a big challenge: continuously filling their content pipeline with fresh, insightful, and relevant information. Your target audience expects it and turns to trusted sources when they need to search for answers and seek insights. Whether or not that’s your brand depends on the quality of your content.
    [Companies] Is the chasm between B2B and B2C really that big?
    Unfortunately though, B2B companies are often too risk-averse to give wildly creative ideas the go-ahead. It’s up to you find the right company and then to connect and interact with your new team. The age-old debate between consumer marketing and business marketing continues. Is one really better suited to certain personality types or is it simply a case of the grass always looking greener on the other side?
    [Companies] Funnelnomics: Four Steps to Accelerating Your Marketing and Sales Funnel – Step 1: Mapping Your Marketing and Sales Funnel
    The number one responsibility of any B2B Marketer is to keep his or her company’s marketing and sales funnel full, with leads converting quickly to drive profits. In other words, to keep the company’s lifeblood flowing. The continuous battle to meet pipeline and revenue projections is frustrating when using traditional techniques. There
    [Companies] 7 Critical Tools of the Trade for B2B SEO Competitive Analysis
    Both traditional (the companies sales and marketing teams often come across) and keyword (those that rank for target keyword phrases in search engines) competition should be reviewed. Understanding the SEO strategy of a competitive website is a critical component of a B2B SEO campaign. Factors B2B search engine marketers should seek to understand about their competition include keyword and content strategy, inbound link information, and social media presence.
    [Companies] 8 More Compelling Infographics About Content Marketing
    Content marketing is argued to be the “heartbeat” of many companies’ marketing efforts, without original intriguing content it is difficult for successful efforts to be delivered by a brand. There are many content marketing related infographics available to aid the understanding of its importance for today’s marketer.
    [Companies] 18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business
    For those who are new to Google+ (or who struggle to see results with it), Scott Buehler provides an excellent 10-step guide to understanding circles, generating activity, formatting posts, using hashtags, hosting hangouts, creating company pages and more. Despite the reputation Google+ has in some circles for being the social network that everyone has joined but no one uses , marketers are increasing viewing it as a vital platform for branding and engagement.
    [Companies] 3 Steps to Growing Your Business by Reshaping Your Client Base
    The number one goal of any new company is to generate business. But this hunger for business can actually hurt a company’s growth over time. Many companies gripped by the desire to grow lose sight of how they want to grow. But unmanaged growth can result in a company being treated like a commodity. Moreover, it may prevent a company from gaining the technical expertise that will attract the clients that are really wanted.
    [Companies] How 3 Global Marketers Are Approaching Mobile
    Whether your company is B2B or B2C, the website experience provided must be equally as good on a mobile device as it is on any other computer. King said her company is adding features for mobile that enrich the customer experience. “We by Sheila Lahar | Tweet this As you’d suspect, social media and the fast proliferation of apps were hot topics at Eloqua Experience Europe this week. But global marketers had another concern on their minds: mobile.
    [Companies] The 25 Best #SaaS and #Sales Blog Posts of 2012
    Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Page: Tips for Bringing in Leads | Silverpop Blog – [link]. It was a great year for Social CRM, Social Selling and the world of SaaS. We’ve collected a bunch of great articles over the course of the year so we wanted to share the the top 25 blog posts from 2012. Any others we should add to the list? Leave them in the comments. 4 Steps to a Successful Social Marketing Campaign (Part 1) « CRM Software Blog – [link].
    [Companies] 3 Reasons Why Medium-Sized Businesses Need Contract Management
    Contracts are essential for large companies. It is a part of the normal business protocol. Even if employees do not understand how essential contracts are, they are usually aware of the existence of contracts. In those businesses, there is likely a certain protocol in place for how to handle contracts. There is also likely a […]. The post 3 Reasons Why Medium-Sized Businesses Need Contract Management appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.
    [Companies] Lead Liaison Debuts Integrations Marketplace
    It’s important to have a company’s CRM, the central hub for contacts, accounts, and opportunities, and marketing automation suite communicate with each other. They also connect to 28+ payment gateways, making it easier for companies like nonprofits or other B2C companies to make financial transactions without leaving their “home base”. “We’re
    [Companies] Getting Inbound Buy-In from Your Media Sales Team
    But then you hear stories of companies that have lead engines that are 100% inbound. Lay out clear selling points around inbound for your company’s target customers. Your company’s prospects and customers want stories and hard facts, not theories about ‘new marketing trends.’ As a marketer, you’re in the best position to empathize with the needs of your company’s target customer. Speak in the language of marketers and emphasize your unique value add as a media company.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2015
    [Companies] Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 8.13.15
    The search giant announced that it is restructuring and Alphabet, a new company created by Google co-founders Page and Brin, will now own Google. Google announced that it had formed a new holding company, Alphabet, Inc., Welcome to the weekly Consumer Brand pulse, where we keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of SEO! Our goal is to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure we are constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
    [Companies] The 10 Best User-Generated Content Campaigns on Instagram
    Women's clothing company Aerie's #AerieReal campaign is #UGCgoals. When it comes time to make a purchasing decision, who are you more likely to trust -- a brand, or a fellow consumer who uses the product? We're more likely to take recommendations from friends and family members than brands when it comes time to make buying decisions -- and that's the logic behind user-generated content on social media.
    [Companies] A Science-Backed Method for Better Writing: How to Find Your Ideal Time of Day
    This is what Fast Company calls the Waveform of Life. Image Credit: Fast Company. Every individual has a unique timeline for work, energy, and creativity. Some work best at the crack of dawn, while others prefer to write into all hours of the night. But if you want to do your best writing, you have to find your best time to do it. Because science says so. To learn why this is true, and how you can figure out an ideal writing time for yourself, keep reading.
    [Companies] 5 Marketing Lessons from Spinal Tap
    We have all seen examples of this from Kenneth Cole comparing their Spring Line to the uprising in a foreign country, to companies offering up their ebooks for “reading material during Hurricane Sandy”. by Jason Miller “This Is Spinal Tap” is a 1984 rock and roll musical “mockumentary” directed by Rob Reiner about the fictional heavy metal music band Spinal Tap. The movie satirizes the wild behavior and musical pretensions of hard rock and heavy metal musicians.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2013
    [Companies] To Prove B2B Isn't "Boring to Boring," GE Turns to. Vampires?
    We were talking about the challenges of working in marketing for a B2B company -- either a giant 120-year-old conglomerate like GE, which sells turbines and jet engines, or even a young company like HubSpot, which sells software to businesses. This post originally appeared on Up and to the Right , a new section of Inbound Hub.
    [Companies] Defining the Modern Marketer: Why Grit Matters Most
    Indeed, after gathering voluminous data from companies, governments, nonprofits, schools, and other institutions, Dr. Duckworth found that only grit — not specialized skills, not raw talent, not broad-based intelligence, not time management, not personality or charisma, and not the ability to persuade others — has an observable causal relationship to measurable success.
  • IKO-SYSTEMS  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017
    [Companies] Email opens: our first sentence has more impact than our subject line
    Let’s dive into the two graphs which grabbed our attention: The first one measures the impact of variables/tricks in the subject line on open rates: In this previous chart we have tested dozens of variables to isolate the ones with major impacts on open rates (such as the company name or the use of special characters).
    [Companies] THE HACKIES: Hacking your stack for account-based marketing
    I drew the traditional B2B marketing funnel then flipped it upside down to create the “customer experience” tech stack, which evolved into #FlipMyFunnel following this model: Identify your best-fit accounts based on your ideal customer profile (ICP) effectively creating a target list of companies for marketing and sales to align around. The tools in this section allow customers to become your best advocates both within their company and across the market.
    [Companies] Automated Patient Health Surveillance Provider Snap40 Selects Lead Liaison to Power Their Marketing Automation
    They are ambitious about building a global company, meeting the needs of patients around the world. If we have a feature request, with other companies, it’s politely received. We wanted to raise the level of awareness for our company. Snap40 recently had a prospect reach out to them because they received a handwritten letter – something many companies only dream of happening.
  • THE POINT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2012
    [Companies] 3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Blog’s Sidebar Work Harder
    If the content on your blog is topical and relevant and insightful, and if you’re following basic SEO principles in your post title and body copy, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be generating significant traffic from interested prospects actively researching the types of issues and problems your company solves. Want a simple way to have your corporate blog show measurable results? Take a hard look at your sidebar. Here are 3 techniques guaranteed to make an impact: 1.
    [Companies] Search and Replace Will Change Your Blog Forever
    When I left my company, Abraham Harrison, they became AH Global, maintained control of the domain,, while I maintained control of both blogs. If you’ve been blogging for a long time, your life has probably changed a number of times. You’ve developed a history that has been, until now, etched in stone. But no more! Now, you can revise your entire history in just a couple easy steps.
    [Companies] Are You A Player?
    I believe the majority of marketers don’t have confidence in themselves or believe they are contributing enough to the company to win. I don’t mean to imply these aren’t real circumstances in most companies. Believe in yourself enough to prove that your marketing efforts are helping the company win. We're pleased to have a new guest blogger with this post.
    [Companies] 13 Email Examples That Totally Nailed Personalization
    This email serves as a great example of how to use a contact's search behavior to re-engage them with your company, and hopefully move them closer to a sale. This type of personalization could be extremely beneficial for a company looking to deliver more relevant messages to international leads or existing customers. Birchbox is a company that's fixated on personalization in all the right ways -- and all it takes is one glance at the header of this email to see why it's effective.
    [Companies] 10 Reasons why branding is even more important for start-ups
    In all situations or types of companies, perhaps the biggest challenge for management is to open their minds to new perspectives and creative ideas from outside their business. True branding can be a bewildering challenge for many managers: either they don’t completely understand the strategic benefits of authentic branding, and/or they assume that branding simply consists of a name, logo and proprietary graphics.
    [Companies] PowerViews with Anthony Iannarino: Changing Business Models
    Anthony is also the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, a boutique sales coaching and consulting company. My guest today is Anthony Iannarino, President and CSO for SOLUTIONS Staffing. In addition, he is author of The Sales Blog , where he writes about sales and selling, sales management, the sales process, and what it takes to succeed. You can also read his feature article Make 2013 Your Best Sales Year Ever in the January 2013 issue of Success Magazine.
    [Companies] CRM Evolution Conference: Mobile Really Does Change Everything About Marketing
    The trick will be to deliver value during every interaction – to optimize the journey from the customer’s perspective, not the company’s. Customers who haven’t bought yet (okay, they’re really prospects) still have some intention when interacting with us – presumably to learn something about our company or products so they can decide whether they want to do business.
  • VISUMCX  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [Companies] Lead Generation, Customer Experience & Empathy - An Interview With Brian Carroll
    Brian recently finished a stint as Chief Evangelist at MECLABS (parent company of MarketingSherpa) and is now back to helping B2B understand and execute modern lead generation and empathetic marketing. Carroll: Back when I was with MECLABS, MarketingSherpa, our sister company, did research and found over 72% of the marketers we surveyed send leads directly to sales without qualifying them.
    [Companies] 6 Tips for Marketers from Magic Johnson
    Magic told a story of how he worked for years to land a contract with Disneyland with his food service company SodexoMAGIC. Sirius Decisions Summit was in Nashville last week, and the one and only Magic Johnson delivered a truly inspired keynote presentation.
    [Companies] Aginity Puts a Customer Data Platform on an Analytical Appliance
    The other key feature is that CDPs are designed to be run by marketers, not IT staff, even though IT will usually play a role in connecting to company-managed data sources. The company’s clients are concentrated among large retailers but include some ecommerce, manufacturing, and other industries that handle large amounts of customer data. When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    [Companies] Social and Mobile Features Head the List of New Marketing Automation Capabilities
    But both approaches aim to place marketing automation at the center of a company’s customer management infrastructure. My sense is they’ll be more successful at small companies, where the labor savings of a unified system are most important because technology resources are most constrained. I’m getting ready for the next edition of the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST). This is based on nearly 200 questions to vendors, mostly about product features.
  • CHRIS KOCH  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010
    [Companies] Is lead generation killing marketing?
    What happens when you stake the value of your contribution to the company on something that you’ll never do as well as someone else? This was the gist of a very controversial assertion made by a senior marketer from a very well known B2B technology company during dinner at our ITSMA Marketing Leadership Forum (download highlights from the ITSMA Marketing Leadership Forum) when he said: “An overemphasis on leads is damaging our relationship with sales.”.
    [Companies] YouTube - What is LinkedIn? Part 2
    LinkedIn Company Profiles | March 20, 2008. Company Info. Close. Sign Up. QuickList ( 0 ). Sign In. Site: Home. Videos. Channels. Community. Upload. Videos. Channels. advanced. Loading. What is LinkedIn? Part 2. Rate: 1 ratings Sign in to rate. Views: 288. watch in standard quality. watch in high quality. Share. Favorite. Playlists. MySpace. Facebook. more share options ). fewer share options ). This video will appear on your blog shortly. Loading. Loading. Loading. Loading.
    [Companies] Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010
    Optimize company news for SEO benefit? So, if you’re stumped for an opening line the next time you’re drafting a press release, try something like “XYZ Company, the leading innovator of unique, customer-centric solutions, today announced an outside the box product which supports peak performance.&# Social media marketing, online PR and SEO are three tactics that are all powerful on their own, but have far more impact when used in a coordinated, synergistic manner.
    [Companies] Should Your Brand Hire People with Specialized or Generalized Marketing Skills?
    This is a blueprint other companies can, and should, follow. When all marketers focus on the tenets of strong brand storytelling—regardless of their campaign or marketing channel—then a natural organization of operations flows throughout the entire company. The main point of emphasis can center in on building that small, valuable audience—one that is extremely valuable to a B2B company, even if this type of targeting may not yield as much social success.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2016
    [Companies] 5 Minutes With SnapApp’s New SVP of Marketing
    I have a pretty diverse background in both startup and larger global tech companies in various roles. While there I worked closely with the sales and product teams to reposition the product, restructure the go-to-market strategy, and rebrand the company. Plus, joining at this specific stage of a rapidly expanding company , one that already has a strong customer base and a committed team which we are continuing to grow is very energizing and inspiring.
    [Companies] 9 Free B2B Marketing Reports You Need To Read Right Now
    If you aren't a superpower marketing demi-god, you probably don't have the resources to go survey thousands of companies and analyze the results to pinpoint industry trends. If I had a nickel for every time I read the phrase "big data" on the interwebs, I would be able to pay off all my college debt right now, and maybe even buy a candy bar. And for good reason: big data has transformed the marketing industry.
    [Companies] Don't Fix Your Marketing Process
    Henry Ford relentlessly, even obsessively, optimized his company to make Model T’s more efficiently. Summary: In a constantly changing world, flexibility is more important than optimization. Marketers need people, processes and technology that allow them to react quickly to new opportunities. The always-insightful Adam Needles is running a series of blog posts this week that summarize the “real state” of B2B demand generation.
    [Companies] How Content Marketing Impacts Your Bottom Line [Infographic]
    Within a year, the company shortened their sales cycle by 30%. The days of flooding the internet -- and even your own site -- with overly promotional content are gone. While traditional efforts like this may have worked in the past, many businesses are finding them to be less effective in today's increasingly contextual marketing world. As a result, they're turning toward more modern techniques to achieve a high return at a low cost. (On
    [Companies] Can Marketing and Sales Provoke Prospects to Change?
    Astute B2B marketing and sales professionals have long recognized that their toughest competitor isn't usually a company that provides an alternative product or service, but rather the processes or solutions that their prospects are already using - the status quo. By "legitimate prospects," I mean companies with problems, needs, or challenges that our products or services can effectively address.
    [Companies] What Is List Segmentation? [FAQs]
    These segments can be cut and combined a number of different ways: by psychographics, demographics, industry, company size, webpage views, number of downloads of your content -- you name it. If they provide you with more details, though, like where they work, their role at their company, and their business needs, now you add them to the appropriate list(s). Leads working at a company with 200 - 1,000 employees. We all like to focus on the sexy stuff.
    [Companies] Five Digital Media Marketing Lessons in Sandy’s Eye
    The digital communications efforts of utility companies and state and local governments have played a critical role in keeping communities apprised. During the day, the company is answering questions and providing updates via Twitter , and every evening it is sending an email update to all customers. Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife. I have a stock answer whenever I’m asked why I’m good at PR: “It’s all about the relationships.”
    [Companies] The Eight Best Online Tools for Sales Professionals
    Helpful for both marketing and sales teams, Whoisvisiting uses reverse IP lookup from several sources to identify visitors to your site; get the company name, contact details, website and other key information. It’s hardly news that B2B sales and marketing teams aren’t always on the same page. And it’s not just arguments over lead quality. According to research from IDC , over 40% of all marketing materials aren’t used by sales teams.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012
    [Companies] 10 Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing
    Great companies are always changing and evolving, and your customers expect it. What they don't expect (because too many companies haven't lived up to this end of the bargain) is to be told about those changes. As the Boston Globe highlighted eloquently on our behalf to announce today's launch of HubSpot's new email tools , email marketing is not dead!
    [Companies] Review: A Definitive Guide to ABM — That’s Actually Pretty Definitive!
    B2B companies of all sizes and industries are now implementing ABM and — often after an initial learning curve — are seeing consistently improved results on their campaigns. Most B2B companies are looking out on a marketplace that’s more crowded than ever (and we’ll keep saying that every year — and it’ll be true). 2017 is a pivotal year for account-based marketing, as ABM moves from “hype” to practical adoption and application.
    [Companies] C2C 2015 Recap: The Importance of Listening
    What can you hear that will really move the needle for your company? Last week, the SnapApp team was in Scottsdale, Arizona at the DemandGen Report B2B Content2Conversion conference and agreed it was definitely not one to be missed! Not only was the Arizona sun a great escape from the Boston snow, but the two days were filled with engaging and enlightening sessions by talented, inspiring speakers.
    [Companies] Behold the Business Value of Omni-Channel Orchestration
    And pay very close attention to the chasm that exists when it comes to year-over-year change in annual company revenue. If you think ours is not an omni-channel world, think again. The fact is we humans are using more and more channels to engage with everyone, including brands and marketers every single day. Just consider these stats : 15 years ago the average consumer typically used two touch-points when buying an item and only 7% regularly used more than four.
    [Companies] PowerViews with Bob Kelly: Redesigning Sales Process Basics
    He sets a context by noting The Sales Management Association is made up of sales and sales operations leaders in predominantly B2B selling organizations at medium-sized to large companies—with about 70% based in the U.S. It’s being redefined minute-by-minute in many industries and companies.”. However there are only about 15% of those companies that have actually gotten a mature implementation, and many others are experimenting right now.”.
    [Companies] So…What’s the Relevance of the Marketo IPO?
    Don’t get me wrong, the IPO filing is a big day in the life of a company and is a significant milestone. But that’s exactly, and only, what it is – a milestone for one company on a much longer journey. The market is wide open, with only 2% penetration of marketing automation systems across all companies and less than 30% penetration even in the sophisticated enterprise segment – but momentum is strong.
    [Companies] Define and Conquer: Tips to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment
    Here are two keys to marketing and sales alignment will help each team build the trust they need to attract and win revenue for their company — and live together in harmony. #1
    [Companies] Mautic Offers Free, Open Source Marketing Automation
    You can import a CSV file but not an Excel spreadsheet or other format; map the input file to database fields but not see a sample of the results; create custom fields but not custom tables; apply tags during the import but not link people within the same organization using a company field. The only real question about free, open source marketing automation from Mautic is what took so long.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 2015
    [Companies] Don't Make Them Wait: How to Reduce Page Weight on Your Website
    To help you benchmark the weight of your page, we dug into some performance tests run by the application optimization software company, Yottaa. However, keep in mind that the weight of your pages will vary depending on your company or industry. When it comes to your website pages, size matters. The smaller the file size of a page, the faster it will load for anyone who requests it. Makes sense, right? And people do notice how long a page takes to load.
    [Companies] 10 New Facebook Features Your Brand Needs To Know
    by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this If your company uses Facebook to drive online engagement, then you’ve likely noticed the flurry of enhancements the social media giant has made in recent months. Facebook is among the most transformative communications companies of our time. Using Facebook as your company.
    [Companies] Get Started With Marketing Automation: A Plan for the First Thirty Days
    It doesn’t matter whether you call leads “marketing qualified/sales accepted/sales qualified” or “cold/warm/hot”; what does matter is that everyone in your company uses the exact same terms, and that you agree on metrics that clearly and cleanly let you put the a lead in the correct bucket.
    [Companies] Is Mobile SEO Different from your Website’s SEO?
    If your business is not active in mile marketing, then you will miss a large opportunity to make B2B decision makers aware of your company, and the solutions you provide. So what are the best practices you can do as a company to optimize for mobile? However, the cost of creating a responsive web site can, for some companies, be prohibitive. A mobile website is a sensible approach for a company whose visitors would require very concise/overview content.
    [Companies] Best. MarTech. Ever. Coming this March in San Francisco
    Ram will describe the company’s pioneering D3 Studios initiative that brings together a divergent set of contributors — designers, creative people, data scientists, and people who can actually code — to “make magic happen” across exciting new marketing programs and projects. Andrew is a living legend in the growth hacking community — and one of my personal heros — who has advised a number of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016
    [Companies] Should You Pay for Content Distribution?
    So millions of companies gave up and deleted their Facebook accounts. If you’re a B2B company, and you’re looking for super-duper targeting when sharing your content, LinkedIn may be your new bff. As content creators, we have no choice but to remain humble because every time we publish an article, it’s one of 2 million blog posts being published on the same day.
    [Companies] How the Recommendation Engine Explosion is Changing Martech and Content Consumption
    As the Harvard Business Review eloquently states, developing a recommendation engine that’s focused on the customer experience is the next best use of your company’s data: “Perhaps the single most important algorithmic distinction between ‘born digital’ enterprises and legacy companies is not their people, data sets, or computational resources, but a clear real-time commitment to delivering accurate, actionable customer recommendations.
    [Companies] What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Goes AWOL?
    But experts beg to differ: They view the public failure as a major embarrassment to the company, and a stark cautionary tale for brands looking at similar technology. And while everyone is aware of the risks, no major tech company is willing to turn down the potential rewards of building a successful, popular AI solution. When an AI bot can’t handle 140 characters, how can brands entrust them with a company’s editorial calendar?
    [Companies] The Most Shared Phrases and Topics on LinkedIn [New Q3 Data]
    My company, ClearVoice, recently conducted a study that provides data and insight specifically on the most popular posts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is best known as the world's largest professional network -- in other words, users aren’t there to look at cat memes or read celebrity gossip. Instead, they're looking to connect with people in their industry , network, keep up with industry news, and look potential job opportunities.
    [Companies] Marketing Best Practices for the Practitioner: 4 Reasons to Invest in Online Advertising
    As a marketer, you know that branding is everything and the more visibility your company has – the likely a future prospect will contact you when it’s the right time for them to buy. There are so many online ads that may work for one company but not for another. It’s important to measure the marketing ROI on a regular basis to see which programs work best for your company, and your goals.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014
    [Companies] Dear HubSpot: My Mom Is the Only Person Reading My Blog
    Dear HubSpot, I work for a company that has an extremely long sales funnel, in a field that almost every business uses, but nobody wants to talk about. It’s one of those “if it isn’t broken, why would we bother looking to fix it” I’ve just started working here, and prior to me, the company did not have a blog or any real SEO work done. Hey folks, welcome to the second installment of this column.
    [Companies] How Do You Trigger Interest in Your Content? [Marketing Cast]
    It is a good idea to pick a case study of a company that is doing something similar and examine their strategy. But there are a ton of other companies from different industries practicing the same religion. You might be already convinced in the value of content creation for marketing purposes. But how do you go about creating the type of content that will trigger the most interest in your target audience?
    [Companies] Retrofitting Blogs and Converting Industrial Websites into Blog Sites
    I am seeing more manufacturers and industrial companies willing to try inbound marketing with content. Some companies need help setting up their business blogs but for most, the biggest obstacle is creating content. In my opinion, content curation alone is not enough if you want your industrial blog to establish thought leadership and highlight your company’s expertise. Does your industrial company have a blog site or did you add a blog to an existing one?
    [Companies] The Objections Meeting
    A great company goes one step further and holds a regular meeting to go over these. Third, building a list of common objections and making sure all of your sales people are on the same page keeps a very consistent message across the company. Does your company have sales objection meetings? What is a sales objection meeting?
    [Companies] Why Media Consumption Statistics Shouldn't Drive Marketing Investments
    Meeker's data does suggest that companies are over-investing in print advertising and under-investing in mobile. But are high-level media consumption statistics a reliable guide for how companies should spend their advertising and marketing dollars? Lack of Specificity Broad consumption patterns usually aren't specific enough to provide effective guidance for an individual company.
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