Building Your B2B Startup’s Core Values for Success

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When building a startup, most Founders work according to a mental check list. Startup founders love working their way down, across and back up the list, ticking off the successful achievements and adding more goals along the way. This is the most important activity in startup marketing.

Gender Diversity in the Startup World: 10 Startups making an impact

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Although we're nowhere near equal numbers, startups are seeing not just the ethical but also the business argument for diversity. In honor of International Women's Day, we chose 10 leading B2B startups that are either founded by women , or make a significant effort to embrace diversity.


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How to Use Influencer Marketing at a Fast-Growth Startup

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As a growth hacking digital marketer in the funded startup world, I regularly see the hustle-filled journey from startup inception to market-conquering results. This article will look at how influencer marketing may have a role within a startup’s marketing mix. Influencers are all in a position of authority within their community. In either case, startup founders and growth marketers would be foolish to ignore the potential impact of influencer marketing.

LiveIntent fosters a supportive and engaging pet community


This is why we’ve not only cultivated a community for LiveIntent pet owners and animal lovers alike, but we also offer several benefits and perks for our employees’ furry companions. Cross-community engagement. LiveIntent Culture Employee culture Startup Life

How Anyword Helps Startup Founders Find Their Language/Market Fit


Typically, a startup’s first step is to prove that they have a strong product market fit. However, a new term has popped up in the industry that’s proving to be just as important as a startup’s product market fit: the language/market fit.

5 SaaS Startups with Creative Social Media Marketing Strategies

So for anyone looking to start a business in the SaaS space, here are five startups doing SaaS marketing right. Sleeknote, a Danish SaaS startup that helps users quickly and easily create eye-catching, impactful website popups, gets this exactly right.

How to Market a Startup, Part 1: Branding, Customer, and Messaging


Most startup founders aren’t marketing professionals. But there are half a dozen or so things about marketing that startup founders need to think about and get right in order to turn their dream, their idea, their passion into an ongoing, profitable business. But from the standpoint of a startup founder, the three key elements to think about at the outset are company name, logo, and design elements (fonts, colors, etc.).

The Ultimate Guide to Startups


You might be in the midst of launching a startup. Maybe you’ve planned out your path into the world of startups and have yet to start … or perhaps you’ve simply dreamed about your startup behind-the-scenes. Startups mean different things to different people. Startups

PR for B2B Startups: How to Boost Your Exposure

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Is PR for B2B startups really necessary? While you may think that you have the stand-out ideas and product to ensure startup stardom, let's consider a couple facts. Every year, around 100 million startups are launched throughout the world. Sometimes all it takes is knowing the right PR strategies for startups to get your business the exposure to catapult you to success. Why PR Is Important for Startup Success. But what PR strategies for startups should you use?

Startup Success the Community Way

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If you want an in-depth look at these types of trials and tribulations, check out the podcast, StartUp. As CMX Hub’s David Spinks wrote about in this post , venture capital funds have a surprising solution for smoothing out the trials and tribulations of being a founder -- community. Anyone can invest -- community is more important than ever. But rarely does any company have a loaded hand, and funding -- or lack of funding -- is often the biggest obstacle for most startups.

7 Startup PR Strategies That Will Bring You to the Top

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Startup PR can be a rough sea to navigate in the beginning. Yet, many startups flounder a little when it comes to press interviews. Let’s face it -- journalist interviews present a new challenge to any startup. Startup PR Strategies to Help Your Next Press interview. Your goal should be to bring valuable content to your community, not to steal PR just because you can. -- Jayson Demers. Once you get that press interview, you’re on your way.

HG Honors Pride Month and the LGBTQIA+ Community

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We honor the legacy of the Stonewall Uprising , the LGBTQIA+ community ’s long-fought struggle for civil rights that many of us take for granted, and the resilience and strength of this community that has experienced discrimination and prejudice. Donate to the LGBTQ+ community.

How Your Startup Can Overcome Content Marketing Challenges

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Mistakes Are Amplified For Startups. Startups and young companies face particularly challenging early years as owners and vested staff strive like crazy to gain precious traction (read: survive). If you own a startup and decide to put content marketing on the back burner until your product is perfect (or you have more time, or a larger staff, have an uber tight plan in place, or…), you may miss the benefits of early investment. Startups, The Odds Are Against You.

How to Explode Your Startup PR with Growth Hacking

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Startup PR can feel like a monumental task. How do you get your startup to stand out in this news rush? Growth hacking has been used in the marketing efforts of such B2C startups as Uber and AirBnB. Despite its differences, startups in B2B would do well to incorporate some of the principles of growth hacking into their repertoire of B2B marketing strategies. How Can You Use Growth Hacking in Your Startup PR Strategy? PR and Marketing for Startups

How to Build a Meaningful (and Massive) Community, From Someone Who’s Done it Twice

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You probably already know the value of building a community behind your brand: more powerful word of mouth, stronger customer retention, better organic growth. If the cheapest customer is always your existing one, the easiest community to build is the one you already have.

8 Lead Generation Ideas for Startups


Lead generation can be challenging for startup companies. As a startup, you have to be smart about your lead generation strategies because you will likely have fewer resources to spend on marketing functions. Here are some lead generation ideas that can help make life a little easier for your startup: 1. Promote your startup business and gain more authority by responding to queries via Q&A sites like Quora and relevant forums.

A School for Startups: An Interview with’s Sarah Hodges


First, entrepreneur and investor Dave Balter and I have seen a tremendous amount of energy emerge in the Boston start-up community. Second, whether you’re working as the lone marketer inside a startup, or as a member of a fast-paced team in a larger company, it’s easy to hit a professional development wall. is focused on one core mission — promoting community building in Boston through the transfer of skills.

8 Lead Generation Ideas for Startups


Lead generation can be challenging for startup companies. As a startup, you have to be smart about your lead generation strategies because you will likely have fewer resources to spend on marketing functions. Here are some lead generation ideas that can help make life a little easier for your startup: 1. Promote your startup business and gain more authority by responding to queries via Q&A sites like Quora and relevant forums.

5 Lead Generation Ideas for Effective Startup Marketing


Effective lead generation and startup marketing require smart goals and a clear vision of where you want to be, and how you will get there. This is particularly important, given that just 10% of startups actually succeed. Lead Generation Ideas for Startups. Free startup listing.

No code app creators, startups, and the future of enterprise marketing


Bubble recently published a No-Code Census 2020 , conducted with 741 participants in the no code community. The stat I found most interesting was the pie chart at the top of this post: 30% of “no coders” in the census worked at startups.

Product Marketing Strategy For SaaS Startups

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It’s rare in this decade to find a startup or medium sized business putting up billboards or paying for advertising space in newspapers. Like most startups, at its commencement, the SaaS company didn’t have a client list to write home about. Introduction.

A Strategic Approach to Digital Marketing for Startups


The success of a startup firm depends critically on its digital marketing capabilities and associated actions. As startups, your email marketing strategy requires thoughtful planning which can give your businesses a competitive edge. Introduction.

5 Best Twitter Marketing Tips for Your Startup

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Several innovative startups begin with great motives and ideas that could really make a difference; however, because of the lack of proper marketing, many of them fail to gain recognition. You can even add your startup’s location on your profile.

30 SaaS product ideas and examples for startup companies

accelerate agency

This means starting up a startup in SaaS could be a lucrative venture—and even an overnight success, so long as you do your homework and establish that there’s a gap in the market for your solution. . A quick guide to find an SaaS startup idea. SaaS CRM startups.

How to Kickstart Your Startup PR with Little to No Expense

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The road that startups travel is often long and treacherous -- the successes brief, the periods of frustration seemingly endless. Then don’t let your startup PR fall through the cracks. Generate Your Own Startup PR. Too many startups in my experience think a great idea can sell itself. If that were the case, we'd have many more successful startups than we do since everyone at some point has a great idea.

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Five Actionable Tips for Growing a Successful Startup Business on a Budget


You can learn a great deal and avoid some potentially costly missteps by studying the experiences of modern startups, such as in the founders and entrepreneurs interview series here or the example of Tim Chen. You might not be familiar with Chen’s name, but he offers a prime example of how to grow and scale a successful startup on a budget. How to Grow and Scale Your Startup Business on a Budget. Guest post by Bill Acholla.

5 Startup Marketing Ideas That Actually Work


Are you new to the startup game, and even newer to the content marketing game? With all the work that goes into starting a business, there's little time to think about marketing strategies that prove successful and are feasible for a startup's teams to execute. Startup Marketing Ideas.

B2B Reads: Startups, Loyalty Programs, and the 7×7 Rule

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Should You Join a Startup During the Pandemic? A look at some of the appeal and risks of joining a startup during COVID. Marketers are community-minded people, so who better to ask what to expect in 2021 than our experts and peers.

Google-Backed Startup “Smarterer” Wants To Reinvent The Resume


Wading into these muddy waters is Smarterer , a Google-backed startup that officially launches today. Founded in October, the Boston startup already boasts an impressive roster of backers. The results are scored relative to the community of users and broken into three tiers “smart,” smarter” and “smarterer.” The startup even goes so far as to make it impossible to hide your score on its site.

6 mistakes to avoid in the early stages of a startup

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Most startups fail in the first year. This is simply because this is the most crucial time in a startup’s journey: Moving from the idea stage to the market. To help your startup succeed, here are the six mistakes to avoid in the early stages of a startup. .

Startup B2B Marketing in Action: From seed to exit in 24 months (A Portshift & CISCO story)

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"Obviously it's an amazing feeling, having a huge corporation such as Cisco acquiring a small startup from Tel Aviv." They were a small startup that was relatively unknown.

The 5 Things You Must Keep In Mind When Choosing The Tech Stack For Your Startup

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If you’ve been facing such issues, know that you aren’t alone, and almost every single person with a startup and a non-technical background comes across this issue. If you don’t want to face issues in this, then always choose a dynamic developer community tech stack.

IFundWomen's Guide to Cultivating an Inclusive and Engaged Digital Community

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Their strength is in their community. They’ve identified a powerful marketing channel to help these women bring their visions to life: digital community. I manage our digital communities through social media strategy, Slack engagement, and e-mail marketing.

Growth Mentor, the best growth marketing community

There are lots of meetups about the startup and growth space, but mostly in startup hubs like London, San Francisco, New York, Berlin or Barcelona. A community where you can learn about items that are dear to you and do it remotely? The community is built by mentors and mentees.

Top 20 B2B Startup Marketing Influencers in 2019

A Better Jones

If you’re trying to conjure up any B2B startup marketing influencers who are worth following,’re gonna have quite a bit more trouble. The following are our favorite sales and marketing professionals who are effective influencers in the B2B startup community , listed in no particular order. If you’re in sales or marketing, or working with startups in any way, these are definitely the people you want to have in your Twitter feed.

A Guide To Navigating Startups as a Marketing Leader


It can’t be understated: Being a marketing leader of a startup can be crazy and chaotic. Out of the million tech startups formed every year, only 60% make it to series A, 20% make it to series B, and only 200 go IPO. Creating a successful tech startup can be a near impossible task.

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Accelerators


Startup life can be lonely. One of these programs is the startup accelerator. Startup accelerators aren’t right for everyone, and they can be competitive, exhaustive programs. Read through this guide to better understand what startup accelerators entail and if they are right for your business. It’s common for startups to enter accelerators in hopes of walking away with funding from investors. This has allowed even more startups to learn, improve, and grow.

Content Community Pioneers: OpenView Labs


With a community-based approach to content creation. In our latest installment of Content Community Pioneers , I’d like to give them a long overdue shout-out, and take a closer into what’s made them so successful, so that your brand might do the same. As demonstrated by the OpenView team, a community-based approach to content gives you the ability to strike a balance between quality and volume — something very few brands achieve.

Who Is Ruling the Community?

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Let’s talk about the moving mechanism behind the community. It may sound excessive to say that community is about people, because we all know it to be true. But focusing on all of the important players is essential once the community’s values, goals and subsequent activities, which need to be taken in order to achieve the goals, are ironed out. Think about community as a mini-society. This is exactly what’s happening with communities. Community Manager.

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The Essential Denver Startup Week Guide


Last year, over 180 events, 700 companies and 7,800 startup community members filled out Denver Startup Week. Now, we’re exactly one week away from the [4th annual Denver Startup Week]([link