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Tips on Paid Social Media Advertising

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You have chosen the right social channels for your association, created your content calendar and embarked on a successful journey to engage with farmers through social media. Your team is posting relevant, timely information and your community is engaged. Paid social media expands your audience beyond current followers.

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Content Marketing and Social Media: 25 Insights and Stats from Three Research Reports


Nearly three-quarters of companies plan to maintain or grow their content marketing teams over the next year. Social media managers are actually (slightly) happier working in the office rather than hybrid or remote. And lead gen campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are 10X more expensive than brand awareness advertising.


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7 Digital Marketing Services Every Business Needs

Marketing Insider Group

Before you succumb to the hype and hire a social media intern or go all out with paid search ads, you need to consider digital marketing services. Hiring in-house help is an expensive way to boost your social media presence, and paid search ads only generate about 5% of traffic.

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Understanding the Difference Between Earned, Paid, and Owned Media

SmartBug Media

In today's digital marketing landscape, it is essential to understand the difference between earned, paid, and owned media. From website content to social ads, each type of media has its own benefits, and they can be used in combination with one another to maximize effectiveness. Keep reading.

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Maximize Your Social Impact: Top 5 Paid Social Media Agencies

Single Grain

Running paid advertising campaigns on social media has become a staple in any digital marketing strategy. But in an ever-changing environment where bids rise and new ad types become available, advertisers struggle to stay up to date with the latest changes. Is It Worth Hiring a Paid Social Media Agency?

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The Antidote to AI Taking Over SEO: Publish More Content?

Marketing Insider Group

Well folks, sharpen your pitchforks and abandon the marketing strategy we’ve been swearing by for 10+ years because industry influencers have delivered a shocking exposé: AI is taking over Marketing. A few whispers of crazy AI claims and the entire marketing community is up in flames! AI is not taking over SEO.

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How to Humanize Your Brand with Authentic Content

Marketing Insider Group

Marketing success boils down to one thing: your audience’s trust. When you humanize your brand with authentic content, you can build the kind of trust that makes your company the go-to authority in its field. Just follow their lead with authentic content that gives your brand a human face. Use Humor to Build Connections.

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