Online communities are the best thing about the internet


Recently, all I hear when it comes to virtual online communities on the radio, the internet, or TV is how passionate, intimate, and persistent online communities are either: 1) bubbles within which all the denizens are echo chamber zombies or 2) they’re traps for naïfs and nerds who are one kind word away from being radicalized into violent extremism. The Meta Network in general and the Fire Conference, in particular, helped me through my 20s.

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, as I’ve been heads down working on my keynote for the upcoming MarTech conference. How marketing operations can govern these powers for the greater good.


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The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


Michael Brenner was SAP ’s pioneer in developing the powerful Internet marketing strategy of building a website community to serve the information needs of top-of-the-funnel business buyers, to generate leads and “own the category.” The project turned into a huge community relations win, with enormous press coverage, books, films, and even the birth of an in-house employee-driven photography project. “I BIIA’s most recent conference in Bangkok was a sellout.

Funnel 132

15 government communications leaders getting crisis response right during COVID-19

Sprout Social

Almost overnight, public information officers and digital media directors in government agencies across the country had to switch gears into what’s looking like a long-haul crisis response. link] via @GOVERNING cc: @ELGL50 @GovernmentSM. Subject: US Government? ????)

Pivoting from a Sales Engagement Conference to a Successful Virtual Summit in 8 Weeks


The past few months were a whirlwind as we planned, prepared for, and executed the Unleash Virtual Summit, the largest virtual sales conference in the country. We all brushed it off — there was no way we would cancel our largest conference of the year six weeks out!

Canceling the MarTech Conference scheduled for next month and sharing our updated plans ahead


An update on a marketing technology conference right now should be kept in perspective. The MarTech conference that was scheduled for April 15-17 is officially canceled. I want to thank all of them for being willing to share their experiences with our community. I am confident that the martech professional community will rally, and together we will do our part to help businesses come through stronger on the other side of this. Hey, I hope you’re doing okay.

From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories

Buzz Marketing for Technology

From shared databases to communities of practice: A taxonomy of collaboratories. From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories. The types are: Distributed Research Centers, Shared Instruments, Community Data Systems, Open Community Contribution Systems, Virtual Communities of Practice, Virtual Learning Communities, and Community Infrastructure Projects. Community Data Systems. Virtual Community of Practice.

Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late. : Community Group Therapy

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I’ve done a number of workshops the past few months with clients designed to do two primary things: Land a common understanding across the teams involved around what social media, communities and influencer programs really are and more importantly why it matters to a business. I’d like to say I’m getting this codified down to a common process such that each workshop is easier to repeat, but the reality is they are each governed by some of their own unique characteristics.

May Monthly Round-Up


Pollen is still in the air, COVID-19 still has us working from home, and through it all, our sales engagement community has pulled together like never before. As May passed by in the blink-of-an-eye, a few things remain true for us in June.

Staying Connected During a Crisis—A Quick Note From Our CEO


Now, more than ever, social media represents an unprecedented way to reach people, coordinate government responses, and keep businesses close to their customers during this disruptive time. So we’re planning an experiential virtual conference for the summer.

Prognostications, Predictions And Hot Topics For 2021


Has experience in handling misinformation and has knowledge on how it will continue to be a key challenge and focus for governments and Big Tech. CEO, JEM & Distinguished Principal Fellow, The Conference Board, former senior executive, Thomson Reuters. Welcome to 2021!

Survey: Most B2B Marketing Writers Aren’t in Direct Contact with Customers

Sword and the Script

less-than half (48%) participate in online communities with their audience. Below are several ideas – that also support the development of a governing program. Don’t sit in the booth at conferences – go to the sessions.

Survey 105

Top 20 Cybersecurity Trade Shows for 2021: Coming to a screen OR venue near you.

Marketing Envy

But with vaccines rolling out around the globe, some conference organizers are planning in-person events in 2021. It features speakers from government bodies, new startup founders, and established industry thought leaders. RSA Conference 2021.

Let's Rock, Rattle and Roll at AUDC in Austin!

Higher Logic

We’re heading out to Austin, TX this Thursday and Friday for the annual Abila Users & Developers Conference (AUDC), one of our favorite tradeshows of the year. It’s a full line-up of sessions and events on technology, nonprofit and association management and government experts. Check out the AUDC community. If you use Abila or are attending AUDC for the first time, peruse their online community for a ton of discussions, event details and networking opportunities.

The Top Research Organizations for Your B2B Tech Product Strategy

Golden Spiral

resources covering key topics, including coding, privacy and security, information governance, health informatics, and more. It is one of the largest, most influential healthcare industry organizations, and more than 45,000 health IT professionals attend the HIMSS conference every year. an interactive facility for events, open-source community tools, and education. The Independent Community Bank Association (ICBA) creates an environment where community banks flourish.

Top Cybersecurity Trade Shows for 2019 – Mark Your Calendars

Marketing Envy

This IBM-hosted conference is at the top of our list of cybersecurity trade shows for the third year running – and it’s not just because it’s the first major industry conference of the year. Highlights will include IBM’s Research Science Slam: Predicting 5 Innovations to Help Change Our Lives in the Next 5 Years and the Community Day which will discuss today’s technology and ideas for tomorrow. RSA Conference 2019. There’s never enough hours in the day. We know.

Corporate Purpose Becoming a Prerequisite for Recovery


This article originally appeared on The Conference Board. Still, many public companies have put short-term returns over investment in their workforce – and have been rewarded for it by the investment community.

The Pros of Living through a Coronavirus Crisis


Ironically, we may actually come closer together with other humans, worldwide, even as we are forced to practice social distancing (creating gaps between us of at least four feet) in our local communities.

Skype 166

Seismic Response to COVID-19


Seismic Community. Like many other companies around the world, and under the guidance of the CDC, WHO and local governments, we have instructed our employees to work from home. Many of us feel uneasy right now. I know I do.

What is the International Association of Privacy Professionals? Why Should Marketers Care?


A: The IAPP is an international professional organization with more than 15,000 members, coming from government, academia and civil society, in 80 countries around the world. government (CIPP/G) and IT (CIPP/IT). It demonstrates an understanding of privacy program governance and the skills necessary to establish, maintain and manage a privacy program across all stages of its operational life cycle.

Executive Insights: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Eric Martin of SAP Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

While participating in the fall 2019 ITSMA Marketing Vision conference, I attended some informative SAP sessions discussing their innovative use of ABM. What type of measurements do you have in place and how is that supported by regular governance and reviews with stakeholders?

Interview with Tony Baer

Onalytica B2B

Bio: One of Ovum’s most visible analysts, Tony Baer is a recognized authority in extending data management practices, governance, and analytics to address Big Data. I became an expert by studying the industry and best practices, and becoming involved in online forums and conferences where I learned about data science from top experts, and following top journals and portals such as KDnuggets and Data Science Central, and being part of communities such as DataDrivenNYC.

Portal 100

The Four Biggest Content Marketing Pain Points

Marketing Insider Group

The lack of a chief content officer or well defined governance process results in no central authority to lead and direct the content creation process. Create a content governance structure that aligns with future state. This involves overlaying inputs from multiple points such as SEO reports, listening scans, CMS & CRM data, conference reports, sales insights, customer insights and research reports, etc.

Seven Ugly Truths About Content Marketing


We could use that money for a conference.” I countered with addressing the great benefit of digital and paid content, “While the conference might be worth wild, you may only reach maybe 50-75 people at one time for an hour. While you are sleep, your content is seen in other parts of the world that far exceed the face-to-face conference.”

The Complete List of Professional Journalism Groups and Organizations


Now more than ever, journalists need to rely on a sense of community of professional groups and organizations made up of fellow journalists for personal and professional support. Joining a professional journalism organization or group creates initiatives to give back to the community.

The Straightforward Guide to RFIs


NASA is seeking information from educational institutions, science museums, and other appropriate organizations about the community's ability to acquire and display a Space Shuttle Orbiter after the vehicles are retired from flight status.". Government of Canada.

RFI 55

Cyberbullying: Is Your Brand Safe by Design?

Martech Advisor

Carlos Figueiredo, Director of Community, Trust & Safety, Two Hat Security validates the theory that brands need to think about how they are viewed in the context of the overall conversation happening in a social community.

What B2B Marketers Can Learn About Buyers Without Trying Too Hard

KoMarketing Associates

Chances are you’ve attended a few conferences over the years, with the useless swag in your bottom desk drawer to prove it. There you may find less commercialism and glad-handing, and more chances to begin meaningful, insightful relationships with others who have moved beyond the social aspect of conferences. is a deep well of information, free courtesy of the US government. People don’t always tell you what they’re thinking.

The many splendid varieties of marketing technologists in 2020: martech roles and archetypes


So when Henry Powderly , VP of content at Third Door Media (the producers of the MarTech conference and publishers of MarTech Today ), asked me last week what I thought the current “archetypes” of marketing technologists were, I found the question irresistibly intriguing.

Best Events in 2020 to Improve Your Marketing Automation Game

TrustRadius Marketing

Price: $2095, Full Conference Pass. Industries represented include: Automotive B2B Consumer Goods Financial Services and Insurance Government Healthcare High Tech Media and Entertainment Retail and eCommerce Travel and Hospitality. Community passes do not grant reservation privileges.

Conductor’s Plan to Protect Our Team’s Health, Wellness and Safety


We also host small events, like dinners, meetups, and workshops, and large events like C3, our global conference. We’ve taken our global marketing conference C3 virtual. Meetings with vendors and business partners when necessary will happen through video conference.

2020: Outreach’s Year in Review


Launched the premier interactive community for sales professionals. Sales Hacker , which was acquired by Outreach in 2018, launched a new digital community to help sales professionals connect with one another in the remote world. Grit is one of our core values.

How to Market a Startup, Part 1: Branding, Customer, and Messaging


WorkOutLoud (software for building customer communities). Organization: the type of company (industry) or other other enterprise (nonprofits, government agencies, universities, etc.) ” Now, if your job involved planning and executing large, multi-day conferences with 10,000 or more attendees, you’d be aware that there are more than a dozen event marketing platforms on the market. Most startup founders aren’t marketing professionals.

Microsoft shares their marketing stack in the Stackies, and it’s awesome


Thanks to the generous transparency of all those who contribute their stacks, the marketing community as a whole learns a tremendous amount from these real-world examples. They’ve separated three “tracks” of technology governance — systems of record, systems of differentiation, and systems of innovation — that can be managed according to a pace-layered application strategy (Gartner).

The Entrepreneur Interview Series #20: Lewis Werner, Quill Security Technology


They weren’t able to act as strategic advisors to corporate governance. Instead,we focused on joining conferences and professional associations where we heard the same things over and over: “I need more support from leadership.” “I The physical security industry is broken.

76 Tech/Marketing Companies that Are Giving Away Free Stuff During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Single Grain

Vector graphics editor Affinity is helping to support the creative community during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a 90-day free trial of all the Mac and Windows versions of the whole Affinity suite. All students, teachers, hospital and government workers get unlimited Krisp for free.

Course 103

Business Continuity | Reinvention & Digital Transformation


As stay-at-home orders and social distancing went into effect and business trips, conferences, and gatherings of any significant size were canceled, we were quickly reminded of how vital the face-to-face human connection is to doing business.