Is Co-Registration a Lead Generation Tactic to Consider?


I recently re-discovered the concept of co-registration as another means of capturing email addresses of interested prospects. What is Co-registration Lead Generation? (or, or, Co-Reg). If you ever signed up for a newsletter from a publisher, and you check a box that gives the publisher permission to send you related offers from advertisers, that’s where co-registration begins. They provide their email address to receive this information.

How To Use Online Holiday Shopping to Grow Your Email List

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Zoom gatherings and online shopping wishlists are the norm, hastening an increasingly digital culture and creating greater competition in email Inboxes and ad marketplaces. You can use this increased online activity to your advantage through co-registration.


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How To Develop A Marketing Strategy For An Unsubscribed Email List

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You’ve got a solid email list. And a great email marketing strategy for turning sends into sales. But every email list could be bigger. And every unsubscribe list could be smaller. The key is to put those unsubscribed email addresses to work for you with a campaign to win back unsubscribers. You can’t email someone who already opted out of your list. But once you do, your email marketing strategy will be working twice as hard for you.

Jumpstart Your Business By Growing Your Email List

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The secret could be as simple as your email list. An email database is only good as the active subscribers on it. Over time, for any number of reasons, some users stop opening or clicking on your emails. You can even retarget lapsed subscribers who used to be on your list.

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Three Quick Ways to Improve CCPA Compliance

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Opt-in advertising allows you to generate leads without landing pages , eliminating costly and time-consuming development in favor of safe, secure and simple co-registration. Co-registration makes it incredibly easy for new subscribers to join your email list.

How To Use Leap Year to Generate More Leads

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When it comes to lead generation, and especially co-registration, time is of the essence. This could be a list of 29 reasons to purchase your product or service, or a bonus tip in a more actionable article. Add An Extra Send In Your Lead Nurturing Email Series.

How To: Start the New Year with a Clean Email List

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But did you know your email list could use a cleaning, too? Purging old, inactive addresses is good for the health of your email list overall and could improve your email performance. . Segment Your Email List.

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How to Rebuild Your Email List After GDPR

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GDPR has come into effect, and with it, far-reaching implications for email marketers around the world. When it comes to email marketing, this means a sender must have proof of consent for every address they include in their distribution. Your email list could have just gotten a lot smaller. Here’s how to rebuild your email list with opt-in advertising. Review Your Current Email List For GDPR Compliance.

11 Red Flashing Warning Signs of Email Deliverability Problems Ahead


Nothing can destroy your email marketing performance quite like email deliverability problems. But, honestly, email deliverability problems are rarely a surprise if you know what to look out for. During my nearly 10 years focused on deliverability, I’ve noticed a number of events that often precede email deliverability problems: 1. Changing Email Service Providers. This is perhaps the biggest change you can make to your email program.

Using Double Opt-In to Maintain List Quality

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Opt-in advertising is one of the most efficient ways to grow your email list. But did you know that it can also be used to improve your email list quality? Double opt-in is a simple way to take opt-in advertising by validating email addresses to maintain a qualified email database full of actionable leads. It’s a win-win that helps your email list in a number of ways. Double Opt-In Builds Email List Quality.

Industry Spotlight: Email Marketing at Nonprofits


Every industry does email marketing a little differently. As with other organizations, email marketing is critical for nonprofits. Nearly 79% of nonprofits say email marketing is important to the overall success of their organization. However, nonprofits are especially challenged when it comes to email resourcing in terms of staffing and tools. That has led to major challenges and only 44% of nonprofits saying their email program is successful. List size.

Two Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads Without Landing Pages

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So whether you need brand new leads, or you want to maximize your unsubscriber list, we can help you generate leads without landing pages quickly and easily. . If you’ve got an unsubscriber list (and just about everyone does) then you are sitting on an untapped goldmine of potential leads.

4 Things You Need to Do Before Running Facebook Ads

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Segment Your List. You’ve got a customer list, and that customer list is likely on Facebook, too. You can also upload your unsubscriber list to target users you can’t email. Like a social media abandoned cart email.)

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New Year, New Lead Generation Resolutions

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Double opt-in can help you ensure your have verifiable proof of consent for your email list, and is a great first step towards developing your own data privacy guidelines. So what if you could retarget unsubscribed email addresses? Expand Your Email List.

What It Really Means To Generate Leads Without Landing Pages

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Co-registration allows users to quickly and easily opt-in directly on the site they are already browsing. If you can’t email unsubscribers, how do you retarget them? We take your unsubscribe list and hash the data to anonymize the users. Then we pre-ping websites to discover where and when your unsubscribed users are browsing and target them with specific opt-in advertising designed to win them back and resubscribe email addresses to your database.

Back To School: Four Lead Generation Lessons to Learn Now

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Here are a few must-reads if you are looking to generate leads without landing pages or want to grow your email list more quickly and efficiently. Single opt-in and double opt-in are two different methods of consent, most often used in relation to email. How To: Activate Your Email List Through Opt-In Advertising. But what about email engagement? Low open and click-through rates can hurt not just your email campaign, but your whole email marketing list.

The Top 3 Benefits of Opt-In Advertising

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Single opt-in and double opt-in are two different methods of consent, most often used in relation to email. But when we talk about opt-in advertising, we’re talking about users who are opting in to your email list through an ad shown on a third-party site, typically through a co-registration form where their information has already been pre-populated for an easy opt-in. Let’s assume you’ve got a list of unsubscribed email addresses; everybody does.

How to Measure Your Content Marketing Effectiveness

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At CMI, one of our primary goals is getting new email subscribers , as this goal is a key to our business model. e-books, our blog, webinars, co-registration opportunities, etc.). However, we’ve found it’s more important to track conversions to email subscription, topics of interest, and registrations for a CMI activity such as Content Marketing World. And we weren’t capturing conversions our tweets, posts, and emails delivered each month.

Marketing Hierarchy of Needs: Achieving Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness

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co-registration, email list purchases, etc.) Every year, around Halloween, organizations meet to begin the battle for budget allocations for the New Year. For marketers, the news is good overall. According to research from IDC and Forrester, marketing spending is anticipated to increase between 3 to 5% for 2011.

5 Strategic Business Lessons From Game Of Thrones


If you are in retail, leveraging co-registration programs for channels like email can help to bolster the active list sizes of both organizations. To see Oracle Marketing Cloud’s partner list you can click here. Consider leveraging emerging channels such as SMS, web push, and mobile push to gain ample list sizes while larger companies are focusing on more traditional channels.