So It’s Your First Day as the CMO…


Extending far beyond traditional marketing tactics, today’s CMO shoulders vast and complex responsibilities that now span technology, analytics, revenue and—above all—measurable impact. Success as a new CMO depends on knowing your product really, really well.

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Announcing: Fast CMO Edition 6


We're excited to announce the publication of Fast CMO magazine edition 6. It's a collection of perspectives on managing B2B marketing teams and organizations. Jeff Schmitz , CMO at Zebra Technologies, talks to us about the critical areas CMOs need to focus on today. Fast CMO

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How Does A CMO Build A Modern Marketing Organization?

Marketing Insider Group

Today’s modern marketing organization is complex, and requires purposeful planning and a combination of talent, technology, and consumer insights in order to have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. The post How Does A CMO Build A Modern Marketing Organization?

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Organic vs paid social media: 12 myths vs realities


To understand organic vs paid social media, here are 12 myths vs realities. AS MY SOCIAL FOOTPRINT GROWS, SO DOES ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA REACH. Organic Facebook Reach has been on a steady decline. LARGE BRANDS WITH LOTS OF LIKES HAVE GREATER ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: Myth.

Lead Gen and Engagement: Find your Marketing Sweet Spot

Speaker: Dawn Colossi, CMO, FocusVision

Dawn Colossi, CMO of FocusVision and a recognized leader in data-driven marketing strategy, has answers based on hard won experience. How to influence organization-wide lead generation strategy change. A shift is occurring for B2B Marketers.

How a CMO Can Build a Modern Marketing Organization

Modern Marketing

Part of the above is culled directly from a new report from The CMO Club and Oracle Marketing Cloud entitled, appropriately enough: The CMO Solution Guide – Building A Modern Marketing Organization. But as Kathy Button-Bell, CMO of Emerson says, things are changing.

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Announcing Fast CMO Magazine Edition 5


That's why we started Fast CMO magazine. In this issue, you'll learn from some successful leaders: Asim Zaheer , CMO at Hitachi Vantara, describes how he transformed a multi-billion dollar hardware/software/services business into a single integrated company. Fast CMO

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What Type of CMO Do You Have?


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the ANNUITAS blog– and we’re very pleased to be back – but we’ve spent the last year creating a lot of new content centered on helping our customers find the answer to a very specific question: What type of CMO do you have? Lack of Trust in the CMO. Two Types of CMO. The Fournaise definition of an “ROI Marketer” stands up really well as a description of a Revenue-Focused CMO. So, What type of CMO do you have?

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Talk to The Data to Become a Data Driven Organization (with Lisa Joy Rosner, Neustar CMO)

Crimson Marketing

Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of information services and analytics firm Neustar, has a unique perspective on this transformation. Lisa Joy Rosner is the CMO of Neustar, the pioneer and industry leader of real time cloud based information services and analytics.

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The Future of Marketing and the Changing Role of the CMO

Marketing Insider Group

According to a recent report by Forrester, 88% of organizations agree that the role of the CMO has changed in the last couple of years, and will continue to change over the next two years.

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James Thomas, Allocadia CMO: What Marketing Metrics Matter the Most to Your Organization? [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

The role of the CMO and the nature of his relationships within the enterprise have been dramatically affected by this change as well. James Thomas is the CMO of Allocadia. The post James Thomas, Allocadia CMO: What Marketing Metrics Matter the Most to Your Organization?

How Marketing Technology Helps Scale Global Marketing Organizations (with David Rowe, Rimini Street CMO)

Crimson Marketing

Enterprise level marketing professionals understand the increasingly vital role of technology in marketing, but often lack the experience and peer support to optimize technology use for growth in their organizations.

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Top Challenges Facing Today’s CMO


As a CMO, you feel tremendous pressure from the board, sales, customers and just about everyone in your company. Most organizations have shifted to being customer-centric, thus the customer experience becomes paramount.

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18 Marketing Challenges Cited by Leaders at the CMO Club Summit

Modern Marketing

by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The CMO has got more than 99 problems, and content is likely one of them. The CMO Club Summit kicked off this morning in New York City, where more than 200 marketing leaders are congregating at The Conrad Hotel.

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The Rise of the APAC Modern CMO

Modern Marketing

With the number of new digital channels available, the CMO of Tomorrow has the kind of granular behavioral data that earlier generations of marketers only dreamt about. The CMO of Tomorrow (or even Today) clearly has it better than their predecessors. CMO Corner

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Leading in Change: CMO Leadership Series

Modern Marketing

The world of the CMO is changing. This ‘CMO 2.0’ Kristine shares some of these learnings in her “Leading in Change”, helping CMOs and marketing operations lead and build data-driven marketing organizations. Opportunities abound to become the next CMO.

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Today’s CMO is tomorrow’s CEO candidate


Today’s CMO typically has more responsibility and influence than ever and is likely to have stronger ties across the organization beyond marketing to sales, product marketing, corporate strategy and IT.

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The Role of the CMO: Obsolete or Reinvented?

Modern Marketing

For more than a decade, the CMO role has been in a state of flux. McKinsey talked about the evolving role of the CMO as far back as 2007. Is the role of the CMO on its way out the door for good, or is it simply undergoing a major transformation? There is no one-size-fits-all CMO.

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3 priorities and 25 challenges for CMO’s


CMO’s plan a +12.2% for traditional advertising in next 12 months ( CMO Survey ). of digital marketing budget goes to social media (CMO Survey). can prove quantitative impact (CMO Survey). Greater measurability with digital marketing is making the CMO more accountable.

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CMO Insights: Why CMOs Need to Drive Disruptive Growth

Marketing Insider Group

The Facts Up Front: 50% of organizations state that their CMOs are the ones most responsible for driving disruptive growth. Accenture) 67% of business owners believe that by 2020 marketing will be a revenue generator for their organizations.

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How A CMO Uses Storytelling To Engage Audiences

Modern Marketing

Jeremy Duerksen is CMO at Peaksware. Partnerships - influencing respected thought leaders and industry leading organizations for authentic advocacy and inspiration. CMO CornerIn his spare time he rides horses and dual sport motos - presumably not at the same time and races bikes.

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The Role of the CMO: Obsolete or Reinvented?

Modern Marketing

For more than a decade, the CMO role has been in a state of flux. McKinsey talked about the evolving role of the CMO as far back as 2007. Is the role of the CMO on its way out the door for good, or is it simply undergoing a major transformation? There is no one-size-fits-all CMO.

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Why a CMO Can No Longer Just Be A Marketer

Modern Marketing

The piece, titled, The Mentality Of A CMO Is Changing To This , and co-written by Michael Williams , CMO, The Grand Prix of America - spoke directly to the fact that to survive and thrive in today's world, a CMO can no longer be "just a marketer." Adapt or die.

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We Launched Fast CMO Magazine, Here's What's Inside


In September 2017 we launched Fast CMO magazine, a B2B marketing management publication that lets readers meet marketing executives and learn how they run marketing. That’s why we published Fast CMO magazine. In our October issue we interviewed Ray Wizbowski , CMO at Entrust Datacard.

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Is the CMO becoming the Chief Collaboration Officer?


Here are some stats to show the results of improved marketing collaboration: B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster 3-year revenue growth, and 27% faster 3-year profit growth. Source: IBM CMO Study 2013 ).

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Four Keys Areas Where the CMO Must Lead


I do believe that many CMOs are making great strides in advancing their leadership positions within their organizations. I have written many times about the need for change management in marketing organizations in order to adapt to the rapid shifts that are occurring with B2B buyers.

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4 Things That Should Be On Every CMO's Wish List

Modern Marketing

First off marketing leaders must create a data-driven marketing culture and organize the required people, processes and systems. CMO Corner

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What Exactly is a Company's CMO?


Whether you interact daily with your company's CMO or are considering hiring one for your own company, it can be tricky to identify what a CMO does and why a CMO is critical to your company's success. What is a chief marketing officer (CMO)?

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CMO Spotlight: Raja Rajamannar, CMO, Master Card  


When worldwide CMO of MasterCard, Raja Rajamannar joined the company in July 2009, he faced the question that many senior executives in a similar position have to answer—“How do you decide what stays, what goes out?” “If it’s Priceless, don’t mess it up!”.

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The CMO Technology Conundrum And How To Solve It

Modern Marketing

Or has it simply created another overwhelming challenge for the CMO who now must become a technology expert to apply it efficiently? Rethink Your Marketing Organization and Processes (Skills – Creation of New Cross-Functional Teams Talent – Data Scientist and Campaign Artist).

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Why Alignment is Critical For Today's CMO

Modern Marketing

" However, when it comes to the world of marketing and specifically from a CMO perspective, the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts takes on a whole new meaning. But make no mistake about alignment is critical for any CMO looking to build a Modern Marketing Organization.

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Video: How to Set Content Marketing Goals Your CMO Will Love


With the right blueprint, these marketers can become an indispensable part of their organization. The post Video: How to Set Content Marketing Goals Your CMO Will Love appeared first on The Content Strategist. What are your content marketing goals?

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CMO’s…It’s Time to Align with Your CIO


Gartner’s projection that the CMOs would spend more on technology by the year 2020 grabbed quite a bit of attention and seemed to bolster CMO’s and their quest to spend more. It does seem, however, that the CMO needs to be reminded of that.

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Why Your CMO Doesn’t Like You

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this A cold shoulder in the hallway, a steely gaze in the weekly meeting: these are the signs that lead many marketers to ask, “Why doesn’t my CMO like me?”. Tackle these and you’re far more likely to get the ear – maybe even the admiration – of the CMO.

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Revenue and the CMO – Marketing’s Impact on Big Data and Social Selling

Crimson Marketing

Revenue and the CMO gives you an in-depth look into the model you need to apply to your organization and business situation. Revenue and the CMO will show you how to make an impact on revenue—and your career.

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Keep It Simple and 4 More Things I Learned at the 2016 CMO Club Europe Summit

Modern Marketing

Recently I attended the CMO Club Europe Summit that took place on September 6th in London. Although they have been dipping their toe in Europe for a while now, this event marked the official launch of The CMO Club in Europe. CMO Corner

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7 CMO Quotes You Need to Read on Marketing Technology

Modern Marketing

By bringing individual brand processes together and moving to a common platform, we gain efficiencies while encouraging deeper levels of creativity across the organization.” " - Julie Lyle, former CMO of hhgregg & Prudential Asia. ” —Jeff Jones, CMO, Target.

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