Organic vs paid social media: 12 myths vs realities


Measurements showing the path to conversions, transactions, and sales are also used. To understand organic vs paid social media, here are 12 myths vs realities. AS MY SOCIAL FOOTPRINT GROWS, SO DOES ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA REACH. Organic Facebook Reach has been on a steady decline.

So It’s Your First Day as the CMO…


Extending far beyond traditional marketing tactics, today’s CMO shoulders vast and complex responsibilities that now span technology, analytics, revenue and—above all—measurable impact. Success as a new CMO depends on knowing your product really, really well.

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What Type of CMO Do You Have?


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the ANNUITAS blog– and we’re very pleased to be back – but we’ve spent the last year creating a lot of new content centered on helping our customers find the answer to a very specific question: What type of CMO do you have? Lack of Trust in the CMO. Two Types of CMO. The Fournaise definition of an “ROI Marketer” stands up really well as a description of a Revenue-Focused CMO. So, What type of CMO do you have?

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James Thomas, Allocadia CMO: What Marketing Metrics Matter the Most to Your Organization? [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

The role of the CMO and the nature of his relationships within the enterprise have been dramatically affected by this change as well. James Thomas is the CMO of Allocadia. The post James Thomas, Allocadia CMO: What Marketing Metrics Matter the Most to Your Organization?

Lead Gen and Engagement: Find your Marketing Sweet Spot

Speaker: Dawn Colossi, CMO, FocusVision

We were measured by the number of leads we generate. Over time, we’ve become much better at measuring conversion rates and lead quality. How do you measure it? How to influence organization-wide lead generation strategy change. A shift is occurring for B2B Marketers.

18 Marketing Challenges Cited by Leaders at the CMO Club Summit

Modern Marketing

by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The CMO has got more than 99 problems, and content is likely one of them. The CMO Club Summit kicked off this morning in New York City, where more than 200 marketing leaders are congregating at The Conrad Hotel. Measuring the effectiveness of content.

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Leading in Change: CMO Leadership Series

Modern Marketing

The world of the CMO is changing. This ‘CMO 2.0’ Kristine shares some of these learnings in her “Leading in Change”, helping CMOs and marketing operations lead and build data-driven marketing organizations. Opportunities abound to become the next CMO.

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3 priorities and 25 challenges for CMO’s


CMO’s plan a +12.2% for traditional advertising in next 12 months ( CMO Survey ). of digital marketing budget goes to social media (CMO Survey). can prove quantitative impact (CMO Survey). Greater measurability with digital marketing is making the CMO more accountable.

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Why Your CMO Doesn’t Like You

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this A cold shoulder in the hallway, a steely gaze in the weekly meeting: these are the signs that lead many marketers to ask, “Why doesn’t my CMO like me?”. Tackle these and you’re far more likely to get the ear – maybe even the admiration – of the CMO.

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CMO Spotlight: Raja Rajamannar, CMO, Master Card  


When worldwide CMO of MasterCard, Raja Rajamannar joined the company in July 2009, he faced the question that many senior executives in a similar position have to answer—“How do you decide what stays, what goes out?” “If it’s Priceless, don’t mess it up!”.

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The Top B2B CMO Challenges


Before the program drained any further resources in time and money, I swallowed hard and gave it to the CMO, “This is not working; it’s actually failing pretty badly. I am witness to it and I can’t say we have the perfect formula for measuring content performance yet.

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CMO’s…It’s Time to Align with Your CIO


Gartner’s projection that the CMOs would spend more on technology by the year 2020 grabbed quite a bit of attention and seemed to bolster CMO’s and their quest to spend more. It does seem, however, that the CMO needs to be reminded of that.

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3 Attributes to Extend Your CMO Longevity

Measure Up Marketing

As 2013 winds down and we prepare to enter 2014, there are bound to be a few changes in the CMO line up. You say, that’s not news, CMO tenure is always a bit tenuous. In SpencerStuart’s 8th Annual CMO Tenure Study, it was reported that CMO tenure is now nearly 4 years, compared to just 2 years back in 2006. While CMO tenure varies across industries, there are several attributes long- tenured CMOs share.

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Oxford University Press former CMO weighs in on martech challenges, trends, and predictions


It is essential for technology vendors to work closely with an organization during the first couple of months of implementation. Then we began to move into direct mail and measurement, which didn’t leave as much time for creativity.”.

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Introducing the CMO's Guide To Marketing Performance Management


Marketing performance management takes a focused approach to measurement and planning. The MPM framework we use to keep ourselves organized is made of three stages: Measure, Plan, and Execute. Let's dive deeper into marketing performance measurement. Learn then execute.

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Measuring Influencer Marketing

Measure Up Marketing

Many marketing organizations today have an influencer marketing strategy. Before we jump into how to measure influence marketing, we’d like to respond to a question we’re frequently asked, “What is the difference between influencer marketing and public relations?” Should this be a viable strategy for your organization, you may want to think beyond counting, and create a way to measure influence.

How CMO Trends Drive the Industry

Martech Advisor

Defining the role of CMO today requires looking not only at the marketing arena but also across multiple business functions, from cultural to financial, creative to analytical, shares, Ian Lowe, Vice President of Marketing, Crownpeak. And for the CMO, this meant a huge shift.

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Are CMOs The New Owner Of The Data And Technology Around Which Companies Should Organize?

Modern Marketing

The answer to the question posed in the title is "largely yes" according to Alicia Hatch, CMO of Deloitte Digital. Olenski : I read that you believe the evolution of the CMO has driven the rise of martech. CMO CornerLet's cut right to the chase here, kids.

Should the CMO Oversee the Whole Customer Experience?

Modern Marketing

says it all: " The shift to digital marketing, electronic commerce, and social media and mobile interactions continues to bring a massive transformation to how brands and organizations engage prospects and customers." Metrics and methods to measure progress. CMO Corner

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Fractional CMO: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Outsourced Marketing Executive

Pearl Digital Marketing

For companies looking to get CMO-level involvement and expertise but are not yet at a size at which getting a full-time CMO is viable, a fractional CMO can be a practical choice. What is a fractional CMO? The CMO deals with agencies and holds them accountable for results.

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3 Easy Marketing Data Science Projects to Impress Your CMO


As a result, more and more marketers are filling data scientist roles in their organizations. See how these three easy-to-complete #datascience projects — that an every-day marketer can oversee — can impress your CMO.

[VIDEO] Selling to Marketing: How to Grab the Attention (and Wallet) of a CMO


In tech years, that was a million years ago, and today, so much has changed: Our solution is much deeper – delivering a comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, and predictive intelligence tools that enable organizations to more effectively identify, target, and engage with their top prospects at the right time with the right message. Here are three keys to effectively selling to the CMO: Focus on ROI, value, and outcomes – not the technology.

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3 Attributes of the Modern CMO


CMO Spotlight: Susan Johnson, CMO, SunTrust . In today’s edition of the CMO Spotlight Series , I’m happy to bring you some interesting insights into financial services marketing with a deep focus on branding through positive customer experiences.

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As The World Churns For CMO’s

Tony Zambito

The good news is that CMO tenure continues to rise. The bad news is that the CMO position still churns and remains one of the riskiest positions in corporate business. Not the best reason for a rise but nevertheless it presents opportunities for CMO’s to succeed in longer tenures.

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CMO Spotlight: Steve Mann, CMO, LexisNexis (Research & Litigation Division)


Marketers must become the experts who know how to define their organization’s social media goals and align them with the overall marketing and business strategy.” Companies that have seen a good measure of success with creating continued engagement are still not quite there when it comes to conversion. Organizations do not have the skills to manage, nurture and convert the leads gained through social media. Social Media cmo developing target personas home social marketing

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12 Market Research Software Solutions Every CMO Must Know


Statista offers data, surveys, and forecasting sourced from a wide variety of reputable and trustworthy organizations and media outlets. Measuring the efficacy and results of an online marketing campaign can be challenging. The art of marketing defies easy definition.

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the CMO’s path to ceo


Today, the CMO’s career path leads to CEO for the marketers who can capitalize on the opportunity before them. CEOs agree: 90% believe the CMO role will change fundamentally in the next three years. Perhaps the road you imagined led to a CMO role. Gone are the days when CMO was the professional pinnacle for driven marketers; today, your path leads to the CEO’s office—if you’re ready to capitalize on the opportunity. the opportunity for marketers to drive growth.

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The 10 Challenges Facing a CMO Faces When Trying to Lead the Customer Experience

Modern Marketing

Today's CMO faces a multitude of challenges and at or near the top of the list is overseeing the customer experience, assuming you believe the CMO should oversee it in first place. Last week in fact we posed the question Should the CMO Oversee the Whole Customer Experience?

CMO 205

22 Essential Mobile Apps for Your CMO

Modern Marketing

by Joe Chernov | Tweet this Let’s face it, your CMO is busy, and as marketing becomes increasingly accountable for revenue performance , the workload will only intensify. When it comes to “managing up,” the challenge you face is not an easy one: How do you get more of your CMO’s attention when the demands on her time are multiplying? The solution: Help your CMO manufacture more time. Dropbox : A must-have for a hands-on CMO who participates in content creation.

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7 Must-Have Skills for Today’s CMO

B2B Marketing Traction

The role of the CMO has changed dramatically in the last six years as companies struggle with new buying paradigms and increased competition. I met with several marketing professionals last night to discuss a pending CMO search. Change isn’t easy for organizations.

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Announcing: The CMO’s Guide to ABM Orchestration


So today, we’re excited to announce that we published The CMO’s Guide to ABM Orchestration. Just because it has been effective for many companies, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a smart strategy for your organization. And finally, the last chapter covers how to measure ABM.

CMO 155

Top 6 Takeaways from our Seattle CMO Roundtable

Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing hosts a quarterly CMO roundtable breakfast in Seattle. Our latest breakfast included CMO’s and marketing VP’s from some of the largest tech, rapid growth startups and established companies in the Seattle area. These conversations always reveal interesting ideas as well as provides confirmation that common challenges transcend organizations. All CMO’s face common issues regardless of the size of the organization or industry.

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CMO Spotlight: Michael Brenner, Business 2 Community


Although Brenner is technically not a CMO currently, I think he is a perfect fit for this CMO Spotlight series. In a recent interview, Michael was asked about how to increase the relevance and influence of marketing within an organization. “Marketing has a marketing problem”.

CMO 101

Your Consumer Is the New CMO

Martech Advisor

Advertisers have long held that if you listen to the market – by simply measuring what it buys or doesn’t buy – the consumer will tell you exactly what it wants. Leveraging cognitive algorithms and real-time analysis, today’s programmatic media platforms help us measure prospect engagement, interpret consumer behavior and build more relevant content to create real connections – from the first moment of contact.

CMO 78

When Is It Time to Hire a Part-Time CMO?

B2B Marketing Traction

Some of my colleagues recently asked me to describe why a company or organization might want to hire a part-time Chief Marketing Officer. Why would a business hire a part-time CMO? The organization needs marketing but doesn’t have the budget for full-time staff.

CMO 148

3 Pivotal Ways CEOs can Facilitate CMO Success in 2020

Martech Advisor

There has been a shift in the CMO’s role – from being focused on external communications and new customer acquisitions traditionally, to owning the customer experience across all touchpoints today. What’s the CMO Role in 2020?

CMO 56

How Is Marketing Attribution Different Than Other Marketing Measurement Tools?


Many marketing tools -- ones that most B2B organizations already use -- claim to do attribution, or at least some version of it. Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot), focuses on lead creation and typically looks at attribution measurement from a broad channel or campaign perspective.

Modern Marketing Influencer Blog Series: 3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Measuring Performance

Modern Marketing

Measure what matters (using only relevant metrics to suit business objectives). These somewhat dire figures illustrate a need to focus on improving measurement. Is it wise to spend more money without fixing measurement?

Cost 219

what’s top of mind for the cmo: november 2019


It just feels like that is a conversation I’m in more and more recently around how organizational shifts, be it acquisition, merger, re-org, and the way the marketing organization is influenced by it. So many more channels, so many more tactics available today than there were in the past, and an increased level of expectation of your ability to measure and get a return out of what you’re doing. a discussion with Fathom’s Steve Kessen + Jim Kohl.

CMO 60

Social Media Metrics & Analytics; Measuring Success


An Approach to Measuring Success with Social Media; What Metrics Mean the Most . Social media is unlike any other medium, yet we still have to substantiate the time and effort to manage it, produce content, and measure the data. How are you measuring social media?