Quotable Moments from Two ABM Podcasts with Jon Miller (CMO and CPO, Demandbase)


The post Quotable Moments from Two ABM Podcasts with Jon Miller (CMO and CPO, Demandbase) appeared first on Account-Based Marketing – Demandbase Marketing trailblazer, thought leader, entrepreneur, and physics enthusiast. Now also the Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Demandbase.

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Semantics Matters in Selling


Sales CMO CPO Selling Semantics solution management solution marketingI am often asked why myself and other Mereo consultants use the term “solution” over “product” and/or “service.” Is it just a preference? Do I not mean product anyway? We prefer the term solution because it is all-encompassing — an umbrella term that leaves plenty of room for us to start off on the same page of what it is we really are talking about.


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I’m Thinking Of… Account-Based Experience and Beyond With Jon Miller


In this episode of “I’m thinking of…,” I sat down with Jon Miller, CMO and CPO at Demandbase, to discuss why it’s crucial for companies to apply Account-Based Experience (ABX) to their growth strategies.

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Data Privacy Day 2020: How to Safeguard Customer Data to Build Trust & Loyalty

Martech Advisor

Nikolas Rekeda, CMO at MGID, exclusively to MarTech Advisor. Organizations should also consider investing in a chief privacy officer (CPO) or data protection officer (DPO) who would be adept in spearheading data privacy initiatives to ensure the sustainability of the data privacy culture.

3 reasons why you don’t want to miss Digital Shift


Seismic Digital Shift is the industry’s largest gathering of sales, marketing, and enablement professionals. For several years, Seismic has hosted the event to give customers an opportunity to share their journey, successes, and best practices.

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3 Best Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns of 2020

Martech Advisor

Nickolas Rekeda , CMO, MGID, exclusively to MarTech Advisor. Darren Guarnaccia , CPO at Crownpeak, exclusively to MarTech Advisor. Brands have started to look beyond love and romance for their Valentine's Day marketing.

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How to work with a content marketing agency to create kick-ass content

Tomorrow People

If your CPO and CMO are arguing endlessly over every draft, decide whose views better represent your offer and communicate your final word to them. Our way with words can’t be compared with the likes of Shakespeare, but it can deliver qualified sales and marketing leads that bring greater revenue to your business. Ah, writing. Our language given shape, the art form of some the world’s greatest geniuses.

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The best case scenario sales kickoff


While the CEO, the CPO and the CMO all can and often do contribute to the sales kickoff meeting, this is a sales meeting. The best sales kickoffs are oriented around one simple and powerful objective: enabling salespeople to engage more effectively with the customer. Too often, sales kickoffs get hijacked by marketing or product teams.

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Cut Through the Confusion and Successfully Move Buying Groups Through Your Account-Based Marketing Programs


It’s such a big problem that a CMO famously told HBR that B2B buying decisions often boil down to “lowest common denominator purchasing.”. You’re also likely to have to connect with the CPO on these issues later.) By Kay Kienast, Chief Marketing Officer, True Influence. By now, every B2B seller has heard how identifying and influencing buying groups is critical to effective Account-Based Marketing and B2B sales strategies.

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The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

Webbiquity SMM

CMO at EuroSpaClub International. Advisory Board Member at The CMO Club. Eric is the CMO at McGlinchey Stafford , a business law firm with nine offices in the U.S. In addition, Eric writes a column for SMM Magazine, and contributes as part of the “Crew&# at The Social CMO Blog. Jeff is the true social media visionary who created The Social CMO , a blog that brings 35 senior marketing minds together and is now one of the Ad Age Power 150 Marketing sites.