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Quotable Moments from Two ABM Podcasts with Jon Miller (CMO and CPO, Demandbase)


The post Quotable Moments from Two ABM Podcasts with Jon Miller (CMO and CPO, Demandbase) appeared first on Account-Based Marketing – Demandbase. Check out Jon’s author page for more insights regarding the power and the future of Account-Based Marketing.

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What it Means to Create “Fit Content”: A Story of Brand Identity


Meet Christopher Willis the CMO/CPO of Acrolinx. Meet Christopher Willis, an AI content governance and brand alignment strategy expert who is currently serving as CMO/CPO at Acrolinx. Listen to the podcast: Or catch us on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or YouTube. Catch all episodes here. Episode Summary.


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Good morning: Are you looking after your metrics?


Jon Miller, who was both CPO and CMO for over a year continues in his marketing role. He brings an impressive resume of product roles in marketing technology having worked with Sprout Social, Bizible, Marketo and Adobe, and most recently with Google where was Director of Product. What we’re reading.

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I’m Thinking Of… Account-Based Experience and Beyond With Jon Miller


In this episode of “I’m thinking of…,” I sat down with Jon Miller, CMO and CPO at Demandbase, to discuss why it’s crucial for companies to apply Account-Based Experience (ABX) to their growth strategies.

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All Roads Lead to Measurement: How to Future-Proof B2B Marketing

Drew Neisser

In this episode of Renegade Marketers Unite, CMOs Chris Willis of Acrolinx , Tara Robertson of Teamwork , and Karl Van den Bergh of Gigamon each share how they evolved marketing metrics at their organizations. How to use the innovative Sales Velocity formula. Tips on how to measure the unmeasurable.

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Transitioning From Deciphering Insights at Gartner to Orchestrating Success Within Leading Cybersecurity Organizations: CSO David Mahdi on Digital Doorways


David’s career took a captivating turn as he transitioned from the analyst side to CXO (CMO, CPO, CSO, and CIO) roles on the brand side. As a prominent figure driving the field forward, he provided invaluable insights and steered organizations toward robust security strategies.

Gartner 26
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CEOs, Partnerships and Innovation – April in Review

Champion Communications

Prior to his role as CEO, Akash has held executive roles at GreyOrange, including CTO and CPO. SoftwareONE Women in Digital: Susanna Parry-Hoey Susanna Parry-Hoey, CMO at SoftwareOne was interviewed by Think Digital Partners for its Women in Digital series. Alludo Office buildings don’t build belonging, people do!