How to Improve Your Email Open Rates


If you’ve had any experience with email marketing at all, you should be quite familiar with open rate metrics. Open rate is a measurement of how many people viewed your email for a specific campaign. Open rates differ from one industry to another, but the consumer goods industry boasts the highest average open rate at 41.40%. Read on to find out how you can tweak your existing email marketing strategy to give open rates a much-needed boost.

10 Things Every Email Marketer Can Relate To


Designing email templates, segmenting lists, drafting copy, planning your campaigns — a lot goes into executing a successful email marketing program. 3) Every time your email’s clickthrough rate is higher than your benchmark. By Niti Shah.

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Want to Boost Enrollment? Segmenting Prospective Students Can Help


Segmentation has many benefits , especially when attracting prospective students to your school’s programs. Segmentation helps you impact critical email metrics, seeing improvements like: Increased open rates. Lower opt-out/unsubscribe rates.

19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates


And then, when someone actually opens your email, they don't actually click through. Here are eight little things you can start doing immediately to improve the open rates, clickthrough rates, and lead generation for your emails.

7 Ways to Increase Email Engagement

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Targeting: Select and segment the list to choose the right demographics for your message. In fact, 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. To be successful, start by thinking about the subject lines that made you open an email in your own inbox.

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B2B Email Marketing Tips That Work

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So you can send certain email messages to certain marketing segments and leave the rest the same as the control for the experiment. Use the metrics in your email marketing program to see if there are changes in the number of subscribers or the amount of opens and clickthroughs.

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When Good Enough Shouldn’t Be: Fixing Email Performance Problems

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“My open rates are bad and getting worse.” ” If your open rates are under 15% and trending down, that’s definitely a problem that needs fixing. Now it’s possible that your poor open rates are due to problems with your subject line strategy.

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4 Marketing Strategies That Are Way Better Than Bulk Emails


Segment your customer lists. To do it, segment your email lists by set designations that help you ensure you’re only contacting people with information that’s relevant to them. For example, you could segment your customer list by geographic location, past purchase history, or marketing qualified leads vs. sales qualified leads. For higher open rates and clickthrough rates, send on a Tuesday.

The Danger of Email Marketing Benchmarks « The Effective Marketer

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Studies from multiple email marketing service providers show different numbers when it comes to delivery rates, bounce rates, open rates, clickthrough rates, and more. Our open rates average 30%. How can we improve open rates?

9 Email Marketing Best Practices to Explode Your ROI

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There are reports of pop-ups lifting opt-in rates by 1000%. Dan Zarrella showed a pop-up doubling his opt-in rate with no effect on bounce rates. It’s sliced in an unusually interesting way, in that it shows how personalization can boost open rates in different industries.

The Essential Steps for Building Your B2B Email Newsletter List

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lower open rate than B2C. gap and wonder why your B2B colleagues complain about their industry email open rates. Even when you purchase a list from “reputable providers,” many of your emails will fall on deaf ears, go straight to spam boxes, and have lower open rates.

5 Pointless Marketing Metrics You Can Stop Tracking Today


1) Email Opens. When you first hear about it, open rate seems like a great metric to track -- it''s the percentage of people opening your emails. You assume it''ll give you an understanding of how many people are interested enough in your emails that they open them.

B2B Email Marketing: Batch and blast, mobile and other challenges

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David Kirkpatrick : Email marketers are being told to employ aggressive database hygiene on email subscription lists, engage in tactics such as micro-segmentation to individualize and customize the content in email campaigns, and begin emphasizing mobile form factors in email design to encourage engagement with campaigns on mobile devices. ” A successful program relies on a combination of elements – broadcast, automated triggered emails and segmentation.

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5 Email Metrics that Matter to Marketers

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For email marketing, the important metrics start with the basics: delivery, opt-ins, opt-outs, opens, and clicks. If your audience isn’t receiving your messages, your conversion rates will suffer. Bounce rates: How many emails bounced back? Open rate. Clickthroughs.

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Let’s Celebrate the 2017 Markie Awards Finalists!

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NEC Companies – By leveraging Account-Based Marketing, NEC has been able to improve engagement with key accounts, increasing their click through rates 8 times higher than in the past. conversion rate from sales appointments to purchase and 251 closed/won deals.

Buck the Trend: Three Keys to Better Email Response

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Email marketers know that even small incremental increases in response rates can provide exponentially better results. There are multiple ways to define response, but the most common one might be clickthrough rate. Experian figures for Q3 2014 show unique open rates were 16.7

Answers to 10 Email Marketing Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask


I immediately needed to understand things like what a hard bounce was (and how it was different from a soft bounce), how to determine a good clickthrough rate from a bad one, and why my emails looked perfectly fine in Gmail but got completely screwed up in Hotmail.

Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 3: Nurture, Score, Repeat

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For more information on how to effectively score your leads, take a look at our eBook, How to Prioritize Your Leads by Segmenting & Scoring Your Audience. Open rate and clickthrough rate of email programs : Open rates can be deceptive.

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The 13 Best Email Template Builders for Any Budget


Analytics to provide deep insights into your email success rates, including open-rate, most popular links clicked in an email, who engages with each email, when and on which device, and what emails perform best. Ability to run A/B tests to improve open-rates and clickthroughs.

8 Dangerous (But Common) Misconceptions About Email Marketing


they're just not going to the trouble of opening your message and unsubscribing. If you have a healthy unsubscribe rate -- under 1% -- then don't think of unsubscribes as a bad thing. 7) Open Rate Is an Important Email Marketing Metric.

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It's Time: How to Prep Your Email Marketing for the Holiday Season


Try segmenting emails by user engagement or behavior to create a truly customized experience. higher transaction rates than those without. During Q4 of 2013, emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays boasted some of the highest open and clickthrough rates.

5 Proven Tips to Keep Leads Engaged With Retargeting


1) Segment your audience. Poor segmentation is one of the main culprits of low performance in a retargeting campaign. Once segmented, you can target each group with creative and content that’s most relevant to them.

13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2017


If you have email lists with low rates of engagement activity, stop sending to them. Every time you send to a list with low open and engagement rates, it hurts your domain reputation and your chances of connecting with other potential customers.

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How the Travel Industry Approaches Email Marketing (And What We Can Learn)


They opened up their email inventory to third-party advertisers which resulted in an overall increase in email revenue with no negative impact on their offers. What better way to spur higher open rates and inspire clickthroughs than to tell someone they’ve got to act now ?

ABCs of A/B Testing: 9 Ways to Optimize Your Email Campaigns

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For example, you can discover whether a call-to-action like “Buy Now” or “Shop for Deals” resonates better with your target segment. Remember to look not only at open rates, but also at clickthroughs and conversions.

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How 7 Experts Solve Their Most Painful Email Marketing Problems


Segmentation takes up too much of your time. Pain: Generating the Necessary Clickthrough and Open Rates to Meet Conversion Goals. Solution: Segment Your Marketing Messages. email clickthrough rate , as opposed to the 7.3%

5 Email Metrics that Matter to Marketers

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For email marketing, the important metrics start with the basics: delivery, opt-ins, opt-outs, opens, and clicks. If your audience isn’t receiving your messages, your conversion rates will suffer. Bounce rates: How many emails bounced back? Open rate. Clickthroughs.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing


Segment your list from the beginning by providing separate opt-in offers that pertain to each stage of the buyer’s journey. Everything from the time you send your email to the devices on which your email could be opened matters. Responsiveness : 55% of emails are opened on mobile.

The 100 Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

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Unlike social media, email allows marketers to directly reach audiences and tailor messaging depending on segment information. 60 percent of marketers use conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of email campaigns. The average open rate of a “Welcome email,” is 82 percent.

How to Diagnose and Repair Rotten Lead Nurturing Workflows


Start with the open rate of each email in the workflow. If your open rate is significantly lower than average, ask yourself the following questions: Are you sending the email at the right time? As a result, they hesitate to open email from unfamiliar senders.

How We Booked Over 200 Meetings With a Single Email Send


To start, Gasbarrino’s email showed an 8% higher open rate than the one from Villalobos. Those results suggest that, when people did open the email, they appreciated the more flexible language of this version. In addition to a 15% higher open rate as well as a 7.2%

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How to Plan Email Marketing Campaigns Without Pulling Your Hair Out [Free Template]


Maybe you didn''t have enough time to properly segment your lists, so you knew your clickthrough rate was gonna totally suck. Once you’ve downloaded and opened your Email Marketing Planning Template in Excel, you’ll notice it contains three tabs.

Content Marketing: It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know


Lastly, it pays to remember that you must create a persona for each audience segment. Data on email clickthrough and open rates, on website traffic and bounce rates, and on responses to any other measurable form of marketing communications (like direct mail) yield great insight into audience behavior. Photo credit: zoetnet. One of the great keys to success in content marketing is knowing your audience.

A/B Testing: Optimize Your Emails and Landing Pages and Improve Conversions

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But that headline you think is brilliant might not shine so brightly when your prospects open the email. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 68% of digital marketers rated the ability to test new campaigns as having the greatest impact on their email marketing efforts.

Engineering Virality into our Pre-Launch Campaign Drove 42% More Leads (Play-by-Play)

Not only did this buy us faster learnings and a bigger audience, but the performance of the Facebook ads themselves tell us a lot about the idea we’re validating — if our clickthrough rate or conversion rate from ads was below benchmarks, we’d know we weren’t solving a problem people cared about.

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Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Is Better? [New Data]


In the world of email marketing, opens and clicks are everything, which means email marketers are always testing ways to improve these metrics. HTML emails reduce open rates. So if they were getting delivered at the same rate, how were HTML emails underperforming?

The Essential Marketing & Sales Metrics Your Team Should Track


Open Rate. Open rate is calculated by taking the number of times an email was opened, and dividing that by the number of times that same email was delivered. While open rate is sometimes said to be misleading , the metric is still an important one to measure.