Defining Lead Status: A Simple Yet Necessary Element of B2B Sales & Marketing Alignment


While each of these strategies is as true today as it was a year ago, there’s one simple contingency that will make or break your ability to align – and that’s lead statuses. As consultants to organizations of all sizes in all industries, we see this breakdown 9 times out of 10, and it usually occurs because a shared definition of lead statuses hasn’t been discussed.

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5 Key Marketing Measures That Don't Include Revenue

Customer Experience Matrix

The situation – and barely concealed frustration – is captured perfectly in the headline from a recent Forrester Consulting study sponsored by Silverpop : “Response Metrics Are Used To Evaluate Success, Leaving Customer Or Business Impact Metrics Largely Ignored”. Even careful testing can’t always capture all program steps or contingencies. Gaining the full benefit of tests also requires ways to classify results, distribute them, and keep them accessible for future reference.

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Building Your Content Marketing Team? 14 Skills for New, Growing, and Mature Programs

Content Marketing Institute

While Joe typically offers a (helpful) laundry list of core competencies any content marketer needs, my list has a twist: The skills are broadly classified based on where you are within your company’s content marketing maturity.

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The State of the Blogosphere 2010

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The second largest contingent of bloggers have done so for 2-4 years, followed by a group of dedicated writers who have been at it between 4-6 years. Technorati reports that most bloggers classify themselves as hobbyists.