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THE HACKIES: Pairing multi-channel attribution with lead scoring to improve marketing ROI


Grew high-quality leads by 80%. Through the strategic allocation of advertising resources, we reduced our cost per lead to almost half the industry average ($35 per acquisition versus the industry average of $60 per acquisition) with a very lean marketing team.

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate and Qualify B2B Leads

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As a result, B2B marketers sometimes overlook the professional social media site’s ability to support lead generation and qualification. LinkedIn users are typically college educated, middle- to upper-class and with no kids.

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Top 10 Marketing Automation Mistakes

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Launching lead scoring too soon. Lead scoring is a core marketing automation functionality, and a key driver for one of the primary benefits of the technology, namely sales productivity. Not investing in first-class, professional templates.

Don’t Let Prospects Get Lost: Create a Customer Journey Map

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The B2B customer journey is generally seen to have five stages: Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert, and Expand. Learn essential ways to use content to attract top-of-funnel leads, with our eBook “ Attraction 101: Content Marketing.” Nurture.

What High-Performing Marketers are Planning for 2015

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The topic of the webinar was "What Best-in-Class Marketers are Planning for 2015," and the content of the webinar was based on research conducted during 2014 in Aberdeen's customer-facing practice areas. What are best-in-class marketers planning to do in 2015 to address these challenges? We know lead management is important, but we're not doing it very well." "Our

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Demand Generation: An A-Z Guide for B2B Marketers (with Strategies & Examples)


You’re in the malt shop one day before class when in walks Biff and his crew of goons. . So what does the movie Back to the Future have to do with demand generation? . Before you can turn prospects into leads and leads into sales, you’ve got to get their attention. . .

What to do with a New Lead


This is where marketers and sales professionals, rely on lead generation techniques. Initially, you might just have an inquiry , but this important initial step can easily turn into a lead with the right plan in place. So how do you get that inquiry to turn into a lead? This emphasizes the need for you as a marketing or sales professional to set lead generation goals for your teams. So, you’ve got a new lead. Don’t let the lead go cold.

Channel Campaign Timing: The 4th Dimension of Demand Generation


Though many marketers have not thought about that since high school physics class, we can think of timing as the 4th dimension of demand generation. Push your offer by email to your list, then have an inside sales or business development rep (BDR) follow-up by phone as part of the overall nurture process. B2B companies frequently broaden this multi-channel outreach plan into a full-fledged lead nurturing process for all but the hottest leads.

Which B2B Marketing Automation Features Actually Get Used? Here's Some Data.

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Of course they differed in the precise categories used and their audiences, but they generally covered the major B2B marketing automation features: email, Web behavior tracking, landing pages, nurture campaigns, lead scoring, analytics, and social media marketing.

The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools


Marketing automation software tools can be very helpful in making lead nurturing and sales acceleration efforts more effective—even if the category is badly misnamed. Marketing automation tool combining email marketing, lead management, and reporting with sales alignment.

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Email Autoresponders 2.0 in B2B Marketing

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CompanyX address Autoresponder Email The Next Generation Looking at the examples above, there really isn't anything wrong with the autoresponder 1.5. lead nurturing email marketing marketing automation RSS online marketing lead management Twitter lead qualification Web 2.0.

Marketo's Secret Sauce for Demand Generation

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You may ask, why should anyone care what I have to say about demand generation? Well, at Marketo , we’ve built a world-class demand generation machine that has helped us in just 10 months to sign up over 130 customers in more than eight countries, including companies such as Thomson Reuters, Reed Business, and CollabNet. Here’s an outline of the topics I covered: Marketo's demand generation funnel. Our 21 day lead follow-up process.

Define and Conquer: Tips to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

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1 – Define a Sales-Ready Lead. The sales team is on the front line, working to convert prospects to customers on a daily basis — so they usually have the best insight into what factors and qualities contribute to making a lead more or less likely to buy. Account Manager at Lead Lizard.

Why Are Marketing Automation Managers So Hard to Find?


First of all, in most cases the person is responsible for lead generation , lead nurturing and lead scoring. It my class it was a minority. Tags: Demand Generation campaign manager jobs marketing automation marketing automation manager marketing operations requirements skills Even though some vendors have been around for almost 10 years, Marketing Automation is still relatively new.

Seeking a World-Class CMO for Marketo

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It’s been a bit over three and a half years since Marketo started formal operations, and two and a half since we launched Marketo Lead Management. Our demand generation programs are a key factor driving that efficiency, directly responsible for 90% of our entire pipeline. We’ve been pioneers in the use of B2B social media and content marketing to generate awareness, organic traffic, and lead generation. Lead Management.

87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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Case in point: “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.”. Lead & Relationship Management. Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014 , Jan 2014 ).

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70 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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Case in point: “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.”. Lead & Relationship Management. Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014 , Jan 2014 ).

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Credit and Measure: More Tips to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Sam Boush, the President of Lead Lizard , a marketing automation agency based in Portland, OR. As the leads come in, they’re immediately associated to our campaigns.

Latest B2B Marketing Trends From SiriusDecisions Summit 09

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Lead Nurturing jblock : @tjaros : If you get one deal out of a reconstituted leads program, it's worth the effort. sds09 jblock : 5%-10% of leads that are sitting in your CRM system as "dead" can become real opportunities if put into a nurturing program.

because you can't beat free marketing training

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Here I talk about the final 5 classes. Class: Advanced SEO Tactics: On Beyond Keyword Research (GF401) Professor: Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz SEOmoz is one of the best places for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information, and the presentation was full of nice tidbits about SEO.

More Blathering About Demand Generation Software

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But I recently spoke with on-demand business intelligence vendor LucidEra , who also said they had found that demand generation systems could not integrate such information. They even cited one demand generation vendor that had turned to them for help. (In In fact, LucidEra is releasing a new module for lead conversion analysis today to address this very need. This view of inferred data in particular and scoring models in general as leading edge functions is important.

70 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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Case in point: “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.”. Lead & Relationship Management. Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014 , Jan 2014 ).

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inbound marketing training for free

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Free Marketing Training from IMU After watching the classes, my take on the University is: Positives: Online archives from each class including slides available on-demand helps a lot when you have busy schedules like mine, and also allows watching at your own pace (i.e.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


David Raab , Raab Associates & author, Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems. The vast majority of leads generated on a website never have a meaningful conversation with a sales rep. If there is no mechanism to pass the lead back to the marketing team (in an automated or semi-automated fashion), the lead is gone forever. Demand Generation? Therefore, their lead generation and nurturing programs often focus only on email and web channels.


free stuff that sells. maybe.

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Free Marketing Stuff Can Sell As marketers our job is to generate brand awareness, educate our prospective customers on the benefits of our products and get them to purchase. Effective marketing is about generating sales. Very pleasant data on MLM Leads.

21 Stats You Need to Know About Marketing Automation


Leveraging automation, we’re now able to send relevant, personalized email campaigns that are time or behavior-triggered, while integrations between tools allow us to improve lead scoring efforts and deliver appropriate content based on where a buyer is at in the conversion funnel.

PowerViews with Trip Kucera: Best Practices & Surprising Trends


Social Media is Becoming a Lead Gen Vehicle. Their recent research showed 60% of best-in-class companies have actually closed business sourced through social media marketing, and this points to a significant shift to see social media as a lead generation vehicle.

Four Ways to Amplify Your Marketing Automation Success


Basically, it's a sophisticated solution for generating leads, creating long-term relationships and driving measurable, repeatable marketing results all from one platform. Marketing automation helps you capture leads and specific information on those leads.