100 Helpful Data Sources for Content Creation

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Google Trends – Enter any topic you can think of and get instant insights into search trends, interest by demographic or region, and comparisons with other terms and topics. Census Bureau – Free access to United States economic, demographic, and population data.

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9 Tools for Better Market Research


What we like: This tool is free, and you can have your groups open as long as you’d like — which can be great for getting long-term, deep feedback about a product or service. Census Website. Census website is the go-to resource for key data about market conditions, buyer behavior, and the general economic pulse of the U.S. With the growing demand for personalization, it’s never been more important to leverage market research in your marketing efforts.


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What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

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In terms of finances, we don't always have the flexibility to change or lower our membership fees or product pricing. Census Participation. Participants are encouraged to fill out the BRC Census, which is one of the primary ways the organization tracks changes in the population, behavior, and attitudes of event participants. When members join your community, have them agree to your code of conduct or terms and conditions up front.

How to Use Live Blogging In Your Content Strategy — and increase engagement!


According to official data from the Census in the US, around two-thirds of the US population access the internet on smartphones. When you post on a platform like Twitter or Instagram, you are always subject to the platform’s Terms and Conditions and its algorithm.

Diversity and Inclusion in SEO: BIPOC and LGBTQ+ SEOs Share Their Experiences


To get a sense of conditions within the SEO community, we asked people to take our Diversity and Inclusion in SEO survey as part of our ongoing project to study the state of SEO. Census.

5 Marketing Campaign Improvements to Help Uncover More Donor Revenue


Today, not only has awareness surrounding the condition skyrocketed, but also it’s likely you or someone you know contributed to the cause. Census Bureau. Broadcast your message on the channels your donors frequent, like Facebook and Twitter, and focus on building a long-term connection with donors instead of soliciting a one-time gift.

The 10 Best Subreddits for Marketers


The thread includes three charts that show the average Google user’s fears about dying are very different than the risks reported in census data and stories in the media. Controversial submissions have even inspired users to research companies’ terms and conditions. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Reddit? Is it the discussion board’s reputation for toxicity, or do you just think about GIFs?

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Data Journalism: A Simple Guide for Marketers


This was the first time the public had been exposed to this type of information, and the author of the piece suggested that this type of data transparency -- while controversial at the time -- would be necessary moving forward if they wished to improve current conditions and processes. Census Bureau. For as long as we can remember, newsrooms have used data to support their stories.