Are You Making These Costly Holiday Mobile Mistakes?

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Census department figures. Poorly Designed Error Messaging at the POS. Posted in Customer Experience eCommerce Mobile. The thick of the 2012 holiday season is here. And if you’re a retailer, hopefully you haven’t just primed your in-store and online offers, but your mobile presence as well. According to comScore, consumers spent approximately $37 billion on holiday shopping in 2011—up about 15 percent from 2010. And nearly 51% of the U.S.

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Demystifying data driven advertising


Census information. POS activity. We are entering a new digital advertising era where data will be more important than the creative message that drives the consumer. A few years ago, the main job of a marketer was to make attractive ads, billboards, and engaging taglines, but the digital age forced the marketers to adapt and to use technology to dispense their messages. Today, marketers have a different kind of job: they have to collect, analyze, and crunch data of all forms.