Why a Top-Notch Podcast Could Be the Next Content Marketing Must-Have

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You’ve heard about Serial , the insanely addictive podcast that reached 5 million downloads on iTunes faster than any other in history and fueled water cooler conversations everywhere. Podcast Listenership is Growing. All those smartphones present new opportunities for podcasts.

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Outfits like Nielsen, credit-reporting companies, and even the US Census Bureau can be good starting points for market research and demographic data. Listen to our Rethink Podcast episode #1 , when we interviewed Brian Carroll. Who are you writing for?

Why did our parents give us the names they did?


I recently heard in a podcast that there is a specific day in the year, where girls are much more likely to be named “Carol” and “Christina” and boys much more likely to be named “Jesus”. The US Census Bureau publishes statistics on the number of babies are born in the US every year by name.

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Do you podcast? For example, the query “podcast software” gave me a really relevant ad for Buzzsprout.com, not only using my keyword in the ad but also providing relevant extended links below. The language varies slightly to “podcast hosting,” but it clearly answers my intent.

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Census Bureau - The American FactFinder from the U.S. Census Bureau is an incredibly useful tool--particularly if you are looking for population, housing, economic, and geographic data.