The case for customer reactivation


As marketing advances, most professionals are well aware by now of the importance of retention and reactivation in optimizing the value of the customer base. Retaining an additional 2% of customers has the same effect as cutting costs 10% ( Davidow and Malone , The Virtual Corporation ).

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11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation


Digital transformation is profound change in business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience. Here are 11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation.

5 Employee Activation Case Studies We Can All Learn From

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Here are some employee activation case studies from those who have. Starbucks’ social media guidelines state, “Let’s celebrate and share in social media what it means #tobeapartner–with each other, our customers and the world–in the ways only #starbuckspartnerscan! (do

How to Create an Effective B2B Case Study

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Enter: case studies. Case studies can help push your brand to the top of the list of candidates when the buyer has hit the decision-making stage thanks to their ability to show the value of your organization’s products or services. But, how do you create a B2B case study that supports your content marketing strategy ? Step 2: Identify a Customer Success Story. The key at the onset is to choose a customer that represents your ideal buyer. B2B Case Study Examples.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

companies in the customer experience (CX), human resources (HR) management, and eLearning. emerging categories like customer experience. customers. of concern (customer engagement, account-based marketing) and more traditional challenges. Even in the case of an.

Ten tips for customer reactivation


Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn? Consider which of these may be the most applicable to your business, your customers, and your objectives. The longer a customer is inactive, the more likely an eventual defection.

What is a Q&A Case Study? And Why is it Great for B2B Marketing?


This trend makes case studies more important than ever. A case study is more than a review or a testimonial. A good case study paints a picture, tells a story. It highlights your successes in a way that turns potential buyers into actual customers.

Case study in data-driven B2B customer acquisition marketing


While preparing case studies for book, I had the fun of interviewing a bunch of very smart B2B marketers to learn how they were applying data and analytics to their marketing objectives. Here’s a sneak peek of Doug’s success in finding new customers using lookalike modeling.

Case Studies: Does Your Team Know What Makes a Good Success Story?


Or, you're preparing to launch a new product and you know that a strong customer case study would be very helpful for substantiating your marketing messages. So, you ask the product manager whether any of the customers involved in beta testing or early product release would be good candidates. In both cases, what input do you receive? Most likely, just a customer name and contact details, with little if any information on the story itself.

Case Studies: Does Your Team Know What Makes a Good Success Story?


Or, you're preparing to launch a new product and you know that a strong customer case study would be very helpful for substantiating your marketing messages. So, you ask the product manager whether any of the customers involved in beta testing or early product release would be good candidates. In both cases, what input do you receive? Most likely, just a customer name and contact details, with little if any information on the story itself.

Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based Discounting for the B2B Industry Discounting to attract new customers has been. for new ways to acquire customers. with some of these popular reasons for discounting: 1) To encourage a customer to close a. to us at a great price, and B2B customers are no different. customer segment.

8 Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Marketing in 2019


Predictive analytics plays a critical role in every step of your customer’s lifecycle. Eight use cases for predictive analytics in your marketing strategy. This post explains: What predictive analytics means. Which criteria lead to a successful predictive analytics strategy.

The Role Big Data Marketing Plays in Customer Case Studies


Business-to-business (B2B) customers love customer case studies. Customer case studies provide invaluable insight on best business practices, while also allowing big data marketing teams to outline the overall returns when […].

10 Inspiring Case Studies of Digital Transformation


The case study companies include Zappos, McDonald’s, and U.S. Digital transformation is profound change in business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience.

Digital marketing case study: Havenly


Havenly, a virtual interior decorating service and direct-to-consumer brand, gives clients approachable and affordable access to custom visual designs. The post Digital marketing case study: Havenly appeared first on Choozle: Digital Advertising Made Easy.

Lead Generation Companies: How to Pick a Right One

convince customers that they will deliver a certain number of leads and focuses on more the merrier approach. Check the case study section on their website, see if. In some cases, they may just pass you the list of contacts (unqualified ones).

Why Case Studies are a Necessity for B2B

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Case studies and client testimonials often don’t fit into the SEO-friendly or lead generation buckets (many have argued the case for keeping these assets ungated ) and for that reason, could fall to the wayside for B2B content programs.

Making the Case for Predictive Marketing & Sales

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Moderated by Kerry Cunningham of SiriusDecisions, Infer and Lattice Engines joined forces last month to discuss the key strategies and use cases to get your business started with predictive marketing and sales. The top use cases for getting started with predictive analytics.

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Pulling Case Studies Out of Customers

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One of the more predictable, and sadder, moments in my work with clients comes when I ask for a customer case study to help illustrate all the good things their hardware, software or services can do. There are many reasons customers don’t want to help you create a case study.

Do You Want a Case Study or Just Feedback?


A prime customer has just agreed to participate in a case study for your product--great news! But it can be tempting to turn what should be a focused case study interview call into an extended grilling of the customer for every bit of product feedback you can get.

The Sales Enablement Handbook

which you expect from them, and in these cases, sales enablement can give them the ‚leg up‘ which. size Profit Marin Customer. In case where coaching has been delivered to multiple individual sales teams -. size Profit Marin Customer. more leads into customers - right?

Marketers Continue to Explore Use Cases for Big Data

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The idea here is that no two customers or prospects should ever see exactly the same content. Prospect A arriving to your website from Facebook should see different content than long-time Customer B arriving to your website from a link within an email newsletter.

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15 Cases of Marketing Innovation [New eBook]

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We consider our customers the ultimate superheroes. If it takes a village, then this case study collection is the ultimate testament to the super forces driving today’s business innovation. Best Customer Lifecycle Program.

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Confucius Say: Your Case Studies are Worthless

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Extrinsic selling occurs, according to Wittreich, when a B2B seller relies on successful work that’s been performed for other customers, as a means to validate the seller’s capabilities and potential ability to perform for a prospective customer.

Case Studies: Ask Short, Clear Questions


When you ask questions during a case study interview, do you talk too much? Feeling the temptation to explain a topic or share a story of your experience after you state the question, but before you allow the customer to answer. This explanation or story may guide the customer's response in a different direction because they misunderstand what you're really asking or assume you want a certain answer. This is especially true for customers who are not fluent in your language.

The Customer-Powered Enterprise Playbook

How Rosetta Stone’s Customer Retention Skyrocketed By 58% With A Customer Advocacy Program


Going where no company has gone before: finding a scalable way to boost customer retention Rosetta Stone, the leading provider of language-learning software, has been helping learners around the world master new languages for more than 25 years. In addition to learners at home, Rosetta Stone also serves educators and global businesses to help upskill.

8 Use Cases for Enriched Data


As you know, there is no shortage of customer data available to your business. Data enrichment plays a central role in today’s fast-paced, data-driven marketing landscape.

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B2B Case Study Best Practices: Real Results & Happy Customers


Within those scientific journals, a Case Study demonstrates the evidence behind the science. The answer to that question is this: a B2B Case Study can be just what your business needs to prove credibility, convince your prospect why your company is the best, and how it got there. Here are your B2B Case Study Best Practices , and how you can use this type of middle of the funnel content to put yourself on a pedestal and showcase your own success as a business. “ It’s alive!

Seize Every Marketing Opportunity with B2B Case Studies

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B2B case studies are an excellent way to put your client's mind at ease and build confidence in your brand. A recent survey conducted by Forbes revealed that B2B case studies are the third most effective marketing strategy, behind in-person events and webinars.

Best Practices for Selling to Government Agencies

selling to a customer or business and selling to. our VP of Customer Success, Curtis Bendt. If this is the case, you need to. your typical customer. devices for custom signatures, as well as with standard. this were the case, this product would have an edge on.

Is It a Case Study or Just a Testimonial?


You're excited to have a well-known customer who is happy with your product and ready to talk for case study. Several factors can contribute to this scenario: A reluctant customer. Do you probe for details when the customer gives a short or basic answer?

Retail Use Cases for a Customer Data Platform


Today’s retailers are under immense pressure to deliver appealing experiences to their customers. Successful retail marketing now revolves around delivering personalized, multi-channel campaigns to reach existing and prospective customers. Cross-channel Marketing Customer Data Retail

The Case for Slow B2B Marketing

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And she asked a very provocative, key question: is it possible that slowing down might actually drive better quality marketing, better engagement with our customers and better results for our companies? I don’t know your company’s customers.

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The Value of Qualitative Results in a Case Study


There are times when you have what seems to be an ideal case study: a happy, willing, and talkative customer; a prestigious company name; a story for an application or industry that you want to target. How do you handle case studies that present only (or mostly) qualitative results?

WriteSpark: Best Blog Posts about Case Studies


In this blog, I frequently write about case studies, white papers, and content marketing for technical products and technology companies. If you are involved in writing or managing customer case studies for high-tech marketing, you'll find useful ideas in these posts: Does your team know what makes a good case study? Tips for saving time and identifying the best candidates when searching for case study prospects. What to do with a "not quite ready" case study.

Case Story: How RBC Successfully Scaled Content Across 22 Teams


Contently Case Stories is a series highlighting some of Contently’s most successful clients. As one of the largest financial institutions in the world, RBC serves millions of customers, employs more than 80,000 people, and earned more than $11.5

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