Where Do Case Studies Fit into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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Case studies help you build a story around your customers, products, and services. And 90% trust what other customers say about a company over what the company says about itself. You can incorporate case studies in content marketing in a myriad of ways.

Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Barões Publishing Increased Conversion Rates By 35%


Outgrow Interactive Quiz Case Study: How Barões Publishing Increased Conversion Rates By 35%. This is an interactive quiz case study by Outgrow. We love helping our customers and writing case studies is one of our favorite things to do! (


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How to Create an Effective B2B Case Study

KoMarketing Associates

Enter: case studies. Case studies can help push your brand to the top of the list of candidates when the buyer has hit the decision-making stage thanks to their ability to show the value of your organization’s products or services. But, how do you create a B2B case study that supports your content marketing strategy ? Step 2: Identify a Customer Success Story. The key at the onset is to choose a customer that represents your ideal buyer.

[Case Study] How Shockbyte More Than Doubled Their Sales Conversion Rate With Exit-Intent


Shockbyte is the largest game server host in Australia and Asia-Pacific and has hosted servers for more than 100,000 customers around the world. In fact, Shockbyte gets 52% of its sales from customers who interacted with their OptinMonster campaigns.

Marketing Automation: Lessons from 4 case studies

B2B Lead Generation

To help illustrate how some of your peers are utilizing marketing automation, in this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I’m sharing four MarketingSherpa case studies that cover everything from how automation improved lead gen to how that tech directly impacted the bottom line. Case Study #1 – Marketing Automation: 200% increase in lead volume for software company after implementation. In this case study, Managed Maintenance Inc.

3 Quick Strategies for Repurposing Case Studies


Case studies are among the most time-intensive content assets in your library to produce. Consider the best places to reuse your case studies, and set yourself up for ongoing success with a streamlined process you can rely on in the future. Repurposing Case Studies.

B2B Case Study Best Practices: Real Results & Happy Customers


History has given us many experiments and studies; often learning the hard way, colleges publish scientific papers regularly to prove or disprove hypotheses and theories – even Barack Obama wrote and published the most popular scientific paper of 2016. Within those scientific journals, a Case Study demonstrates the evidence behind the science. But wait… What is a Case Study? There is no one definition of case study research.

5 Employee Activation Case Studies We Can All Learn From

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Here are some employee activation case studies from those who have. Innovation: Its shift from waterfall (top-down traditional) management to their unique take on Agile (a work style that emphasizes innovation, employee initiative, and continuous customer feedback to each team) has cut response time from 18 months to daily, optimizing cost in the process. These case studies have taught me one thing: we need to transform the power dynamic inside our companies.

Pulling Case Studies Out of Customers

What Works - What Doesn't

One of the more predictable, and sadder, moments in my work with clients comes when I ask for a customer case study to help illustrate all the good things their hardware, software or services can do. That hurts their marketing efforts, because a recommendation from a trusted peer – which is what a case study is – is one of the most credible forms of content you can publish. There are many reasons customers don’t want to help you create a case study.

Lead Gen Tactics from 4 MarketingSherpa Case Studies

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Our sister publication, MarketingSherpa, publishes three weekly newsletter case studies, and in the B2B beat in particular, those weekly articles routinely feature a story covering marketers tackling lead generation for the complex sale. For this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I want to offer four of those case studies published over the last couple of years addressing that very topic. of prospects scheduling meetings becoming customers.

12 inspiring social media monitoring case studies


This means monitoring media not just from traditional publishers, but on the great majority of social sites too. Here are 12 inspiring social media monitoring case studies. This valuable feedback came from their own customers when they launched their “Meat Mountain” campaign poster showing all different meats other than roast beef. Their customers mistakenly thought it was a new sandwich, and through social media, indicated they were anxious to try it.

What is a Q&A Case Study? And Why is it Great for B2B Marketing?


This trend makes case studies more important than ever. A case study is more than a review or a testimonial. A good case study paints a picture, tells a story. It highlights your successes in a way that turns potential buyers into actual customers. A question and answer (Q&A) case study is a simple and natural approach to telling a client’s story. Which of your customers are best for your case study?

The 4 Essential Elements of a Great Case Study

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Although online reviews can help tell a part of story for your organization, a case study can help tell your audience an entire success story (start to game-changing) of one of your customers using your products or services. Tell The Story of Your Customers’ Experience.

International SEO Case Study: How to Generate More Than 2 Million Sessions Without Spending a Cent on Ads


This was difficult to understand when I first started to study. After all, this is the same specialty we offer to our customers. In five years of history, we have not run any ad campaigns through Google or social networks to promote the content we publish.

How Did US Stimulus Checks Impact On-Site Traffic and Conversions? [Case Study]


My team at Portent conducted the study detailed below to verify our hypotheses that the pandemic caused revenue increases in online retailers and auto industries, and that those spikes correlated with stimulus distributions. The study.

Case Study: Getting Results with Social Media Marketing

B2B Marketing Traction

The client had a decent Facebook page with over 1,000 likes, and they send a weekly email with updates and announcements to customers and prospects. The good news is that the WordPress template used for the update was responsive; it was just that some customizations disabled the responsive design. Then a manager can edit, optimize and publish all posts, which appear with the author’s bio and photo. Still on the fence about social media marketing?

15 B2B case studies show how content marketing drives ROI


Here are 15 B2B case studies. Content tactics included: executive briefs, case studies, infographics, checklists, Q and A, and Brainshark video. LOGICALL : A company that focuses on inbound and outbound customer management solutions, uses content assets such as emails, microsite and ebook, Logicalis developed a thought leadership effort that supported sales teams by enabling custom messaging based on the prospects interaction with the campaign.

[Case Study] DivvyHQ Helps Stackify Create Content Rocket Fuel for Growth


Global tech company Stackify publishes about 20 blog posts, case studies and articles each month from a variety of internal and external writers. Publishing a high volume of articles using a lot of different writers is hard, especially if you want to do it the right way. The calendar and the customized work flow for all of the various tasks are a huge help. Case Studies Content Marketing case study content DivvyHQ marketing planning production stackify

5 Steps to Creating Powerful Case Studies


Case studies are among the most high-impact pieces of content a B2B marketer can produce. Unlike many other forms of marketing content — for example blogs, ebooks, white papers or reports — case studies give you an opportunity to directly demonstrate the real-life value your solutions are providing to customers. But case studies are also a lot more labor-intensive than most other forms of written content.

How We Ranked a Single Page for 2.6K Keywords Driving 30K Monthly Searches [Case Study]


By leveraging data-centered campaigns, paired with personalized outreach to top publishers, we regularly garner earned media placements for our clients. Content marketing + digital PR case study: ADT. We customized pitches for publishers by state for our initial outreach.

Rock Content Case Study: How to Generate More Than 700 Leads Per Month Without Spending on Ads


In Content Marketing, everything starts with attracting visitors — and obviously, in our case, it couldn’t be any different. But this may vary from company to company, as each business has an ideal customer profile — a buyer persona — and needs different data from its users.

5 Steps for Writing a Killer Marketing Case Study

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Today’s marketers have a full-time job creating content, generating leads, driving traffic, collaborating across channels, and staying in the know when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of their ideal customer—and a case study can display your success.

How to write a social media case study (with template)

Sprout Social

Enter the case study. Social media case studies are often used as part of a sales funnel: the potential client sees themselves in the case study and signs up because they want the same or better results. At Sprout, we use this strategy with our own case studies highlighting our customer’s successes. Writing and publishing case studies is time intensive but straight forward. What is a social media case study?

19 Ways Your Customers Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2017


These tips were originally published in our eBook, Inspiring Customers to Create Content for You: A Marketer’s Guide. As a B2B marketer, you have boundless opportunities to turn your happiest customers into content collaborators. Involving customers in your content marketing strategy has lots of benefits, including: Uncovering better content ideas and new customer success stories.

Publishing Blogs Articles Isn’t Enough – It Needs to Be the Right Content

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Then you published a ton of articles that run the gamut from your company’s response to the news story du jour to how your new gadget works. It might be tough hearing it – but just publishing blog articles isn’t enough. Quick Takeaways: First, identify your customers’ needs.

TCS Case Study: Finding Balance in Digital Publishing

Content Standard

We very rarely publish company news, and our audience’s loves and interests have inspired much of what we report. This next edition in the Content Standard Case Study series will look at the tug-of-war being played between editorial and marketing in the content industry, acknowledging weaknesses in the practice and hopefully giving you some advice on where to go next in your own program. But it’s important to be as proactive as possible in publishing.

How to a Create a B2B Case Study that Boosts New Business

Hinge Marketing

You create case studies. Case studies use the voice of "others" (i.e. In a recent research study, Hinge Research Institute asked buyers of professional services to identify the best ways to market to them. Used effectively, case studies are one tool that can build trust and help you develop a reputation for producing results. So let's look at how to create a compelling case study. Case Studies

Outbrain’s Best of 2020: Case Study Edition


Samsung used Outbrain’s Native Social solution to generate awareness without disrupting end-users’ experiences, and extended their social campaigns to premium publishers outside of the walled gardens. Samsung Case Study. Red Bull Case Study. Volvo Case Study.

FileNet to AWS – An 80 Million Document Case Study

Technology Services Group

As part of TSG’s ongoing efforts to assist clients move from legacy ECM systems like FileNet to modern cloud alternatives, TSG has recently published a case study highlighting how one FileNet customer was able to successfully move to Amazon Web Services. FileNet Client Background and Approach TSG was approached by a long-time FileNet customer interested […].

How to Write a Case Study: The Ultimate Guide & Template


Earning the trust of prospective customers can be a struggle. One of the best ways to prove your worth is through compelling case studies. When done correctly, these examples of your work can chronicle the positive impact your business has on existing or previous customers. How to Write a Business Case Study: The Ultimate Guide. 1) Find the Right Case Study Candidate. 2) Reach Out to Case Study Participants.

Don’t Publish a Press Release. Create a Product Story Instead


At Contently, we think of ourselves as our best case study. ” And since product stories appeal to both new leads and existing customers, the content can help with onboarding and retention. The post Don’t Publish a Press Release.

Are You Leveraging the Power of the Case Study Effectively in Your Marketing Strategy?

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Case studies are an excellent medium for building a story around your product or service. In this quick guide, we discuss: What is a case study in marketing? A five-step case study marketing plan. Examples of case studies from Google to inspire you. When it comes to purchasing a product or service, your customers are always looking for past reviews and proven outcomes before making a decision. What Is a Case Study in Marketing?

Case Study: How a Media Company Grew 400% and Used SEO to Get Acquired


Posted by Gaetano-DiNardi-NYC Disclaimer: I’m currently the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva , and writing this case study post-mortem as the former VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker (Jan. Sales Hacker is a publishing hub led by B2B sales, marketing, and customer success contributors. Almost all content was evergreen and highly tactical — I made it a rule that we’d never agree to publish fluffy pieces, whether it was sponsored or not.

New growth strategies for publishers


Publishers must look within themselves to build compelling propositions that will naturally attract more quality advertisers, writes Nick Welch. Is publishing digital’s most exciting medium right now? Yet in taking this approach, publishers have increasingly ceded control of their most valuable assets – their audiences. Proof, if it were needed, of the value of publishers’ content and why they deserve a fairer share of the spoils.

How to Use Content Marketing for Customer Retention

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You probably already know how powerful customer retention can be for your business. Providing real value today and consistently into the future will help you connect with customers on a deeper level. How can you create consistent, long-term value for prospects and loyal customers?

15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing


Most customers know that a little online research could spare them from a bad experience and poor investment of your budget. Case studies are an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing proof that what you''re offering is valuable and of good quality. marketers use, 12 different marketing tactics on average, with case studies being the fifth most popular after social media content, enewsletters, blogs, and website articles.

Revenue Streams and the Publishers who Love Them


All publishers use their content in one way or another to keep their revenue generation engine running. But in order to grow substantially, publishers have to diversify their revenue streams and increase their stability. So how are publishers trying to win the race to gain subscribers?