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33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

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Maybe it’s because the buying cycle takes longer, more people are involved in purchase decisions and sales are made for rational, not emotional, reasons. If you need convincing, here are 32 B2B digital marketing case studies that prove the potental ROI.

Are White Papers Dead?

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Traditional white papers are likely the staple of your content marketing portfolio, and for good reason. According to a recent IDG survey, 84% of buyers leveraged white papers as a key resource to help them make a purchase decision.

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White Papers are Not Dead. They’re on Life Support.

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The original purpose of white papers as a B2B marketing tactic was to produce objective information, packaged as quasi-academic research, that might validate a company’s or product’s value proposition. White papers jumped the shark when they became paid content.

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15 B2B case studies show how content marketing drives ROI


Here are 15 B2B case studies. ADP : Developed a content marketing campaign to connect and engage with their target audience on a ADP solution using white papers and a diagnostic assessment tool. IBM : developed a social sales program for their inside sales team.

5 Examples Of Exceptional B2B Case Studies


Case studies are an important part of B2B content marketing. According to a survey done by the Content Marketing Institute, the top three most important marketing tactics for B2B businesses are in-person events, webinars and case studies. Writing An Engaging Case Study.

What is business video content marketing and how to get started


Video content marketing means creating engaging video content that is thoughtful, planned and integrated into the different parts of your marketing process and sales process. After you get traffic to your site you might send that traffic to a landing page to convert prospects into leads.

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Raise Your Customer’s Voice: A Fresh Look at Case Studies & Testimonials


In a marketplace that’s become crowded with new types of information in new channels, is there still a role for case studies and testimonials? Recent research indicates that case studies are still a popular and effective tactic. The same is true for your case study.

Case Study: How One Tech Company Used Humor to Launch a New Brand

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Sungard AS asked its demand generation agency, Spear Marketing Group , to help introduce business prospects within the company’s marketing database to the new brand. In this case, there was no offer per se, no white paper or Webinar or other information of value.

Do you need different kinds of video for sales enablement?


I don’t think this approach works as well when it comes to video content for sales enablement. Marketing content vs. sales content. Sales enablement content types. Here are the types of content used in sales enablement considered the survey: email templates.

B2B Marketers Are Turning Away Prospects

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One of the primary ways B2B marketers capture leads online is asking prospects to register for content. Doing it effectively requires creating content prospects want in a format that is easy to engage with while capturing the information you need.

The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success


Content can be produced in a wide variety of formats: • White papers. Case studies. The use of keywords in content should never be forced; content that’s truly written for your target prospects will incorporate these words and phrases in a natural manner.

Real examples of how account-based marketing & selling is driving higher revenues on LinkedIn


But when your programs have a nice-sized investment and when you have a complex sales process, then you better be sure you’re focusing on specific audiences and that you are relevant. A targeted, account-based marketing approach is key in this case.

Building a Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success, Step 4: Content Marketing

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Mr. Stacy Gentile of Invigra and Jeff Linton of Act-On Software delivered a webinar about The Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success. White papers. Case studies. You can, for example, send the same white paper out four to six times a year.

Sample Outline for a Lead Generation White Paper

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Dollar for dollar, white papers continue to be some of the most effective offers for most high-technology marketers. Prospects are usually more likely to download or otherwise register for a white paper vs. a Webinar, free trial, etc. because 1) the time commitment is minimal, and 2) white papers are perceived (not always justifiably) as information of value rather than sales collateral.

Why You Still Need PDFs for Content Marketing


Is this company trying to push prospects away (unlikely) or is it simply caught up in the trend-du-jour of web interfaces and content presentation that view a downloadable PDF document as belonging in the dark ages?

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Where is ROI Best Applied in the Sales Process?

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On average, 76% of deals are now won or lost early in the decision making process – going to the solution provider who helps your Prospect uncover and prioritize the issue and set the buying agenda, while only 24% are won / lost during the later competitive bake-off phase.

What Does B2B Social Media Success Look Like?


Until recently, most social media case studies have focused on consumer brands. Digging into the results publicized in these case studies, what does B2B success look like? Increased engagement (number, depth and quality of interactions with customers and prospects).

Five Ways to Create Content that Motivates Prospects to Action


In B2B marketing, there are usually so many different people involved in the decision-making process that you can’t afford to neglect content that provokes the right questions in prospects and moves key decision-makers along. Urgency is what moves prospects to act.

20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog


More recently, numerous writers including Olivier Blanchard , Neil Glassman and Mark Schaefer have tried to make the case that social media ROI is real, can be measured, and must be measured. Promote white papers / eBooks / reports for lead generation.

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Improve Your Content: From Passive to Interactive

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This large content investment is fueled by a significant increase in buyer demand for content, with two thirds (67%) of your prospects indicating they rely more on content to conduct research and help guide purchasing decisions than they did a year ago (DemandGen Report).

5 Signs the Gap Between Sales and Marketing is Closing


How about marketing’s other half, sales. Should marketing then also get involved into sales activities? Sales and marketing are two of the main pillars of every business. For some years now a trend has been taking place: a narrowing gap between marketing and sales activities.

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Content Selling: How Sales Can Better Leverage Marketing Content

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Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Chalef, CEO of KnowledgeTree , developers of an intriguing new solution, built for both and mobile (iOS), that enables sales teams to instantly find, surface, and present the ideal content in any selling situation.

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How to write lead generating white papers?

Ambal's Amusings

White papers are powerful sources of lead generation. We asked our panel of white paper experts "What are the top 2 components of a white paper that is most effective to generate leads?" He is also the author of the White Paper Pundit blog.


Who Do B2B Buyers Trust?

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A common debate in B2B marketing is how to create and deliver the right content at the right time to help improve the connection and engagement with prospects and their buying decisions. Overall, buyers continue to prefer documents such as research briefs, white papers and blog posts as the most important form of content along each stage in the buyer’s journey. TCO Calculator interactive white paper Excecutive Assessment Tools Pisello Alinean content marketing ROI Calculato

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What to Do With Mid-Funnel Prospects?

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If you pass it to sales and it doesn’t close, it’s a “bad” lead. Engage your sales team and find out how they take leads all the way through the funnel, especially the mid-funnel. Get case studies you can share. Get the 5 & 10 white paper.

The Biggest Challenge in Creating and Marketing White Papers

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Business decision makers don't read white papers just because a product or service is "cool" They have real business problems they are trying to solve. We asked white paper experts: " What is the biggest challenge in creating and marketing a white paper?

What can the losing football coach teach us about making your sales quota?

Sales Engine

As sales and marketing professionals, I think we can all identify—players on the field feel like they are facing an all-out blitz! Sales Plans are unattainable! The sales team is not making quota! Is it the VP of Sales? But do you know what the prospects DO want?

Know Thy Audience: Business and Technical White Papers

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Do you know your white paper audience? Are those concerns being addressed in your white papers? "Technical white papers are radically different from business-oriented white papers in size, format, and use of terminology."


Killer Questions to Ask Before Starting a White Paper Project

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How can you create a white paper that serves it purpose - create high quality leads, provide useful information to potential customers etc. Jonathan Kantor is 14-year white paper marketing veteran. Generating More Leads with Video White Papers. White Papers.


How to enhance information absorption for your white paper?

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Many companies are producing video white papers as online presentations based on information that would normally go into a printed white paper. We asked our panel of white paper experts "In what scenarios should video white papers be used?

4 Tactics for Better Cold Sales Emails—Because No, Prospects Don’t Want a Demo


“Hi marketer, this is someone you’ve never spoken to, calling to interrupt your busy day by spewing a generic sales pitch about a product you’ve never heard of. Yet such is the day-to-day life for many uninformed, underprepared, and unproductive Sales Development Representatives (or Lead Development Representatives or Business Development Representatives or whatever nonthreatening term your organization has decided on).

Combining Content with Sales Strategy—Where Most Companies Get Stuck

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It’s not hard to develop a piece of content —say, a video or an infographic, an article or a white paper—on a topic that somebody might find interesting. Because that’s how a well-trained sales professional behaves at each stage of the sales funnel.

Don’t Let Prospects Get Lost: Create a Customer Journey Map

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In the beginning, the prospect is just starting to become aware of your brand. The goal here is to increase the number of known prospects in the funnel and gain as much insight about them as possible.

ClickInsights: What is the ideal length of a white paper?

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How do you concisely convey the information you want to present in your white paper? How long should a white paper be to convey information and yet hold readers interest from start to end? There's a lot of slop out there masquerading as a white papers.


The White Paper Question: To Gate or Not To Gate?

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We asked white paper experts: " How should marketers balance the need for free content (helpful for prospects decision making) Vs. the need to have content that produces a steady flow of good leads (that can directed to sales team)? White Paper FAQs.


ClickInsights: How to choose a white paper syndication partner?

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How do you market your white papers? Can syndication partners take your white paper to your prospects? Stephanie Tilton has published a timely 14-page report on White Paper Syndication Options for Technology Marketers. Find White Papers.


ClickInsights: What is the biggest mistake to avoid when writing a white paper?

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White papers can be really valuable tools to educate your prospects. So you invest time and money in creating and marketing white papers. Before embarking on this journey, stop and learn what not to do in awhite paper. White Paper FAQs.


ClickInsights: What is your favorite white paper? Why do you like it?

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White papers come in all shapes and forms. Our Panel of White Paper Experts have written and reviewed thousands of white papers over the years. Which white paper stands out in their mind? He is also the author of the White Paper Pundit blog.


It’s official – in B2B, content is king

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Highest on the ‘to do’ list are three heavily used content formats: blog posts (61% use), case studies (45%) and white papers (44%). White papers excel when it comes to lead generation. And case studies (along with reports) are best at turning leads into sales. So it seems that marketers are adapting their approach to content as a prospect moves down the funnel. That’s smart, but many are missing a trick. It’s official.

Fresh Ideas to Reignite Stalled Leads and Accelerate the Sales Funnel

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Tweet Longer selling cycles and stalled deals are impeding sales funnels everywhere. As such, an interview or survey should happen close enough to the event that the prospect will recall the context of the decision. Use Teleprospecting to Re-Engage Your Stalled Prospects.