11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation


Here are 11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation. FlavorPrint takes this data and generates personalized suggestions about recipes using algorithms. Do these case studies relate to your business?

5 Employee Activation Case Studies We Can All Learn From

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Here are some employee activation case studies from those who have. These case studies have taught me one thing: we need to transform the power dynamic inside our companies. Get started today and generate more traffic and leads for your business.

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Why Case Studies are a Necessity for B2B

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Case studies and client testimonials often don’t fit into the SEO-friendly or lead generation buckets (many have argued the case for keeping these assets ungated ) and for that reason, could fall to the wayside for B2B content programs.

Case Studies


emedia’s library of demand generation case studies illustrates real-life applications of our methods and best practices. Click to download a recent emedia case study. The post Case Studies appeared first on emedia. Case Studies Resources

9 Ways to Use Customer Case Studies in Your Marketing

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However, one form of content that routinely leads the pack is the customer case study. In fact, according to Hawkeye , 71 percent of B2B buyers in the awareness stage and 77 percent in the evaluation stage cited testimonials and case studies as the most influential types of content.

Appointment Setting Case Study


Valasys Media’s outbound appointment generation service was utilized by one of UK’s largest training providers. Tasked with generating assessor appointments, Valasys had to sign up business employees through an apprenticeship scheme or through National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).

Marketing Automation: Lessons from 4 case studies

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Lead generation, lead nurturing and determining the time for the handoff to Sales would be extremely difficult without that technology. To help illustrate how some of your peers are utilizing marketing automation, in this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I’m sharing four MarketingSherpa case studies that cover everything from how automation improved lead gen to how that tech directly impacted the bottom line. In this case study, Managed Maintenance Inc.

5 Examples Of Exceptional B2B Case Studies


Case studies are an important part of B2B content marketing. According to a survey done by the Content Marketing Institute, the top three most important marketing tactics for B2B businesses are in-person events, webinars and case studies. Writing An Engaging Case Study.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Inventrom Generated 30000+ Leads 


Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Inventrom Generated 30000+ Leads . This is an interactive quiz case study that details how Inventrom, an IoT platform generated 30000+ by using Outgrow interactive content. Lead Generation .

Quantifying the Value of Lead Nurturing: A Case Study

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In this article, we look at a case study of lead nurturing that finds that nurtured leads were three times more likely to convert to sales-accepted leads than traditional marketing-qualified leads.

How Small Businesses Can Use Real-Time Case Studies to Acquire New Clients


This is the power of a simple Case Study. By sharing case studies, the objective is to build up trust and confidence with your users. The Power of a Case Study. Case studies work differently. Crafting the Right Case Study.

8 SEO Recommendations for Maximizing B2B Case Studies & Collateral

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A recent survey of US agency executives from RSW/US , as covered by eMarketer , revealed that client case studies and content marketing were the top two self-promotional tactics used to generate leads, as indicated by 62% of respondents. Case studies can be difficult to obtain.

12 inspiring social media monitoring case studies


Here are 12 inspiring social media monitoring case studies. They monitored topics that generated the most conversation, engagement, and sentiment to ensure the tone stayed positive. Do these case studies convince you of the value of social media monitoring?

ISSA MarketMuse Case Study


Discover how ISSA used MarketMuse to transform their blog to generate revenue, build a high-quality audience, improve organic traffic, conversion rates, and engagement rates. The post ISSA MarketMuse Case Study appeared first on MarketMuse. Resource Center Studies

Lead Gen Tactics from 4 MarketingSherpa Case Studies

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Tweet Our sister publication, MarketingSherpa, publishes three weekly newsletter case studies, and in the B2B beat in particular, those weekly articles routinely feature a story covering marketers tackling lead generation for the complex sale. For this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I want to offer four of those case studies published over the last couple of years addressing that very topic. Case Study #1 – Local B2B Marketing: 150% boost in lead generation.

Case Study: Modern Marketing Meets Storytelling Comic Strips

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Using Oracle Content Marketing and Eloqua , we’ve created a funny personalized adventure for our audience; it’s about portraying a slice of life (in our case, the work of a Creative Professional) and crafting an entertaining and memorable story (specifically how our Nexsan storage can help them overcome their storage challenges). Don't miss the opportunity to hear more compelling case study stories in person! Case Studies Modern Marketing in Action

Case study in data-driven B2B customer acquisition marketing


While preparing case studies for book, I had the fun of interviewing a bunch of very smart B2B marketers to learn how they were applying data and analytics to their marketing objectives. With responsibility for demand generation, Sechrist is mired in database marketing.

How to Write the Perfect B2B Case Study

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Case studies are highly valuable bottom-of-the-funnel content pieces. Case studies come into play during the decision stage; they are aimed at helping your potential clients make a final decision in favor of your B2B technology company.

Tech Stack Success: 3 Real-World Case Studies


With the amount of marketing you're doing utilizing every possible avenue of digital, you need marketing technology that is going to help you generate leads, nurture them and lead them through the sales pipeline, and close those leads.all while keeping your data clean and maintained.

10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI


Here are 10 case studies of companies that used insights from web analytics and drove ROI. Ryanir is able to increase click-through rates by 200%, decrease bounce rate by 18%, increase visitor traffic by 16% to strategic pages, and double revenue generated from their email campaigns.

Case study: How Goodwill uses AdTheorent to drive visits to stores


Once an AdTheorent campaign is launched, it takes a few weeks for the technology to learn what works best based on the campaign goals (in this case, store visits or “visitations.”). As mentioned above, one of the key goals of the campaign was to generate awareness about Goodwill’s mission.

11 Facebook Case Studies & Success Stories to Inspire You


If you're not sure where to start, you can read case studies to learn about strategies that marketing pros and similar businesses have tried in the past. A case study will often go over a brand's marketing challenge, goals, a campaign's key details, and its results.

Case Study: Getting Results with Social Media Marketing

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We began to look at the results in Google Analytics and were able to show the client that certain blogs and keywords were indeed generating traffic. Still on the fence about social media marketing?

The benefits & impact of simplicity: a case study


Case Study: Women United in Philanthropy. This bakery is both a revenue-generating business and a program for teen moms who need job training and experience to provide for their babies. The post The benefits & impact of simplicity: a case study appeared first on Biznology.

How B2B Marketers Sabotage the Power of Case Studies to Generate Demand


Case studies are bursting with promise for use in B2B lead generation and sales. Why Case Studies? Why do marketers at B2B companies write case studies? And if content is king, case studies are the crown jewels. 4 Ways Case Studies Fail.

15 B2B case studies show how content marketing drives ROI


Here are 15 B2B case studies. The campaign generated over $1 million in new sales opportunities with several deals closed within the first 3 months of launch. Content tactics included: executive briefs, case studies, infographics, checklists, Q and A, and Brainshark video.

Hook your Audience with a Captivating Case Study Presentation


The Televerde team just returned from SiriusDecisions Europe in London last week where we packed the room for our sponsored case study, Executing a Global Demand Generation Strategy , presented by global technology leader Avaya.

Outgrow Interactive Case Study - How Outgrow Helped MyBalto Create Personalized Content


Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study - How Outgrow Helped MyBalto Create Personalized Content. Read this interactive content case study to find out how Outgrow helped them create personalized content for their clients. The lead generation form is right before the result.

Making the Case for Case Studies

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Today’s marketers have a full-time job creating content, generating leads, driving traffic, collaborating across channels, and staying in the know when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of their ideal customer—and a case study can display your success. Though the type of marketing material can vary from infographics to blogs to videos to e-books , the case study is a piece of content that should be in every organization’s front pocket.

The Case Against Case Studies


Case studies…personal, demonstrative, compact. Where does the infamous Case Study fit in? Sales Funnel Content Content Creation Lead Generation Blog Case Studies Blog Post Homepage Resources

Outgrow Interactive Case Study: How Outgrow Helped Conversion Formula Increase Client Conversion Rates


Outgrow Interactive Content Case Study: How Outgrow Helped Conversion Formula Increase Client Conversion Rates. This blog is an interactive content case study about how Outgrow helped Conversion Formula increase their client conversion rates by 11%. Conversion Formula is a company that offers lead generation solutions for senior living and care communities. Read this interactive case study to find out why Outgrow saved the day.

6 case studies show Big Data is helping decision making


Here are 6 case studies that show how Big Data is helping companies make better decisions. This enhanced Hertz’s performance, and increased customer satisfaction…all by parsing the volumes of data being generated from multiple sources. Photo credit: Kevin Krejci.

5 Steps for Writing a Killer Marketing Case Study

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Today’s marketers have a full-time job creating content, generating leads, driving traffic, collaborating across channels, and staying in the know when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of their ideal customer—and a case study can display your success.

Case Study: How Aqua Security Reached 24% Conversion to MQL

Marketing Envy

The Challenges: Market Education and Lead Generation. Inbound Marketing Case StudyReading time: the best 7 mins you'll spend this week! Aqua provides a virtualized container security platform for enterprises which enables them to add security controls to their development lifecycle.

Case Study: Segmentation, New Creative Boosts Lead Conversion Rates by 75%

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Sungard AS runs a highly successful demand generation program, an integrated mix of both online and offline campaigns, to generate a consistent flow of leads to the company’s sales force.

6 Proven Ways to Leverage Surveys In Your B2B Marketing Case Studies

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Are your B2B marketing case studies inciting prospects to action -- or lulling them to sleep? Surveys may help to liven up your case studies, and create an influential tool. The best B2B case studies know how to leverage surveys as a valuable piece of the marketing puzzle.

Case Study Winners: It’s About the Client

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Our new white paper, “Secrets of Case Study Winners,” outlines quite a few specific strategies for B2B companies to create successful case study programs. The idea for this white paper was borne from my observation that case studies are remarkably difficult for most B2Bs to generate, yet they are usually the most valuable marketing content a B2B can provide for its sales force. B2B Case Studies Business to Business (B2B) Content Marketing