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GDPR and Email: Part 1, an Overview


It was a long hard slog, but when the dust had cleared, the feeling was that the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament had a regulation that would satisfy the privacy issues inherent with any new or future technology, without hampering individual needs. Ratified on May 24, 2016, the GDPR took effect on May 25th, 2018, and offers the strictest set of regulations to date as to what you can and cannot do with someone’s data.

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GDPR: Why It Matters & What We’re Doing


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation , commonly known as GDPR, which is a new data privacy law that will be enforced starting May 25, 2018. While it may feel a little like red tape, these policies are designed to build trust with customers and to provide a better user experience, which is our end goal anyway, right? Shiny New Privacy Policy. The first stop on our road to compliance is an updated privacy policy.

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The Laws Marketers Need to Know to Avoid Legal Backlash


And you might have also noticed that privacy has been quite a hot button issue recently, with the launch of Google's new one-size-fits-all privacy policy as well as the latest debacle with the up and coming (or maybe not?) CAN-SPAM Act. As a marketer, all of your email marketing messages need to comply with the requirements set forth in the CAN-SPAM Act. Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.

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