Deliverability Acronyms: A-Z


Anti-Phishing Working Group Inc: APWG is the international coalition unifying the global response to cybercrime across industry, government and law-enforcement sectors and NGO communities. CAN-SPAM. Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation - Canada's version of CAN-SPAM.

The Definitive Guide to Email Deliverability


Are my emails landing in spam box? Mailbox providers analyze various aspects of an email sender and message content to prevent users from spam and malicious content. You don't have to be a spammer to get your emails land in spam. What is SPAM? Okay, the funny thing is there is no consensus on what construes as a SPAM. When you send emails to your prospects for a business proposal is that a SPAM? Will you call that a SPAM? History of SPAM.


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CX 2020: Stephanie Thum's Take on Changing Conceptions of the Customer Experience


In the digital age, businesses need to think about how they can tailor online experiences to meet the needs of all of their customers. Morally dubious practices which surround reviews can adversely impact the customer experience. Focus on what you *can* do, not on what you cannot.

Getting to the Inbox: How to Keep the “Email Police” Happy

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Then came the anti-spam regulations, CAN-SPAM in the U.S. And the content of your emails can be scrutinized for relevance as well. CAN-SPAM requires you to provide a way for recipients to unsubscribe and, it goes without saying, you need to follow through when they do. While in Canada, you can only send to recipients who opt-in to receiving your emails. A low score will cause your emails to bounce and can end up getting you blacklisted.

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The Year in Email


We’ll start the list with the one thing that doesn’t appear to be going away: the inactive unsubscribe link and CAN-SPAM violations. How much of this is the sender’s fault and how much is the fault of their ESP, I can’t say, but needless to say, all of their emails went straight to the spam folder. You can click on that unsubscribe link all day and nothing will happen. This is either badly designed spam, or phishing or both. Here we are again.

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Social Media Compliance: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Compliant


Compliance obligations can be quite complex. While they vary by industry, privacy and data security requirements generally intend to: Limit who marketers can contact. A few of the relevant regulations include: CAN-SPAM (in the United States). Compliance can be a challenge.

6 Types of Transactional Emails That Every Email Marketer Should Know


Avoid adding promotional language in the subject line or your email could be flagged as spam. While the CAN-SPAM act allows a transactional email to be used for promotions, the message of the email should primarily be transactional in nature. Here are six types of transactional emails you can send your subscribers based on their behavior: 1. You can also use these emails as a double opt-in for subscribers to confirm their email address.

Delivering Episode 22: Friends on Email With Rachel Black


In this episode of Delivering, host Jason Rodriguez chats with one of his friends about how they use email, think about common email marketing practices, and how email marketers can make their campaigns more valuable for everyday subscribers. That you can think of?

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