Manufacturers, It’s Time to Take Back Control in the Buying Cycle

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Now, cloud computing is driving the creation of a network of connected machines that act as an intelligent network that can predict failures and trigger maintenance processes autonomously. Not a Campaign, But a Process.

Insights from the Marketo Summit


I have just returned from the Marketo Marketing Summit in San Francisco this week where I joined 7,000 other registered attendees from what I believe is now one of the premier B2B (and B2C) marketing events of the year. In the opening keynote by Phil Fernandez and throughout the conference, Marketo made mention of their study with The Economist where marketers ranked their top three priorities, which were.

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How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video

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How video engages prospects throughout the buying cycle. To develop rapport with your sales leads, use online video to deliver information directly to their inboxes that is relevant to who they are and where they are in the buying process.

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5 Essential Books to Understand B2B Sales 2.0

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By utilizing social strategies and digital technologies in the revenue cycle, companies can leverage the power of Sales 2.0. Rethinking the Sales Cycle: How Superior Sellers Embrace the Buying Cycle to Achieve a Sustainable and Competitive Advantage.

The Importance of Buyer Personas to Lead-to-Revenue Management

Tony Zambito

A tough assignment for B2B marketers today is getting a handle on how buyers progress through the buying and selling cycles.    Understanding what buyers are doing in the lead generation to sales cycle gap is proving to be a competitive difference maker.

How to Convince Your CEO of the Power of B2B Content Marketing


Content Marketing Conquers the Buying Cycle. It can move buyers through the buying cycle, attracting web traffic, converting visitors into leads, and transforming leads into sales opportunities. Marketo ). Marketo ). Marketo ).

How to Match Your Content Strategy with the Buyer’s Journey

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With these thoughts in mind, I want to walk through some ways to map your content strategy to match the three primary stages of the buying cycle and the types of content that might resonate best with the audience at each stage. Stage 3: Ready to Buy.

How Inside Sales Enablement Can Help Increase Revenues

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By providing the training, coaching, processes, content , and tools sales people need to do their jobs, sales enablement makes it easier for them to close more deals. A Proven Sales Process. Content that Answers Buying Questions. Are you tired of the ups and downs of sales?

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Oracle Attains Highest Score for Current Offering in The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue.

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Forrester Research recently evaluated 11 lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) platform vendors including Act-On, Adobe, bpm’online, CallidusCloud, HubSpot, IBM, Marketo, Oracle, Right On Interactive, Salesforce, and Salesfusion against 36 criteria.

Why Buying Stages Are Really Investment Stages

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Then you have folks that have an idea of who you are but aren’t yet ready to buy. Lastly, you’ll have folks that are well-educated, interested in evaluating your product, and could potentially buy from you. Buying stages should be called investment stages.

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3 Steps to Applying Your Personas to Segmentation

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Personas who are later in the buying cycle should also be scored higher based on their actions- for example, requesting product demos. At Marketo, for behavioral scoring, we start by determining the buying stage as well as the investment needed for certain interactions (e.g.

3 Technology Trends Powering Account-Based Marketing

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At the same time, a significant amount of research by B2B buyers is being done through publisher sites, buying guide portals, technical comparison sites, social sites, and a vendor’s own website. Processing Power of Big Data: Technology to Distinguish Signal from Noise.

How to Develop Great Content that Generates Demand

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Relevance does not only mean writing a paper that is only useful to someone who wants to buy your product or service. Buying Role. When we speak of buying roles we are specifically talking about the procurement responsibility of the prospect. Buying Stage.

Is Your Account-Based Marketing Program Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

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ABM is an organization-wide initiative and requires buy-in from stakeholders outside of marketing. Understand that the buyer’s journey will vary—some may not be in an active buying cycle, some are currently evaluating your solution, and many others are considering options.

The Death of Cold Calling – Ending the Debate

Sales Intelligence View

Cold calling is the process of approaching prospective customers or clients, typically via telephone, who were not expecting such an interaction. Times have changed and sales processes must change to keep up.

Demystify & Define Your Marketing Strategy

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Author: Rajiv Kapoor When I recently visited Marketo headquarters, my buddy asked me what I was working on, and I told him enterprise consulting in a strategic role (as opposed to more of an implementation role)—to which he responded, “so, what exactly are you doing?”.

6Sense Finds B2B Prospects Using Web Site Activities

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Since then, I’ve had a more detailed briefing, which clarified that their scope extends well beyond prospect lists to predictive models applied across all stages of the purchase cycle. Standard integrations are available for , Oracle Eloqua and Marketo. APIs can load data from other sources, potentially including other CRM marketing automation products, Web logs, order processing, call centers, media impressions, and pretty much anything else.

Content with a Purpose: 5 Tips to Map Your Content to the Buyer’s Journey 

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To become a content juggernaut, you have to build a repeatable, scalable process for content creation –and spreadsheets won’t cut it. However, when our sales team began using the asset to drive engagement later in the sales cycle, we realized we were missing an opportunity.

Healthcare Marketers: It’s Time to Transform

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It’s easy to buy software, but it’s difficult to transform. How do you overcome your legacy systems and processes? How do you maintain relationships throughout years-long healthcare buying cycles?

Why Marketers Are the New Wingmen

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Today, it’s marketing’s job to work closely together with sales to engage with customers throughout most of the buying cycle. In other words, the sales process is now a team effort.

How to Create Quality Blog Posts Surprisingly Rapidly


Understand your buyers and the questions they ask throughout the buying cycle. Judgments are just speed bumps in your writing process. This post originally ran on The Marketo Blog in August 2017. The dreaded blank screen stares back at you. Your to-do list is growing.

How to Manage an Account-Based Sales Team

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Many B2B organizations deal with a smaller lead pool and longer sales cycle, which means you’ve probably had to adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly. Beyond buzzwords, making anything ‘account-based’ is a process and not something that happens overnight.

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Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

Marketing Insider Group

Marketo – – Marketing software. A curated production process + a fully-vetted community of creative pros = outstanding and affordable video content. that advance the buying cycle: Founding member @ savvy_b2b blog.

SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall: Why B2B Marketers Should Take Note


In all seriousness though, as far as demand gen metaphors go the “SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall” is actually an extremely helpful way of conceptualizing the entire process, which thousands of B2B businesses have already put to effective use.

Dynamic Duo: Close More Deals with Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Author: Stacey Thornberry A joint Marketo and Reachforce research piece found that businesses are 67% better at closing deals when sales and marketing work together. Align your content to stages of the buying cycle and score each asset accordingly.

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How to Win at B2B Video Marketing

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If you’re actively seeking out opportunities to integrate video into your core business processes, here’s how you can also produce measurable results. How to Win at B2B Video Marketing was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link].

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Sights and Sounds of SXSW: Transformational Marketing and The Era of Engagement

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This year, Marketo set out to make a splash at the event. On Sunday, Marketo featured four informative sessions around both marketing best practices and the future of marketing. Use holistic, agile methodologies, software, and processes.

Best Practices for Marketing Automation from 11 Experts

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Best Practice #1: You Can’t Automation A Process That Doesn’t Exist—Always Map Your Lead Flow. Marketing automation without a lead process is just like that… navigating without a map in the hopes of getting to the right place. You can’t automate a process that doesn’t exist.”.

How to Create Quality Blog Posts Surprisingly Rapidly

Modern B2B Marketing

Understand your buyers and the questions they ask throughout the buying cycle , then fill your editorial calendar with topics they want to learn about. Judgments are just speed bumps in your writing process. The dreaded blank screen stares back at you. Your to-do list is growing.

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How Should I Structure My Marketing Automation Team?

Modern B2B Marketing

As head of our Customer Success/Account Management team here at Marketo, one question I hear frequently from new CMOs, VPs of Marketing and Directors of Marketing/Lead Generation is: “How can I build my marketing automation team?”. At Marketo, we have a much larger team.

How Should I Structure My Marketing Automation Team?

Modern B2B Marketing

As head of our Customer Success/Account Management team here at Marketo, one question I hear frequently from new CMOs, VPs of Marketing and Directors of Marketing/Lead Generation is: “How can I build my marketing automation team?”. At Marketo, we have a much larger team.

How You Can Use Intent Data to Overcome These 4 Common ABM Challenges


The B2B lead handoff process is broken. At this point, there are data providers who are providing insights into the “footprints” prospects leave behind throughout their digital buying journeys.

Top 5 Marketing Must-Haves for Asset Managers and More

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Whether you’re at a small shop that manages a few hundred million or at a firm that manages billions, you may still be relying on antiquated processes for driving demand.

How the Rise of Data is Fueling ABM Success

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This is itself a highly data-driven process, which will require constant monitoring and adjustment as you gradually refine your profile of your ideal account by learning from won/lost deals. Identify the key influencers with buying power within each account.

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What Raising a Toddler Can Teach You About Engagement Marketing

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As a Marketo Solutions Consultant tasked with designing and configuring digital marketing strategies for our prospects, I think about engagement marketing a LOT. They expect you to respond and adjust to their feedback at every step of the process.

Avoid Blind Spots in Your Lead Scoring with Social Intent Data

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By failing to track the activities a lead performs before they engage with your brand, you’re missing out on the first half of their research process! Intent data from the social web gets you much greater visibility earlier in the buying cycle.

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Social Media Shift Causing Ongoing ‘Sea Change’ in Revenue Process

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In particular, the social media movement has quite literally catalyzed a sea change in the buying/selling process, what we call the Revenue Cycle. How Social Media Impacts the Revenue Cycle. Revenue Performance revenue cycle Social Mediaby Phil Fernandez.

How B2B Buyers Really Use Social Media: Insights from the 2012 Buyersphere Report

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I was particularly struck by the actual data that showed how buyers are using social media in the process, especially by age. Some key findings: Overall use of social media in buying is still somewhat low.

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A Winning Business Philosophy: “Everything We Do Is Impossible”


Do you have the processes and best practices to make what was thought to be impossible possible? The whole experience even during the buying process has been very pleasing. The buying process, the signing of the documents and the delivery confirmation, etc.

What is the Difference Between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation?

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With marketing automation, you can make sure that sales are only following up with leads who are ready to buy. You send out a couple of blasts per month, but you have no idea where they are in the buying cycle or if your content is really resonating.