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The Importance of Buyer Personas to Lead-to-Revenue Management

Tony Zambito

A tough assignment for B2B marketers today is getting a handle on how buyers progress through the buying and selling cycles.    Understanding what buyers are doing in the lead generation to sales cycle gap is proving to be a competitive difference maker.

Resources for Creating Buyer Personas Using the Right Content


You need a lot of different kinds of content , you have to figure out how it all fits into your buying cycle , and your content has to adjust to the different media through which you share it. By creating buyer personas. Understanding Buyer Personas.

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The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


B2B lead generation and lead management is a complicated process that can’t be detailed all in one book. The original book from Hubspot that started the transition from outbound marketing and push advertising to inbound marketing; the process of making prospects find you.

How to Convince Your CEO of the Power of B2B Content Marketing


Content Marketing Conquers the Buying Cycle. It can move buyers through the buying cycle, attracting web traffic, converting visitors into leads, and transforming leads into sales opportunities. Marketo ). Marketo ). Marketo ).

33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

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Maybe it’s because the buying cycle takes longer, more people are involved in purchase decisions and sales are made for rational, not emotional, reasons. MARKETO : Is a leading provider of marketing analytics software.

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

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Marketo – – Marketing software. A curated production process + a fully-vetted community of creative pros = outstanding and affordable video content. that advance the buying cycle: Founding member @ savvy_b2b blog.

33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips


Share your expertise to guide them through the process to better understand their issues.” ” 5 CEO-Worthy Metrics for Demonstrating Inbound Marketing Success by Marketo B2B Marketing Blog.

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Best Practices for Marketing Automation from 11 Experts

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Best Practice #1: You Can’t Automation A Process That Doesn’t Exist—Always Map Your Lead Flow. Marketing automation without a lead process is just like that… navigating without a map in the hopes of getting to the right place. You can’t automate a process that doesn’t exist.”.

Avoid Blind Spots in Your Lead Scoring with Social Intent Data

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But you know that your sales team can call someone who fits your buyer persona perfectly and still end up without a sale. By failing to track the activities a lead performs before they engage with your brand, you’re missing out on the first half of their research process!

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Sights and Sounds of SXSW: Transformational Marketing and The Era of Engagement

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This year, Marketo set out to make a splash at the event. On Sunday, Marketo featured four informative sessions around both marketing best practices and the future of marketing. Use holistic, agile methodologies, software, and processes. Created buyer personas and journeys.

How Should I Structure My Marketing Automation Team?

Modern B2B Marketing

As head of our Customer Success/Account Management team here at Marketo, one question I hear frequently from new CMOs, VPs of Marketing and Directors of Marketing/Lead Generation is: “How can I build my marketing automation team?”. At Marketo, we have a much larger team.

How Should I Structure My Marketing Automation Team?

Modern B2B Marketing

As head of our Customer Success/Account Management team here at Marketo, one question I hear frequently from new CMOs, VPs of Marketing and Directors of Marketing/Lead Generation is: “How can I build my marketing automation team?”. At Marketo, we have a much larger team.

The ROI of Marketing Automation

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In other words, companies don’t buy marketing automation to automate their marketing. They buy it to: Grow revenue faster. Source: Marketo Benchmark on Revenue Performance as of Sept 15, 2012 (N=489). Source: Marketo Benchmark on Revenue Performance as of Sept 15, 2012.

The Case for Predictive Marketing Automation: Account-Based Marketing


This evolution has allowed lean teams to drive customized messaging and improved engagement across product lines, personas and the customer lifecycle. Using customer behavioral data coupled with predictive modeling, predictive intelligence is helping companies identify in-market accounts and gain visibility into their buying needs and the stage of the buying cycle they’re in. Target and market to buying committees not individuals.

Content Curation for Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready. You need different content for each buying profile, e.g. each target persona.

Three Key Job Roles to Make Your Marketing Automation Rock

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A good candidate for this is anyone on your team who enjoys technical details, has a good mind for process and how things work, and feels happy when in Excel. They will work with your content manager and make sure their programs have the right content mapped to the buying cycle.

How Consumers Decide: Marketing for the 5-Step Model

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In 1968, researchers Engel, Blackwell, and Kollat developed a five-step model of the consumer buying decision process (known as the Engel-Blackwell-Kollat or EBK model), and that model is still useful for marketers today. The third step is the (often tedious) evaluation process.

Book Review: eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale


Marketing automation systems—from vendors like Eloqua , Marketo , Genoo , Manticore and others—are great tools for moving prospective buyers along the path from interest to desire to action. Begin by creating buyer personas—who are your buyers?

Top 24 B2B Marketing Posts in February

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Gentle touches mapped to buyer personas and other variables. This information includes the answers to: Who is the buying decision-maker? Online Lead Generation: How to optimize forms to convert “window shoppers” into leads webinar by Flint McGlaughlin - B2B Lead Generation Blog , February 12, 2010 As I’ve written before , when dealing with the complex sale, most people aren’t coming to your website to buy; they’re coming to your site for information. Best of B2B Marketing.

John McTigue On The Intersection of Content and Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation will yield higher conversion rates and ROI because campaigns are better targeted towards the right persona and utilize consistently high quality, relevant content. They want to learn at their own pace and be reached when they need more information or are ready to buy.

Top 32 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics of Social Media Forecast

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HP, P&G) to the channel… The Difference Between B2B Leads and Personas - Marketing Interactions , April 17, 2010 B2B marketers have relied on lead definitions to define their marketing programs for years. In this interview she shares the real reasons why buyers don’t make the expected buying decisions, and how sales people can help potential buyers make good buying decisions much faster than as is typical. Best of B2B Marketing. April 2010.

Embrace True Nurturing Programs

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Why should you engage prospects consistently across the complete buying cycle? " Marketers will employ nurturing programs across the entirety of buying cycles to fuel pipeline momentum. Stick with the program throughout the length of the buying cycle.

Content Takes Center Stage

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" Stephanie Tilton is a seasoned white paper and case study writer who helps B2B companies advance the sales cycle by engaging prospects and customers. In 2010, marketers should: Develop comprehensive buyer personas. Click and download FREE eBook from Marketo and ClickDocuments.

Key Takeaways from IDC’s 2012 CMO Advisory Service Best Practice Series: Realizing the Vision of the 21st Century Lead Management

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According to the companies surveyed, here are some key attributes and skills that you need to think about when looking for your team: Attributes: Process and systems thinker: comfortable working in complex environments, process oriented, and able to conceptualize the entire lead life-cycle.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


4) Marketing is getting more of a science: creative marketers need to acquire new skills and more people with an analytical background need to enter the profession (5) Data quality is somewhat boring, but it is a prerequisite for effective marketing automation and (6) sales and marketing need act as one team to give buyers the best possible buying experience. Manager, Inbound Marketing, Marketo. Manager, Inbound Marketing, Marketo ( @InboundMarketer ).

7 Ways to Generate More Sales Revenue with Marketing Automation

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by Katie Byrnes In a recent webinar, Mac McIntosh, Founding Partner of AcquireB2B, and Jep Castelein, Founder of LeadSloth (and new Principal Consultant at Marketo!) According to AcquireB2B research, 25 – 33% of prospects buy your product after 1-18 months.

Turning Marketing Into a Revenue Center: Interview with Debbie Qaqish

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by Jason Miller The Marketo 2012 Global User Summit is right around the corner and we have a stellar lineup of keynotes including Debbie Qaqish, Chief Revenue Officer at the Pedowitz Group. For a quick peak at the RM6 Assessment (built in Marketo), here is the URL – [link].

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Thought Leadership with Jill Konrath

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This interview with Jill provides great insight and best practices to improve sales and marketing alignment and shorten the sales cycle for B2B companies. They should map out the customer decision process and create buyer personas. Using that information, they should determine how to best interact with customers throughout their entire buying cycle.

ClickInsights: How can B2B marketers use content effectively for demand generation?

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Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing. When you create your content strategically, you have the ability to more accurately gauge how far along prospects are in their buying process based on which content they view. What if you don't know where prospects are in their buying cycles?

ClickInsights: What ROI metric should B2B marketers use in this digital marketing era?

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Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing. Marketing and Sales Alignment – Marketo eBook (New!). Tune and refine the buying process. You’ll see shorter buying cycle times. Marketing and Sales Alignment – Marketo eBook (New!).

BtoB Leading Edge: 10 Sharp Tips taken from the Cutting Edge Demand Generation Virtual Conference

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  Buyer personas help companies develop paths for pros pects, helping those who may purchase learn about your product or service and allowing them to consume information at their own pace.      Offers need to be relevant AND appropriate for the prospect's place in the buying cycle.   You can do this by understanding buyer personas and then using incentives with those personas that are going to be motivated to buy because of them.