Shortening the Industrial Buy Cycle in 5 Simple Steps

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Even though her article is about the B2B buy cycle in general, it is a perfect follow up to my earlier post “Deconstructing the Four Stages of the Industrial Buy Cycle.” She has focused on identifying the problem and providing a 5-step solution to shorten the buy cycle.

Deconstructing the Four Stages of the Industrial Buy Cycle

Industrial Marketing Today

The problem becomes more acute for the industrial sector because the industrial buy cycle can be a long and complex process that often involves multiple decision makers. This white paper aims to change that perception of them. Get Engineers Can Sell white paper now.

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Content Auditing and Mapping it to the Industrial Buy Cycle

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How can you use marketing content to generate a decent volume of sales-ready leads at a low(er) cost? Content marketing does not mean churning out white papers, case studies, articles, blog posts, podcasts and webinars for the sake of putting out content.

How Lead Scoring and Nurturing Work Together

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The very last thing you want to do is irritate your future customer … so you need to watch the cadence of your messaging and be aware of which stage of the buying cycle the prospect is in. Lead scoring can help. What’s lead scoring?

Lead Scoring Strategies for Agencies: Best Practices

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How can agencies help businesses develop lead scoring strategies that get results? To find out, I talked to Sam Boush, President of Lead Lizard, a marketing automation agency (and Act-On partner ) based in Portland, Oregon. Settling the Score. Build a scoring framework.

Research: Why Behavior Matters in Lead Scoring


by Jon Miller (@jonmiller) Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring defines lead scoring as a “shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales readiness.”. “A In other words, how attractive is this potential lead to me ?

6 Ideas to Expand Your Lead Scoring Model Beyond the Basics

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Lead scoring is the backbone of many B2B marketing organizations, as they focus on better quality leads instead of just generating more leads. But like many things in marketing, even lead scoring is not a set it and forget activity.

Report: B2B Buyers Engaging Earlier with Sales

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It’s why, for example, we marketers have assumed control for more and more of the lead funnel. There was once a time when we would generate a lead and our job would be done. Now, I’m not about to advocate that we all dismantle our lead nurturing. For example: * Lead Scoring.

Report 151

3 Best Practices for Creating a Lead-Scoring Matrix

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They’re funny-looking acronyms that are fun to say and music to the ears of sales and marketing teams who focus on moving leads through the funnel – top, middle, bottom – and clinching the sale. Which means assigning a lead score … which means figuring out how to calculate that score.

Time for a Pitstop: Fine-tuning Your Automated Lead Scoring


You are trying to make sure your lead generation vehicles are driven efficiently and effectively—with marketing automation as your engine—to beat your competitors to the finish line. Yet, that is what many marketers do with their marketing automation and lead management vehicles.

Variety of Content is the Key in the Early Stages of the.

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In Needs Awareness and Research phases, the first two stages of the industrial buy cycle (see my earlier post Deconstructing the Four Stages of the Industrial Buy Cycle ) your prospects and customers use a variety of online content to find solutions to their current problems and needs.

Creating Relevant B2B Marketing Content: Walk the Talk

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What marketing content you serve at each phase of the buying cycle also matters. Here’s a chart from Enquiro’s white paper, “Building Business Online: Your Digital Persuasion Portfolio” that shows how specific content from your website plays a role at different stages.

ShoreTel Infuses Predictive for More Efficient Demand Gen

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This large telephony and unified communications provider has no shortage of leads, and recognizes that having more people to call isn’t necessarily better. We first segment our leads by explicit action (like “contact sales” requests or white paper downloads) which are prioritized by intent.

Lead Nurturing: 5 Useful Tactics to Get More Opportunities

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Lead nurturing is one of those things that’s easy to talk about but hard to do. In this post, I’m going to share how to apply lead nurturing to help advance leads through three stages of your demand generation funnel to get more sales qualified opportunities.

Lead Nurturing: 5 Useful Tactics to Get More Opportunities

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Lead nurturing is one of those things that’s easy to talk about but hard to do. In this post, I’m going to share how to apply lead nurturing to help advance leads through three stages of your demand generation funnel to get more sales qualified opportunities.

Alinean Launches Interactive White Papers

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Overcomes Marketing Information Overload, Transforming Traditional White Papers into Dynamic, Personalized Engagement Tools Alinean, the leading creator of value-based interactive sales and marketing tools for B2B vendors, today launched a new demand generation tool for B2B marketers – Alinean Interactive White Papers. Alinean Interactive White Papers help B2B marketers better attract and connect with today's overloaded, skeptical and frugal buyers.

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How to do Lead Nurturing Right


Marketing automation provider Marketo has just published The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing , a white paper that provides real value, covering the lead nurturing process from the basic how and why through ROI measurement.

What is the ROI of Lead Management?


Earlier this year I downloaded Silverpop’s lead management workbook , and I planned to write about it. Unfortunately, not enough time… Last week I received a copy of Marketo’s Lead Nurturing workbook. Why Lead Management. Lead Scoring.

Email Marketing Best Practices from MarketingProfs Virtual Event


Buying Expensive. Buying More but Paying less. Marketers need to be a lead developer, not just a lead generator. Qualify/Score. To do this, use lead scoring. . Types of lead scoring: Explicit – helps define the right type of lead.

The Role of Webinars in the Sales and Marketing Process

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Webinars have become a primary marketing tool to "help drive the buying cycle," according to market research firm SiriusDecisions. Webinars’ influence on the buying cycle is driven by their ability to: Engage prospective buyers. Identify sales-ready leads.

A Nurture Strategy for Content Syndication Leads

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I posted recently on LinkedIn that, in the current climate, leads from content syndication and other CPL programs may be an ideal replacement for lost trade shows and other events, and indeed can be an effective way to stay engaged in the marketplace at a time when many buyers are laying low.

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10 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Conversion Rate

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Tweet The ultimate goal of B2B marketing and lead generation is to help the sales team sell. Marketers spend a lot of time and effort creating inbound leads but struggle getting those leads to convert into customers after they hand them off to sales. I’m going to share 10 levers you can use to improve your lead conversion right now: 1. Remember, people buy from people. The more you can humanize your lead follow-up the better.

BtoB Leading Edge: 10 Sharp Tips taken from the Cutting Edge Demand Generation Virtual Conference


Yesterday’s BtoB Leading Edge, Demand Generation in the Digital Age was a great way to make sure your organization’s demand generation programs are best-in-class.   With almost 5,000 registrants, it is clear that B2B marketers are concerned about getting the most out of their demand generation and lead management programs. The Kern Organization did an impressive presentation about B-to-B offer strategies that keep your pipeline filled with the best leads.

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The Twofold Benefit of Optimizing Marketing Content

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Because B2B and industrial buyers tend to be more sophisticated in the use of online content in making their decision over the entire buying cycle. Source: IDC Analyst Connection: Coordinating Marketing and Sales across the Entire Revenue Cycle.)

A Lack of Content Marketing Strategy Impedes Demand Generation


According to The 2014 Marketing Score Report by PR 20/20 “Organizations are missing opportunities to generate and nurture leads due to enormous gaps in their content marketing programs.”. Content must be scored according to where in the buying cycle it is consumed.

Lead Nurturing Isn’t a Stage in the Sales Funnel


Take a look at an excerpt from a Leadspace Radio via Sales Lead Management Association with Carlos Hidalgo , CEO and founder of ANNUITAS. First of all, we have to understand that the funnel isn’t a buying process. How can we STOP DOING lead nurturing campaigns?

Using Content to Move Prospects Forward in the Sales Cycle

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That however is only part of the solution because if your content doesn’t engage the visitor s/he won’t take a desired action to move forward in the sales cycle. Your online content needs to play a much more active role in moving site visitors along in his/her buy decision.

Generating More “Educated Leads” on a Small Budget

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How does one generate high quality, educated leads, not just site visitors on a marketing budget that is less than 1% of the projected revenue? Over the past six months, their website traffic is up 89%, their free download program is up over 200% and they’ve generated over 1,500 leads.

How Relevant Marketing Content Helps B2B Branding

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Relevant marketing content – key to thought leadership Positioning your company as a thought leader is critical in complex technical sales that have long buying cycles with many decision makers involved. This white paper aims to change that perception of them.

How to increase your conversion rate in email marketing


If your emails are sent to the right person at the wrong time, the chances of conversion are lower than if the same person receives a message at the right time in their buying process. Your leads will tell you what they want from you if you give them the chance.

Marketing Automation Tips for Manufacturers


However, many manufacturers have built their empires using more labor intensive marketing methods such as tradeshows, direct mail and printed catalogs combined with a manual lead management process managed by the sales team.

Top 10 Clichés to Avoid in B2B Marketing Content

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The Distribution Trap – How Innovations Become Commodities

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You can buy the book from Amazon and visit his site at This white paper aims to change that perception of them. Get Engineers Can Sell white paper now.

Social Media and B2B Marketing Do Pair Well

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The first report is titled “2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” and it is from Michael Stelzner , the founder of WhitePaperSource and the author of Writing White Papers. This white paper aims to change that perception of them. Get Engineers Can Sell white paper now.

A Blogging Style to Call Your Own

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What is a content marketing strategy? Your checklist to secure content success

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Content marketing is the approach of fitting your content within a structured and measurable process to create better results in attracting leads and transforming them into customers — and increasing revenue. Deliver more high quality leads for your sales teams. Deliver a consistent flow of new leads to your sales team. Nurtured leads have been found to be worth 9% on average more than a lead which isn’t nurtured. Think of it like buying a car.

New Gartner Report Examines Why Predictive Intelligence Is a Must Have for B2B Marketers


“When Gartner first wrote about predictive lead scoring in August 2014, the practice was still in its early stages.” In their March Tech Go-to-Market report, Gartner notes that “predictive lead scoring is now a “must have” for B2B technology marketing leaders with high volumes of leads from inbound channels and events.” Over the past decade content marketing has improved the buying experience of B2B decision makers. Adding Intent To Your Scoring Model.