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Use of social networks in B2B marketing (2) The buying cycle!

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I would like to discuss in this post, the importance of social networks in the B2B buying cycle. You must think broader and know why a B2B company should be on social networks and how to be effective there. Provided of course, to respect where they are in their buying cycle.

Stop Wasting Time on Poor Leads: Get Access to Contacts and Companies That Are Already in the Buying Cycle


Stop Wasting Time on Poor Leads: Get Access to Contacts and Companies That are Already in the Buying Cycle. This is regarding how our software can help your business.” How can SMARTe data platform help you achieve your lead generation goals?


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How B2B CMOs Can Achieve Customer-Centric Marketing With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

This mirrors findings of other surveys related to content marketing and customer-centric marketing, which consistently hovers in the 35- 40% range of “very customer-centric” or “very effective content marketing.”. In this same survey mentioned above, it was found 50% or more of marketers surveyed have not engaged in researching and creating buyer personas for their marketing efforts. 10 Essentials Of Becoming Customer-Centric With Buyer Personas. by Matt Brooks.

Why You Need to Revisit B2B Buyer Personas and ICPs

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As the market shifts, much of what you thought was true about your buyer personas and ICPs may be different. A new role now has a major influence on buying decisions for what you sell. A Few Reasons an Update to Buyer Personas is Wise. Buying committees are getting bigger.

Buyer Persona 2.0 – Buyer Personas Inform Strategy and Innovation

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  Otherwise, we can end up what may be viewed as disparate and disconnected uses for buyer personas.   Thus, diluting the essence of how they can help an organization receive the game-changing affects from investing in Buyer Persona 2.0    Buyer Personas Inform Strategy and Innovation. The binding purpose for the tenets discussed as well as for the next generation of Buyer Personas is that Buyer Persona 2.0

How Social Data Can Help You Develop Buyer Personas


I speak daily with product, marketing, and sales professionals about the impact that social media can have on developing buyer personas, launching a product, building a brand, or even on individuals standing in their respective marketplace. Developing Your Buyer Personas.

Beware of These 4 Common Persona Mistakes


Personas can be incredibly useful in B2B marketing—provided you’re including the right details. Those details might vary depending on your industry or your solution, there are at least four common persona mistakes everyone should avoid. Update & Refine Your Personas.

Buyer Persona Strategy Playbooks Introduced By Goal Centric

Tony Zambito

Announced today was Goal Centric’s official introduction of the Buyer Persona Strategy Playbooks series.   In collaborating with Kevin Hooper, VP of EMG at HP, we’ve been able to work with an innovator and pioneer in the use of buyer persona strategy development that provides insights for the creation of sales and buyer enablement strategies. Below it is printed for your convenience: Buyer Persona Strategy Playbooks Introduced by Goal Centric.

9 Questions for B2B Buyer Persona Success

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So you have an understanding of your buying committee and how to market to them , now it’s time to build out your buyer personas. The Nine Questions for a B2B Buyer Persona. What does their sales cycle look like? Who influences the persona?

The State of Demand Generation

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Buying cycle control (you need to facilitate the buying process and understand what is required of you as a result). Enable (help reps increase productivity, both for sales and marketing-sourced demand). Accelerate (help sales move deals more quickly through the pipeline). The Customer Buying Cycle Framework. According to SiriusDecisions, buyers go through three stages and six steps during their buying process. The Complete B2B Persona.

Demand 169

Five Sales Enablement Tactics B2B Marketers Need to Master


A sales organization improves its effectiveness when it speaks the language of prospects. Help your sales people understand who their ideal buyer is, how they want to be engaged, and where to find them. Understanding how sales reps operate, what they need, where they are struggling, and what their goals are, can help to better equip them to build pipeline—faster. Develop communication materials that can be customized to help sellers win deals. Guest post by Mary Ade.

The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation (2nd Rendition)

Tony Zambito

  This rethinking raises questions as well as the dialogue today on the effectiveness of the traditional functions of sales, marketing, support, and customer service.     Buying today has become more sophisticated and has a multitude of variables that did not exist even a decade ago.  Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas, archetypal representations of real buyers, have enjoyed increasing attention over the past few years. 

Creating Content Marketing Personas

EMagine B2B Blog

Content marketing personas are not new, however, tightly integrating these personas with SEO strategy and tactics is relatively new to most companies and organizations. In today’s post we’re going to explore what a content marketing persona is and how you can align this to your SEO efforts to drive and convert more website traffic. What is a Content Marketing Persona? Identifying personas also helps new customers or patients find us in web searches.

Six Ways Effective Revenue Marketing Can Change Your Business


An effective marketing strategy and sales business plan are essential to drive growth. Strategic revenue marketing can help you learn more about your customers and get to know them better. There are many ways people buy things, and you need to know how they like to buy yours.

Is it Time to Reframe the Sales and Marketing Alignment Debate?

Tony Zambito

  While we can point to recent reports showing that there is payoff in alignment, such as the recent Aberdeen Research Study showing improved results when sales and marketing are aligned, the debate appears to be caught in a spiraling cycle on the same points about sales repurposing the work of marketing, sales not effectively following up on leads, marketing not generating leads, and the many so called “points” that would make any political organization proud. 

B2B Imperative: Reinvent the Sales Experience

Tony Zambito

  The essence of sales experience lies in the ability of B2B organizations to innovate unique buying experiences.    The end result being a unique buying experience for their buyers.    The terminology in this new thinking could get in the way of the fact that sales experience is really about innovating as well as enabling a unique buying experience.  Image via Wikipedia.

Buyer Experience Innovation: Why B2B CEO’s Must Make It Their Top Priority

Tony Zambito

  The seller centric world of yesteryears has literally been turned upside down as buyers are seemingly in more control than ever and traditional strategies no longer are effective. Let’s define Buyer Experience Innovation : “Creating in totality an ideal buying experience and innovative interactions that engages as well as enables buyers to enter into a transactional and loyal relationship with the organization”. Image via Wikipedia.

The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation

Tony Zambito

  This rethinking raises questions as well as the dialogue today on the effectiveness of the traditional functions of sales, marketing, support, and customer service.     Buying today has become more sophisticated and has a multitude of variables that did not exist even a decade ago.  Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas, archetypal representations of real buyers, have enjoyed increasing attention over the past few years. 

How B2B Buyer Personas Influence Online Marketing Campaigns

KoMarketing Associates

The most significant challenge B2B marketers face is in effectively communicating with target audiences and prospective buyers. B2B buyer personas provide a foundation for accomplishing the research and development of effective online marketing campaigns designed to achieve strategic marketing objectives. What Are B2B Buyer Personas? For online marketers, buyer personas can provide direction in the channel-specific campaign development.

5 ways to create better buyer personas with social media data

Sprout Social

To create an effective marketing, sales or social media strategy, you must first have a clear idea of who is consuming your content and why. In this guide, we’ll show you how to better understand your target audience by creating buyer personas built on social media data.

Creating Relevant B2B Marketing Content: Walk the Talk

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Creating Relevant B2B Marketing Content: Walk the Talk by Achinta Mitra on June 19, 2010 in B2B Marketing Collateral , Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Strategies , Integrated Industrial Marketing There is plenty of advice out there about engaging B2B and industrial buyers with relevant marketing content at every stage of the buying cycle.

Lead Nurturing: 4 Steps to Do That Help More Customers Buy


The goal of lead nurturing is to help potential customers on their buying journey. ” It’s about helping them progress along the way to get more sales. It’s a big problem, often ending with frustration as the cycle of “leads-that-go-nowhere” continues.

Plan Before You Execute


With technology in place, the next step toward modern marketing success is to build an engagement strategy that stretches across the buying cycle, from inquiry to close. Because such an engagement strategy should serve as the foundation for all your marketing and sales activities, both parts of the business must share a common language and agree on goals around lead qualification, buyer personas, and more. Build Buyer Personas and Map Buyer Journeys.

Plan 49

Buyer Context is the Key to Engagement

Marketing Interactions

Instead, when you understand where your buyers are, you can create a shift that helps them start to see things a bit differently, because what you’re saying is based on a “truth” that already exists for them. Small shifts based on what your buyer already sees to help them see it a bit differently. Complex Buying Processes Require Small Shifts. If your buying cycle is 6 months, buying is obviously not the shift you’re looking for out of the gate.

Good, Better, Best: How to Create Buyer Personas at Every Budget

The Mx Group

Here at The Mx Group, we have frequent conversations with our clients about how to create buyer personas , and what a powerful tool they can be when they are really being utilized. Few B2B marketers dispute the value of personas for strategy, messaging and execution across sales and marketing. And in fact, personas are one of the hottest B2B topics searched for online. Email open rates are five times higher for companies using personas (Forrester). Personas

#10 Best Practices for Effective Lead Nurturing


B2B lead nurturing is all about engaging with a targeted group of prospective customers by providing hyper-tailored solutions to their pain-points according to their specific stages in the buying cycles. Ways to Excel Effective Lead Nurturing.

9 Questions SEO’s Should Ask In B2B Buyer Persona Development

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As marketing technology and information access continues to evolve, B2B buying behavior changes as well. A couple months ago I outlined 14 visualizations meant to aid B2B marketers in understanding the buying journey. B2B buyer personas become critical in connecting the dots of this process. What Are Buyer Personas? As outlined a few years back for Search Engine Land, a “buyer persona” is a representative profile of a particular target audience segment.

Developing Client Personas to Give Content a Personal Touch


Create individual “personas.” You need to identify specific personas of your ideal clients and then gear your content toward them, because it takes more than just a broad cookie-cutter approach to attract these people. Below are steps to develop client personas that will help align your content with your ideal client’s actual needs and boost value and effectiveness: Review your current client base. What does their buying cycle look like?


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According to a survey conducted by ITSMA, currently 44% of marketers are using personas in B2B. This trend is quite logical and profitable when personas are developed with method and rigor. Personas are a result of refinement of “profiles” developed in B2B, using certain marketing research methods, which are still used in the development of personas to this day. Why create personas in B2B? Characteristics of good personas in B2B.

A 6-Point Email Marketing Checklist for B2B Lead Generation


It helps to focus on specific business needs of your buyers and offer them precise solutions to fulfil those needs. That’s why, a subject line like: “Download the #1 Tool Your Channel Partners Need to Close More Sales” will get a much better open rate, click through rate and conversion rate than say, “How to Help Your Channel Partners Get More Leads”. “#1 3. Individual buyer personas and user profiles matter—even though B2B buyers typically work as a team.

Your Top Ten Questions About B2B Buyer Personas

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Your Top Ten Questions About B2B Buyer Personas. Recently, we partnered with Demand Gen Report to present a webinar about the power of personas. During the session, we encouraged our B2B marketing friends to create them, or if they already had done so, to pull them out of the drawer and get motivated to use them more effectively to create engaging content and more qualified leads. We’ve developed personas, but they aren’t getting used. Careers. News & Events.

Content Marketing and Sales Enablement Must Get Married

Tony Zambito

  Having spent the last decade or more in the arena of buyer persona development and researching buyer behaviors within business cultures, I’ve come to a conclusion that there are no silver bullets and no specific technology that is going to be the one thing that magically gives us the Rodney King moment – “can’t we all get along?”    If we focus on two words, publish and tools , it helps to define a dynamic that is happening right now in corporate hallways. 

3 Ways To Connect With Today’s B2B Buyers

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The effectiveness of these tactical means, as reported by once again the likes of IDC and etc., show that many B2B leaders believe these tactical efforts such as content marketing and marketing automation may only be effective about a quarter of the time. B2B businesses can do three things to help grasp the connection issue and make plans that close the gap: Buyer Modeling To Understand Buyer Choices and Scenarios. Image via Wikipedia.

Why A Content Marketer Needs to Buddy Up with their Company’s Product Marketer(s)


A well-executed joint product/content marketing plan can build more awareness and interest in a product than both counterparts could accomplish without the help of the other. Together, the two marketing counterparts can help target buyers understand their product within the context of what problem it solves. In order for content to be effective at every stage, it needs to be directly relevant to the needs and pain points of your buyers.

Defining an Effective Criteria for Lead Scoring


Knowing which of your sales leads have the highest potential to buy is key to effectively allocating your resources and optimizing your sales & marketing spend. Here, you must factor in the entire buying cycle of your customers.

6 Ideas to Create More Relevant Lead Nurturing Emails

B2B Lead Generation

Idea #2: Understand where your prospect is in the buying cycle. Be sure to provide different kinds of information to your prospect based on what point they are in the buying process. Idea #4: Map content and message based on role or job function personas. Effective lead nurturing starts with listening to customers to truly understand them, and then it requires identifying the personas of your audience.

How to Market and Sell to the B2B Buying Committee

Heinz Marketing

Today, I want to continue the conversation and talk about how to map the B2B buying committee. What is the B2B buying committee? The B2B buying committee is a group of people involved in a purchase decision. And as organizations grow larger, so too will their buying committees.

Buy 103

The Destructive Lack of Commitment in B2B Marketing

Marketing Interactions

Buyers expect consistent, helpful interactions that build confidence in your organization—and in themselves in relation to solving the problem. One of the most common memories of B2B buyers asked about their last buying experience is how complex, overwhelming, and difficult it was.

You Need to Define an Effective Criteria for Lead Scoring


Knowing which of your sales leads have the highest potential to buy is key to effectively allocating your resources and optimizing your sales & marketing spend. Essentially, lead scoring can help you determine the quality of your leads by ranking them according to their sales potential. The leads who show more interest in your product/service offering and those who fit your ideal buyer persona will end up getting the highest scores.

How to Tailor Lead Nurturing Content to Suit Individual Personas


To effectively execute a lead nurturing program, you can't exactly have a deficiency in content. Furthermore, while many of the more basic lead nurturing campaigns focus on delivering content solely by leads' stage in the sales cycle, the most successful lead nurturing campaigns deploy content specifically tailored to the needs of different marketing personas, too. Identify Your Personas. How do I identify this persona? Tweak Content to Cater to Each Persona.