The Only 2 Account-Based Sales Development Metrics You Need To Measure


What is Account-Based Selling? Account-based selling is a coordinated strategy taken on mainly by Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to target a number of high-value accounts by using a multi-touch, multi-channel strategy approach.

7 Ways to Generate More Sales Revenue with Marketing Automation


According to AcquireB2B research, 25 – 33% of prospects buy your product after 1-18 months. This means you need to create and leverage your lead nurturing strategy using multi-touch, multi offer lead nurturing campaigns to build sales-winning relationships with your prospects as they move from stage to stage throughout the buying cycle. Use marketing automation to upsell, cross-sell, and resell your existing customers.

Email Marketing Best Practices from MarketingProfs Virtual Event


Sell the right product to the right customer. Cross sell to purchases of a specific product. Customer Value Segmentation - Most advanced type of segmentations that looks at the revenue, frequency, and recency of behaviors and purchases of customers for segmentation. Buying Expensive. Buying More but Paying less. Recency. He said lead nurturing is rules based marketing that drives relevant messaging given a contact’s stage in the buying cycle.