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Your Buyers Start Their Journey in the Dark Funnel, and You Need to Be There When It Happens


Having been privy to the lead management processes of hundreds of B2B organizations of every stripe, I would estimate that at least half have internal demand funnel (AKA waterfall) stages that combine stages of their sales process with what are really stages of the buyer journey.

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How Lead Automation Keeps Your Sales Funnel Full and Functional


Could lead automation be the answer to the never-ending battle of sales and marketing misalignment? Sales and marketing lead generation follows a fairly standard process: marketing creates emails, blog posts, landing pages, and other content to attract prospects they can pass on to sales. Lead Qualification.


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B2B Marketing Automation: 5 High-Impact Tactics to Drive More Sales


Successful B2B marketing automation requires thought and preparation but once up and running, can do serious heavy lifting for your sales funnel. What are the most effective B2B automation techniques and tactics for nurturing leads? Marketing automation is a way for companies to keep in regular contact with leads and customers.

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What Is B2B Sales?


What Is B2B Sales? What Is B2B Sales? Under this economic model, B2B sales are the transactions between two businesses. Under this economic model, B2B sales are the transactions between two businesses. B2B vs B2C Sales. In B2B sales, the customer is another business enterprise. B2B Sales Examples.

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Content Mapping: You Can Prove ROI!

The Mx Group

Although content marketing isn’t a new concept, I hesitate to say it’s “maturing,” because it’s so closely tied to current trends. Content marketing is really more of an evolving, moving target. Content mapping can help focus and clarify your content marketing strategy. Making content marketing more manageable.

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Top Changes to Make to Your Sales Pipeline for Fast Growth


At various phases of the sales process, sales professionals often have to manage a large number of prospects and deals at the same time. Monitoring every sales deal without proper organization might lead to a lot of missed chances. The number of leads closed is directly related to the company's revenue.

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Understanding the Stages of Your Sales Funnel


Think of a sales funnel as a device you can use to create customers. While it seems that many businesses find customers, a closer look will show you the process involved in generating sales. Simply put, a sales funnel conceptualizes the process of turning prospective leads into loyal customers.