8 Reasons why B2B Marketers Should Prioritize Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)


According to a survey conducted by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMM), it has been found that offline word of mouth marketing is 5x more impactful than paid media impressions. Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) plays a prominent role in shaping brand trust & reputation. Ways Businesses can effectively strategize & execute Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Case studies can be made viral on diverse social platforms which optimizes WOMM. Prologue.


Creative B2B Marketing Ideas for Small Business Success


Customer Retention & Word-of-Mouth-Marketing (WOMM): According to a report by MediaPost, the existing customers of a brand are 70% more likely to spend than the normal customers will. Word-of-Mouth-Marketing (WOMM) is amongst creative B2B marketing ideas for small business success. Also, customer loyalty programs materialize in the form of word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM). Prologue.

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How Omnichannel Reputation Management Assists in B2B Branding


Omnichannel reputation management (also sometimes referred to as rep management or Online Reputation Management (ORM)), is the practice of shaping the public perception of personas & organizations by influencing information about the brands – primarily done online (though offline methods are still prevalent but not as significant as the online ones). Prologue.


5 Reasons to use Emotional Analytics in B2B Marketing


Emotional Analytics (EA) software collects data on how a buyer persona communicates verbally & non-verbally (i.e. Telling stories that resonate with the pain-points of the prospects are absolute essentials of inbound marketing methodologies to attract, engage & convert the potential buyers. WOMM & the perpetually positive brand resonance are important for marketers to optimize the CX & also lay the foundation for optimized sales conversions.


10 tips to Architect Prevalent B2B Marketing Strategies for Optimized Sales Conversions in 2019


As soon as, the marketing teams find themselves mastering one particular technic, they might feel overwhelmed to know that the expectations of the buyer personas have evolved. ” It’s true, vague & generic messages are seldom likely to resonate with the interests of your persona. After identifying their buyer persona, the marketers need to create targeted campaigns that need to be specifically based on the interests of their buyer persona.


5 Imperatives of B2B Content Marketing


When it comes to B2B content marketing & crafting of a holistic strategy for creation & distribution of content across multichannel, to help the marketers optimize their return on marketing investments (ROMI), the marketers need to be well informed of the changing dynamics of market place around them. The marketers need to optimize the return on their marketing investments (ROMI) to generate maximum business profitability. Prologue.