How to Create a B2B Buyer Persona – Six Key Dimensions


There are lots of different ways to create B2B buyer personas. But not all buyer persona templates and guides are equally effective. The key is to create a persona that is actionable. The Six Dimensions of a B2B Buyer Persona.

How to Create Your Ideal B2B Buyer Personas

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To execute a successful marketing campaign, you need to understand your target audience. Carving out fictional characters that align with your business objectives will guide you in developing a strategic marketing campaign. So if you haven’t created your personas yet, now is the time!


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Is Marketing Strategy Different from a Marketing Plan?


Isn't a marketing strategy the same thing as a marketing plan? It's easy to get hung up on theory and semantics, but instead, let’s set out a working definition of each term and put both strategy and planning to work to boost your corporate bottom line!

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B2B Buyer Personas: How to Create Them for Every Budget

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A B2B buyer persona is a construct that represents your perfect customer, developed by observations from market analysis and data collected from your existing client base. The buyer persona conversation revolves around the motivations behind your ideal customer, the utility your product or service will provide to them, and how they prioritize buying new items. Where to Start When Creating Strong Buyer Personas. Introduction.

How to Create a Buyer Persona (Includes Free Persona Template)


Defining a buyer persona (also called a customer persona, audience persona, or marketing persona) helps you create content to better target your ideal customer. Buyer personas remind you to put your audience’s wants and needs ahead of your own.

A Buyer Persona Template for the B2B Marketer

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With the new hype of content creation now making the rounds of webinars, books, and whitepapers another term has regained the spotlight: the buyer persona. I was reminded once again of the importance of creating buyer personas during Bulldog Solutions event on Marketing Benchmark in which Rob Solomon walked us through their five step process for organizing your marketing programs: Business Case. Process Planning.

The Origin of Buyer Personas

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As we begin a new decade, it is amazing to think how the term buyer persona has become part of the lexicon of business language.   I am often asked by clients, colleagues, friends, and family – where did the idea or the term buyer persona come from?   In the use of the term buyer persona , I believe such is the case.   There are four people in my opinion who have contributed the most to the awareness of buyer personas in companies today.

How to Develop B2B Buyer Personas | g2m Solutions

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b2b marketing b2b marketing plan b2b digital marketing planWhat do Customer Experience Cassie, Recruitment Rhonda, and Procurement Pete have in common? They're almost-real (or semi-fictional) representations of a business's target audience. They're the archetypes of the decision-makers you're trying to influence. They're the people you're trying to sell to.

Why Understanding Your B2B Buyer Persona is the Crux of all Marketing Efforts

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Do you fully understand your B2B buyer personas? If not, you could be missing out on some serious opportunities in your marketing campaigns. After all, 71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas. Personas. B2B Marketing

The Problem With Not Knowing Your Buyers

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Lack of insights about buyers creates an inability to solve problems. Over the last twenty years, since founding the concept of buyer personas, I have worked with many leaders. Leaders that are responsible for their overall business, marketing, or sales functions.

How to Effectively Develop B2B Buyer Personas

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Virtually all B2B marketers agree that it’s essential to develop buyer personas and apply them in all aspects of their marketing efforts. But despite this recognition, there is a great deal of variance and inconsistency in how buyer personas are developed and applied. Before we get into the steps for developing personas for your organization, let’s get aligned on some of the basics and explore a few foundational questions surrounding B2B Buyer Personas.

Lessons Learned: Buyer Persona Gone Wrong

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Before a company can establish a solid marketing plan , it must be aware of the specific target markets or customer profiles it has the best chance to attract to its product or service. Creating a buyer persona is essential to effective attraction marketing.

3 Forces Shaping The Future Of B2B Marketing

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Many executives, particularly Chief Marketing Officers, are in constant pursuit of understanding changing buyer behaviors and markets. In the past ten plus years, we have seen a tumultuous upheaval in both the world of buyers and how marketing is adapting. As business leaders and marketing leaders look ahead to the future, the ever-expanding global digital economy will undoubtedly cause further disruption. The New Marketing Planning Cycle.

How to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Marketing Insider Group

If you think your small business doesn’t need a marketing plan, think again. A marketing plan for small business owners and teams keeps your strategy on track and focused on the right goals. Despite this, only 50% of small businesses have an actual marketing plan.

The Anatomy of a Strategic Demand Marketing Plan – Part 2: The Insight Phase


Last week, we discussed what we really mean when we talk about demand marketing. This week, as we dive deeper into the anatomy of a Strategic Demand Marketing Plan , we introduce you to the first step in our process: the insight phase.

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How to Create a Marketing Plan


The phrase “marketing plan” can mean many things, from your social media/ad campaign schedule to your lead nurture pipeline to your overall strategic goals. And this will become your capital-letter Marketing Plan! It’s always better to plan first, take action second!

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Why You Need a Content Marketing Plan [+ Free Templates]


A 2020 Content Marketing Institute study found that a third of B2B teams don’t have a dedicated content team at all and 52% of B2C companies have a content department of one. In other words, having a thorough plan of action helps you work smarter (and not harder).

6 Steps to a Content Marketing Plan that Can Drive Conversions


B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand & Lead Generation Lead Generation Buyer Personas call to action calls to action content content marketing content marketing strategy content strategy marketing

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The Secret to B2B Marketing Content That Helps Win More Clients; Buyer Personas


Compelling content begins with gaining a deep understanding of your prospective customers and creating buyer personas. Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute says feedback she hears about buyer personas often sounds like this: “ It’s almost like cheating, like getting the exam paper weeks before the final. For example, in a recent persona project I explored with a business owner why he had put a priority on addressing fraud.

An App for Creating B2B Buyer Personas

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Creating buyer personas are integral to any B2B marketing plan, and the Up Close & Persona® app is essential to anyone who builds them. I use the app every time I develop B2B buyer personas. Our ideas, musings, thoughts, reviews on b2b marketing topics MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work Blog.

Is Your 2022 B2B Marketing Plan Shaped by Custom Market Intelligence?

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Market intelligence customized specifically to your business plays a pivotal role for B2B marketers looking to unlock specialist B2B insights around their audience and understand real-time demand of their target personas. That is why B2B market research tools exist.

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Why Understanding Your B2B Buyer Persona is the Crux of all Marketing Efforts

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Do you fully understand your B2B buyer personas? If not, you could be missing out on some serious opportunities in your marketing campaigns. After all, 71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas. Personas. B2B Marketing

B2B DMU Buyer Persona Cheat Sheet

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A step-by-step guide to turning knowledge about your target DMU into actionable buyer personas. This article is part of our marketing mini-series on B2B Marketing Segmentation , designed to help marketing professionals advance their targeting techniques to drive performance. Today we look at how to draw on all this knowledge to build accurate buyer personas that inform your content strategy and help you construct a customer-centric view.

How to Start a Content Marketing Plan in 7 Easy Steps

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That same logic applies to content marketing. But how do you start a content marketing plan? Not exactly, but there are certain steps you should follow that will give you the best chance at succeeding with content marketing. Consequences of Not Having a Plan.

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Effective Health Tech Content Marketing Plans


Do you have a health tech content marketing plan in place? If you aren’t sure how your health tech digital marketing is producing ROI, then a few tips might help. You must have a well-planned and executed content marketing strategy to remain competitive.

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How to Build a Marketing Strategy Template That Works for You


One of the most critical factors underlying a successful marketing operation is to put your strategy in writing so that the rest of your teams can refer to it while planning various tactics, especially content.

A B2B Buyer Persona is Not an Island

Marketing Interactions

If you know me, you know I’m all about creating and using B2B buyer personas to drive content marketing strategy. I’ve created more than 400 buyer personas over the last four or five years. When built with both qualitative and quantitative data they can help marketers transform the performance of their content marketing programs. A B2B buyer persona should never be treated as a silo.

Sales 2.0 Conference Highlights Need for Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

 The conference focused on the changing environment of sales and paid particular attention to issues related to understanding buyers.  Our firm, Goal Centric , was privileged to work with Kevin to address the need to create a sales enablement tool that would enable a neophyte sales force of 100 plus inside and field sales representatives engage in sales conversations with key executives in the Healthcare market. This September 10th, I attended the Sales 2.0

Important Templates You Need To Update Your Marketing Plan AGAIN Post Covid-19

Pam Didner

Does my marketing strategy need to be revised for the changing economy? My clients asked me if they need to revise their marketing plan, and marketing plan templates AGAIN when the economy starts to reopen, Post COVID-19.

Plan 109

The 7 Building Blocks of a Solid Content Marketing Plan


Marketers are creating more content than ever. According to the Content Marketing Institute , 77% of B2C companies and 70% of B2B companies surveyed say that they are creating more content than they did just a year ago. However, producing more content is only productive when you have a solid plan in place. A solid plan ensures that you’re producing relevant content consistently, keeps your team aligned along the same goals, and helps you reliably measure success.

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Informed Customer Understanding Should Guide Marketing

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At the start of every year, CMOs and their teams can be besieged by proclamations of the three, four, five, or six things that they must do to succeed in marketing. One thing that is clear is the dynamics of markets, customers, and sellers continue to unfold in new ways. For example, one shiny object has been content marketing. While others, were able to achieve significant growth via content marketing – whether by chance or by knowledgeable strategizing.

5 Tips to Increase Sales with Bottom-of-the-Funnel (BoFU) Content


We've talked a lot recently about the importance of creating content for each stage of the buyer's journey. Now it's time to turn our attention to one of the hardest stages: bottom-of-the-funnel. Why is it hard? What types of content work best?

3 Ways to Use Buyer Personas to Shorten Your Sales Cycle


When speaking with sales and marketing organizations across North America, I share that the most important question a business can answer is, “ Who do we want to be a hero to ?”. It’s not enough to merely talk about it among the senior team and occasionally in sales meetings, nor is it enough to document your buyer personas and then cast them aside with your marketing plan to collect dust. 2) Alignment Between Sales and Marketing. 3) Sales Call Planning.

10 Elements All Digital Marketing Plans Should Include

The Marketing Blender

10 Elements All Digital Marketing Plans Should Include. Digital marketing plans are critical to any and all marketing efforts. They help you remain consistent, cohesive, and on schedule – which is important for branding, messaging, and buyer personas. .

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The Need for Speed: What is the Ideal Blog Publishing Frequency?


But a lot of this will depend on your audience, your resources, and what you are trying to achieve with your content marketing. Is there an ideal blog publishing frequency?

3 Forces Shaping The Future Of B2B Marketing

Tony Zambito

Buyer insights into how buyers make choices and decisions remain critical.). Many executives, particularly Chief Marketing Officers, are in constant pursuit of understanding changing buyer behaviors and markets. In the past ten plus years, we have seen a tumultuous upheaval in both the world of buyers and how marketing is adapting. The introduction of new approaches on how to perfect marketing has been astronomical in the past decade.

What are Psychographics? How to Use Psychographics to Create Content that Drives Results


Demographics are useful for targeting certain types of buyers, but psychographics is the missing key to creating hyper-personalized content. If you want to improve conversions, check out this guide to learn how to leverage psychographics as part of your content strategy.

How to Create Your Small Business Marketing Plan


There’s never a bad time to put together a marketing plan , especially if you don’t already have one. In this article, we’ll show you how to create an effective marketing plan — but first, let’s discuss the basics. . What Is a Marketing Plan? . Marketing

Planning Content That Your Customers Can’t Resist


How should you go about planning content that will get their attention? Starting with a blank content calendar each year is tough, especially if the stakes are high and you are tasked with attracting an audience that will ultimately grow revenue.

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The Ultimate Marketing Plan for SaaS Businesses

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When it comes to drafting a marketing plan for SaaS, there’s a whole new set of rules you need to follow. Sales and marketing teams need to be more diligent than ever to build strong customer relationships. “A What Is Saas Marketing. Craft Your Buyer’s Persona.

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