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Confusing Customer Segmentation, Buyer Profiling, and Buyer Personas Harms Marketing

Tony Zambito

In the 15 years since originating the concept of buyer personas in 2001, there has been one issue that continues to plague fully understanding exactly where, how, and why buyer personas can be beneficial. Compounding the issue today is the prevalent use of the term buyer persona to describe customer segmentation and buyer profiling efforts. Demographics. This is where buyer profiling can be helpful. Buyer Profiling.

The Emerging Importance Of B2B Ethnography To Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

Better, deeper, insightful, and well-rounded understanding of customers and buyers is on the top of the list for many CEOs and CMOs today. Redefining The Meaning Of Buyer Understanding. These three pressing concerns are causing CEOs and CMOs to reevaluate how to understand their buyers and their abilities to help buyers achieve their goals. In today’s robust evolution of digital technologies, CEOs and CMOs seek buyer understanding to address these three concerns.


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What is a Buyer Persona Insight? And, how to develop a rockstar B2B buyer persona?

Business Brainz

The global pandemic is profoundly changing the face of the B2B buyer. B2B revenue leaders and marketers are spending a lot of their time focusing on understanding buyer personas. A study by Gartner revealed 80% of the average B2B buyer journey took place online in 2020.

2020 Tips: Developing Buyer Personas


If you work in marketing, you probably hear a lot about optimizing the customer experience, tracking buyer journeys and identifying decision-making factors and/or paths to purchase. But what about developing buyer personas? Buyer Persona Statistics.

How Understanding The Goals And Intent Of Buyers Can Transform Marketing

Tony Zambito

Understanding the difference between intent-driven and goal-driven behaviors allows for deeper levels of understanding buyers (customers). Primarily, it helps with making sense of the tasks and activities buyers perform. This is also an important principle behind buyer insights research and buyer persona development. The many articles, books, and promotional material written about buyer personas, in general, are missing this key point.

How to Use Buyer Personas in the Financial Services Industry

SmartBug Media

Ryan Malone, CEO of SmartBug Media™, explains a buyer persona as “a profile that describes your ideal customer.” Understanding your buyer personas is a critical first step in any financial services marketing campaign. Developing Buyer Personas. When you define a buyer persona, you identify the ideal customers for your financial services company and what makes them want to work with you. Let’s talk through the Buyer’s Journey.

What a Digital Marketing Persona *Really* Is (and How to Create Them)

SmartBug Media

This is where buyer personas come in. Buyer personas help you effectively connect your value propositions to customer pain points in a language they speak. Personas help you strategically shape your digital marketing campaigns, product/service offerings, and support efforts from the get-go, ultimately impacting your organization’s bottom line. What Is a Persona in Digital Marketing? How to Create personas for Digital Marketing.

The Beginner's Guide to Customer Targeting


I'm talking about customer targeting, which is a way to divide your target audience further into groups and use fresh, new strategies to capture their attention during the buyer's journey. Buyer behavior. Refine your buyer persona(s). Buyer Personas

How to Use UX Testing to Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Single Grain

Create User Personas for Clearer Understanding. Start with one persona at first so that your team members have a clear structure. Dive Deeper: The Ultimate Guide to Developing Buyer Personas (with Templates!). From Start to Finish: The Customer Journey Map.

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A Guide to Researching Leads Before a Sales Call


In this fast-paced industry, buyer needs and demands are ever-evolving. Researching your sales leads will help you contextualize their situations , problems, and needs beyond a simple buyer persona or stage of the buyer’s journey. Remember, all the actions your prospective buyer takes is driven by a goal. Contextualizing buyer situations and experiences isn’t as simple as your marketing data makes it seem.

What Demand Marketing Really Means


All marketing efforts are geared towards one goal—to delight consumers and customers throughout all stages of the buyer’s journey. Both demand creation and demand generation focus on the awareness stage in the buyer journey, whereas lead generation efforts focus on the later stages in the buying journey such as the consideration and decision stages. And this must extend beyond simple information such as their basic demographics.

3 Questions to Answer When Creating Personas for B2B Marketing Campaigns

Launch Marketing

Multiple characteristics can be used to fuel persona creation. Consider these questions when defining the B2B buyer personas for your marketing campaigns. Sample categories of firmographics used to create personas in B2B marketing include industry, company size and location.

The 2 Most Important Concepts For B2B Content Marketing Success

The Forward Observer

The most effective way to build a content strategy is to start with just two concepts: 1) your buyer persona and 2) your buyer’s journey. By focusing on your buyer persona and the buyer’s journey, you’ll have addressed the two most important elements of an effective content marketing strategy. 1) Buyer Persona. Unfortunately, there is some buyer persona malpractice being committed by marketers.

LinkedIn vs Facebook: Which Will be Better for B2B in 2021?


Bring demographics into the mix and the gulf between the two platforms grows even wider. To understand where you should be and with what message, you must map out the buyer groups within companies in the industry you’re targeting.

26 Acronyms Every B2B Marketer Should Know


BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel): the third section of the sales and marketing funnel, below TOFU and MOFU, that maps to the “purchase” stage of the buyer journey. ICP (Ideal Customer Profile): a description of the ideal buyer persona for your product or service.

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6 Reasons Inbound Marketing Campaign Plans Fail (And How To Fix Them!)


For Marketing Directors today, that means having the confidence to change strategy; earning visibility through helping buyers reach the solutions they need. By aligning marketing and sales, and focussing campaigns around personas, statistics show that Inbound Marketing is the way forward in the modern marketing world. Buyer Personas Are Not Backed By Data. Effective content always maps back to solving persona’s pain points.

How to Build a Content Strategy that Delivers Results


Build Solid Buyer Personas. Segment your customers according to their demographics (age, gender, income, ethnicity, marital status, education, occupation), as well as their buying habits, attitudes, personalities, lifestyle, and values. Based on this data, you should create detailed buyer personas. A buyer persona is a generalized representation of your target user that reflects their goals, behaviors, habits, needs, and problems.

Build 101

Ins And Outs Of B2B Intent Data Explained

Unbound B2B

As an illustration, the baby boomer buyer persona loves Quaker oats. Fortunately, the new B2C marketer does not need to invent a demographic information based persona to sell breakfast to the millennial as the baby boomer marketer did. Introduction.

Master Content Marketing to Drive Demand Generation and Engage The Right Audiences


We have to balance this with building more full-funnel assets that are designed to engage highly targeted audiences at later stages in the buyer's journey and provide prospects with helpful information that they need to make a decision. Know Your Personas. According to the Buyer Persona Institute , less than half of B2B marketing organizations currently use buyer persona profiles.

Increasing Marketing Effectiveness with the Power of Alignment

Circle Studio

One way to get inside the customer’s mind is by developing buyer personas. Creating a buyer persona requires research, surveys and interviews to determine demographic and background information like gender, age, family situation, education level, and job and income level.

9 Core Components of an Inbound Marketing Campaign


Buyer Personas. Defined buyer personas (in-depth profiles of your ideal, target clients) are crucial as they inform and determine all other aspects of your campaign. Before running a campaign, it’s important to invest time in identifying your personas; their challenges, motivations, demographic profiles, online habits, content preferences etc, as clearly as possible. Topic Keywords (Relating to Your Persona Challenges).

8 Key Demand Generation Strategies to Capture & Convert High-Quality Leads

Single Grain

The primary goal is to move your prospective clients through the buyer's journey – generally three major stages: awareness, consideration, decision – until they convert into a qualified lead: Important Benefits of Demand Generation. Develop Customer Journey Maps and Buyer Personas.

Why You Need Inbound Marketing for Higher Ed

SmartBug Media

Inbound marketing is all about meeting your prospective students where they are in the Buyer's Journey by providing relevant and timely content to them. Top of funnel research topics like “how to write an admissions essay” or “highest paying industries” are opportunities for you to snag visitors when they are early in their Buyer’s Journey. Inbound for the Changing Student Profile. Personas take time, but will change the way you create content.

How to Harness the Power of Social Media for B2B Lead Generation


The only problem is that setting up your profiles and then waiting for prospects to come to is a strategy that does not cut it. Fine-tune your profile. One of the first things to do is to optimize your profile page. The goal here is to obtain pertinent information, one that enables you to craft buyer personasprofiles of ideal customers and traits that define them. For a long time, B2B brands have disregarded the business value that social media offers.

8 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Social Media to Meet Business Objectives


Learn About Your Personas. If your overall business goal is to learn more about your target markets or buyer personas, using different social media sites can help you do this. As marketers, we understand the importance of incorporating social media into our marketing mix.

7 Marketing Automation Best Practices to Maximize Your Results


The best way to do this is to first come up with buyer personas for your business. These are descriptions of your ideal customers, including details like demographic information, interests, motivations, and pain points. . Understand your customer’s journey.

From Integration to Attribution: Mastering Marketing ROI

Walker Sands

Take the time to build out the ideal customer profile (ICP) that aligns to the pain points your business solves and use it as a resource to adjust your tactics in the future. From brand awareness to lead generation and sales enablement, the modern marketer needs to have a hand in everything.

ROI 52

NEWS: A Q&A on the Future of Data-Driven Marketing


” They lack complete, accurate, contact and account details for their target buyers. Where data-driven marketing is going: Data, systems, and processes all geared to serve and fulfill the buyer journey–with the ability to track all the data across that journey, including your engagement points, broader buyer intent by account and demand center, as well as broader social and firmographic insights. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn.

A Simple 6 Step Guide to Building a Well-Oiled B2B Lead Generation Funnel


How to engage customers across each stage of the buyer journey. . In fact, 93% of B2B buying processes begin with an online search, and 94% of B2B buyers will research online before finalizing a purchase. . Today’s information-rich buyers are becoming less responsive to yesterday’s sales tactics. . . Creating a successful lead generation funnel hinges on its ability to build trust and capture the interest of the buyer before talking to a sales rep. . .

Demand Generation: An A-Z Guide for B2B Marketers (with Strategies & Examples)


Demand generation strategies allow you to drive awareness and initiate customer relationships across all channels in the buyer journey. . Your aim here is to develop the customer relationship and continue to qualify leads for a sale throughout the later stages of the customer journey. . A prospect is a contact who fits one of your buyer personas but has yet to express interest. Empowered Buyers.

How to Win Valentine’s Day the Marketing Way


As marketers, we use demographic and behavioral data to learn as much as we can about our audience, which is how we create relevant, engaging campaigns. You might also create buyer personas, which summarize both broad and specific information about your ideal buyer. Marketers conduct buyer research by using marketing automation to track online and offline behaviors, or by conducting interviews/surveys with customers and prospects.

B2B Content Marketing Tactics and Strategy for B2B Digital Marketing

The ABM Agency

Buyer’s guides and product brochures. Start by defining your buyer persona and target audience, then ask the following questions: Where does your audience spend most of their time?

10 Myths About Lead Quality: Busted


However, this requires an extensive amount of time since your team will have to physically reach out to every lead and build a profile. Myth 5: My Buyer Persona Is a Key Indicator of Lead Quality and Should Be Set in Stone. Fact: Understanding your buyer persona is essential for identifying and developing quality leads. If you are only targeting C-suite personas, you might be missing out on reaching and nurturing key influencers found in lower-level positions.

Leads 50

The Organic Inbound Marketing Playbook for B2B


Buyer demographic and behavioral data was difficult to find. Replacing the old world of inbound marketing for B2B is a new landscape that proves immensely favorable to creative and strategic marketers who prefer guerilla tactics, smaller budgets, and surgical campaigns to grab buyer attention, generate interest, drive demand, and inspire action. It does require the implementation of thoughtful content that truly engages your buyer. Buyer Research.

43 Execs Explain How Millennials Impact B2B Buying Committees


This report looks at the differences between the rising Millennial buyer, their Generation X and Baby Boomer counterparts, and how B2B marketing and sales strategies can address the gaps between them. . To understand and identify the generational differences and impact of those differences on the B2B sales process and buyer’s journey, SnapApp and Heinz Marketing conducted a survey over two weeks in late June 2017. . However, I think that is the same with any smart buyer.

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15 Need-To-Know Lead Qualification Stats for B2B Marketers (with Takeaways)


Both teams should be in regular communication about the questions each persona is asking at different stages of the sales funnel. Takeaway : Before jumping into any lead or demand generation campaigns , B2B marketers need to get crystal clear on their ideal customer profile. Specifically, there are 3 focus areas: WHO are your target customers – basic demographics, job title, location etc? As a result, the information needs of your buyers has grown exponentially.

The Complete Guide To B2B Lead Generation

Unbound B2B

B2B lead generation could be attributed to the process of identifying prospective customers (or potential buyers) for your product or service. Screening prospects based on to what extent they match the buyer profile or express interest in your offers. Introduction.